How to Eject Water from an Apple Watch | 3 Simple Steps

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Do you know how to eject water from an Apple watch? The series 2 Apple watches, as well as the latest series, have water resistance features. This feature makes these watches suitable for water activities.

The water lock feature makes this handy for different water activities since it helps to eject water. So, how does it work?

You have to turn the water lock function on at first to eject water from an Apple watch. You should turn this function on before starting water activities. Turning this feature on will lock your watch’s screen and prevent unwanted touch. Unlock your watch by rotating the digital crown after completing water activities.

Unlocking your watch will make sound and vibration and will eject stuck water in speaker holes. It is crucial to expel water from the Apple watch once it gets wet in order to maintain its proper functionalities.

Why Eject Water from the Apple Watch after it Gets Wet?

The Apple watch excels at keeping track of exercise. Water can enter the watch through apertures, particularly those in the speaker holes, as well as remain within. Although this is very common and won’t harm your watch, it’s best to eject it.

The internal parts of your watch may begin to corrode if Water is allowed to stay inside for an extended length of time.

As a result, components like the speaker or battery might be impacted and begin to operate irregularly. Additionally, it can completely cease synchronizing with your phone.

Water can also harm the accuracy of functionalities of your Apple watch. Therefore, you must take the necessary action to remove Water stuck into the Apple watch.

What is the Water Drop Icon on Apple Watch?

The Apple watches provide swimming workouts as well as water-resistant features. The watch locks the screen whenever a swimming session starts. This water lock feature from Apple stops unintentional screen tapping.

The water droplet icon displays on the watch face whenever you water to lock in your Apple watch. To turn off Water Lock, turn it on as well as unlock your watch, and rotate the digital crown.

Additionally, this will start a procedure that uses noises to remove water droplets from your Apple watch.

How to Eject Water from an Apple Watch?

The Apple watches must eliminate any water or liquids stuck on board after a swim or other water exposure. This can be taken care of for you by a convenient feature, “Water Lock,” that includes the Apple watches.

All you have to do is turn this feature on. Let’s explore this step-by-step guide to get this job done efficiently.

Step 01: Access Control Center

To access the control panel or control center on your Apple watch, place a finger on the bottom of the watch face and swipe it up. Now you will find different controlling options.

Access Control Center

Step 02: Find and turn the water lock on

Now you have to turn on/activate the water lock in your Apple watch. To do it so, find the water lock function on the control center. It is specified by the water droplet in the control center. After finding this water lock option, turn it on.

Find and turn the water lock on 1

Your watch is now water-locked, which is shown by a droplet of water icon at the very top of the display. Now you have to unlock your watch; otherwise, the watch will effectively be locked and unable to be used in any other situations.

Find and turn the water lock on 2

Step 03: Unlock the water lock

Rotate the digital crown instantly, unlock the water lock, and drain the speaker of water once you are back in a dry area. You’ll hear sounds as well as watch an animation on that display as you spin the digital crown. It indicates that the speaker is free of water as well as the procedure is finished.

Unlock the water lock

When to Use Water Lock Feature?

Water lock is one of the fantastic features among others on Apple watches. Touching the screen of your Apple Watch accomplishes nothing while its water lock feature is on.

The side buttons will also disable by this function in addition to the touchscreen. In fact, this stunning feature can be used for different purposes.

Turning on this feature eliminates the chance of accidentally touching. So, you can turn on this feature when you are going to water activities like swimming or showering.

In order to prevent accidental tapping on the screen when wearing your Apple Watch during exercise, you can also use a water lock.

How is Water Lock Feature Beneficial for Apple Watch?

Water lock is the most convenient function on an Apple watch, among others. This function can benefit you in different ways. Let’s take a look at the different benefits of the water lock feature.

1. Eject Water

When you are using your Apple watch during various water activities, Water may collect inside it. The water lock feature can help you to eject Water in an Apple watch. Just turn the water lock on before water activities and turn it off after activities. The water will be removed from your watch.

2. Prevent Unwanted Touch

The water lock feature can also help you prevent unwanted Touch on the watch screen. When you turn on this feature, the screen of your watch will be locked.

So, your Apple watch will not respond to the touch on its screen. As a result, you can avoid unintentional input when doing water activities.

3. Prevent Damage

The water lock feature can also save your valuable Apple watch from damage. If water gets stuck inside the watch for a longer time, your watch can lose its proper functionality. The water lock feature prevents this issue by ejecting water from your Apple watch.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Apple watches waterproof?

It is a frequently asked question; Are Apple watches waterproof? The straightforward answer is NO! Not entirely; however, the majority of models are water-resistant.

So long as they aren’t submerged or exposed to water beyond a particular depth, the watch won’t be destroyed. Each and every Apple watch model comes with different water resistance.

What is the IP rating of Apple watches?

Most Apple watches are IP6X rated. It means, wearing Apple watches you can go up to 50m deep into the water. Also, swimming and exercising are not a big deal wearing these watches.

Can I swim wearing an Apple Watch?

Yes! you can do it. The Latest Apple watches are water-resistant, approximately 50 meters, making them suitable for light water work. The swimming feature is available in the workout app on more recent Apple watches. So, you may wear your watch when going swimming.

Can I shower wearing an Apple Watch?

It depends on which series of the watch. Although series 0, as well as Series 1 watches, are water-resistant, these watches are not advised to submerge them. Series 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 devices can be worn while taking a shower.

However, they shouldn’t really be subjected to soaps, shampoos, moisturizers, or fragrances since these substances might harm the gadget.

Can a water lock feature prevent water damage?

The water lock feature locks the screen. As a result, Apple watches don’t respond to unusual touches, preventing water damage during water-related activities.

Final Words

Apple watches are one of the most high-tech and fashionable watches on the planet. These watches have several advanced and exclusive features that make this watch special. Water lock is among the handy and useful features of an Apple watch.

This function helps to eject water from an Apple watch after it gets wet. All you have to do is turn this function on before starting water activities.

Then, turn this function by rotating the digital crown, which will eject water from your watch. This article on how to eject water from an Apple watch may help you to get this job done easily.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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