Why Does My Apple Watch Keep Saying Storage Full [Try These Fixes]

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Apple watches repeatedly show that their storage is full when no significant apps take up storage. You’re not the only one experiencing such trouble; why does my Apple Watch keep saying storage is full?

It might happen since most Apple Watch doesn’t have sufficient storage, which is normal. In this sense, when your watch says it is full of storage, it might occur for the pre-installation apps, drive files, etc., that you forget to remove.

The entire fact depends on the watch and how much content anyone downloads or syncs on their device. Because every device has some limitations we can’t ignore, let’s jump into the solutions and analyze this in depth.

Why Does My Apple Watch Keep Saying Storage Full?

The only reason that is complaining about the full storage error is when you’ve packed it in many things. Your watch may face such difficulties due to illegitimate, unused data files.

If it happens, it is obvious to check out the storage files. Only then can you know what’s the actual reason for this inconvenience. Some entertaining apps such as photo editing, podcasts, Spotify, and other music apps are often run by different applications.

When you open the App, it suggests downloading another app to enjoy better service. Most of the time, those impermissible apps are downloaded on the watch automatically.

As a result, your watch storage becomes full and burns up a lot of spaces that remain unobservable to you. Suddenly, you notice that you can’t install a new application, and the watch sends you annoying messages frequently.

In this situation, check out the watch storage becoming mandatory for anyone. Therefore, if you don’t know how to check the storage of an Apple Watch, then read this shortly.

How to Check Your Apple Watch Storage?

Apple Watch storage varies and depends on the old and new versions. The older version of the Apple watches series 3 GPS model likewise has just 8 GB storage.

Whereas, the new version of this brand, such as the series 3 GPS+Cellular model, series 4 has 16 GB memory storage. Besides, in the 21st century, all Apple Watch runs through more data storage, starting from 32-35 GB storage minimum.

To check the available storage of your current Apple Watch, do these things as I insisted.

  • Go to the watch menu bar, flip to “My Watch” option > then, General > tap on “About.”
  • Wait for a few seconds. After that, you’ll see your device’s total number of songs, photos, and external applications. You can see the total capacity and the available space also.

If necessary, check the storage immediately; try these simple tips.

  • Open the settings from your Apple Watch.
  • Go to the public option. Then, tap on “Usage.”
  • After that, the prompt will display the available storage of the memory. Swipe down to check how much space is remaining and how much is taken up by each App individually.

How to Free Up Apple Watch Storage Space?

In this section, you’ll now be able to clear up all the spaces which are not worked in. As you know which content is taking up the most, it is now easier. Let’s do the remedy one by one.

1. Remove Unnecessary Apps

First, remove the unnecessary apps from the watch. To do this, open up the App that you want to dismiss.

  • Keep scrolling the “My watch” screen until you find the “installed on Apple Watch” on the screen.
  • Select and flip the App which you want to remove.
  • At that time, turn off the “Show App.” Once it is deleted, return to the previous screen.
  • You can now see the other apps in the Available Apps section. (You can check and reinstall all the previously deleted apps by tapping the installation button from there).

For shortcut,

  • Press on the Digital Crown to move. Click on the Home screen from the App’s view option.
  • If you notice that the screen shows a Grid view, press down on any icon until they start shaking.
  • Click on the X button that you wish to remove.
  • To confirm the delegation, press the watch digital crown. It will then stop the icon from jiggling.
  • Now, check the home screen of your watch. You can select the App you wish to delete by swiping the list.
  • Swipe again through the included list to enter the selected apps. It may be situated on the left; tap on it and then tap again on the Delete App option. That’s it; the App is deleted from the watch forever and won’t run through others.

2. Remove Music

Remove some unnecessary music from your watch to check if the problem might be solved by this. If you do not know how to remove music from your Apple Watch, follow the below instructions.

  • Open the watch and go to the “My Watch” section again.
  • Tap on the “Music” icon and scroll to the contemporary music you added recently.
  • Watch out for the current storage of the App to ensure how much space it will eat up and how much storage you need to be deducted.
  • To remove music, tap on the Edit link option from the upper right.
  • Select the Delete icon to remove it properly.

For shortcut,

  • Open Music App> Swipe down on each Album, particularly
  • Searching for on iPhone entries > Tap on Library > Then, click on Albums
  • Mark up the songs individually that you wish to delete > swipe the Album name
  • Select the Delete option from the Apps, and it’s done

3. Remove Audiobooks

Delete the Audiobooks if you cannot troubleshoot the problem using the below two methods. To do this,

  • Again, re-open the watch section > Flip to Audiobooks
  • As soon as you tap on this, it will display a couple of options
  • The watch automatically downloads audiobooks if you tap on the Read now option. It will refill the space again
  • Therefore, turn off the synchronization option to make some free space
  • Now, look through the list of your sync audiobooks. Mark them, which isn’t important for you right now.
  • Finally, swipe down each of them to the left. Tap on the “Delete” option.

4. Re-sync Photos

Monitor all the re-sync photos you share and upload from your iPhone to watch. It could be the reason that you jammed your watch storage. The process is so simple; all you need to do is

  • Open the menu bar, and swipe down my watch option.
  • Now, go next to the Photos gallery.
  • Check the settings option; it might be in Mirror my iPhone or Custom
  • Tap the option and change the Album.
  • From there, you can control and delete all the sync photos
  • Up next, select the synced Album and switch on to the different Album
  • Put the number of photos you synced in the Photos limit option. It should be kept to a minimum.
  • At this time, your watch will start to update the synced photos and vanish from the gallery.

5. Remove Podcasts

The podcast is another popular app since everyone loves to enjoy them on an Apple Watch. But you must remove them this time to solve the full storage problem. To do this,

  • Tap on the “Podcasts entry” option.
  • Podcast downloader apps in Apple Watch usually have two options, including self-acting & user-control
  • If you previously selected the user control option, then press for space
  • This one will activate the Up Next option for downloading one episode from the top 10
  • With the Custom option, the user can view three episodes per show they choose.
  • Synced episodes can be controlled more easily using the custom option. In that case, turn off the activate option to command the device to stop downloading the episodes you don’t want to.

Take a mock test of your device to check whether it manages some space to give place to the new apps. If it still gives you the same alert, try this last one.

6. Unpair Apple Watch

Unpair the Apple Watch if you can still manage space through all these steps. To do this,

  • Tap directly on the Watch App; you can select All watches. It is linked to the top of the screen.
  • Find it, and when you get it, touch the Info icon. Now, the screen may show you a lot of options. Keep scrolling and search for the Unpair Apple Watch option.
  • Once you find it, tap on the icon to disable this.
  • It takes some time to finish. Wait to finish the unpairing task. Once it is done, now tap Continue.
  • Your watch will then give you some instructions to follow. Do these steps as described. Then, pair the device once again to end this method.

How to Fix the Apple Watch “Storage Full” Message

Apple Watch’s “Storage Full” message can be fixed manually. One of the most recommended ways is to delete all the media files from the watch. You can follow the simple tricks as insisted by Jason FITZPATRICK, unpair and repair the watch to ensure the storage is open and free.

Along with this, sometimes manual defects aren’t the culprit of this problem. This trouble may occur because your Apple Watch is from a very older version, making it too slow. Or, you might need to buy a new or upgraded version of it.

Another trick that might work on many users is to delete and detect the “Other” storage. It’s not like the apps that anyone syncs or downloads previously. “Other” storage is the issue that creates and blocks some space from memory during the installation of the update of WatchOS.

“Other” storage bugs accumulate inside the device memory when it is never relinquished properly. Thankfully, you can fix this problem also.

  • All you need to do is open the watch app, then press “All watches.”
  • Here, you get a lot of options in a list; click only on the “I” icon next to the watch.
  • Now, you can pair and unpair your watch altogether. Apple Watch’s full storage phantom will never persist after that.

How Do I Clear Other Storage on My Apple Watch?

Cleared all sorts of manuals to other storage on your Apple Watch through 2–3 steps. Pick your watch, swipe it, and open the App. Swipe it down to go to “My watch screen.” Keep your finger scrolling until you find the installed option on the watch section.

Now, tap the name that you want to remove individually. Now, turn off the show app from your watch and check out the App. It will be deleted and space up some storage for you to install new software or applications.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Is It Saying My Storage Is Full When It’s Not?

Sometimes your Apple Watch continuously sends you a message that the storage is full when you’re sure enough it’s not. The reason varies from person to person and often relies on how often you use your watch to download new apps.

The watch may have pre-installed apps running in the background whenever you turn on the Wi-Fi. Besides, you may download very large files on Google Drive. Analyze these problems and try to remove some of the files and unused apps from the watch for troubleshooting.

How Do I Fix Storage Without Deleting Anything?

Finding and removing all the cache files is one of the easiest and best ways to resolve the issue. Then, delete all the large media files from your watch. If the problem isn’t solved, try using lite apps and cloud storage.

You can free up some space from Google photos. Uninstall Spotify and music apps from the watch to dismiss the trouble.

What Is the Other Storage on My Apple Watch?

Other storage is data that you cannot categorize into particular apps. They’re different from regular apps; you can call them junk or bugs in your watch. Or, it may be data that belongs to badly behaved apps or something like that.

Does Resetting an Apple Watch Increase Storage?

Of course, resetting the Apple Watch increases storage. But you have to check that all the unnecessary files, apps, and PDFs were deleted from the watch. It is also necessary to delete unnecessary photos or music you’ve synced. After that, update your watch and enjoy extra free space to store new files.

Final Words

I find myself helpless when my watch continues to show an alarming sign; that’s why I know what it feels like. Why does my Apple Watch keep saying storage full again and again is annoying, and you may go crazy trying to find a solution.

So, don’t get crazy. Follow my advice. Please turn off the watch, turn it on, and pair it again. Try all the processes mentioned above.

If it is still stuck on there, then force restart the watch. Update and restart the device; this time, it may work. Otherwise, contact any nearby Apple Watch customer support to fix it.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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