Apple Watch Series 8 Review | Take A Glimpse Before Buying It

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As a young enthusiast, it is hard to resist the curiosity of analyzing Apple’s new watch series 8. You may already be thinking of buying this mighty smartwatch or planning to make a budget for this. Before you go, glimpse its features with an in-depth Apple Watch Series 8 review.

Apple Watch Series 8 has no design updates compared to its predecessors. But it has three initial features, including 50-100 m water resistance, car crash detection, and Apple Pay purchase. Furthermore, it includes a variety of essentials to enhance the user experience.

This one also always features IP6X dust resistance, water resistance, and many others. For this, it would be the best time tracking device till now.

Apple Watch Series 8 Review with Feature Inspection

Apple Watch has been the most renowned brand you cannot ignore for the past 5–6 years. As it had a huge name and fame, people generally became obsessed with its new arrival Apple Watch Series 8. It is more than any smartwatch, letting you handle many things simultaneously.

This watch lets you check your health and heart condition and track regular workout performance. Moreover, it charged very fast. This one is a beast that can make your life more comfortable and livelier. Let’s take a look at its specification and other features.

Apple Watch Series 8


  • Model Name: Apple Watch Series 8
  • Style: 41 mm S/M – fits 130–180 mm wrists
  • Screen Size: 41 Millimeters
  • Unique Feature: Activity Tracker, Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep Monitor, Blood Oxygen
  • Shape: Square
  • Age Range (Description): Adult
  • Compatible Devices: iPhone
  • Display Type: OLED
  • Capacity: 32 GB
  • Bluetooth: BT 5.0
  • Processor: S8 SIP with a 64-bit dual-core processor

What’s Come into The Box?

Apple Watch Series 8 comes with a lot of surprises. While you’re unboxing the new package, you’ll first notice its crystal-clear watch screen. The watch comes with very thin and slim, stylish outlooks.

The watch strap looks dashing and adds another twist for arriving at 3 different styles. You can order the one that soothes your hand and wrist best.

In addition, here you got a portable charging cable made with a magnet. The charging cable has a capacity of up to 18 hours. Another great thing you’ll get from the box is its charging case.

The watch and charging case’s overall weight is about 38.8 gm~32.0 gm. Therefore, it’s light enough. It overall feels so lightweight and adorable on your hand.

1. Design & Dimensions

There is nothing to say much about the Apple Watch creations. The screen and display of this wristwatch are top-notch. But I must admire its slimmer bezels and larger screen.

All the numbers and every alphabet seem very clean and clear like Apple phones here. The authority recycles the same design that had to have their previous Apple Watch Series 8.

It also has (1,000-2000) units of peak brightness to ensure you can easily read the texts and notifications. Moreover, you also got the always-on display Retina here, which helps save battery for a while.

Furthermore, I am OK with this one since it lets me check notifications, text, and others without raising my hand. Now, come to its dimensional affair.

This watch is 35 mm in width and 38 mm in depth. Its case size and thickness are around 41-45 mm ~ 10.7-10.4 mm. The weight capacity is around 35~38.8 gm due to being made with a super light material of Aluminum.

2. Easily Customizable

The watch is available in various sizes and materials, so a user can choose them based on their taste. Not only this, it comes with dozens of watch faces and bands. Therefore, users can customize their hand timers with desirable looks and bars.

3. Innovative Safety Feature

Anyone can get rid of unpredictable accidents with this wristwatch. This one features both crash and fall detection that can automatically connect with emergency services. Compared to other predecessors,

Apple authorities remember to keep this feature thinking about their user’s emergency needs. Hence, it has an emergency SOS that provides urgent assistance and an automated button.

4. Advanced Health Features

There are 3 main features you get here to use to include further:

  • Temperature sensing
  • Advanced Sensors
  • Sleep detecting Apps

Having advanced health features that work to analyze women’s health deeply. Generally, it is known as a temperature-sensing feature to monitor overall blood oxygen levels in females.

You can check the condition of your heart by taking an ECG anytime. It will inform you about any irregular rhythm or another state of your heart. Besides, you can detect how much time you’ll spend in REM, Core, or deep sleep by this one.

5. Versatile & Compatible

Apple Watch 8 is remarkably versatile and compatible in many aspects. It can work seamlessly with your other devices like iPhone and others. Unlock your MacBook Pro with the help of your watch automatically. Again, you can easily find your devices with a single tap.

Apple Watch makes life easier for card users since it has an Apple Pay option. Therefore, you can now shop or order your desired products from anywhere by simple swatch.

6. Incredible Durability

It’s a great innovation of Apple due to adding significant solid materials and more challenging elements. The watch is crack resistant to prevent sudden damage and has IP6X certification.

For this, the watch becomes less dust-prone and damage-proof. You can even swim with this watch for its WR50 water resistance traits.

7. A Powerful Fitness Partner

Enjoy numerous workout apps with this outstanding Apple Watch Series 8. It will let you explore and experiment with new pathways to train yourself.

Again, you can use more advanced metrics for more information about your workout performance. Another exciting fact about this watch is that it has 3 months of Apple Fitness free subscription.

8. Access to Ten Thousand Plus Apps

With this watch, you can enjoy and access ten thousand plus apps. You can check the manufacturer list for using them.

9. Car Crash Detection

An important feature of this watch is its unique ability to detect car accidents. It works as your personal rescue team if you’re falling into a severe accident while driving. The watch will automatically make an emergency call to the nearby police station or from your contact list.

10. New WatchOS 9 Updates

The new Apple Watch brings a lot of new updates and features. But the most attractive trait among them is its watchOS9 software edition.

As I mentioned, this new, updated software helps improve both the health and fitness experience. But this is not only the one; users get different types of watch faces to enjoy here. Most of the watch faces are fantastic to look at.


  • Excellent battery life, which is suitable to use all day long
  • It has a very sleek, comfortable design
  • The display seems very big, appealing, and eye catchy
  • It comes with super health and fitness features
  • Having uplifted WatchOS 9 software, which is better than ever
  • Top-notch car crash detection to send a quick response for sudden accidents
  • 50-100 m water resistance for swimming, diving, and many more
  • Siri works amazingly on this watch
  • Calls come in pretty straightforward and give you a swift notification


  • It has limited temperature sensors
  • The sleep app doesn’t work properly
  • It is often impossible to ignore and stop ongoing notifications on the watch

Apple Watch Series 7 vs 8: Which Is Best?

Frankly speaking about their head-to-head comparison, I must go for the Apple Watch 8. There you got massive changes and more features than watch series 7. Apple Watch Series 7 has an S7 chip, whereas you’ll find the most powerful S8 chip in series 8.

Also, the Apple Watch Series 7 has an excellent gyroscope and accelerometer. But the series 8 has a more powerful gyroscope and high dynamic range accelerometer than the series 7.

Below I add a short comparison table of these two so that you can quickly analyze their subtle differences.

FeaturesApple Watch Series 7Apple Watch Series 8
Health Sensors3rd generation heart sensors, electrical to blood oxygen sensorOptical heart sensor, blood oxygen sensor, and body temperature sensor
Body Temperature SensorsNoYes
Is There Any Cycle Tracking with Retrospective Ovulation?NoYes
MaterialTitanium casingStainless steel
Car Crash DetectionNoYes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Is Apple Watch 8 So Expensive?

The Apple Watch 8 is so expensive for its durability and build quality. You can’t ignore its master class features that have been added.

Authority didn’t compromise to make it more unique, worthy, and beneficial for the users. All of these criteria intensively impact the cost of this device.

Does the Apple Watch Series 8 outperform the Apple Watch 7?

Of course, watching series 8 is much better than watching 7. Series 8 has more significant features than Series 7. It has been found with car crash detection, 100 m water resistance, optical heart rate sensor, etc.

Is Apple Watch 8 Waterproof?

Apple Watch 8 is waterproof due to having 50 m water resistance. It is even perfect for swimming, surfing, diving, water balloon fighting, etc.

How Long to Charge Apple Watch 8 Series?

The new Apple Watch 8 series has fast charging capabilities. Therefore, it takes more than 2.5 hours for 100% charging.

How Much GB Does Apple Watch Series 8 Have?

The watch comes with 32 GB RAM along with 1 GB RAM. It also has 41 MM (GPS+ Cellular) built-in memory without any card slot.

Final Word

After reading this Apple Watch Series 8 review, should it last for an extended period? It is a common thought that comes across your mind because you usually prefer to spend on more durable things.

Luckily, this Apple Watch Series 8 is super durable, made with exclusive Aluminum and stainless-steel material. Therefore, it would last more than a decade.

You can expand its lifespan by taking some extra care. Charge the watch whenever the battery power is damn low. Don’t use the watch when bathing, or dip it into the water for an extended period to prevent discoloration.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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