How to Update Garmin GPS without Computer | You Need to Know

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Updating Garmin GPS is vital to catch and enjoying new features. But it isn’t always possible to use a computer to update your Garmin GPS, especially when you are miles away from your home or workplace.

But don’t worry, you can still update them without using a P.C. or any computer. Yes, I found some initial ways to answer all the queries of maximum Garmin users, like how to update Garmin GPS without a computer or do them without a cable.

How to Update Garmin GPS without A Computer | 4 Simple Methods

You can use some software to update Garmin GPS without a computer. The process I conduct here can be used with Garmin devices like Nuvi, and DriveAssist. However, now follow the steps proclaimed below and do them one after one.

Method-1: Using Garmin Map Updates

Connecting the Mobile App to run the new software or pairing Bluetooth with your phone is another way to update Garmin GPS. This mobile App is also suitable for tracking sports-related activities like sailing, hiking, kayaking, jogging, etc.

For example, if I see models like the Garmin forerunner, Approach Edge can run and maneuver through Bluetooth over a phone via Connect Mobile App.

Sometimes those allow you to trace any location via Garmin Map Updates too. Both are good sources to update the GPS on Garmin watches anywhere connected with cellular signals.

Method-2: Without Using A Serial Port

Nowadays, you will find more devices that can be updated through satellite. Using this method, you can update Garmin GPS. To correct this, pick your watch and choose the option for updating the device with satellite.

Next, enter your device serial number and wait for a while until the machine device continues to update.

Method-3: Using Express Software from Different Sources

Express software is the most recommended way to update Garmin GPS devices using a computer. You can use this on Garmin devices like DriveAssist, Nuvi, etc.

Considering that many Garmin devices cannot be updated without a computer cable or direct connectivity to MACS or Windows, you can still use them tactfully.

No matter if you don’t have this right now. A classic GPS device may help you in this situation, probably working on a map-on-a-screen system.

Meanwhile, a user should update the GPS network, a map-on-a-screen system with a USB connection to the P.C. before following our tactics. Some of them are commonly familiar to all as the name like DriveSmart 51, and others already have this Express software.

Nevertheless, most of the driving devices are also Wi-Fi enabled. So here, you need to connect your device with the same wireless network to run the Garmin Express update GPS, etc. And then, you can update your current Garmin watches fearlessly.

Method-4: Using A SmartPhone

When you don’t have any access to a computer nearby, use your smartphone to update the latest pieces of software on your watch. Before starting the whole process, it is necessary to ensure the current software versions.

Step-1: Check The Update Version

  • Go to the watch “settings,” then tap on the “About” option to see whether there is any new update available or not.
  • You can check the device using the Unit ID or serial number.

Despite this, you can check this out on the Garmin websites by putting their serial I.D. numbers and model names.

Step-2: Install Garmin App & Open An Account

Here, you need to open a Garmin account on the Garmin App. This is the only recommended device that one needs to install to update new versions of their Garmin watches.

So first install this App from Google Play Store and then connect with your Smartphone via Bluetooth. Your watch might be updated automatically by default.

Step-3: Enable The App Again

If you accidentally forget or disable the Garmin accounts, follow the process below to activate them again.

  • Go to the watch “settings” again.
  • Tap on the “start or stop” options and then scroll down and search for “system” options
  • Once you get it, click on it.
  • A pop-up window will appear with an update
  • Just turn it on, and it’s ready to use

Now, you are opening to the automatic update on the Garmin device. So you will get notified by your device from time to time while the new updates come on your watch.

Meanwhile, this one will update itself automatically and show on your watch screen. But ensure to restart the device after finishing every update.

Step-4: Update GPS Manually

Garmin allows its users to update their software manually. But if you need to turn off the auto-update option before that.

However, after removing the automatic options, do these below procedures to update the GPS systems manually.

  • Open your watch settings, tap on the “start/stop” buttons
  • While pressing this, you will see a setting option on the screen
  • Click on this and tap on the “system update” options while it appears on-screen.
  • While any new update is available for your watch, you will see this on there.
  • Now, enable the “Install now” options and tap on” Select.”

Thus, you can update your Garmin GPS manually and install new functions on your watch.

When Should You Update Your Garmin GPS?

Updating Garmin GPS depends on how often you travel and where you go. It is best to update your Garmin GPS before going on long trips. But updating your Garmin GPS is mandatory if you use the GPS to travel very often.

Nevertheless, experts suggest that you update your GPS at least every time the manufacturer releases an update. By this, you can assume new GPS features like a GPS tag to track your route and have a connection with the head office.

Yet, Garmin always released their new upgrades every 2-3 months later. So you may need to update your Garmin GPS every 2-3 months or as early as your watch requires new updates.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can You Update Garmin GPS with Your Phone?

Yes, you can update Garmin GPS with your phone by installing Garmin Connect Mobile App. It will automatically update your device software without pairing any third devices.

How Can I Update My Garmin Software without An USB Cable?

You can update Garmin software with the help of a Wi-Fi connection when you don’t have any USB cable available in your hand. Keep your device updated while not connected to a secure Wi-Fi network. Receive the access sent by the Wi-Fi connection and allow it to do your work by itself.

Is It Possible to Update GPS Free?

It is possible to update GPS for free on your watch via cellphone. You only need to download a particular app named my Garmin account.

Go to the official site of Garmin. Then fill in all the requirements here. After that, you will get a notification appearing on your phone screen. Create an account here, and you will be eligible to use the access for free to update your Garmin GPS all the time.

What Happens If I Don’t Update My Garmin GPS?

Your old Garmin GPS will let you do very minimal things. As far as the new update comes, you need to update your watch to make it upgraded and fast to operate.

Without updating software, it is tough to use GPS everywhere. Your clock may run very slow and stop to deliver accurate data, which is the common disadvantage of not updating your device from time to time.

Why Should I Update My Old Garmin GPS?

An update to Garmin GPS will let users get accurate data plans. Tracking sports, workouts, health monitoring devices, and heart rate sensors will let you do things nicely and get accurate data. If you avoid them, your device always fails to provide exact mapping data.

Do You Have to Pay for An Update Garmin GPS?

It depends on software updates. Garmin GPS can be installed like any software update. When your device needs to opt for new features, most of them are done automatically and for free. But map updating software is not always free like them.

You need to pay a minimal fee which is around 100 dollars on average.

Final Thought

Now, updating GPS on your device without a computer is effortless. Once you learn everything about how to update Garmin GPS without a computer, now try your own. Updating a Garmin watch on your device requires only a few minutes if you follow each step correctly.

After finishing the process, always ensure to restart your device.

Stop fighting and annoying with your backdated Garmin GPS features. Update your watch as soon as the new one comes. A new update will let you enjoy the latest mapping data and calculate accurate, proficient routes to your destination.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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