How to Get Rid of Watch Rash Instantly | Learn 7 Excellent Ways

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Watch rashes are widespread among allergic-prone people who wear them regularly. Handling this skin irritation is not easy. Especially in summer, you’re not eligible to take the rashes since the bright sunlight brings a lot of sweat. Then, how to get rid of the watch rash?

Hence, watch rash is common eczema that can occur when in contact with irritations or frictions. When this happens, the most immediate way to eliminate it is to use ice, lubricated balms, or ointment. Avoid wearing the too-loose or too-tight-fit watch is another relief.

However, some more causes may create watch rashes on your hand wrist. To acknowledge all the reasons with solutions, keep this continue to read.

What Is a Watch Rash?

Watch rash is eczema or skin irritation when your hand and watch belt is closely connected. Dermatologists often define this irritation as a painful or irritating bump that occurs immediately for frictional substances.

Wristwatch rash does not vanish overnight, and it becomes more annoying when anyone sweats or the hand keeps wet. You may become a sufferer of inflammation.

Common Signs & Symptoms of Watch Rashes

Some common signs and symptoms might be visible during the watch rash attack: 

  • Itching
  • Redness
  • Extreme dry skin
  • Bumps all over the hand wrist
  • Burning, irritating, and inflammation

7 Ways to Reduce the Tendency of Watch Rash on Hand Wrist

The treatment of watch rash varies on the person and the symptoms of the acne. It often depends on how you treat yourself while wearing a wristwatch. Herein are some suggestions that may help prevent watch acne from returning or healing them.

1. Keep Watch Clean & Sanitize

Whenever you put the watch on hand and when you put it off, make sure to keep the watch clean and sanitize it properly.

Cleaning and sanitizing is essential since the watch is often filled with dirt, sweat, and bacteria. That germs or bacteria might make your skin feel irritating and itchy.

Sanitization helps in this regard to prevent skin irritation or rash occurring by germs. Use a few drops of sanitizing liquid on a cotton pad, then put it over the belt/strap.

Wipe off the belt and leave it for a few seconds to dry correctly. Then wear it for the next day. Follow this rule every day before you go outside and return home after work.

2. Wear It According to Size

Wear your watch according to wrist size. Avoid wearing too tight or too loose a watch that may disturb you or create chances of occurring irritation.

Meanwhile, pulling out the wristwatch for at least 20 minutes daily is good. For this, your wrist will not get damaged or painful for extended use.

3. Use Any Ointment/ Moisturizer

Ointment or moisturizer works as a barrier to prevent a watch rash. It became more effective if anyone could choose non-toxic, chemical-free, fragrance-free, and plant-based products.

Moisturizers act as skin protectors to fight against inflammation and other harmful bacteria.

4. Use Cream to Relief from Itching

Itching is a common type of dilemma that adds extra burden to watch-rash. Itching or scratching can cause additional stress, sometimes resulting in infection in the affected area.

To diminish this kind of difficulty, choose a cream that contains hydrocortisone. It helps to counteract itching and continued irritation.

5. Choose Breathable Strap Material

While buying any strap for the watch, keep trying to choose a more breathable, soft fabric type material. Fabric and silicon-made watch straps are less fricative so they won’t occur in any rash or clinical disease.

Moreover, Dr. Lamb and Dr. Sadeghpour, an expert in clinical rash and allergic disease, often suggest choosing cotton or silk bands. According to them, these materials allow sweat to absorb naturally from the wearer’s skin.

Even though some fabric wristbands with holes offer more breathability and comfort, the watch bands made with metals, stainless steel, leather, and aluminum are less-breathable and corrosion free. Avoiding those heavy magnetic materials when choosing any band strap is better.

Experts identified them as more occlusive to the skin and too prone to occur watch rashes because of covering by the inaccessible film. Although those materials belong to exceptional brands, chances are that they can make the skin more sensitive.

6. Keep Away to Moisten Them

Most fitness trackers and traditional watches have now come with waterproof traits, but they’re not entirely free from water-resistant.

That means when you’re using them during bath or swimming time, it may drench them with water. Again, this may lead to the watch locking the moisture and a watch rash on the wrist.

As a precaution, it would be best to avoid wearing them during swimming or bathing time. Again, put off the watch while it became too wet to keep it dry.

7. Consult A Specialist

Rash or itching from the watch strap cannot be cured sometimes if the situation is under control. Significantly, the patient with severe allergies who can’t handle the case with my above suggestion should consult a physician.

A dermatologist will provide you with some advice and antibiotics or steroids by observing the situation of the rashes.

Emergency Cure to Be Rescued Watch Rash

Follow these emergency precautions that help relieve you from the annoying itching of a watch rash. But keep in mind that those remedies are applicable and act temporarily.

You should visit any expert dermatologist if the inflammation will not vanish or be cured by the following advice. However, let’s learn about them.

1. Use an Ice Bag or Ice Patch

Using an ice bag or ice patch is the most prominent way to relieve you immediately from watch rash itching. use some ice cubes in a cotton cloth whenever you feel itching or scorching. Tie them properly and put them on the rash to prevent itchiness or redness from the hand and wrist.

2. Cornstarch Underneath the Watch Plate

Try this method once you have rashes or redness on your wrist, but you must keep wearing it. Dust a small amount of cornstarch underneath the watch plate. This will work wonderfully to absorb moisture and soothe your skin.

Again, cornstarch helps to reduce constant friction that may increase irritation. You can use talcum powder as an alternative.

3. Clean Your Watch Regularly

Clean the watch with mild dish soap. It can stave off the potential of skin rashes. After washing it with soap, leave it for at least 50–60 minutes to dry completely.

4. Leave it Uncover

Avoid uncovering the wrist for some days whenever you’re staying at home. Switching off wearing a wristwatch for some days minimizes the chances of forming bumps again on the affected area.

Keep practicing this for one month to cure acne or rashes on your wrist. Do not wear full-sleeve t-shirts, clothes, or anything that may irritate the wrist acne.

5. Wash the Affected Area

It’s great to wash the affected area with warm water and soap. Do this when you are tracker-free and watching TV. Warm water retains those rashes to come back and gives relief from continued itchiness.

Besides, mild soap substances work as a bacteria tamer mitigating their sport.

6. Use Rash Relief Lotion or Cream

Choose any rash relieving cream containing 1% of hydrocortisone or calamine lotion. These creams produce excellent results against uncomfortable itching.

Besides, use Vaseline or aloe vera gel to get immediate results. Follow this remedy regularly for the best results for at least 3–5 days.

When to Call a Physician or Consult a Dermatologist?

Call the expert doctor or nurse to seek immediate help if you notice that early signs include:

  1. If the itching of rashes affects your night’s sleep,
  2. Feeling joint pain on wrist or hands,
  3. Redness and infection occur in the affected areas,
  4. The watch rash does not cure even stop wearing a wristwatch for 15 days or longer,
  5. If those bumps show any abnormalities like splitting, vantage, or pain,
  6. Pus emanating from the affected area
  7. If you see new blisters coming out of the rash areas, and it becomes spread out to unaffected areas,
  8. Suffering from fever, feeling fatigued, and nausea.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What to Do to Calm a Watch Rash First?

From an ancient age, people used to cure their itching and rashes with the help of ice cubes. Apply some ice cubes to the affected areas. Or, use any rash-curing moisturizer or cream on the watch rash.

How Long Do Watch Rash Last Usually?

Watch rash or dermatitis usually last 2–4 weeks. But if the case is so severe, it may last over a week. Consult any expert or dermatologist to inspect the issues and treat that bumpy area.

Why Do I Get Rash While Wearing a Watch at Hand?

Reasons for getting rash at hand while wearing a watch vary from person to person. Some people have allergies to aluminum, sweating, and stainless steel. In contrast, some may get them for wearing the wrong size stuck on their wrist too tightly.

Meanwhile, skin irritation or itchiness occurs for metal ions. When metal and skin come together, friction will occur through their constant interactions. In medical science, this reaction is called skin dermatitis, a common reason for getting a rash on the user’s hand.

Is It Ok to Wear a Watch Every Day?

No, wearing a watch regularly isn’t a good idea. There are a lot of inconveniences that may occur if anyone practices this act every day. Putting a watch at hand for 24 hours may cause acne and rashes on the wrist and restrict the nerve blood circulation in that area.

What Can I Do to Stop Sweating Underneath My Wristwatch?

Stop sweating underneath the wristwatch forever by following simple tricks. Choose only silicon and breathable fabric-made wrist straps/ bands to reduce friction. Those materials are too friendly to absorb sweat immediately and dry that area.

Final Wrap

The watch is, no doubt, a most considerable fascination to all ages. But taking immediate action is necessary regarding this kind of itching reaction. At that point, you shouldn’t delay learning how to get rid of the watch rash.

Because when there are precautions to cure everything, why waste time on repenting? Watch rash is a common problem that can be held to environmental disturbances, allergic reactions, and others. But it can be cured by taking proper clinical treatment and maintaining hygiene.

Besides this, remember to keep it clean and germ-free after every day of use. It will at least prevent watch rash from reacting more horribly than before.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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