How to Set a Fossil Watch with 3 Dials | A Thorough Explanation

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Doesn’t know how to set a fossil watch with 3 dials? Fossil is a famous brand of watches. There are many models of Fossil watch available in the market. The fossil manufactures different types of timepieces like chronograph and multifunction.

There are different ways to adjust any specific type of timekeeper. Also, the adjustment of your new fossil timepiece is a bit different than the others. In this post, we will deeply explain how you can adjust your timekeeper.

We will discuss how to set up a fossil chronograph, multifunction, and three-dials watch. In this post, we will also cover how you can reset your new timepiece. Our ultimate guide will help you to set up the settings of the timekeeper.

Are you ready to set up your new fossil watch?

What are dials?

A dial is part of the watch that shows you time. Every timekeeper comes with different dials. Some timepieces come with three subdials that show day, date, and month as well. The manufacturers are trying to add more features to dials to make them attractive and useful.

Many of us may use 3 dials watches. However, some of them do not know how to adjust fossil timekeepers with time, date, day, and month. But, do not worry, below are steps that you can follow to adjust your timepiece.

What are subdials?

The subdials are dials that sit under a watch dial and dials. Subdials come with different functions like tracking minute, hour, second time zone, date, and month. These types of subdials are mostly used in chronographic or multifunction timekeepers. 

The subdials make timekeepers more stylish. The chronographic subdials are also called registers. Subdials help to improve overall readability by showing time, seconds, and hours separately.

How to Set a Fossil Watch with 3 Dials

The multifunction timekeeper and chronograph timekeeper come with 3 dials. You can follow the above steps to adjust the date in multifunction and chronograph the timepiece with 3 dials. To adjust time and day, follow the steps given below.

Set time and day Multifunction fossil watches

  • Pull the crown to the third position. 
  • Rotate it clockwise
  • Cycling through hours adjust day ( after two full rotations of crown the day will change)
  • After setting day to adjust time by rotating crown
  • Push the crown back to normal position

Adjust time in chronograph 3 dial watch

  • If your chronograph timekeeper does not have date settings, then pull the crown out to the second position. 
  • If your chronograph timekeeper has a date set then pull out the crown to the third position
  • Rotate the crown to set up the time
  • Then push the crown back to the normal 1 position.

How to set time on a fossil smartwatch

The fossil smartwatch is powered by a wear OS system. You can adjust the date, time, and time zone on an android smartwatch. You can follow the steps given below to adjust up your smartwatch.

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Steps to adjust up fossil smartwatch

  • To adjust up time swipe the screen down from the top
  • Go to the settings
  • If there no option for settings on the top screen then swipe left.
  • After that, go to system settings.
  • Select date and time and set up your time settings
  • You can turn on automatic date & time or automatic time zone.
  • If you want to manually adjust the time then turn off automatic settings
  • Adjust time, date, or time zone manually. 

You can also set up the time format in the smartwatch. You only need to select date and time from settings and 24-hour format or 12-hour format.

Fossil watch date setting

The setting date on fossil timekeeper is simple. There are three types of timepiece standard, multifunction, and chronograph timekeeper. We will understand how to adjust the date on different types of timekeepers.

  • Guide 1: Adjust date on standard fossil timepiece

The fossil standard watches mostly comes with two hands and two subdials to track second and date. To adjust the date on the standard timekeeper, pull the crown on the second position and rotate the crown clockwise or anti-clockwise according to the model. After setting the date, push the crown to its normal position.

  • Guide 2: Adjust date on the multifunction timekeeper

The multifunction timekeepers come with three or two subdials. There is some procedure to adjust the date in a multifunction timepiece. Pull the crown out to the number two position and rotate it according to the model.

After setting push the crow to its normal position. However, the date will not change on the following day, if you change the date between 10:00 PM to 1:00 AM.

  • Guide 3: Adjust date on a chronograph timekeeper

There are two styles for chronograph timepieces one that comes with a stopwatch and one that comes with a stopwatch and date both. Date settings are only available in some chronograph models.

To adjust date in those models, just pull out the crown to the second position. Then rotate it clockwise until the following date does not appear. After setting the date, push the crown to its normal position.

How to reset fossil watch to factory setting

If you want to erase all data of your timekeeper, then you can reset it to the factory setting. The data stored in your Google account will not affect by a factory reset. It will not reset your phone or tablet. Follow the steps to reset your timepiece.

Steps to reset fossil timekeeper to factory setting

  • Press the middle crown to power up the display
  • Then again press it to enter the app menu.
  • Go to settings
  • Select disconnect & reset
  • Now click the checkmark to confirm the factory reset.
  • During this process, remove the timekeeper from your phone’s Bluetooth settings.

After resetting, you will need to connect your timepiece with your phone again to use it. You can re-download the applications from the play store after connecting the timekeeper to your phone.

In This section, we are talking about stopwatch adjustment and adjust solar-powered watches.

Stopwatch adjustment in the chronographic timepiece

How to use a stopwatch

  • The chronographic timepiece with a stopwatch comes with two buttons A and B on both sides of the crown.
  • Press A button to start/stop stopwatch and control split time
  • In some chronographic timepiece, you have to press B to control split time.
  • Press the B button to reset the fossil chronographic timekeeper

Adjustment of stopwatch 1/10 second hand

  • Pull out the crown to the third position. 
  • Then press the A button to reset the stopwatch 1/10 second hand to the “0” position.
  • With each press of button A, the hands will move one position.
  • If you want to move hands quickly, then keep the button pressed.
  • To reset the internal circuit, pull out the crown and press both buttons at the same time for two seconds.
  • Then release the buttons and 1/10 second hands will return to “0”
  • After resetting back the crown back to one position

How to adjust solar-powered watches

The solar-powered timepiece is rare, but some of us may have this. Solar-powered timekeeper also comes with date settings. However, the way to adjust the solar-powered timekeeper is quite different. Let’s see how to set the date and time of a solar-powered timekeeper.

Adjust time in the solar-powered timepiece

  • Pull the crown to the second position when the second hand is at the 12 o’clock position.
  • Then rotate the crown to adjust the hour and minute hand. 
  • Note: consider about A.M and P.M while setting the hours and minutes hands to the desired time
  • Adjust the hands four to five times ahead of the desired time and then adjust it back to the exact time
  • After completing the process, back the crown to its normal position

How to adjust the date?

  • Pull out the crown to the number 1 position. 
  • Then rotate the crown to adjust the date. 
  • Push the crown back to 1 position

Setting time and date is easy. You can advance the hour hand by 12 hours if the date changes at any time. Make sure the date will not change between 9:00 P.M and 1:00 AM. Do not try to change the date during this time.

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Final Verdict

Hope after this long guide you will understand about settings of the watches. Stetting date in fossil watches is mostly the same in every watch. But you have to think about time while setting the date.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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