Is Samsung Galaxy Watch Overheating Issue Be Solved?

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Is your smartwatch overheating? But it is happening with many Samsung Galaxy watch owners. Finding the pinpoint is difficult as several reasons are responsible for this complication.

When the timer is running for a whole day, it overheats. Also, damaged chargers, poor batteries, etc., are a few causes of Samsung Galaxy watch overheating.

Whatever the reasons are, you can solve the overheating issue with the discussed fixations.

Why is my Samsung Galaxy Watch Overheating?

Under normal use, a smartwatch can’t be overheated. Let’s say you have used it for long hours without a break, overheat is normal.

But if it overheats without use, then there is something wrong.

A Samsung Galaxy can be heated up for the following reasons,

  • Buggy apps
  • Always turn on the brightness
  • If you left your smartwatch under direct sunlight
  • Due to the damaged battery
  • Bad charger
  • When you swim wearing the Galaxy watches

Happily, you can solve the overheating problem effortlessly by following the below-discussed processes.

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Watch Overheating?

I shared 6 different solutions for you to solve the Galaxy watch heated-up issue. These are effective enough to give you peace of mind.

Solution #01: Restart

When the Samsung Galaxy watch overheats, the possible reason is many apps are running in the background. Then I recommend you restart the timer.

You can restart the Samsun Galaxy following 2 different processes: normal and force restart.

Normal Restart

  1. The main watch face needs to be swiped down.
  2. Then press the Power icon.
  3. Select the Turn off option.
  4. Now, to turn the Galaxy watch on, you will need to press and hold the physical Key button.
  5. Once the watch display appears, release the button.

Force Restart

  1. Press and hold the back and physical Key buttons simultaneously for at least a few seconds.
  2. A power screen will appear on the display, and the screen will go black. Then release the buttons.
  3. Then, the Samsung Galaxy will restart automatically.

Solution #02: Closing Apps Forcefully

The wristwatch can overheat when too many apps are running in the background. In this case, force close the apps to prevent the slow performance of your timer. At the same time, your Samsung Galaxy timer will be saved from overheating. Here are the steps of force-close apps.

  1. Press the Home Button and don’t release it
  2. Select the Watch sign. 
  3. Next to an application, you will see the End option. Tap to close it.
  4. By tapping the “End All” option, you can close all the background running applications. 
  5. Alternatively, the Home button needs to be pressed and hold. And then slide right or left until the app is closed.

Another process is,

  1. The Front Screen has an Apps button, tap it.
  2. Scroll left and choose Settings.
  3. Tap the tab named ‘More.’
  4. Choose the Application manager
  5. Then go to Running
  6. Select the app you want to close

Solution #03: Stop Charging the Samsung Galaxy Watch when Overheated

Your Samsung Galaxy watch can be overheated when charging. Remove the timer from the charging cable. Then put it in a dry and cool place for a minimum of 10–15 minutes. Once the watch is cool, place it for charging again.

Also, it is important to check the below things,

  • The charging cable is properly connected to the timer when charging
  • Make sure nothing in the charging cable disrupts the charging process.

Solution #04: Don’t Use the Timer when Charging

Like all other electrical devices, people also tend to use the timer when charging.

The manufacturer recommends not using the smartwatch during charging, which must be prohibited. The timer needs to stay calm and warm while charging. It can overheat if you use it when placed for charging.

Solution #05: Battery Replacement

Overheating issue is most commonly related to the battery. A damaged battery can overheat easily and degrade the performance of the watch. At the same time, a bad battery takes longer to recharge. As a result, the chance of overheating increases.

Therefore, you must replace the battery from an authorized shop. Simultaneously, it is mandatory to ensure that you buy the original battery replacement.

Solution #06: Reset

If the above solutions don’t work at all, consider resetting your Samsung Galaxy watch. You can reset your timer following the 4 different methods.

Method 01: From the Timer’s Settings

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Swipe the screen down and select General
  3. Then tap Reset
  4. Select the Checkmark and follow the on-screen procedures.

Thus, you can easily reset a Samsung Galaxy watch.

Method 02: From Reboot Mode

  1. Press and hold the Power Kye or Home Key and Back Key at the same time. Wait for the “Reboot” message which will appear in the display.
  2. Now, constantly press the Home key until you see the Reboot Mode Menu on the display
  3. You will have to select the Recovery mode by pressing the Home Key several times.
  4. Once the Recovery mode appears, press and hold the Power Key to start the reboot. Then continue to the next step. The recovery process will continue automatically.

Method 03: From the Galaxy Wearable App

  1. Download and Install the Galaxy Wearable App on your smartphone from the android store.
  2. Then, Open the app.
  3. Select ‘Watch Settings.”
  4. Next, follow General > Reset > again Reset for confirmation.

Method 04: From iPhone

  1. Download and Install the Galaxy Watch App on your smartphone
  2. Then, Open the app.
  3. Select ‘Watch Settings.”
  4. Next, follow General > Reset > again Reset for confirmation.

How to Cool Down Overheated Samsung Galaxy Watch?

I have compiled a few quick solutions regarding overheating issues that you are experiencing in your Samsung Galaxy watch.

  • Avoid wearing the smartwatch for a more extended period. Give a frequent break.
  • Turn the GPS feature off if you don’t require it.
  • Only install the apps that are necessary for you. Uninstall all unused apps.
  • Don’t use a smartwatch with a damaged battery.
  • Clean your smartwatch periodically.
  • Don’t leave your timer under direct sunlight.
  • Optimize the watch using the device care feature

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my Samsung Galaxy watch so hot?

If you use your Samsung Galaxy watch for a prolonged period, the device will overheat or feel hot. The device consumes more power and heats up temporarily when you do so. For this reason, give frequent breaks while using the timer.

Why is my Galaxy Watch overheating while charging?

If the temperature of your room or around the charger is ambient or hot, the Galaxy Watch will overheat. Moreover, a damaged battery is also responsible for Samsung Galaxy watch heating up. 

Is it OK to leave your Galaxy Watch charging overnight?

No, if you leave the Galaxy watch charging overnight, there will be no issue. But keep an eye on the watch to avoid overheating. 

How do I fix my Samsung overheating?

Fixing Samsung’s overheating issue is not a big deal. The below points can help you for sure.

  • Restart
  • Reset
  • Battery replacement
  • Stop Charging the Samsung Galaxy Watch when Overheated
  • Don’t Use the smartwatch when Charging

Final Words

Many users overlook the Samsung Galaxy watch overheating issue. This way, they damage the wristwatch.

It is recommended not to avoid overheating issues and consider taking prompt action. Solving the problem is so simple with a few tips. If tips are not workable, follow the above-discussed methods. I believe these methods are effective and help you get rid of the complication.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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