How to Charge Apple Watch Without Charger

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When you own an iPhone, the next thing that you are seeking might be an Apple watch. This is like a sequence that always flows. And Apple watches fit well on your wrist with their look and class, and it is considered the best wearable gadget than any other options.

An Apple watch can let you stay connected with your phone, have great tracking, and keep in touch with your activity levels. So no wonder why people need to own an apple watch at all costs.

If you want the best functions and the use from your apple watch, it means that you need to charge it regularly, and it always requires a user to put it onto the charger every day. What is more annoying is that you will have to carry this charger wherever you go since the watch can be drained of its life at any time.

But things happen, and it is possible for you to forget things like taking the charger wherever you go. So if you forget it, then how can you charge your apple watch exactly?

In the case where you don’t have the charger with you and still want the watch to be charged, you need to have some alternatives, and here we are bringing you some of the best options to charge the watch without its bulky charger. So let’s start.

How To Charge An Apple Watch Without Charger: Is It Possible?

At first, you might think that this is something you cannot do, but it is; now, you can charge this apple watch without having to use a charger, and it needs some clever mind and creativity to do it. For example, suppose you are on vacation and forgot to bring the charger for your apple watch. So these specific methods will suit you well.

When the apple watch runs out form battery, it is showcasing it by a red lightning bolt on its screen. And if you see this symbol on your watch, it means that the watch doesn’t have power. But you must be very careful in searching for alternatives to charge this since there should be a right way.

Using the right equipment for charging here is a must; this procedure is not that hard for a user. But if you are a first-time person engaging with these methods, you must be somewhat careful.

You may have forgotten your charger at home, but this doesn’t prevent you from charging your apple watch.

How to Charge Your Apple Watch Without a Charger?

You have the best option here, and you can use the hidden port for charging. And here is how you can do it.

The Hidden Port

You can use the hidden port of the watch, and you can see it on the bottom band. There is a six-pin port in there, and you can see if you lift the small-cap. In 2015, the apple watch’s hidden port was expected to be used as an extension for the battery life without having to use a charger. So if you take off the watch strap and dig into the pinhole, you will be able to look for the pinhole.

There is already a Reverse Strap called the company that made a strap for the apple watch. It allows you to charge the watch without wires, and it doesn’t care if you wear it or not. This battery band lets the users charge their phone and wear the watch at the same time, and It is increasing the charge of the watch by 7% and 6% by using the diagnostic port.

Apple knew this work, so they stopped this project because they feared their product would be damaged here. And they didn’t want to cause any electrical hazard or an overheating problem for their product here. So apple doesn’t incorporate any tampering with their own devices, and they don’t expect the customers to do so.

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Apple Watch Charger Alternatives

As we said earlier, Apple doesn’t want to damage their product reputation, and they don’t want it to make crashes or damage their products even though it is a customer doing it. So they have some alternative methods for charging the watch when the hidden port is no longer working for you. There are three methods we are specifying here as the alternative options as

  • iPhone Charger
  • The USB Charger
  • A Portable Battery Pack

Let’s check them one by one here.

iPhone Charger

If you don’t have the apple Watch charger, you still own an iPhone, right? So charging won’t be such a huge issue, and you can easily charge the apple watch with the use of this phone’s charger. Furthermore, it gives you an alternative option if you don’t have the watch charger with you because you already own a charger that suits your needs here.

Here you can plug in the charger to the wall and connect your watch to the other end of your watch. So without any issues, your watch will be charged quickly.

The USB Charger

This is the second alternative option you can use here. You don’t have to be scared of draining your watch battery when there is a USB cable with you. The cable should be able to connect to your laptop or the Mac; for this method, you can use any USB charger.

This method frees you from using other alternative options for a traditional cable. It will also keep you from forming a bulky charger. Finally, and most importantly, using this type of cable can also allow you to connect to a USB.

As we mentioned, this method is very portable for a user and is more convenient for anyone. When a person is outside, these cables can be out as a key chain. And if you want, you can attach them to your other keys or the bag.

Most people are not likely to hand in other equipment from their keys, But this will not bother you if you forget the charger when you go somewhere outside your home.

Using a Portable Battery

This is the third alternative method that we can talk about here. And this is the most well-known method for any mobile phone user. If you go outside without a charger, we don’t think you forget the power bank with you.

Because these days, people tend to take it anywhere they go, same as their phone. The same power bank is useful here to charge your apple watch. So this will be an excellent solution for the ones who don’t have a charger for their needs.

If you want to use a battery pack for the changing needs of a watch, you can connect the pack to your apple watch by using a charging cable that comes along with your watch. Your battery pack will no longer take time to charge anymore. So your watch will be charged without any issue.

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And that is all we can say about a person finding alternative ways to charge their apple watch. If you have ever forgotten your charger, you have extra methods with you right now. This article will help you do it at your best. And yes, as you see, the hidden port will be your best option to charge the apple watch without using a charger. If you don’t use it, then go for the alternate options we described here.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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