How to Open Bulova Watch | A Brief Explanation

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If you are looking for a solution for How to Open Bulova Watch? We will guide you at every step, but first of you have to understand some history. In the year 1875, Bulova Watch Co. started in New York City, USA, from a small store.

Ever since it is a known brand for making high-quality wristwatches. Some of its popular brands include Caravelle, Wittnauer, and others. Bulova has been creating various styles of well-made timepieces for men and women. It has been a popular pick amongst the watch-enthusiast.

At times, Bulova needs battery replacement or repair. Hence, it becomes essential to open it o see what is going on inside of it.

Got no clue about how to open Bulova watch? No more worries! Our brief explanation will tell you all about it!

How to Open the Back of a Bulova Watch

In order to have access to the internal mechanism, the case must be opened. It is a simple process and doesn’t require a professional to do it. Any person can easily do it. For battery replacement or for repair, the users can easily remove the back.

Step 1: Find a smooth surface

Place the watch-face onto a clean and smooth surface to avoid scratches. If not taken care of, the face can easily get scratched.

Step 2: Put a soft cloth on the surface

Place a soft cloth underneath it, so it remains protected. Otherwise, the rough surface causes damage to the face.

Step 3: Push open the case with a screwdriver

Grab a small screwdriver and slightly push the back open. It will require some force but be very careful while doing this step. This is because you don’t want to damage. This way, damage can be avoided.

Step 4: Keep the gasket safe

After the removal of the back cover, a rubber gasket will be seen. Make sure to keep this rubber gasket in a safe place because it will be needed later. Here you have successfully opened it.

So, now you can repair whatever part is damaged, and if you intend to replace the battery, then you can do that as well. These four simple steps will get the job done!

How to open a watch clasp?

There are a variety of different clasps that make sure that the timepiece remains secure on the wrist. However, the most common one is the deployment clasps that are mostly found on many timepieces that have a bracelet strap.

The deployment clasp is also known as the deployment buckle. Some people have a hard time opening it because it is slightly different than a typical buckle that you found on a leather strap.

In the year 1910, the deployment clasps were created, and the creation of these straps was to ensure a custom or tailored fit.

The deployment clasp can be simply opened by using your fingernail to push it open. Once it is opened, it unfolds into three segments giving the wearer enough space that they can easily wear it. After the timepiece is placed on the wrist. Fold all the three segments of the claps and use the push button to close them. This way, your timepiece will be secure.

One drawback of this deployment clasp is that most of the wearers have to get the bracelet resized by removing some pieces. Without the pieces removed, they may be too big for the wearer. So, in order to have a true fit, the bracelet must be resized.

Bulova Watch Battery Replacement

It is essential for the battery replacement to find out the kind of case back the timepiece has. There are two most common types of cases. One is the screw-on case, and the other one is the snapback case.

Step 1: Find out the kind of case

Grab the wristwatch and turn it over. If you see tiny screws, then it is a screw-on type case, and if you don’t see any screws, then it is a snapback case. 

Step 2: Spread a soft cloth on a flat surface

This job has to be patiently done. So, find yourself a flat surface on which you can easily work on. After finding the surface, spread a soft cloth on it so that the timepiece remains protected. On rough surfaces, there are chances of scratches. If it has a screw-on case, then make sure to use white-colored or light-colored clothing as a spread on the surface. The light-colored cloth will make it easy for you to see the screws.

Step 3: Opening the case

Opening the case that is screw-on

To open the case of a screw-on timepiece, you will need a miniature-sized screwdriver to unscrew the tiny screws. You can get your hands on a miniature screwdriver kit. In this kit, you will find a small magnifying glass, a miniature screwdriver, and a pair of tweezers. With this help, you can unscrew the small screws and put them aside on a piece of cloth. Since these are very tiny, make sure that you don’t let them fall on the floor.

After putting the screws aside, you can easily open the case.

Opening the case that is the snapback

Most of the timepiece consists of a snapback case. The back of the timepiece snaps to the case. So, it becomes easy to open it.

This case is simpler to open as compared to the screw-on case. The snapback timepieces are simpler because you can simply take a tool that has a flatter head and pop off the case. Look at the circumference of the timepiece’s face and look for a spot where you can insert the flat-headed tool. You can even use a screwdriver for this purpose. After doing that, apply some pressure, and the case will open quite easily.

Step 4: Remove the expired battery

Sometimes, the batteries in the timepieces are secured with small clips to keep the battery in place. These clips also have small screws that prevent the battery from popping out. If your timepiece has one of these clips, then you must unscrew it and pop out the battery. If it doesn’t have anything like that, then don’t worry about it. Carefully remove the battery and clean the dirt if there is any with the help of a Q-tip.

Step 5: Replace the old battery with the new

Now, after you have slightly cleaned the inside, put the new battery in place of the old one. Make sure to get your hands on the right battery according to your timepiece. Then carefully put the new battery in place.

Important Tip: Don’t leave any timepieces open for a long period of time. Try to get the job done as soon as possible. This is because the dirt and the moisture in the environment can harm the internal parts.

Step 6: Putting the case back on

For both cases, whether screw-on or whether Snap-back, make sure that you place the rubber ring inside and make sure that you are putting everything back together very carefully.

The Snap-On case will be put back together very easily. But for the screw-on case, you will need to use the screwdriver again to screw everything back together.

And here, you have successfully replaced the battery of the Bulova timepiece!

Some Tips for Opening and Closing Bulova Watch

  1. The plastic ring must be placed inside: While you are about to snap back the timepiece’s case. You need to make it certain that the plastic case is also placed inside before the back is snapped on. Otherwise, the back case will not properly snapback or close. So, the chances of internal damage will increase.
  2. Identify the case position and then snap it back on in the right direction: Some of the snapback cases must be snapped back on in the desired position. If that position is disturbed, then again, the timepiece’s snapping back will also be disturbed. So, make sure that you snapback the case in the right direction.
  3. Apply pressure while snapping the back on: When you close the back, make sure that enough pressure is applied with your thumb’s help that it closes securely.

While changing the battery, make sure to use clean hands. Also, don’t touch the battery too much or smear your hands over it. This is because the grease from the hands will then be transferred and deposited on the battery. The grease can be harmful to functioning. There are chances of inaccuracy.

The battery is supposed to provide power to the timepiece, but when the grease is transferred to it, it is unable to provide the power properly. Hence, the functioning of the timepiece is disturbed, and it may not be able to show the correct time. If the functioning is disturbed due to the greasy battery, simply use alcohol pads to clean the battery and put it back.

Repairing of Bulova Watch

The repairing of a timepiece cannot take place at home. This is because people who have knowledge of timepieces can only fix it. Along with that, immense craftsmanship is required to being able to fix or repair it. Repairing at home can make the condition of the timepiece even worse. Hence, it is important to take it to a professional.


Bulova watches are durable, high quality, and trendy. They come in different shapes and styles. Most of them have a snapback case, while some of them may have screw-on backs. They can be easily opened by using a few tools. A lot of finesse and effort is required to open and close these timepieces because being careless can disrupt their functioning.

The battery replacement of these timepieces can take place at home. However, the repair of these may not be possible at home.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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