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Samsung- a brand no one can come across with and beat their popularity. Amongst the high-tech gadgets and home appliances, they managed to create a spot for watch lovers by developing Samsung Galaxy watches. The watch has features for health, fitness, sports, and smartwatch mode.

Such amazing features in the watch can be used for various purposes. One of the useful functions that the Galaxy watches successfully developed is the ‘sleep tracking’ feature.

Although the feature sounds superior but as a new Galaxy watch user, you have no idea how to track sleep on Galaxy watches.

How does the Galaxy watch track sleep?

Samsung Galaxy watches made sure to bring more advancements to their previous useful apps. One of them is sleep-tracking software. Although how other smartwatches tracks sleep, the Galaxy Watch does that in the same way.

When the user wears the Galaxy watch on their wrists, it will use the sensor to do their task.

The sensor will trace the user’s heart rate movement as well as the wrist movement. This will enable the sensor to detect whether the user has stopped moving and gone to bed.

Along with that, the sensor will also detect the user’s heart rate so that it understands that the user is fast asleep.

Now the movement tracking pretty much explains the whole tracking process. The only time the user will stop moving completely is when they are sleeping.

This signals the sensors to understand that they are in their sleeping position and hence they start tracking.

Moreover, there are other more sensors that accumulate the biometric data of the user. For instance, it can detect snoring and has AI-generated software that analyses sleeping habits.

As for the snoring detector, the sensor analyses the noise, whether the snore is heavy or light.

Heavy snoring means the user is in a deep sleep, and similarly, light snoring means the user is taking a nap. As for the heart rate detector, it can change depending on the quality of sleep.

For instance, the calm heart rate shows the user is sleeping peacefully, otherwise the user might be having a nightmare.

As mentioned before, AI analyses the sleeping habits of the user. It will gather all the information about how the user sleeps.

How to Track Sleep on Galaxy Watch using Samsung Health App?

Some users might assume that Galaxy watches can only connect with Samsung mobile phones or other Samsung devices. However, you can use your Galaxy watch and pair it with any android device, even iOS!

Although the sleep tracker in the Galaxy watch has the ability to function by itself, without any additional help from other applications or devices.

Nonetheless, the additional help of the smartphone will help to store the essential data for as long as the user requires them for monitoring the progress.

Since people are more into using smartphones, the health app will ensure that the user knows all the details of their sleep tracking properly. It will aid the Galaxy watch users to note down what they have to work on for better sleep and so on.

Now, to track sleep on Samsung Galaxy watch with the help of the health app provided by Samsung, here are the ways you can follow:

Step 01: Pairing Galaxy watch to smartphone

  • a) You have to download the Galaxy Wearable App first, then install it. The app is available in both android and iOS app stores.
  • b) Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled otherwise the process will not work.
  • c) Now, the Galaxy Wearable App needs to be opened from your Galaxy watch, which was preinstalled before.
  • d) Complete the instructions that popped up on the screen so that the pairing is successfully done.

Step 02: Installing the health app

Now the pairing session is complete, open the Health app provided by Samsung and begin to track your activity. Make sure to download the health app and installation of it if not installed already.

  • a) This app will help to monitor the sleeping patterns that your Galaxy watch detects.
  • b) Make sure to set up an account on your Samsung mobile so that you can have the access to the app. Either use your old account or open a new account.

Step 03: Turning on the Automatic Heart Rate Tracking

  • a) Click on the health app and activate it.
  • b) Scroll down until you find the ‘Heart rate’ button and click it.
  • c) Swipe or scroll down the screen to find the rate that your heart is showing currently and also the daily Heart Rate range.
  • d) Click on Preferences. This particular option is also known as Heart Rate and stress measurement or Auto Heart Rate settings.
  • e) You have the option to either measure continuously or as per preference. But you have to maintain Rapid Eye Movement or in short REM tracking based on the wrist.
  • f) Scroll all the way to the notification section until you find the option that enables the notification for heart rates in case, they are high or low at the moment.

Step 04: Turning on Health’s REM Sleep Tracking

The additional configuration mentioned might be necessary. These entirely depend on the model of the Galaxy Watch and the version of the app that you are using currently.

  • a) Find the sleeping category on Samsung’s health app.
  • b) Click on the settings menu. You might have to click on the three-dot/ellipses button to find the settings option.
  • c) When you find the REM sleep recording option, switch it on so that it starts working.

Step 05: Turning on O2 Level Tracking while Sleeping

The entire process of monitoring and measuring the oxygen intensity measurement while you sleep completely depends on the watch model. For higher accuracy, it is better to wear the watch just a few centimeters higher than your wrist bone.

  • a) Set up the blood oxygen tracking monitor on your smartwatch or smartphone.
  • b) Access the health app installed on the Samsung Galaxy watch, then click on settings, scroll down to find oxygen blood level while asleep, and click on it.

The process might vary if you have a running Wear OS 3 model of the Galaxy watch.

  • a) To enable blood oxygen monitoring while sleeping, turn on the app name Wearable, click on watch settings, and open Samsung health.
  • b) Now that you’re on the health app, select sleep, go to More options and click on oxygen blood while sleeping on your specific watch model.

Step 06: Setting Up Snore Detection

The health app includes a “Snore Detection” tool that can identify and record your snoring. Since your device has a microphone. It is a safe option to put it closer to you when you’re sleeping to utilize this option in the best way possible.

Samsung recommends users situate the mobile so the microphone at the bottom of the mobile is facing them.

This is done in order to track the snores and estimate how frequently they snore. The feature of detecting anyone’s snore is available in the health app with a 6.18 version or newer for Wear OS 3 watches such as the Galaxy Watch 4 and 5.

Therefore, you may be required to upgrade the health app to utilize this feature. Now, to turn on the snoring detection:

  • a) Browse to Health app in the “Apps” section of your phone’s settings menu.
  • b) Select sleep, then choose additional choices, and select the option called ‘’sleep identifying snorers’’.
  • c) This feature is also available on your Galaxy watch under the snore identifying option in the settings app.
  • d) You can either select always or manually toggle the option as per your preferred timing when you want to detect and analyze your snoring habits.
  • e) Select the recording duration and click on whether you want to record your snores or skip the option.

How to Track Snore Detection with Samsung Galaxy Watch?

As of now, tracking your snore detections can only be applicable to those who wear OS 3 Galaxy watch 5 and watch 4 series. Other models have not yet developed this feature yet. Moreover, you need to have android 6.0+ phones so that you can use the snore detection app.

It is impossible to track snores without your phone since the Galaxy watches do not have microphone access. For that, you need both your phone and your Galaxy watch to utilize the app properly. It is preferable to connect your phone to your charger so that it does not get switched off while using the app.

Now to track your snoring on your Galaxy watch, you need to follow the instructions for a better and more accurate result.


  • a) When you sleep, wear your watch.
  • b) Keep your sleeping environment as calm as possible. Otherwise, the snore detection will be unproductive if there is a large amount of noise and tones from the other source materials (like CPAP machines, televisions, music, and so forth.)
  • c) Turn on snore detection and then choose Once or Always. This setting can be found in Samsung Health > Sleep > More button (three vertical dots) > Snore detection.
  • d) Determine whether you would like your phone to capture audio for snoring and, if it does, how long you want all those recordings to be saved on your phone.
  • e) Enable Samsung Health to connect to the microphone on your phone. Set it to Allow only while using the app in Settings > Privacy > Permission manager > Microphone > Samsung Health.
  • f) Position your phone on a plain, firm surface within 2 feet of your body. If you placed snore detection to always, you should connect it to start charging it.
  • g) Place the phone such that the bottom microphone(s) meet your face and hear and record any snoring.

These are pretty much the ways you can track your sleep while wearing your Galaxy watch. The data also consists of time stamps that demonstrate the period(s) of sleep whenever the user was snoring.

Users then can take necessary measures to prevent snoring, such as trying to sleep on their sides instead of their backs, using nasal strips, or trying to raise their heads with an additional pillow.

But besides its numerous health functionalities, users must also take into consideration that the Galaxy Watch does not serve as a substitute for a medical device or an expert analysis.

How to Explain Sleep Tracking with Samsung Galaxy Watch?

Sleep tracking simply defines the way apps will detect your sleeping habits and analyze them. The data collected from the analysis will enable the user to understand what changes they have to make so that their sleeping pattern changes for their own good.

For tracking your sleep, you have to wear the Galaxy watch on your wrist the entire time you sleep. Mainly the watch and the app read your movements so that they can figure out whether you are sleeping or still active.

The timer might not entirely depend on the movements, but also on the way your heart rate acts and why you’re asleep.

After you are done with your sleeping schedule, the Galaxy watch and the app will provide the data and results of the following:

Duration in bed: The total duration of time you spent lying down, irrespective of how much of that was spent lying in bed.

Sleep score: The final result that indicates the overall amount of sleep you got for that night depending on all of your statistics.

Actual sleep time: This only demonstrates how much time you expended trying to sleep, despite the amount of time you spent in bed.

Awake: The amount of time you spend all night while lying in bed.

REM: The amount of time you spent in the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage.

Light: How much of your sleep was light?

Deep: How much time will be spent in the depth phase of sleep?

These data will help you to estimate the dos and don’ts for getting perfect sleep. Although there are certain restrictions that the watch has, like a weekly restriction that pauses your result after completing a week.

Hence, to check the results further beyond the weekly restrictions, the mobile application is necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I use the Samsung Galaxy watch as a sleep coach?

Yes, you can use your Galaxy watch as your sleeping coach. However, only the Galaxy watch 4 and 5 series have the sleep coach feature. Sleep coaching program on the watch interprets your sleeping pattern over the weeks.

To access the program, you have to complete a full 7 days sleeping schedule to gain access to the sleep coach.

To start the sleep coach program:

  1. Launch the Samsung Health app on your device.
  2. Scroll down to the Sleep tile and click it.
  3. Click the three dots in the upper right-hand corner three times.
  4. Select Sleep Coaching.
  5. You’ll be asked a few questions about your sleep patterns.
  6. Depending on your responses and sleep data, the sleep coach will allocate you a sleeping animal.
  7. Press the Start button to get started.

What is a good sleep score?

According to the Galaxy Watch, any score between 70 to 84 is considered appropriate and normal. However, any score below that is a sign of a warning. It means your body lacks a proper amount of sleep and you need to prepare yourself to get better sleep for the sake of your body and mind.

So, if you are sleeping between 7 to 9 hours every night, then that should be enough to charge yourself up the next day. Moreover, if your score is near 85, it is considered the best sleep score.

How to stop sleep tracking?

It is unfortunate but the Galaxy watch has not yet made any progress in quitting the sleep track automatically. But, by turning off the sleep tracking notification and the REM sleep, you might not have to deal with the constant notifications over again.

To turn off notifications:

  1. On the Samsung Watch, go to the App Menu.
  2. To find and open Samsung Health, use the Bezel.
  3. Rotate the Bezel once more and tap Sleep.
  4. Allow access to the Sleep Tracking Data.
  5. Navigate Notifications and disable it.

To turn off REM sleep:

  1. On the Samsung Watch, launch the Samsung Health app.
  2. Scroll down and click the Sleep button.
  3. Locate and select Record REM Sleep.
  4. Turn off the Record REM Sleep option.


Samsung Galaxy watch has pretty unique features that aid users to get a better experience every time they use it.

The sleep tracking feature enables the users to analyze their sleeping data and stats, then understand what habits they need to cut off to get better sleep.

Starting from how to track the user’s sleep to using a sleeping coach to fix the sleeping routine, the Galaxy watch series is doing its job perfectly.

Maybe the apps and the statistics might not show an extremely accurate result, but it can at least help the users to change their wrong sleeping habits for their own good.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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