How to Turn on Smartwatch without Power Button | 6 Easy Solutions

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Issues with the power button are a common occurrence with smartwatches. The root of the problem may vary. It can be for a long time being unused or having some physical damage.

However, whether the problem is, you should try at least to switch on a smartwatch without a power button.

Therefore, we’ve come to sort out your problem and save you from losing your smartwatch for good. A smartwatch is a handy device that updates you with your activities and workouts.

Learning some basic features about the watch will help you avoid troubles afterward. That’s why stay connected with us to get detailed information.

Reasons the Power Button of a Smartwatch Is Not Working

Smartwatches have been an advancing device for people who love to live with trends. There are smartwatches in different ranges and versions. These models last depending on their battery power and display mode.

However, there can be many possible reasons that the power button of your smartwatch stops working abruptly.

  • If you leave your phone for 4 or 5 days without putting it on a charger, the power button of your smartwatch will stop working. It’s a significant cause for which the watch doesn’t turn on. And therefore, many people think they’ve lost their watches for good.
  • Sometimes, the power button doesn’t work because it loses strength and efficiency. It mostly happens with low-budget smartwatches but also can be occurred with high-branded watches. Besides, if you keep pushing the power button randomly and unnecessarily, you’ll also lose the button.
  • Any accidental moment can occur out of less awareness and might damage the power button for good. This might seem unbelievable, but it happens to many people.  

What are the Solutions of How to Turn On Smartwatch without Power Button

A smartwatch usually comes with a power button. To turn on the watch, you have to push the button inward, and voila! Your smartwatch is all open to be explored. 

But smartwatches come with some severe issues. These issues bring trouble to the users. Besides having a short lifetime, smartwatches tend to lose strength after heavy use of the power button.  

Therefore, it can happen that the power button of your smartwatch suddenly breaks down. But you still need to power on the device. Also, you want to save your watch from losing it too early. You can still turn on the watch to get every penny out of it, even if the power button is disabled.

To turn on a smartwatch without the assistance of a power button, the following solutions might help to a great extent.

Solution 1: Checking the Guidance

With different types of models available in the market for smartwatches, chances are pretty high that you will find the solution in the guidance. Some brands provide the exact solution for the precise issue.

These issues happen to smartwatches frequently. And the issue of not turning on a smartwatch is so common. So you may find the solution right in the troubleshooting section of the guidebook.

Many brands have taken the issue seriously and started guiding a manual to solve the problem. The guidance carries features that help users understand the procedures of turning on a smartwatch without the help of the power button.

Solution 2:  Turn Off The Smartwatch and Restart

As the watch’s power button is not working, you must use your paired smartphone. Most smartwatches are paired with a smartphone to make the necessary settings on startup. So you can use the phone and turn it off and restart the smartwatch.

But make sure not to touch the smartwatch screen simultaneously while using your smartphone. Let your smartphone do the rest.

Solution 3: Long Press the Middle Button Or Power Button

This is the quickest trick you can try, for instance. Most smartwatches have side buttons along with the power one. You can press the middle button for a few seconds, probably 30 seconds, and you may see the smartwatch turn on.

If there is no middle button rather than a power one, then long press the power button and hold for 30 seconds. Hopefully, it can work to open your smartwatch.

Solution 4: Charging the Smartwatch

A smartwatch is a device that also requires as much attention as your phone does. Many smartwatches stop working because the wearer might compromise in taking care of the smartwatch. A smartwatch dies when left without charging for many days at a stretch.

Of this negligence, the watch’s power button also sometimes stops working. You can put your watch on the charge to avoid this trouble. Don’t use an alternative option for charging the watch in this case. Instead, take the wireless charger you got with the watch from the shop.

The smartwatch will turn on if it is connected thoroughly to the charger. This time you’ll not need to push the power button as well. The process will take some time. But it’s a reliable and less time-consuming procedure if pressing the middle button doesn’t help.   

Solution 5: Replace Dead Battery

Sometimes, the smartwatch doesn’t turn on for the dead battery. So you should inspect your battery to see whether it is in good condition. If the battery is faulty, you should replace it and then try to switch on the smartwatch.

Solution 6: Go in Depth

This solution is a little intense. It so happens that the smartwatch is not getting charged by the charger. This is problematic when your power button is also not working at the same time. This issue happens when a layer of carbon is seen in the copper plate of the watch.

That’s why the connector of the charger cannot connect with the charging pin of the smartwatch. Therefore, the layer of carbon needs to be removed at first. To get out of this problem you have to look in-depth and follow our instructions step by step.

Step 1: Collect the Materials

At first, you need to collect the following materials to get started with the whole procedure.

  • Water
  • A little jar
  • Cotton
  • Toothpick
  • Cotton bud
  • The charger of the smartwatch

Here the cotton bud is an alternative to cotton and toothpick. If you have cotton buds in your house, then avoid managing the toothpick. Besides, these materials are common and some of the mainstay products of a home. Therefore, you’ll not face trouble managing them.

Step 2: Dip the Cotton in the Water

After you finish collecting the materials, you can proceed to the next step. To accomplish the step, you need to pour a little amount of water in the jar at first. Then it would be best if you dipped a cotton bud into the pot. If you don’t have a cotton bud, then take a toothpick and add some cotton to the stick. Then, dip the stick into the jar.

Step 3: Rub the Copper Plate

After dipping the cotton bud, pull it out from the jar. Then start rubbing the charging pins of the connector, which is made with a copper plate. You have to rub it powerfully and accurately at the same time. But be careful as the screen of the watch might get affected by the pressure of rubbing.

Try to rub the connector for about two or three minutes. Make sure you are not using too much water and rubbing too much harder. The process must be gentle yet effective and powerful.  

Step 4: Make the Plate Dry

After the copper plate is rubbed effectively with the wet cotton, you need to wipe the space. To make the space dry:

  1. Take dry pieces of cotton first.
  2. Wipe the extra wet space of the copper plate properly.
  3. Wait for some seconds.

After that, the copper plate will be dry completely.

Step 5: Apply the Same Process with the Charger

Before you place your smartwatch for charging, you need to apply the same procedure to the pins of the charger as well. Rub the pins of the charger that connect the watch for charging with dry cotton first. Then use the wet cotton bud and rub the place softly yet effectively.

Make sure you are not damaging the pins of the charger. And then, use dry cotton to wipe the wet pins and dry thoroughly for a moment. The pins of the charger need the rubbing procedure because they also carry the carbon layer. Therefore, to get a positive result, don’t skip this important part.

Step 6: Place the Watch on the Charger

After cleaning and drying the pins of both the watch and charger, place the watch on the charger. Do the job properly, so the connector of both watch and charger get connected. Wait for a second and see if the watch is getting charged or not.

If you do the whole process seamlessly, your watch will connect with the charger and turn it on by this time.  

Step 7: Repeat the Same Process

If you see the watch is not getting connected with the charger yet, do the same process again. After doing the same process 2 or 3 times, you’ll succeed in making your watch turn on. Just keep patience and follow the same procedure with maximum effort.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How do I charge my smartwatch?

Connect with the wireless charger that was given with the watch. You can see it’s charging on the watch’s screen.

How do I restart my smartwatch?

Go top of the screen, swipe down the tap setting, and go to the system. Scroll down and tap restart. 

Can you overcharge a Smartwatch?

Usually, it requires 2-3 hours until it is 100% charged. Leaving it charging overnight harms the battery, so it’s better not to overcharge your watch. 

How long does a smartwatch’s battery last?

A battery can last 1 to 2 days. It depends on your usage the most.

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Wrap Up

In this upgraded world, you must know all the systems of gadgets that help you be up to date without complicity. As you know, Smartwatches now just do not tell the time but connect you with many other functions to save your time and make life easier. It gives you many benefits that give reasons to use it.

With the technologies and updates, people are searching for shortcuts for anything to save time. Turning on the device without a power button helps you solve the problem of not working the power button, which can be called the alternate way to turn on your watch. The alternate way is the solution of How to turn on your smartwatch without a power button.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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