How to Turn Off Downtime on Apple Watch? [Learn Full Process]

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Notifications on the watch in a silent meeting conference or a classroom are annoying and embarrassing simultaneously. Everyone will stare at you terrifically when you fail to stop the continuous notifications. Such a situation can be avoided if you know how to turn off Downtime on Apple Watch.

Downtime turn-off is a feature that allows the user to mute the notifications coming to the Apple Watch from the iPhone. Although it cannot stop them permanently, you can take a weal breath for a certain period. Apple Watch has had this default setting to mute the notification from 10 pm to 7 am.

What Does Turn Off Downtime Mean in Apple Watch?

Turning off Downtime is a temporary solution to block all the notifications you get from your iPhone. In simpler terms, it is a feature that enables the watch to give you all the notification alarms silently.

You won’t get the disturbing” peep” sound for a particular time. To activate this feature on your watch, turn on the “Downtime” setting. Afterward, the device will be limited to sending the notification from the App marked as “Always allowed” in the settings.

The apps like incoming phone calls, messages, social media notification alarms, games, etc., can quickly be forced to stop for some time.

After turning on this setting, all the devices you’ve enabled screen time will automatically have the downtime feature. A user will get a notification about these five minutes as a reminder.

Moreover, most Apple phones provide additional settings known as “Block when downtime.” Or some device is included as “Block at downtime.” But these settings are used for different purposes, and their working process differs from Downtime.

“Block at downtime” settings only apply to users who have set a screen time passcode on their iPhones. However, it doesn’t matter which settings you’ve activated or which you skipped in the past. Downtime is a life-savior setting that relieves you from the notifications’ nagging sound.

How to Turn off Downtime on Apple Watch?

Turning off Downtime on the Apple watch can be done following 4 simple methods. Here is a detailed demonstration of the methods.

Method 1: Taking Help from iPhone Settings

Read the below steps meticulously.

Step 1: Open The iPhone Settings

At the very beginning of the procedures, take your iPhone. Click on the menu bar and enter “Settings.” There are so many options available. This is why the downtime settings may not appear at first. To find it, slowly scroll down and check the options individually.

Step 2: Tap on the “Screen Time” Settings

The downtime settings are directly attached to the other options in many iPhones. It varies and depends on the model. However, this might be on the “Screen time” option if this is not directly linked. Therefore, tap on that option and go forward.

Step 3: Open the “Downtime” from There

After clicking on “Screen time,” you may get the option there. Open “Downtime activate” from there.

Step 4: Learn How to Turn On & Off

Once you find this option, give some trials on it. The choice has a toggle button to slide left to “turn on” the downtime settings. Again, slide it right to inactivate the sets from the device.

Method 2: Turn Off Downtime from the Watch App

There is another way to enable Downtime from the Watch App. Many iPhone users used to turn off Downtime in this way. They find it quick as well as simple.

  • To disable the downtime option from the Watch app, open it from the watch / iPhone
  • Then, search and tap on “Downtime.”
  • Scroll more and then click “turn off when” to select the scheduled timing to turn it off.
  • By this scheduled time, the device will turn off the Downtime automatically on Apple Watch. You won’t need to turn it off manually after that.

Method 3: Turn It Off By using “My Watch App.”

If you’re using the Downtime on your “My watch App,” there is also a way to turn it off. It requires only two to three steps to follow.

  • Open the App, then flip to the “Downtime tab.”
  • Now, continue scrolling through the available option until you find the “Turn Off downtime” option.
  • Up next, click on the turn-off button and confirm it.

Method 4: Turn Off from App Home

To change or cancel the turn-on button of Downtime from the Apple home app, search for “My watch.” Then, check out some options for the downtime turn-off prompt.

As soon as you see it, toggle the switch. Unlike other device features, turn it left to deactivate the Downtime for a specific time. You can quickly turn off Downtime from the Apple Watch from any Application.

How to Stop the Screen Time Option on Apple Watch

You may need to stop the screen time option on the Apple Watch. Here is the whole process that you may follow asap:

Step 1: Open Up the Settings

Start the process from the settings. Open it to find out the screen time option from there. Toggle the scrolling button and search.

Step 2: Select the Screen Time Option

After scrolling one or two times, you get the option of that. Tap on the opportunity. Consider the “Do not disturb” option if you fail to find them. It is sometimes put on that option in some models of Apple Watch.

Step 3: Select “Turn Off” from the Screen Time

Once you get that option, stop scrolling. Tap on the opportunity and enter. There you get a prompt that indicates a toggle of turning right and left. Please turn on the toggle to the right to enable it. Afterward, turn off the toggle to the left for the disabled.

Thus, you can switch off the “screen time” option from the Apple Watch.

How to Change the Screen Timeout from My iPhone to Apple Watch?

I often get questions like changing the screen timeout on my iPhone. Then, the answer is yes, and it is a simple procedure. Changing screen timeout is crucial when you need to turn off the Downtime. The process of it is sometimes related to these changing methods. Let’s have a look.

  • To change it, open the display & brightness from the watch settings
  • From there, find and select “Auto-lock.” Then, tap on it.
  • After doing this, you have so many time limits on the screen. Choose any time that seems suitable for you.
  • In the meantime, select “Never,” which keeps your device screen awake.
  • Once it finishes, tap on the option “Back” lying at the top left.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is a Downtime Contact?

Downtime contact is a feature that designates a call or message on a particular number. A person cannot make a call except to that number.

For example, if you want to block spamming contact from your child’s watch, you can use this feature. Parents could stop their children from texting and chatting with others late at night or during the school period.

Why Is the Downtime Feature Stop Working on iPhone?

There are many reasons why the feature needs to be fixed on the iPhone. The most common reason for this might be updating the device partially.

As the iPhone features are constantly updated, a user must have updated its latest program. The second reason is skipping any steps while setting up the screen time on the device. Ensure that you set it up on your iPhone appropriately.

Can I Set Downtime on Apple Watch?

Of course, you can set Downtime on Apple Watch easily. Go to the screen time option from the watch to select the “see all activity” option. From there, scroll slowly, and you’ll get a choice, likewise “Devices,” in the top right corner.

Click on that option and then choose “Apple Watch.” After that, you can control the downtime feature through the screen time from the phone usually. Tap on the “disable” option, and it’s done.

Does Downtime Feature Pay Any Harm to Apple Watch?

No, it doesn’t harm the Apple Watch. Turning off Downtime causes some active Apple watches to disable according to the user’s necessity.

It especially disabled the apple default “regular workout monetizing app” with no possible way to make it “always allowed.” You can turn them on when it seems OK to use the App with notification alarms.

How Does Downtime on Apple Watch Work?

During Downtime, Apple Watch allows only a few apps to run in the background. That means, by turning off this feature, anyone can limit the App’s notifications and active applications, which they need only.

It also has an additional feature that allows blocking if anyone sets up a screen time passcode on their watch.

Final Wrap

To escape the dreadful sound of app notifications, everybody should learn how to turn off Downtime on Apple Watch. Users can only enjoy the App according to their will because they’re fantastic. You don’t even need to bother about troubleshooting any device or be scared of missing any default files.

Turning off downtime features is impressive, especially for the morning birds. They help you in regard to getting rid of the annoying notification of the workout. Exercising apps are beneficial for health-conscious folk, but they shouldn’t be used every time.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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