How to Make the Apple Watch Brighter? [Get Solution Within Second]

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A continuous falling down of the brightness on your Apple Watch is suspicious. You frequently drag the brightness slider to make it brighter, but it gets darker and dim. This is not unnatural; I also face this problem and learn how to make the Apple Watch brighter from continuous darkness.

Apple Watch displays continuously dim or even darker for some bugs, faulty hardware, etc. However, when there are so many reasons, there are some fixes also. Apple Watch brightness can be made lighter than previously through manual settings, resetting up, and taking help from sunlight.

However, some watches from Apple have an additional setup that goes dark automatically indoors. But, inspect the trouble in my suggested way if it gets dim or shows very poor brightness.

Why is My Apple Watch Dim?

Multiple issues are responsible for your Apple Watch getting dim or providing you with less brightness. The watch may fail to retain the brightness of the Display for:

1. Unacceptable Operating Temperature

One of the significant reasons that the Apple Watch brightening issue occurs is unacceptable operating temperature.

Apple watches are manufactured to work best in immanent temperatures between 32⁰-95⁰ F (0⁰-35⁰ C). So, you can store or use this watch in temperatures between -4⁰ and 113⁰ F.

This means the surrounding temperature of the watch must be -20⁰ to 45⁰ C. If your home temperature is increased or crossed against this standard, the watch brightness may fail to light up.

To avoid such conditions, try to cool down the watch and touch the back to check if it is becoming too hot.

2. Preserving More Battery

The Apple Watch display frequently shows you dim or darker when the battery power is too low. To preserve the battery some more times, it started to save power and dimmed the watch’s brightness.

To skip this, you must be skeptical and keep the watch always on default mode. Using this mode, the time is always visible, and it doesn’t get so dark when you raise and lower your hand.

3. Lack of Ambient Lighting

The Apple Watch Series has some awesome light sensors that adjust brightness automatically. By this term, the watch display can understand how much light one needs to view something on the screen.

Sometimes, if this sensor fails to produce the ambient light correctly, the watch light may dim or be dark.

4. Always On Features

Since it is a part of the 5-tech giants’ technical pieces of software, there are some exciting features to enjoy. Therefore, there is a high chance that the watch runs through many background apps and features.

If I give you any hints, I must give an example of an accelerometer. Sometimes this feature didn’t understand that its user had tried to turn or activate the watch. Unlike this feature, there are huge feature apps available on Apple that always keep the watch face on.

How to Make the Apple Watch Brighter?

Suddenly, your Apple Watch brightness went considerably low, maybe for some distinct reasons. Sometimes the Apple Watch screen brightness gets too low or turns dark due to a faulty display, settings mess up, ignoring any brightness functions, and insufficient charging.

To fix them, try out these solutions that might help you.

1. Manual Adjustment

Apple Watch auto brightness often works on itself to adjust the Display’s lighting. You can extend or lower the watch’s brightness automatically through the App.

But if the watch brightness is constantly too low, you cannot adjust them manually. The way is so simple and requires only two settings. One is to pair the watch with your iPhone. And the second is to activate some settings on your watch. Here’s how you can do it by yourself:

  • First, press the Digital Crown to check all the watch apps that you have
  • Tap the settings icon > scroll down & again tap the Display & brightness
  • Next, do check the sun icon situated on the right. Drag the screen brightness from right to left.

You can do the same things from your I-phone to watch apps by following these steps:

  • Go to the I-phone, then swap on again.
  • Scrolling down to find the “My watch” option.
  • Tap on that and then direct you’ll notice another option, “Display & Brightness.”
  • Select this one because it is the option that might help you to fix the problem. Drag the brightness slider left to increase the light and the right to decrease it.

2. Restarting the Apple Watch

Restarting your Apple Watch is another fix. Because this is the common solution to almost all problems on smart devices.

Again, turn off the device and turn it back on to eliminate the temporary glitches from the watch. Therefore, whenever your wristwatch doesn’t light up properly, try to restart the gadget for fixation.

Remember to restart your watch before trying out the rest of the solution method. Here’s the detailed process of it:

  • At first, click on the side button around the watch until the emergency/ Medical ID screen appears.
  • Now, drag the power off slider by your fingertips to the right. For watchOS 9, you’ve to tap the power button from the right.
  • Then, you’ll be able to see the “Power Off” slider.
  • After a while, press the same side button to turn on your wristwatch.

Note: Don’t be afraid if the watch is properly opened. It normally re-opens about 2–3 minutes after finishing the reset process. You may also notice the passcode showing on the screen after that.

3. Updating the Apple Watch

Sometimes your Apple Watch stops responding or functions properly due to not updating new systems.

Every Apple Watch requires a new software update to improve the user experience better than the previous. If you forget to check the update, the watch brightness might ruin or disturb this. Therefore, check out the update option from your watch settings and update the App properly.

4. Forcing to Brightness

It is one immediate process to increase the brightness of the watch. Yet, doing such a method can also be called a force-up method since here I suggest you extend brightness forcefully. So, how to do that? Follow these 3–4 steps from top to bottom attentively.

  • Put your watch in your hand, then go outside.
  • Keep your hand wrist towards the bright sunlight, or use any torch for this process. If you want, you can use your I-phone flashlight, also.
  • Next, point the light onto the watch display for at least 10–30 minutes. Keep a 2-3 m distance between the flashlight and the watch screen. If necessary, allow the watch to be positioned a few cm more by moving.
  • Whatever you’re using, the sunlight or flashlight, remember that both acts here as a source to make the watch light. They artificially enforce the watch display to lighting. Let this process go on for a few minutes more. As time progresses, you’ll see the difference.
  • The shining light on the outside makes the Apple Watch screen brighter and more sparkling.

Go outside after trying out this, and you’ll notice that the watch display seems very clear and beautiful to the naked eye. Again, note that if you manually set the watch brightness too low to moderate, the screen may look dark or dim when you’re indoors.

Therefore, you must be in strong light to enjoy the Apple Watch’s brightness entirely.

5. Using White Watch Face

Try to put the wristwatch on the white face to increase brightness. Putting the watch display in non-black mode isn’t a good solution, although that might work to raise its brightness. Rather than help you to see the Display better, it might be good for viewing when the surrounding lights aren’t perfect.

However, you can avoid the risk and make the viewing experience better on the Apple Watch by making the text size bold, cutting down, or setting up a longer wake duration. To do this:

  • Click on the settings
  • Select “Display & Brightness” once again.

6. Check your Apple Watch

Take your watch to any nearest Apple Watch store to solve the brightness problem. It is the last and only solution to get rid of such situations. The official service holder people will inspect the problem and fix it for you if they find any hardware faults.

7. Reset the Apple Watch

This might be if none of the above solutions work for you. Reset all the functions on your watch hardware and let them work independently. Consider unpair the Apple Watch, which will be helpful for you to erase it.

Afterward, set up the watch one more time. Then, check the brightness by tapping on the watch display to ensure whether the problem is solved or not.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Is My Apple Watch 7 So Dim?

Your Apple Watch 7 is so dim because of preserving battery life. It occurs when you keep your wrist down or cover the Display with your hand to attain a quick gesture. But the watch brightness comes back again whenever you raise your hand to your wrist or when you tap on its screen.

How Do I Make My Apple Watch Light Up?

You only have to turn on the flashlight to make your Apple Watch light up. It is situated at the right top of the screen. Tap and hold the screen’s bottom. Next, swipe up to open the control center. It will help to turn on the flashlight which adds some brightness.

Besides this, ensure that you select the proper wrist and watch orientation. Sometimes the Apple Watch doesn’t wake or produce sufficient lighting for charging. Therefore, charge the watch if the battery power of it is fully drained.

How Do I Adjust the Brightness on My Apple Watch Face?

Adjusting the brightness on an Apple Watch requires only two easy steps. The first is navigating the settings, and the second is checking out the Display.

In this sense, open the watch settings App and tap on Display & brightness. Now, adjust the following brightness. Tap the brightness control or tap on the slider ups and down. Then, turn the digital crown to adjust the Apple Watch face brightness.

How Can I Make My Apple Watch SE Brighter?

A user can also extend the brightness on an Apple Watch SE. It features a Retina LTPO OLED display with 1000 nits’ brightness.

To adjust brightness by these traits, open the Settings App. Tap the “Display & Brightness” > then click on the brightness controls to adjust. Lastly, tap the slider button and turn on the digital crown.

Does the Apple Watch Light Up?

The feature of a larger display enhances the experience and makes the Apple Watch easier to use. Ironically, this watch cannot light up like any iPhone because those wristwatches didn’t have ambient light sensors.

But they have a unique screen brightness that automatically increases when someone is inside and outside.

Yes, from previous watch series 7’s, watch 7, 8, and till now, the watch display looks dim or dark when you’re indoors. But they become brighter in direct sunlight if you have manually set up the Apple Watch brightness.

Final Words

The Apple Watch brightening problem is annoying when you’re not viewing the measuring scale properly. If you’re unable to fix it yourself, try all the processes mentioned above to learn how to make the Apple Watch brighter.

All those ways are verified and personally tried out by myself. I find them helpful since my watch doesn’t have any manufacturing issues.

Meanwhile, if the watch battery expires soon, the brightness problem will give you pain over time. In that case, you need to change or replace the battery to troubleshoot the problem.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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