How to Change Watch Face on Garmin Through 3 Initial Methods

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Garmin is one of the best wristwatches for fitness apps, health monitoring, data recollection, and many more. Despite having a lot of unique features, changing and customizing new watch faces frequently is the king among them.

But regrettably, only a few masses have a real idea about how to change the watch face on Garmin. Don’t panic if you belong to one of them.

Below you will know the step-by-step process of them all.

How to Change the Watch Face on Garmin?

Following these methods, you can change the watch face to another pre-installed option. Here I detailed all in short but with clear directions.

Method 1: Customize Pre-Installed Watch Face Process

Garmin offers three initial processes to change the watch’s face. The customized pre-installed watch face is one among them. Do these simple processes for it.

  • Go to the watch settings.
  • Find and click on the watch face option.
  • Then, go to the owner’s manual website of Garmin to find the right instructions according to your watch model.

Method 2: Customizing Through Connect IQ Store

Another best option for changing the Garmin watch face is using the most recommended app, Connect IQ store.

  • Download and open the app on your watch
  • Find and select the “My Device” option from the settings
  • Tap on “My Watch Faces”
  • Choose the title of the watch face that you wish to customize
  • Next, scroll down to find adjust and settings options from there
  • Once you find it, select it and tap on the “Save” option when the watch face download is completed

Method 3: Using Face It App

This is the third and ultimate option different from the two. One of the major specialties to changing your watch face through this app is it allows using your face.

It means you can directly select any picture from the phone to add it to the watch face. The process is quite straightforward.

  • Open the Connect IQ store Apps.
  • Go to the menu > Select Face It from the bottom
  • Select and press “+.”
  • Tap on the “Camera.” Here, you can take a new picture or upload anyone from the memory storage
  • After selecting a photo, arrange it and then choose a display
  • Now, press “Done.”
  • Enter a name and save it
  • Flip on to the “install” option to start the installation process
  • Once it’s done, allow your device to sync.

The entire sync process may take 30 minutes or less. Wait until it has been done. Then use the owner’s manual again to learn the steps of enabling the watch face.

Can You Customize the Watch Face on Garmin?

Garmin watch gives you a moderate selection in case you are still looking for the watch face you imagined.

Customizing the Garmin wristwatch face is so simple. Herein are all the procedures that you need to do.

Step 1: Find Out The “Up” Button

Turn on your watch and check whether your hand watch has the “Up” button. If it has this button, then press and hold this all together. After that, choose the “Watch Face” option.

Step 2: Choose Any Watch Face You Most Choose

 Select the watch face you would like from the following list. In that case, you should choose “Customize” rather than “Apply.” Now, go to the next option.

Step 3: Open “Watch Face Editor”

As soon as you click on the “Customize” option, you’ll notice a prompt will open next to you. Now, tap on the “Watch Face Editor” option along with the “Up” and “Down” options.

Up next, start scrolling and do check the available options too. Apply one after one to see whether it fits or seems ok to your watch face.

Step 4: Change All the Layouts, Dials, Data, and Background Colors

Afterward, you can select and change all the layouts, dials, data, or background colors. Select those options, and press the “Ok” or “Select” option after confirming each choice.

Congrats, you’ve successfully customized your new watch face. Check it once again to ensure that all the procedures have been done correctly.

Note: Keep in mind that some options also have additional personalized fields like “Data,” “Accent color,” and “Background color.” Make sure to hit on the “select” option after putting on each choice.

How to Make a New Watch Face for My Garmin?

If any of the Garmin watch faces won’t match you, another option provides some hope. Garmin users can make their watch face by following some easy steps.

Some Garmin watch series of 2020-22 allow users to select the watch display from the phone memory storage. Read below to understand how the entire process works.

  • To make a new watch face for Garmin, you must know some basic programming knowledge. If you’re an expert, get ready to make excellent watch faces.
  • Download “Watch face builder” from the Garmin connect IQ store.
  • This app allows customizing and configuring a new watch face. You can even select and choose the configured position of the dial or change the size and color of each object.
  • Click on the customize option once again. But this time, you can customize them to your own choice. After the finish, of your selection round, tap on the “Apply” option, and it’s done.

Important Note: This option is only for excelled experts on ABC of Apps designations. But you can still select different watch faces from Garmin to connect to the IQ store because this app will continue adding new watch faces each month.

How to Install New Watch Faces on Garmin?

Garmin watches typically come with five built-in watch faces. Yet, there you also find more options from the hidden view. It requires only a few simple steps, including

  1. First, press the “Up” button around the watch’s face.
  2. Select the “watch face” options and scroll down to the “Add New” option
  3. Next, press “Select.” Then, browse the available watch faces from your watch
  4. Choose one from them and press “Apply” to end the process.

How to Choose the Perfect Watch Face for Garmin?

Choosing the perfect watch face for Garmin is also a crucial fact that needs to be considered. The wrong watch face is hard to recognize in direct sunlight or when there is heavy rainfall outside. Determining the right watch face is more complicated than learning its installation process.

Since you have different watch face options, it is unnecessary to choose anyone from them unconsciously. Take ideas from the below to remove your mistakes and select the right watch face for Garmin.

  • Choose a dark watch face for a light shed wrist timer.
  • Allow the watch face to be customized with display colors, set timers, and manifestation with day and time zones.
  • If the watch has touchscreen settings, try to select a watch face implemented with a series of heart rate beats and dark color contrast.

What Are the Best Watch Faces Available In The Store?

Watch faces allow users to enjoy different, specific metrics and widgets on the home screen. Garmin has launched over a thousand watch faces on their trusted apps of the Garmin connect IQ store.

Meanwhile, it is hard to tell which watch face suits the wristwatch best. But Garmin produced several incredible options, including SHN TXD, Jogging Master, Infocal, Rails, etc. Those apps offer you multiple setting options which are easy to read.

Plus, some have energy-saving functions and the ability to invert colors. The jogging Master app also implied numerous steps to emphasize that it suits hikers and runners.

I gathered some of the best watches faces available in the store recently. Check out this table instead.

Watch FacesDownload OptionsPaid/ Non-PaidWatch Face Key Features Compatible Watch Models
Breeze V2Garmin Connect IQPaidLook like daily step counts with recent temperature updates, battery status, and current heart rate upDescent, Enduro, Epix (Gen 2), Forerunner 45/55/245/255/645/745/945/955, Fenix 5/6/7 series, Venu 2, Vivoactive 4, etc
Pakrun BarcodeGarmin Connect IQNon-paidDoesn’t support widgets, and the display comes with Parkrun ID. Barcode to be scanned along with ICE emergency informationDescent, Enduro, Epix (Gen 2), Forerunner 45/55/245/255/645/745/945/955, Fenix 5/6/7 series, Venu 2, Vivoactive 4, etc
OtronGarmin Connect IQPaidBlack display with blue watch digits. Show off information like heart rate, battery, and current temperatureDescent, Enduro, Epix (Gen 2), Forerunner 45/55/245/255/645/745/945/955, Fenix 5/6/7 series, Venu 2, Vivoactive 4 etc
EnduroGarmin Connect IQPaidColorful, data-rich option with sunset/sunrise timing featuresDescent, Enduro, Epix (Gen 2), Forerunner 45/55/245/255/645/745/945/955, Fenix 5/6/7 series, Marq, Venu SQ, Vivoactive 4 etc
CalmGuruGarmin Connect IQNon-paidHeart breath circles around the watch face with adjusted text and circle colorsGarmin Forerunner 945/945 LTE, Fenix 6 series, Venu 2/2S, Vivoactive 4, etc
Summit Watch FaceGarmin Connect IQNon-paidThe display is combined with both analog and digital watch faces with 2-3 sub-dialsFenix 5 or 6 series, Fenix Chronos, Marq, Vivoactive 3 / 4, Venu/Venu 2/Venu Sq, Enduro, Forerunner 45/55/245/255/645/745/945/955, Fenix 5/6/7 series, etc
Chariot B-ShockGarmin Connect IQNon-paidIt is manufactured with current weather, battery status, real-time heart rate, step counts, etc.Descent, Enduro, Epix (Gen 2), Forerunner 45/55/245/255/645/745/945/955, Fenix 5/6/7 series, Venu 2, Vivoactive 4 etc
Home-Fit ThrillGarmin Connect IQNon-paidOffer six data fields for customization built around Garmin’s move bar, time, date, and nice battery statusFenix Chronos, Marq, Vivoactive 3, Epix, Enduro, Forerunner 245/255/645/Music 745/945/955, Fenix 5/6/7 series, Venu/Venu 2, Vivoactive 4 etc
SunsetGarmin Connect IQPaidFits nicely on AMOLED displays, sunset-inspired look, small indicator with a batteryFenix chronos, Enduro, Epix (Gen 2), Forerunner 45/55/245/255/645/745/945/955, Fenix 5/6/7 series, Venu 2, Vivoactive 4 etc
Hexagonalia 3Garmin Connect IQPaidAvailable in either black or white, one can choose states like step counts or calorie burned with the current date and time Enduro, Marq, Fenix Chronos, Forerunner 45/55/245/255/645/745/945/955, Fenix 5/6/7 series, Venu/Venu Sq/Venu 2, Vivoactive 4 etc

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Do I Get More Garmin Watch Faces?

To get a new watch face, you need to customize them by connecting to the IQ store. First, open up the connective IQ store app. Next, select them from the device and choose “My watch face.” Now, detect anyone or select the title of the watch face which you want to customize.

Furthermore, tap on settings, adjust the available options and tap on the “save” option when it is complete.

Can I download Garmin Watch Faces?

You can download the Garmin watch face through the Connect IQ store on your phone. Connect IQ store is a separate app from Garmin connect. Just download the apps, and tap on the search icon at the bottom.

Again, select the “watch face” option at the top to see the titles or wallpaper you wish to have on your device. Also, ensure that your watch face is compatible with your hand timer.

Do Garmin Watch Faces Cost Money?

No, Garmin doesn’t charge or even ask you to pay any extra fees. Especially if you’re downloading apps or watching faces from the Connect IQ stores. But some third-party application developers may charge a fee to unlock all features.

Can You Change the Watch Face on Garmin Forerunner?

Changing the watch’s face on Garmin Forerunner is as easy as holding it up. Next, select up or down to check out the watch face options. After that, tap on the “Add new” option to scroll through additional, preloaded, and advanced watch faces.

Can You Download Different Watch Faces for Garmin?

Fortunately, all the Garmin watch faces can be downloaded through a popular app called Connect IQ store. By using this app, you can download a variety of different watch faces for free.

Final Words

The above procedures let you enjoy a new watch face every time, like an Android. Before that, you must have learned how to change the watch face on Garmin. Analyze what your next steps are and recognize which option suits your watch model best. Install the Connect IQ store for setting up the face of it.

In case you want to set your face, create a gallery. Also, remember to sync the watch with your phone. Otherwise, your uploaded photos won’t be shown or displayed on the apps. Test out all the above processes one after one to determine anyone.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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