Are Apple Watch Band Interchangeable? [know the Answer from Expert]

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The Apple Watch Series has already won a lot of hearts, another great thing lies here: interchangeable attributes. Correspondingly, you might ask now, are Apple Watch bands interchangeable? Obviously, they’re.

The new series of Apple Watch, like gen 1 /2/3/4/5 to 8, are interchangeable with any size of wrist. Yet, this watch series comes in only two common widths: small and large sizes. The small bands’ size starts from 38 mm to 40 mm. Again, the large one starts from 42 mm, 44 to 45 mm.

This is not the end; there is some more information I gather that might surprise you a lot. Therefore, keep in touch until you finish the entire blog.

What Does Interchangeable Mean?

Interchangeable means something that you can use in exchange for anything else. According to the Oxford Dictionary, interchangeable refers to any object used by a human being in opposition to any other object.

Interchangeable means compatible, synonymous, changeable, commutable, convertible, and many other meanings.

But for the Apple Watch bands, interchangeable highlights this brand’s advanced features. Therefore, people can exchange wristbands for any other brand.

Are Apple Watch Band Interchangeable?

Apple Watch bands are interchangeable and could be used in any other watch head. The new two series of Apple likewise, series 7, series 3, and series 6, SE have easily adjusted through 38 mm to 45 mm wristbands.

Meanwhile, you can match 41 mm wristwatch bands with 38-40 mm cases. The 45 mm watch band can also fit into 42-44 mm solo loop and braided solo loop bands.

It may not sound very clear to many users. Relax! Let me clear it up. Apple Watch straps will be competent with any normal watch bands. But, not all the watch straps are suitable for every Apple Watch band.

Some versions are designed to hold up to smaller watches. For instance, the Modern Buckle is good to use in 38 mm, 40 mm to 41 mm. In a word, the Apple Watch Series is perfect and interchangeable with every wrist hand size.

How To Change The Band On Your Apple Watch?

Here I will give you a few hints on how to change the Band on the Apple Watch. Sometimes it may seem necessary, or you may need this guideline to fix something quickly. Meanwhile, the guide I add below is compatible with any of the series of Apple, from series 1,2, and 3.

Step 1: Lay Down The Watch On a Flat Surface

First, bring all the equipment you will use for this job. I would love to do this task with a sim pin because this tool is available in everyone’s house and has a very thin, sharp needle-like figure at the top. However, now lay down the watch on a flat surface.

You’re welcome if you love to do it at your table. But make sure to cover the areas with a microfiber cloth or soft-padded mat.

Step 2: Press Roughly to Separating Band Link

Second, press the quick-release button if yours is a link bracelet. This kind of watch is very easy to separate from the main frame of the watch. Press the button until you can divide the Band into two pieces. Now, hold the button, then slide it across to remove it.


  • Pull out the Band from the main base if you’re a solo or braided loop. Repeating stretching of the Band can separate it like any elastic rubber. Put it on your wrist next.
  • For the bracelet, Apple Watch holds a quick-release button similar to the digital one. Hold this button before pulling out the Band. Then, parted them into two pieces.

Step 3: Hold The Release Button

Hold down the release button. Keep it continuing, and then slide the band across. If the watch band doesn’t slide out, press the button frequently.

Step 4: Insert A Sim Pin On The Adjuster

Now, insert a sim pin onto the adjuster. Ensure that the pin and adjuster don’t pressure you toughly because it may break away the band sidewalls.

As soon as you continuously pressurize the pin to be inserted into the watch adjuster, it might come out of its base. You will hear a clicking sound, and it’s a sign that the job is done. You can apply a similar process for the bracelet-type Apple Watch bands.

How is An Apple Watch Band Different from Traditional Watches?

Apple Watch bands are always different from traditional wristwatches. Their differential relies on their styles, band size, material, and many more. If I’m talking about the most precious brand of watches, then it should go to Apple.

From the beginning of its journey, Apple’s brand is to bring a twist to its every creation. People love wearing them since they are comfortable, cozy, stylish, and fashionable. Therefore, Apple is much better than other traditional type wristbands.

1. Boost of Color

Apple is different from other wristwatch bands in its color. A user can choose any color suit on their regular get-up.

Whether you’re a female or a boy, or a cool guy 30 years old, this watch could be the best token to signify your personality. Apple Watch has multiple color options like blue, purple, yellow, silver, etc.

2. Unique Style Watch Loop Bands

Unique-style watch loop bands are the common characteristics of the Apple Watch. Most watches of this brand have Milanese Loop.

Plus, you often get to taste the magnetic loop band finish here. Those watch bands are highly stretchable, less rusty, and waterproof. With this gesture, you can enjoy those watch bands on hand anytime and don’t feel so tight or unfit.

3. Stainless Steel Finish & High-End Material

Besides, you can also understand the Band’s durability because it comes with a standard-type stainless steel finish, waterproof glass engraved with fancy metal, and leather.

Apple Watch Bands – 3 Things You Need to Know

Questions like why people become crazy about Apple Watch bands are very common in your mind. Have you ever wondered what’s special and why people become attracted?

I have found so many questions like this while doing research. I must discuss the 3 best things about Apple Watch bands here. Below are the following:

1. Popularity & Easy-to-Compatible

Suppose you buy a watch, but the brand you choose is not worthy of you, or it may not suit your hand wrist. You want to buy a wristband of your choice and wear it on hand. It is a very common scenario faced by the watch wearer.

Again, sometimes you may not adapt to spending money on both. But when it comes to the Apple Watch, you can wear any brand in exchange. Interchangeable traits are the common traits among the Apple Watch Series that are rarely found in other wristbands.

Apple Watch bands are very flexible and fit perfectly on one’s hand. The Apple Watch Series from 0/1/2-3 & 4/5/6-8 are interchangeable along with aluminum and stainless steel bracelet wristbands.

2. Apple Band Sizes

The second thing I can’t ignore is that you’re also the size of Apple watches. Although Apple Watch Series offers you to enjoy interchangeable functions, you need to determine the size first. This is the one common thing that you can’t ignore.

Apple Watch has different sizes, starting from 38/40/41-49MM. All the sizes can easily be interchangeable with any brand. If you have a 22MM black stainless steel apple, you could exchange the Band for a 24MM sports Apple Watch.

Glimpse the table to acknowledge more about this.

Apple Watch Series NameWatch SizeBand Size
Series 0/1/238/40/41 MM22 MM
Series 3/4/538/40/41 MM24 MM
Series 6/7/842/44/45 MM22 MM
Series 0/1/242/44/49 MM24 MM
Series 3/4/542/44/49 MM22 MM
Series 6/7/842/44/49 MM24 MM

3. Apple Band Adapters

Apple Watch is the brand that allows its user to conduct other sorts of wristbands on their own. This means you can attach another brand of watch band to your wrist through an Apple adapter. There are many kinds of Apple brand adapters available to you.

But among them, the spring bar style adapter is the most famous. However, this adapter is good for screw styles and cares more about the tiny particles inside the watch.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Apple Watch 6 and 7 bands Interchangeable?

It is possible to interchange the bands of the Apple Watch 6 and 7 models. The Apple Watch has the same internal materials as the other version, except for some additional features.

For example, if I compare the Apple Watch Series 5 and watch series 7, they are compatible with any previous version of Apple.

Will Existing Apple Watch Bands Fit Series 7?

Fortunately, most watch bands are designated to fit in all sorts of Apple series. If I talk about any specific brand, you can see Apple Watch Series 4 and 5. The Apple Watch’s first generation band is easy to fit in all sizes, along with series 5 to series SE (2nd generation).

Does the 40 mm Strap Fit the Apple Watch 7?

Of course, a 40 mm strap can easily fit onto your Apple Watch 7. Besides this, bands that come from 38 mm to 41 mm are compatible. No matter where the size begins, Apple’s Band’s size starting from 49 mm, can also compete with 44 mm and 45 mm cases.

Can I Use a 38 mm Band On a 41 mm Apple Watch?

You can use the 38 mm Band on a 41 mm Apple Watch. Both watch sizes are good to fit on your hand unless you have a very thin wrist. 

Are 38 and 40-mm Apple Watch the Same?

Bands for 38 and 40 mm watch wrist sizes also provide similar results from the 41 mm case. This means those three sizes are compatible with each other. It works on your wrist hand properly, and fortunately, you’re lucky if it fits perfectly on your wrist.

Final Words

However, now you might get your answer about whether Apple Watch bands are interchangeable. Many people surrendered their choice while choosing any watch that hardly matched their outfits. Because not every watch offers you such wonderful advantages as interchangeable strap band functions.

But Apple always looks forward to bringing different tastes to surprise their users. For this, users can enjoy any wristband and Apple Watch.

Do not settle for only the feeble standard wristwatch band with Apple. Choose a band that reflects your personality that fulfills your choice.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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