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Apple watches series-6 brought a couple of new features. It comes with all the goodies which might surprise you a lot. Apple is a great device for its users with top-selling rates and unbelievable software updates.

Most users may love it for the overall looks, smart voice access, sleep monitoring acts, excuse-free heartbeat counter, etc. Despite having limitless advantages, there are some more things you might know from our Apple Watch Series 6 reviews.

Apple watches are typically faster than their precious timepieces. In addition, Apple Watch Series 6 offers to track any health issues with more clarity. Along with these, Apple watches are more reliable than Fitbit, Samsung, and others for physical construction.

We open all the secret treasures of this watch’s additional features later. Meanwhile, let us discuss its specs and product dimensions.

Dimensions & Specs

  • Watch weight: 30.5 to 39.7g / 36.5 to 47.1g (depending on manufacturer material)
  • Case size: 40, 44 mm
  • Watch processor: S6
  • Memory storage: 36 GB
  • Operating system: WatchOS 7
  • Water resistance: 50 m (5ATM)
  • Available sensors: Gyro, HR sensor, ECG, blood oxygen, light, microphone, speaker, NFC, GPS/GNSS, compass, altimeter, etc.
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5, Wi-Fi n, NFC, Ultra-wideband, optional 4G requiring eSIM and compatible plan
  • Battery life: 18 hours
Apple Watch Series 6

Here is more information in our total Apple Watch Series 6 review.

Excellent Graphite Design

This new top-end Apple-6 series has an excellent design with unique graphical motions. It is available in two sizes, and a user gets a square-shaped face that fits into the wrist perfectly. In terms of case size and color, Apple proved to be more creative here.

However, the Apple 6-series comes with a 40-44 mm size under the shade of a stainless steel or aluminum-made cover. So it would be more durable than other smartwatches.

When talking about its chipset and screen, Apple must be worth buying. It’s because those watches have a bigger screen with a clear screen. For display, one will find here OLED to micro-LED collections.

Again, the watch’s front display is not more than a camera. It’s because those watches always offer on-setting that lets you catch the time quickly.

Wrist Material & Band Size

Wrist material and band size are the only things one might consider. Without them, wearing a watch to look casual and stylish may go in vain. Fortunately, Apple 6 watches have a large range of straps with two norms, including a solo loop and a solo braided loop. So naturally, a watch with this kind of loop feels more comfortable.

The wristbands of the Apple Watch 6 are made of aluminum and steel. For this, they look more adorable with any professional suits or outlets. Again, those watch bands can pull on over your hand to stretch properly since they’re freed from buckle or clasp.

Connectivity & App Tracking Capabilities

You might have wondered about using such watches for their excellent app performance. Apple watch-6 has all kinds of health monitoring capacities, which is very common in all smartwatches. But they may not provide you with the similar outputs that it would give.

On the other hand, the Apple Watch 6 series tracking capacities are very responsive and swift. One of the biggest features of this watch is the oxygen sensor, tracking your blood oxygen levels or oxygen saturation in your blood accurately.

Its top-rated apps named electrocardiogram and heart rate tracker will provide steadfast and accurate results. It also has SPO2 sensors, typically used to detect breathing disturbances like sleep apnea. It will also give you the right measurement even if you’re in a deep sleep at night.

Battery Life Performance

Apple added a best-rated battery here. According to its user feedback, those watches didn’t have any battery drainage issues. Apple watch-6 charge could last more than 18 hours even if its displays are always active.

Meanwhile, it will eat between 10-12% of battery for sleep tracking overnight. Again, the charging system of such watches is quite straightforward. By attaching a 2-USB power adapter, those watches took 56 minutes to hit 80%.

WatchOS 07 Software Functions

Apple watches are trustworthy when it comes to software. Here, the authority uses watchOS 07 software to add full and on-device voice commands.

In terms of safety, we must say Apple Watch 6 works very genuinely here due to greater privacy. Not only this but also, those watches are more worthy of maintaining your message and voice command privacy.

50 m Water Resistance

This watch will give you more pleasure during the rainy season. Since Apple 6 always requires this water resistance, it can withstand both swimming and cold showers. Another significant meaning of having such resistance allows 165 m water depth for poolside diving or sea diving.

36 GB Storage

The Apple watch-6 series is used here for storage capabilities of 36 GB. This feature is more extended than other smartwatches. The watch storage gives you more space to download music, save the tracking records, and do other work.


  • 50 m water resistance
  • Great health tracking capabilities
  • Excellent haptics
  • It allows Apple Pay
  • Having a well-constructed GPS tracking systems


  • It’s a bit expensive
  • Supports iPhone only

Competitor Brand: Apple Watch Series 6 vs 7

Apple Watch Series 7 is sturdier than series 6. Not only this, there are some more affairs which prove that Apple Watch Series 7 is more upgraded than the series 6. On the other hand, it is inhibited with all the features of series 6.

If talking about their main dissimilarities, Series-6 has less battery life, dimensions, and the worst resolutions than the Series-7. Here is the main discrepancy between these two distinct models.

Apple Watch Series 6 Apple Watch Series 7
40-44 mm41-45 mm
Display Capacity
324-394 pixels352-430 pixels

According to the above details, the Apple Watch 7 series has a wider display than the 6 series. It has a 20% more extended collection than the watch 6.

But, again, the Apple Watch 6 is not as slim as the watch 7. In simpler meaning, the Apple Watch 7 and 6 series are similar in most aspects. But their chipset and processor are the key dissimilarities that verify them separately.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Is Watch Series 6 Worth Buying?

Watch Series 6 is worth buying to achieve all the great features. Watch 6 has the finest predecessors, comprehensive fitness tracking, and many things. Moreover, it will provide you with more battery life than others. Watch series 6 is also worthy for detecting low to high irregular heart rate monitoring.

How Much Will Apple Series 6 Cost?

The Apple Watch Series 6 costs up to $399 to $1499. Considering its price, the Apple Watch 6 series is a great watch. A user will have all the features like 40-44 mm dimensions and stainless steel-made coverage. Again, its price may also be very high due to the inclusion of various watch brands and color combinations.

How Long Does the Apple Watch Series 6 Battery Last?

Apple Watch Series 6 often uses more battery life. Using this device, one can easily roam or go on any trip. Many users like this watch for its great battery backup. It will allow the user to trace 90-time checks, 90 notifications, and 45 minutes of app use with 100% charge. You can also enjoy a 60-minute workout by playing music.

How Can Long One Swim With Apple Watch Series 6?

Since Apple watches come with 5 m water resistance, one can enjoy swimming, watering, and pool driving with this one. For swimming, Apple Watch Series 6 allows you to submerge in water for 30 minutes. 5 m water resistance is also good for washing dishes and withstand any work related to water.

Final Wrap

Apple is the biggest brand in the world. It is the top of all recommended as a future health tracker. One might signify this Apple-6 as their health assistant for its accurate app tracking.

However, Apple Watch 6 is the best friend of one’s regular life since it can tell a lot about your heart. Due to providing 100% accuracy, Apple Watch 6 apps are costlier and handier.

Lastly, if you read our overall Apple Watch Series 6 reviews, you won’t skip any of the information. So, analyze them to finalize your last choice.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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