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Watches are something we use to wear on our wrist to measure time. These are coming to the market in various designs with different materials. Some of them are very luxurious products, and some categories are going with a middle range. However, we wear these time prices around our wrist and are used for the measuring of time.

These are designs to have a consistent movement. So when a person is moving and performing a motion activity, the watch keeps a constant direction. These are designs for the wrist and have a strap on them to do so. So it is mostly like a bracelet, and those straps come from materials like metal, leather, and other substances like bracelets.

Why Do Watches Stop Working When I Wear Them

When you invested in a luxurious product and stopped working, it may disappoint your whole money invested. Sometimes these are going to stop working after two or three days after you wear them. So you guess that is a battery failure and start to replace your battery. You might buy a new battery and replace the watch. But after some days, they are not working.

Why is this happening?

These products are an essential fashion accessory that goes with all men and women. But stop from working is not only happen by the battery failure. There are many unexplainable reasons behind it. Sometimes these reasons are hidden from the owners, and owners can’t find the failure reasons. But the reasons behind these are so simple.

Most commonly, these products stop working because a person’s sweat is touching the product’s seals. There are many small and sensitive parts in this product, and if you connect them with your sweat, they will be rust. So they are turned into irreparable items within a short period. So you have to change your product continuously.

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6 Reasons Why Your Watch Stopped Working

Some of these products are going to be stopped from working sometimes. This is not happening to every person. But some of us face these kinds of experiences after two or three days after buying a product. The reasons for a stop from working depends on n person to another. But still, there are some common reasons to happen this.

So let’s find out six of those reasons as follows.

1. High electricity on your body

Some rare occasions happen to this kind of products not working after some times. So the most common reason for this is the human body’s electricity. Every human in this world has some electricity level running on their bodies, and they are not noticeable. We can’t see those electricity levels in our eyes. So on some occasions, it is going to affect watch productivity.

Some people have a high electric current using on their bodies. These are affecting very severely for a battery, and it affects the standard functionality of a battery. A person who has an average level of electricity in the body can use these products for an extended period. But if you have some high electricity levels, your battery will not last for at least two days at maximum.

A typical electricity leveled man can use a product until its battery is going to drain thoroughly, and those who are not in that range cannot do so. This is s theory that science has already proved, and most of the time, it is not talked about publicly. But you should know that this incident is a widespread phenomenon.

2. High Acidity Skin

Some people have a high acidic amount on their skin, and they carry those throughout their lives. If your product’s material is not genuine leather, then this acidic level can affect your product’s normal functions. And it can lead to some skin irritation problems as well. You can still try different watches to see if this is real, but all of them will die within two or three days.

So if you have a high acidic level on your skin, the only solution is to use a pocket watch. All the other products you are trying are not working after some days. So you can’t ever wear these things on your wrist, and it doesn’t care about the brand. This happens to all the brands.

3. Overly sweat problems

These products have to be in a completely dry place to operate normally. Dryness is including with dampness and moisture too. Some people have problems with excessive sweats, which can heavily affect the normal function of a watch. That happens because of a specific reason.

The average sweat of a person destroys a product’s seals, and sensitive parts will touch the sweat. These include all kinds of tiny pieces and sensitive things, and then your gears are rusting to become irreparable. These activities can happen for a small-time period.

4. Damage from Physically

Most of the wristwatches are likely to damage more than any other clock or a similar product. This happens due to a simple reason. As humans, we use our hands to perform many practical activities, and we are always using these hands to deal with our daily activities. We wear this product on our wrists. So it is something we usually ignore and have more risk of being prone to physical damages.

When your product is touched with some physical surface or hit in a more complex place, it has more risk to be broken to be dispatched. Damage may happen to internal gears as well as the sensitive mechanical parts on your product. So it’s the system going to fail and might stop working.

5. Hereditary problems

These watches stop working due to hereditary problems as well. Some people have family members who do not work well with these products, and they will inherit from your genes. Some people have stopped buying these products because they face a lot of failure on these things and it had no reason. They are just inherited.

6. Poor manufacturing states

If you are buying a luxurious product, you must have to keep it in mind to find out the manufacturing parts of it. There will be so many small gears and pieces in a watch, and the human eye does not even view them. Sometimes these parts have not been set up well. That can happen because we all are humans, and we make mistakes.

When these parts are not set up correctly, these tiny pieces may move or detach from their specific place so that your product is not going to function anymore. You have to get help from your manufacturer to fix these problems.

How to fix a watch that stopped working

If the one you are using right now stops working, you can take a technician’s service related to it. He is going to check your battery, and he will review the state of your current battery. If it is already dead, the standard solution for it is to replace it. Most of these products are stops from working due to battery failure. But don’t ever try to replace it by yourself.

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You can try to clean the dust if it is has stopped working. The buttons and the hands won’t be work if there is so much dust. And if there is a moist on your product’s face, consider drying it before you use it. If your hands on the watch are always skipping time, note that it is a sign of a battery failure. So you have to be on alert for these situations often.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can body chemistry stop a watch?
Yes. Sometimes, a person’s body chemistry related to his acidic level can badly affect watches to stop working. It depends on one person to another, and yet those are affecting heavily for a regular operation.

Can the human body drain a battery?
Yes, it happens because of the high electric levels in your body. A person who has an average current level on his body can last up until his battery for a long time while others cannot. If you are one who has a high electricity level, you may not even last your battery for two days.

Why does my body drain watch batteries?
That happens due to several reasons. The first and almost reason is the person’s high electric levels on his body. And the other factor is the acidic levels. Some people are born with some high acidic levels on their bodies, making batteries drain fast.

Why do watches lose time when I wear them?
It happens because of the several physical effects and a person’s body functions. Sometimes the electric levels of a person absorb the watch’s energy, and it cause it to stop working. We cannot say a specific reason for them, but it comes with some physical effects and causes.

Can your body affect your watch?
If you have a high magnetic force within your body to interrupt this product’s standard functionality, this happens. Yes, of course, your body can affect its normal function, and it depends on your physical levels of electricity and the magnetic levels in the body.

Why do watches stop when you die?
The movements of a person power some products, and if the person stops moving, the product will stop working. Sometimes these products can work up to several days after the owner’s death. But after a few days, it will stop because some products have chemical interaction included within it to interact with someone’s body chemistry.

Why do watches always die on me?
It happens because of the sweat you produce in your body. These sweats will touch your sensitive parts in the product, and by that, they all going to rust. So it affects the standard functionality and stops from working.


Sometimes the reasons for a watch to stop working are strange. You may not even know the exact reasons, and you always think it is a battery failure. But there is a lot going, and there are specific causes. So if your product stop working, make sure to check these all things and find out the exact reasons to happen; it will quickly resolve your problems.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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