How to Improve Battery Life On Smartwatch | The Steps You Should Follow

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Nowadays, everyone has a smartwatch that comes with several features. It acts as a watch, a pedometer, a fitness tracker, a social hub, and more. But power consumption is a problem because of all these extras. When handled inefficiently, the batteries in these gadgets might die soon.

Having a smartwatch is essential, and it must be worn constantly. It’s on its way to being a must-have commodity. Just as with any other electronic device, it’s essential that your smartwatch can go the distance between charges.

When it comes to extending the life of a smartwatch’s battery, there are a number of options. If you want to know how to improve the battery life of your Android smartwatch, read on.

How to Improve Battery Life on Smartwatch?

Regardless of how you operate your smartwatch, there are a few tried-and-true techniques for improving battery life. Let me explain it to you thoroughly.

1. Stop App Notifications

Disabling unwanted alerts is the first step to improving your smartwatch’s battery life. You can turn off email and text message alerts if you no longer find them useful.

The most effective method of dealing with these is to disable alerts. This can be from the relevant apps or removed entirely from your watch.

Now a question arises: how to disable or uninstall any unwanted app from your smartwatch? Here are some easy steps:

  • Head to the Apps section on the watch’s interface to uninstall programs in a single step. Hold down the app’s button for a while. Followed by tapping OK, and selecting Uninstall.

Your app uninstall is done now.

Power consumption rises as a result of the numerous alerts you receive.

Of course, you can’t ignore text messages, but you should limit this. Be sure to specify whether or not you want separate alerts to be sent to your phone and watch.

2. Lowering The Brightness

Adjusting the settings for your watch’s display, which consumes a lot of power, is one of the best ways to extend the device’s runtime.

If you spend most of your time indoors, you should start by reducing the brightness.

You can save much battery life by turning off the always-on screen if you don’t find yourself using it. The following steps will help you to lower the brightness.

  • To access the quick preferences,
  • Then, to alter the brightness, go to the sun icon (the toggle) and tap it.

The screen brightness of most modern smartwatches can be adjusted automatically depending on ambient light.

But typically, you may ignore this feature to maintain the screen darker than usual. The brightness control is generally located in the watch’s accompanying app.

3. Always Off The Display After work

Disabling the always-on screen on your smartwatch may be a good idea. This function can rapidly deplete battery life because it constantly activates the watch’s display even when you are not using it.

On most watches, the option to turn off the always-on screen can be found in the associated smartphone app.

Most wearable device users won’t benefit from permanently activating their watch’s display. The battery life can be prolonged by disabling this function.

4. Switch Off Wi-fi and Bluetooth

Bluetooth is essential to pair a smartwatch with a smartphone

You should know that while our watch is paired with a smartphone via Bluetooth, the battery is constantly being used.

The smartwatch will still get notifications even though it isn’t connected to a phone through Bluetooth unless you turn off the feature. Your battery won’t get too hot or die as quickly if you’re not using any wireless features.

5. Turning Off the Wrist Gesture

Turning off the wrist gesture function could be a good idea if you rarely use gestures with your raised arm.

6. Turning Off the Location

This functionality requires the watch’s GPS to operate, which significantly increases the watch’s power consumption. Depending on your preferences, you can turn this on or off.

7. Adjust The Watch Face

There are a variety of styles available for smartwatches. While the extra data provided by many of these highly interactive features are undoubtedly helpful, its implementation necessitates more significant resources.

Watches with simpler, monochrome faces tend to have longer battery lives. Whenever you need more battery life from your wristwatch, switching to a minimalistic watch face is the way to go.

8. Uses Of Power Saving Mode

To enable Power saving mode, a battery charge card will be pushed to the watch when the battery drops below 15%.

When used, this mode reduces the brightness of the watch’s display and disables functions like mobile data and GPS to increase the device’s standby duration.

Sadly, few people observe it. To prevent your smartwatch’s battery from being drained unnecessarily, activate its Power Save Mode.

9. Adjust the Tilted-to-Wake system

Of course, you’re using your smartwatch’s raise-to-wake functionality; I do the same thing.

However, I should mention that this function drains battery life because the wristwatch screen turns on whenever our wrist is angled.

If you want longer battery life from your smartwatch, disable this feature.

10. Always Keep Smartwatch Updated

Don’t make the same mistake you did and neglect to upgrade your smartwatch when new features are released.

The smartwatch receives updates that address issues with its functionality and battery life; by installing these patches, you can restore your watch to its original state and extend its life.

Extra tips: Always try to pick a smartwatch with long battery life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long do smartwatches’ batteries last?

Most smartwatches are made to last at least a day. This usually means the watch has a battery life of 12–48 hours. That is enough time as long as you are ready to charge it at night.

Can you overcharge a smartwatch?

No, you can’t overcharge a smartwatch. When the watch reaches its capacity, it automatically stops charging. But If you overcharge your smartwatch, it won’t last as long.

Why is my watch battery draining so fast?

Most of the time, a smartwatch’s battery will die faster if it is getting too many notifications, if it is always on, if it has the Always-on feature turned on, or if it is streaming music.

Does stopping the smartwatch save battery?

Yes, because when you wish to wear the watch again, you will need to reset the time. Turning off the ticking helps to maintain the battery.

Is it OK to leave the smartwatch without charging the battery?

Actually, you shouldn’t. Turning off your watch won’t save battery life; leaving it in standby mode will drain power eventually.

Final Verdict

There’s no denying that a device’s battery life is a significant element in your decision to purchase it. It’s preferable if one can use their gadget without interference or distorted images.

If you want your smartwatch to last longer, you should reduce how often you check it. The number of apps you use while wearing it should have been kept to a minimum. The smartwatch should be removed for a set period of the day.

I’ve highlighted the guiding principles for increasing the capacity of your smartwatch’s battery.

You can get something out of your smartphone and prevent it from dying in the middle of the day if you follow these guidelines.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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