How To Remove Links From Fossil Watch? [Do It Exceptionally]

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No watches in this world come with accurate fitting. Similarly, you may be fed up searching for the right wearable watch when it comes to Fossil watches.

There is some super shop that offers to shorten the wristband on itself. But removing the links from fossil watch is quite easy, and you can do it at home. In the beginning, you should learn how to remove links from fossil watches, adjust the link, and trim off the extra edges.

You can remove the link from the wristwatch using a watch band installation tool or following some DIY hacks. Today I will shortly introduce them both so that you can adjust correctly.

Why Do You Need to Adjust the Length of a Fossil Watch?

All fossil watches come in different sizes, shapes, and diameters. It is unpredictable to say which one will fit on your wrist appropriately. It often feels loose or tight on your hand wrist without a legit size.

Therefore, you should go for the second choice of adjusting the wristband. Apart from these, some more affairs work behind the back to adjust the length of a fossil watch.

1. To Earn Good Fitments

An accurate wrist fitment can be earned by adjusting the length of a fossil watch. Whenever you earn good adjustments, you will be able to carry the watch perfectly.

2. Saves From Accidents

When you have worn the right fitment watch, it saves you from inconvenience situations. Suppose you’re driving a car or swimming; an unfit wristwatch may come down with a run.

3. Get Rid of Wrist Cramp

Excessive tight or loose, the unfit watch may result in wrist cramps. Again, you may not be able to conduct them in an emergency. For this reason, you should deduct the length of the fossil watch to acquire the right syntax.

4. To Look More Stylish

Not being able to adjust the right fitments of your hand timer, you may feel frustrated. In most cases, it retains you from looking good and stylish. You may even think about returning the watch. A good size watch helps you to look dashing and lets you feel more confident.

5. Prevent Early Damage

An unadjusted wristwatch gets damaged when you use them during exercising, sporting, hiking, and cycling. Imagine you’re climbing on the upwards of the hill tracks.

If you wear an unadjusted watch, it will lull from the hill tracks. To avoid such situations, you should change or fit the length of the wristband. It will be helpful to save the watch’s lifespan.

How to Remove Links from Fossil Watch Following 2 Different Methods

Fossil watches have two different types of wristbands. The first is made of nylon and rubber, and the second is made of stainless steel or aluminum.

The stainless wristband has crenelated wrist parts with links you need to remove to adjust it. Below I detailed two processes to make the work handier at home.

Way-1: Remove Links from Fossil Smartwatch (Without Tools)

There are many DIY hacks used to remove links from fossil smartwatches. You can use any handheld tool like a sim card pin, a piece of metal, scissors, etc. Here are the details of each step you need to follow.

Step 1: Collect the Necessary Tools

I recommend using the sim card opener pin to do this process. It’s good and has faint edges at the end, making the work more facile. Besides this, you can also gather the following tools in your hand as an alternative.

  • Paper pin/needle nose pliers / Sim card tray opener tool
  • A white towel/ foam or semi-soft base
  • A piece of flat metal or screwdriver
  • Hand gloves (optional)
  • Scissors

Step 2: Measure Wrist Size

Begin by measuring the size of your wrist hand. Wear the watch in hand and determine how many of the band parts you need to deduct. After that, lay down the watch on a flat surface.

Step 3: Insert the Paper Pin into The Band Slot

Next, pick the paper pin/sim tray opener pin/ needle nose pliers or whatever you have available on hand and insert it into the band slot. It seems difficult at first, so try to push the pin as hard as possible.

Step 4: Push It Back to Remove the Links

Push back the pin until the band slot isolates from the watch. Remove links from the slots and place them into the white towel. I added a white towel here since it is very useful to get clear visibility and easily trace that small stuff.

After removing one or two parts, wear the watch once again to ensure the sizing of your hand. If it fits properly, then stop to remove the length. But if it still feels loose or tight, try to remove one more Slot.

Notes: If you think you have damaged your hands while pushing the pin inside, wear a pair of gloves as a safety guard.

Step 5: Re-attach The Watch Strap Again

Now that you get the pins out and the links removed. What you wanted to do next is to put the watch back again.

So, you have reattached the band, inserting one pin into the slots. Take a piece of metal to push it back inside the watch.

Now, you got your fossil smartwatch smaller and fit. Keep the links and separate parts of the watch with you to use later.

Way 2: Remove Links from Fossil Smartwatch (With Proper Tools)

Another method you can look forward to is removing links from fossil smartwatches using proper hand tools.

In addition, many kits available in the market are used to remove links from the watch. So, collect one of them for you and start to work.

Step 1: Gather Some Necessary Tools to Assemble

To remove links from your watch, collect the following tools and get ready to resize it.

  • A handy link removal tool
  • A small hammer
  • A flat-headed screwdriver
  • Scissors or small pin

Step 2: Search the Arrow Mark Under the Watch Strap

Place all the pieces of equipment onto the table, and lay down the watch. Now, observe the watch strap fully. Looking for the arrow mark under the straps. Wear the watch on your wrist once to understand the perfect size of your wrist.

Step 3: Insert the Required Tool into Band Length

After tracing the right size, lay down the watch strap over the watch tool or a single box. Use the link remover tool and insert it into the watch strap.

Step 4: Tap the Pin by Hammer Gently to Insert

Put the removal tool inside the strap and push it inside to pressurize the links to come out of the watch band.

Now, pick the little hammer, and tap on the end part of the removal tool. Use your right hand to flip it, and hold the watch band with a pin with your left hand. As soon as you remove the links from the straps, keep them aside.

Step 5: Re-attach The Two End Part of The Watch Clasp

Once you remove all the lengths that might be unfit for your hand, it’s time to attach the strap back to the clasp. Bring the two end parts of the watch together; this time, you need a single pin to reattach them. Put the pin inside, and tap it with a hammer once again to push it back inside.

Step 6: Check the Watch Fitments Once Again

Now you’re done. Wear the watch on your hand to make sure that it fits properly without any trouble. Keep the detached length part with you in case you need them later.

How to Remove Hairpin links from Fossil Watch?

Removing a hairpin from a fossil watch is very easy if you have a little bit of knowledge. First, you need some important tools to do the job perfectly.

Now, pick a pushpin tool and a hammer to remove them. Hold the watch band in one hand and then lay it flat over the table. Follow the below steps to detach them from the watch.

  • Pick the pushpin tool and insert it gently into the watch straps.
  • Be careful not to break while inserting the pin.
  • Now tap lightly with the hammer.
  • This time the watch pin will be coming out of the length.
  • Remove the links from there.
  • Then repeat the same process until you’re able to remove all your planned links.
  • While inserting the pin, push it with your finger, not a hammer.
  • Check the other links to ensure that those are fully removed.

How to Put the Fossil Watch Band Back Together?

Step 01: First, remove the fossil watch from your hand. Place the watch on a level surface. Then watch out for exactly how many bands you need to remove. You can mark the band length with a black marker pen to make it more facile.

Step 02: Next, pick a flattened screwdriver, a paper pin, or whatever you like most. But make sure that the pin is so plain and smooth. The flatter the pin is, the easier it is for you to insert it into the watch length.

Step 03: Now, place the pin along the index finger and press on the pin as slowly as possible. You can pry the pin out from the inside watch length with a pair of pliers if you want. A flathead screwdriver also plays a similar role to a hammer.

Step 04: Lastly, take out the rest of the pins in the same process. Keep it until you have removed all your planned length from the watch.

Important Notes: After removing all the pins:

  1. Assemble the watch’s two ends.
  2. Remember that, while using a little hammer or screwdriver, try inserting the pin straight.
  3. Keep your hand straightforward while tapping with a hammer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Won’t My Watch Links Come Out?

It is often seen that watch bands are stuck together too tightly to cause rust around them. As a result, no matter how much expansion is given, it does not want to come out. So, if you have a very old watch that won’t come out, try using some lubricants to make it free. 

What If There Are No Arrows?

If none of your watch links has an arrow, removing the watch wrist length becomes difficult. But you can still remove them by pushing back the pins of the watch length.

Besides this, if some of your watch links have arrows and some aren’t, then it’s impossible to remove the links without arrows.

What’s The Right Fit for A Watch?

The best way to understand the right fit for a watch is that your watch should be placed across the middle of the wrist. And the watch must have a little tightness on your hand and wrist bone areas.

Sometimes the wrist size varies from person to person. Yet it is better to keep the wristband loose at least 1-inch from your actual size to get better fits.

How Many Links Can You Remove from A Watch?

It depends on the actual wrist size of your hand. You may need to remove 1-4 links from each side if you have a very thin wrist. But if you have a very healthy wrist and the watch seems a little loose on your hand, remove 1 or 2 links from one side of the watch.

Last Words

Now try this out on your own at home if you have finished reading each step on how to remove links from fossil watch.

This is the most recommended and easy process to remove them from the watch. Make sure not to force the pin so much or force it in the wrong way lest it should break or bend.

Always remember to wear gloves in hand since you need to use both your fingers to push the pin inside of it. Lastly, check out the watch engagement twice to ensure that the straps and the watch face are attached properly.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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