The 11 Best Wooden Watches | A Timeless Statement of Fashion

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Now, wristwatches are more than just “watches”. They’re a power statement, a status symbol in itself. When you buy a watch, you don’t just buy a timepiece. You buy more than just a watch; you are giving money to purchase a brand, a stylish lifestyle, and a boost in motivation with it.

As far as our eyes can lay vision, everyone is flexing some kind of branded handpiece on their wrist. To diverge yourself from this ‘mainstream fashion, we bring to you the new line of power-fashion-statement – wooden watches.

The best wooden watches are not just classy, they’re pleasant to look at, and can be worn with any outfit. Rocking around design, the wooden timepieces make any wearer dashing and outstanding with their beautiful and classy look.

11 Best Wooden Watch Reviews

Wooden watches with engravings have been around for years, but are not easy to find. Here, we have carefully chosen the 11 best wooden watches for you. Offering high and premium quality, you will find yourself using these watches for a long time.

Our top picks: At a glance

  1. Best for design: Engraved Wooden Watch
  2. Best Casual Look Wooden Watch: BOBO Bird Men’s Watch
  3. Best Value for the Price: Cucol Men’s Wooden Watch
  4. Best for the Formal Dress: BOBO BIRD Men’s Wooden Watch
  5. Best for the Technology: Bewell W109D Sub-dials Wooden Watch
  6. Best for the Appearance: Treehut Men’s Wooden Watch
  7. Best Wooden Watch for Men’s: BOSIN Inverted Geometric Wood Series
  8. Best Elegant Wooden Watch: Shifenmei Wooden Watch
  9. Best Energy Saver: Sentai Handmade Men’s Wooden Watch
  10. Best for Women’s: GUANKE Store Women’s Wooden Watch
  11. Best for Gift: Yggdrasil Tree of Life Handmade Viking Wooden Watch

Best Wooden Watches Review

Engraved Wooden wrist timers are a deep passion for the ancient lover. Meanwhile, this watch feels more comfortable and special for having a similar quality to Rolex watches. It will last more than a year due to its durability and flexibility.

Here are some more details about these classy and luxury wooden timepieces.


  • Body material: Premium wood
  • Dial window material: Glass
  • Display way: a pointer type
  • Clasp Type: buckle
  • Movements: Japanese Miyota Quartz Movement
  • Calendar: Date
  • Bezel Function: 12-Hour Display
  • Bezel Material: Wood
  • Display Type: Analog-Digital
Engraved Wooden Watch

Bold, Stylish, and Casual Look

If we talk about style, the type of outfits and accessories a person wears matters more than words can say. This timepiece comes with a bold, stylish and casual look.

The body is made from premium wood and the dial is made of quartz, it is pleasant to look at. The watches also radiate a premium feel which catches the attention of anyone who lays eyes upon them.

People nowadays don’t just want an inferior timepiece just for the sake of monitoring time. With a wristwatch, people persuade the race of owning class and luxury.

Features and Functionality

The personalized wooden watches come equipped with many intriguing features. It offers a chronograph complication which allows the watch to act as a stopwatch, and also a dual time feature.

People who are frequently on the move can have dual time. This feature allows them to see what time it is at their home.

Adjusting the date is a breeze. To adjust the time, you just need to pull the crowns out of the first click and rotate the crown. Pulling the crown out of the second click will allow the user to adjust the time.

The crowns are made in such a way that it allows them to be pulled fairly easily without any sort of hitch.

Texture and feel

The wooden watches also bring something else which people dream of having; custom engraving. The customized engravings will help you stand out and make you an alpha amongst the betas.

Whether it is a birthday, an anniversary, or just a gift, you can have a personalized engraving to make the person feel special and loved. The wooden finish of the watch makes it feel light on the wrist.

The handpiece radiates an ultra-premium vibe and provides a timeless feel with the addition of personalized engravings. The timepiece augments the persona of the wearer. This is a perfect ornament for Uber sexual men.

Preferable commodity

The wooden watches give the same feel as any Rolex watch, all in a budget price range, and also offer custom engravings. It is also eco-friendly, which is something not even the most expensive brands are able to offer.

Due to their durability and reliability, the wooden watches will last years, making it an inevitably satisfactory purchase.


  • Stylish feel and adventurous design
  • Offers personalized engravings
  • Multi-time tracking feature
  • Easy to adjust the time


  • Might not look good with a formal dress

When buying any timer, people don’t see the time. They also justify the style, finish, durability, and longevity. There you will get all the terms in one package.

BOBO Bird Men’s Watch has many intriguing features like a simplistic design, dual time for the globe navigators, easy use, and a pulling crown to adjust the timepiece without any trouble.


  • Material: Ebony and Green sandalwood
  • Clasp Type: folding clasp
  • Watch Type: Chronograph
  • Movement: Miyota quartz movement
  • Wood Type: All natural Walnut wood
  • Mirror Material: Hardlex
  • Special feature: Stopwatch
  • Calendar: Date
  • Display: Analog
BOBO Bird Men’s Watch


In this generation, outlook matters more than anything. When looking at watches, people don’t just see the time. They see the style, the finishes, the edges of the watch as well as the simplistic design it provides. This piece of ingenuity comes with a bold, stylish and casual look and offers premium quality.

Advantages and Features

The personalized, eco-friendly wooden watches come equipped with many intriguing features. It comes with a chronograph complication which allows the watch to act as a stopwatch, and also a dual time feature.

People who frequently navigate the globe can now have dual time. This feature allows them to easily see what time it is at their home.

Adjusting the dates and time cannot be any easier than this; to adjust the date, pull the crown out of the first click and rotate. To adjust the time, pull the crown out to the second click and rotate.

The crowns are made in such a way that they can be pulled fairly easily, making it easy for senior users to adjust the handpiece without any complications.

Polished Look

The wooden watches bring forth a unique feature; custom engraving. The customized engraving allows anyone to stand out and radiate the unique feel the watches provide.

Whether it be a birthday, an anniversary, or just a gift, we offer personalized engraving to make the wearer feel special and loved.

Providing an ultra-premium and timeless feel, the watch will rock any sort of dress no matter what the occasion. The timepiece also radiates unmatched energy and is a perfect ornament for males who want a premium timer.

Worth Buy

Watches are a heavy investment, and they shouldn’t be so. The wooden watches give off a premium feel for a budget price range. It also offers custom engravings while being eco-friendly which many brands are not able to offer.

Due to their durability, the wooden watches will last years, making them a perfect investment.


  • Bold and stylish design
  • It has a dual-time feature
  • The watch provides an ultra-premium feel
  • It features customized engravings


  • The wooden product might get spoiled in the rain

Cucol Men’s Wooden Watch is the best handpiece with a limited budget. At a low price, this watch has a premium finish look and unbelievable features, including leather straps and a spicy twist with Japan-imported materials.


  • Strap: leather
  • Operating power: Battery power source
  • Special feature: quartz crystal oscillates at a consistent rate
  • Battery Life: long-lasting usage for up to 12 – 24 months
  • Case Material: Bamboo
  • Face watch material: Cucol Wood
  • Imported Country: Japan
  • Movement: Japanese quartz movement
  • Band standard: Men’s size
Cucol Men’s Wooden Watch

Sourced materials

Not only the brand but the looks of the piece also matters. A sleek-cut formal body and cowhide leather introduced a new handpiece in the wooden watch market. The timer is designed with a lot of things in mind just to make the wearer unique and stand out from the crowd.

From the surface of the wristwatch to the leather straps everything on this watch is manufactured by hand. As a symbol of ecstasy, this timepiece is made with high-quality material but with an affordable price tag.

Affordability and guarantee

Designer watches cost a fortune but this timepiece is priced at a very low price. The material is imported from Japan for the long life of the timer and hand manufactured with extreme care and shipped in a sleek attractive box that catches the eye of any person.

The company also provides a guarantee for the high-quality enjoyment of the product.

Design Compatibility

This handpiece can be paired with any type of clothing including formal tuxedo or urban streetwear. The hand-carved edges give a spicy twist to the user’s outfit. So, if you are looking for high-quality watches this might be your go-to watch.


  • Resistant to scratching
  • Long-lasting performance
  • It comes with a sleek attractive box
  • Affordable price range


  • Not water resistant

BOBO BIRD Men’s Wooden timer is designed with high-quality traits. Since this is a business casual timepiece, you will enjoy everything from durable materials to unique technology.

The most additive feature of this timer has high-quality Sony batteries, which are stainless steel and break all the records of the past.


  • Special features: Luminous
  • Movement: Quartz
  • Dial window material type: Hardlex Crystal
  • Display Type: Analog
  • Clasp: Folding Clasp with Safety
  • Hour Formats: 12 Hour
  • Material: 100% Natural Wood
  • Calendar: Date
  • Band Material: Wood
BOBO BIRD Men's Wooden Watch

Raw materials

The new BOBO bird men business casual timepiece is designed with all those things in mind with high-quality cutting-edge technology.

As a business casual timepiece, the timer is designed with a formal look and consists of the same features as a formal watch. This wristwatch is made from spotless black ebony wood with stainless steel back.

Appearance and Features

Watches match any skin tone. The wristwatch has many features such as a combined chronograph and water resistance. BOBO assures that their new timer will get you compliments from your colleagues, coworkers, significant other, and family.

A high-quality business casual watch costs a fortune but this new watch is designed for the client’s comfort in mind.

Affordability and reliability

High-quality Sony batteries stainless steel surface and well-chosen wood and adornment that won’t break the bank. This wooden business casual wristwatch will be a perfect investment for your tough-earned money and be a good investment in your styling game.

This timer will be shipped in a small sleek but attractive box. Materials that are non-allergic won’t cause skin rashes with a safety clutch system. Watch also has a sturdy design so that it won’t take scratches from physical shock.


  • Blends with most of the outfits
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Non-allergic
  • Suitable for formal dress


  • Clasp pops open a little too easily

Bewell W109D Sub-dials Wooden watches are made with red sandalwood and lightweight black sandalwood. Since it comes with natural ingredients, it feels more lightweight, toxic-free, and eco-friendly to use.


  • Display Type: Analog
  • Clasp Type: Over Clasp with Double Push-Button Safety
  • Case Material: Sandalwood
  • Band Material: Sandalwood
  • Band size: Men’s-long
  • Movement: Japanese quartz movement
  • Special Feature: Sub-dial, Stop-watch, Luminous Pointers
  • Calendar: Date
  • Movement: Japanese Quartz
Bewell W109D Sub-dials Wooden Watch


Wristwatches are made from real red sandalwoods and lightweight black sandalwood. These watches are handcrafted and are manufactured without using any chemicals. So the product won’t cause any skin problems or any rashes.

Japanese Technology

Japanese technology is used to make this timer. It also has 3 sub-dial chronographs and a luminous pointer. Wooden wristwatches are underrated and now slowly taking a spot in mainstream fashion.

Also, wooden watches are less costly compared to the other high-end watches in the market.

Sleek Design

This wristwatch comes at a very affordable rate. The packaging is sleek and small which means it is excellent for Christmas gifts or graduation gifts.

This company offers a guarantee and replacement warranty on their products so the customer does not have any inconveniences regarding the product.


  • It has 3 sub-dials chronographs
  • The watch features Japanese technology
  • Sleek packaging
  • Suitable for Christmas gift


  • Excess water might hamper the texture of the wood

Looking closely at the appearance, Treehut Men’s Wooden watch is a manifestation of each brown and black color. Even though it is made with cutting-edge Japanese technology, most time, it almost looks like an urban wrist timepiece.

Although this watch is available at a very low price, the brand does not compromise on choosing the best premium material.


  • Display Type: Analog
  • Band Material: Stainless Steel
  • Movement: Japanese Quartz movement
  • Battery life: 5 year
  • Watch material: 100% Real wood
  • Included Item: Band Adjustment Tool
  • Clasp: Stainless Steel Tri-fold Clasp
  • Case Diameter: 4.30 cm
  • Band Width: 1”
Treehut Men’s Wooden Watch

Japanese Cutting Edge Technology 

It has a unique design that will set you apart from the crowd. Its design will go with most of the dresses. We manufactured the piece with real zebrawood and ebony wood. This collaboration of color gives this timer a rugged but masculine look on the client’s hand. 

The timepiece will not cause any skin problems or rashes. This piece is calibrated with Japanese cutting-edge technology for a versatile and reliable timepiece.

Appearance and looks

This wristwatch blends with any look including formal casual or urban. This piece will cooperate with any dressing and will also increase the complexity of any outfit.

Unique features

So, if you are looking for a new stylish timepiece that will make you stand out from the crowd then this timer is perfect for you.

The product is of premium quality and affordable. Even high-end brands won’t be able to compete against this product. Standing out from the crowd while looking your best is what a stylish man believes in.


  • Premium Materials
  • Solid wood construction
  • Looks good with any kind of dressing
  • Budget-friendly


  • Insects might eat the wood

Who doesn’t love to play with colors? We all love colors and love to wear colorful dresses. So, BOSIN Inverted Geometric would be the best timepiece for enjoying the rainbow design.

The manufacturer prefers a different color with basic features such as handcrafted design, mineral glass dials, and cutting-edge Japanese technology to ensure the best performance.


  • Dial window material type: Mineral
  • Display Type: Analog
  • Clasp: Push Button Hidden Clasp
  • Calendar: Date
  • Special feature: Shock resistant
  • Movement: Quartz
  • Hour Format: 12 Hours
  • Band Material: Wooden
  • Case Material: Wooden
BOSIN Inverted Geometric Wood Series


A good timepiece should blend with the user’s style without breaking the bank. This watch will blend with most urban outfits. This wood watch is handcrafted and extremely lightweight.


The timer is also built with mineral glass, making it resistant to scratching. The material used to manufacture this wristwatch is sourced for outstanding durability. This timepiece is built with Japanese cutting-edge technology for excellent performance.


This company also offers a guarantee for the complete enjoyment of the product. Luxury brands charge a small fortune for watches of this caliber but this watch is priced very affordably.


If you are looking for a stylish piece on your hand that elevates your style to the maximum. This wooden watch is equipped with precise Miyota quartz watch movement.

This movement is developed in Japan. Most impressive thing is, that this feature makes it the most reliable and all-rounder watch in the industry.


  • Handmade and lightweight
  • Built with Japanese Cutting edge technology
  • Blends well with the style
  • Reliable and versatile


  • The masculine look may not be suitable for women

Shifenmei Wooden Watch is amazing for any individual for its aesthetic design, functions, and durable features. This timepiece flourished the taste of the wearer.

Moreover, you will get custom engraving functionality to customize the watch on a deeper level.


  • Bezel Material: Wood
  • Special features: Handmade, Natural, Super lightweight, Minimalist watch
  • Movement: Japanese Quartz
  • Battery life: 24 months
  • Dial window material type: Hardlex
  • Display Type: Analog
  • Clasp: Fold-over-clasp-with-safety
  • Case Material: Wood
  • Gender: Women Girls Watches
Shifenmei Wooden Watch

Artistic Design

This elegant and artistic piece of art radiates subtle eloquence and beauty through its classical and simplistic design. The strap is made of red sandalwood, and its simplistic dial is suitable for women of all ages and complements both casual and formal outfits.

An elegant timepiece isn’t just another accessory; it represents the taste of its wearer.

Its feminine look is perfect in women’s everyday life, and women can wear it from teens to adults. It is a timeless piece of fashion that can complement any outfit, and the unique design defines the unique taste of its wearer.

Despite its very affordable cost, the watch looks and feels the same as a high-end luxury watch. It’s super lightweight and comfortable for the wearer.

Although it has a very reasonable price point, the timer offers a custom engraving that usually costs a fortune with high-end watches and is relatively unique to this watch. This custom engraving feature personalized this watch on a deeper level which makes this watch very special to the wearer.


It is entirely handmade by the hands of expert artisans through careful selection of only the finest quality of red sandalwood. It also has a unique, minimalistic gold rose dial, which along with the beautiful strap, makes an eye-catching combo. The color of the straps is unpainted; the color is entirely natural.


The Japanese quartz movement technology makes the battery and the watch sustainable and provides a battery life of 24 months.

It also comes with the feature of adjustable fit which gives your wrist the perfect fit that makes the timepiece very comfortable to wear

Beautiful Case

Your loved ones deserve the very best, and this timer with its aesthetic and simplistic design added to its powerful functionality makes it one of a kind. This elegant and stylish timepiece deserves the hands of beautiful women.

It comes with a beautiful case along with its custom engraving; the watch is perfect for any special occasion. This wristwatch truly makes your special gift for your loved one.


  • Simplistic feminine design
  • Hand-made through the use of original red sandalwood
  • Custom engraving gives personalization
  • Adjustable Fit according to your preference


  • The dial is too simple and doesn’t have extra functionality

All timepieces come with different tastes. Sentai Handmade Men’s Wooden watch works to improve your looks and elegance and stands as an illustration of your personal choice to show the people around you.

This vintage style timer does precisely all of them, and you’ll go crazy for the bulky and masculine looks of this timer. This timer has 2035 quartz movement to offer energy savings and ensure ultra-quiet movement to read the watch accurately.


  • Display Type: Analog
  • Band Material: Acacia Wood
  • Movement: Japanese Quartz, Quartz
  • Hour Formats: 12 Hour
  • Case Material: Acacia Wood
  • Waterproof: 1 ATM (Splash Proof)
  • Clasp Type: Folding Clasp with Safety
  • Battery Life: 36 months
  • Special Feature: Luminous Pointers
Sentai Handmade Men’s Wooden Watch

Masculine Look

Every piece of accessories and outfit that you wear articulates a statement about you. It represents your tastes, your character and sends a message to those around you.

This Vintage wristwatch does precisely that, and its somewhat bulky and masculine look gives a statement of power to those around you. Yet despite its powerful fashion statement, its simplistic yet unique design makes it one of a kind.

Powerful functionality

A vintage timepiece made with Acacia wood without the use of any external paint. This timepiece is carefully handmade with the delicate care of expert artisans.

Its powerful functionality includes a special luminous pointer that helps you read the time even in the dark, which is a very convenient feature in our day-to-day life.

Its Japanese 2035 Quartz movement offers energy-saving, an ultra-quiet movement that guarantees accurate reading every time; this also provides the watch with a battery life of around 36 months.

The adjustable band and folding clasp make it highly convenient to use and adjust to fit our wrist perfectly.


Its hand-made and beautifully crafted state-of-the-art has been created with the perfect combination of simplicity and powerful look. It has a dial thickness of 1.1cm/0.43 inches and a diameter of 4.5cm/1.77inches. The bandwidth is 2.5cm/ 0.98 inches.

Despite its rather bulky appearance, the wristwatch only weighs 0.0064kg which is very lightweight and very comfortable to wear due to the use of Acacia wood.


Acacia wood is known for its great durability and water-resistant properties. Even though water is known as the natural enemy of wooden watches, Acacia wood is highly resistant to such adversaries and is known for its great durability.


  • A powerful and stylish statement of fashion
  • Remarkable functionality
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Durable and sustainable


  • Making adjustments is a bit challenging

GUANKE Store Women’s is mainly designed for women aged 20-25+, But women aged 40 can also use this one due to its simplicity, skillful artisans, and selected wooden elements. The watch has an extra durable battery and 12-24 months lifespan.


  • Dial window material type: Hardlex
  • Display Type: Analog
  • Clasp: Fold-Over Clasp with Safety
  • Case Material: Metal
  • Band Material: Colorful wood
  • Band size: Women’s Standard
  • Calendar: Date-Week
  • Movement: Japanese Quartz
  • Hour Format: 12 Hour
GUANKE Store Women’s Wooden Watch


This timepiece is the perfect combination of simplicity and elegance. Its handmade fashion statement represents the class and standard of its wearer.

Despite the rather simplistic look of the dial, the straps’ unique design truly gives an eye-catching fashion statement. The dial provides a classy look with the combination of the stylish strap that elevates each other’s look.

The dial also displays the days of the week and the date of the month, which gives it added functionality while it also stays remarkably fashionable.

It is primarily designed for women of all ages, from teens to adults; this timepiece will radiate the elegance and uniqueness of its wearer.


The watch itself is made handcrafted in the hands of the most skillful artisan, and the strap is made with hand-selected wood by expert artisans. These woods include ebony, red sandalwood, zebrawood, maple, and bamboo.

Reliability and Functionality

The watch itself is made of highly sustainable materials. Despite being highly durable, the wristwatch is lightweight and very comfortable to wear.

The battery life lasts from 12-24 months and needs to be replaced from time to time. The dial is 38mm and 210mm easily adjustable wood straps. Last but not least, the dial glass is made of hardened, scratch-proof mineral glass.

High Sustainability

With its unique design and powerful functionality, this classy and highly fashionable wristwatch is the perfect gift for your loved ones as they can cherish it for the long term with its high sustainability and durability.

Furthermore, the casing comes in a unique, simplistic wooden case making it a beautiful gift box, and it will make a gift for your loved one in any event and leave a lasting memory.


  • Stylish design, suitable for women of all ages
  • Highly durable and sustainable
  • Hand-crafted and 7 different high-quality wood has been used
  • Great functionality


  • Unsuitable for all types of outfits

Lastly, we have the Yggdrasil tree of life handmade wooden watch. This is a good and stylish wristwatch from Yggdrasil, which is best for lightweight and stylish gestures. We like the double buckles and unique handcrafted design of this timer.

The watch comes with a lot of superior things inspired by Norse Mythology. For this myth, you will observe the Viking feel. This watch arrives in a limited and exclusive edition with a luxurious pillow ready for use and giving.


  • Dial window material type: Hardlex Crystal
  • Display Type: Analog
  • Clasp: Tang Buckle, double buckle
  • Movement: Quartz
  • Material: Zebra Wood and Ebony
  • Mirror Material: Hardlex
  • Mechanism: High-quality Miyota mechanism
  • Power: Battery
  • Readout: Analog
Yggdrasil Tree of Life Handmade Viking Wooden Watch

Viking Spirit Design

You may astonish to see the great tree of life wooden watch. The timer is uniquely designed by the specially skilled artisans of the manufacturer for Viking lovers. So you will get here more lively and natural feelings.

Made with Top-Quality Materials

Vikingenes is a top-quality timer made with prestigious materials so that you will like the even finish.

From bezel to watch face, overall, it has a fine and detailed finish and polished look, handcrafted with high-quality, durable, long-lasting wooden customary design. Besides this, the watch is also available in zebra wood and ebony for better longevity.


It may sound a little, but you would love to hear that this timer is made of handcrafting. So you won’t find there any machine work.

Last for Years

Vikingenes is a long-lasting aesthetic watch. For material, the authority used here is all from solid wooden piles, so these are less damageable and breakable.

Belongs to Miyota Mechanism

Since these timepieces are made with very limited products, it seems more stylish for the high-quality Miyota mechanism. For this mechanism, the stones and all engraved materials didn’t get spoil or fall out from the frame.

Best gift for A luxurious box

This watch is a suitable gift for people from teenage to old, even though you will also love the luxurious gift box with this.


  • They’re good to wear to feel more comfortable
  • The materials that come with this watch are solid, durable
  • Watch bands look so stylish and aesthetic
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Best for gifting a special one


  • The links on this watch crack and break where the metal spike goes through the wood

What Factors to Consider When Buying a Wooden Watch

When buying wooden watches from online stores, you need to make sure about the movements and warranty. Sometimes, defective watches might get shipped.

So, make sure to always read the descriptions carefully. And, only buy the watch if it offers a warranty. If you have any questions about the product, do not hesitate to contact the seller.

Tasteful Design

The best watch or any other accessory is something that is not only stylish and aesthetic but also represents your taste and elevates your style. A great timepiece is supposed to showcase your high standards and represent you.

When looking through any kind of timer you must make sure it suits your style and elevates your overall look. While purchasing any wooden watch be sure it fits your day-to-day style and overall look.

The best watches chosen in this article are meant to be mostly universal but they are also carefully chosen for particular people.


When considering what wooden wristwatch to buy you must go back to its roots. Wooden watches are made from a multitude of trees from Ebony to bamboo.

The source material used for making the watch is what connects its story. The quality of the wood directly impacts the quality of the overall watch.

Furthermore, different wood has a different textures so the material will also impact how comfortable the watch feels on your wrist.

Features and Functionality

When purchasing a wooden watch, the features will play a key role in your satisfaction. That’s why you should carefully look at what extra features the timer offers besides reading the time. The features can range from telling dates to luminous dial.

The features of the watch will mostly depend on the dial. However, don’t go overboard with too many features. It is because sometimes fewer features actually give a classical minimalistic look if that’s the type of look you are going for.


A wooden watch is meant to be a timeless piece of art, which is why the best wooden watches are those that are reliable and sustainable. It represents a part of your personality so it should stay with you for a long time.

Although wooden watches are usually very durable and lightweight, most of the wood is susceptible to water damage.

On average, wooden watches with careful craftsmanship usually go a long way and could be used for years with careful use. However, wooden watches are normally susceptible to water, and with exposure to water, the quality of the wood is likely to decline and cause breakage rapidly.

So the reliability of a wooden goes ultimately goes back to the materials used on it. Some woods like Acacia wood are highly durable and water-resistant, so it all comes down to the quality of source materials.

Dial Quality

When buying watches, the dial quality is very important to consider. When you look at a watch, you see the dial first. The dial must be pleasant to look at and must be of vibrant texture to make the time visible. The hands of the dial must be luminous to check the time at night or in a dark environment.

So, the dial quality matters a great deal while buying a watch. Dials too dark will cause eyes to strain in dark environments.


The quality, feel, and look of a watch matter more than the wristwatch. A cheap watch from unreliable sellers will not last long. Watch parts will fall off easily, making it difficult to wear. Also, the feel and texture of such watches will not be up to mark, making them irritable on the wrist.

Wooden timers tend to be very expensive. But the watches mentioned in this article provide the best quality wooden watches for an affordable price range.


When purchasing a watch, we don’t just buy a machine to read the time. We buy a story, a statement that represents a part of us. This story is called the story of the brand.

Brands matter and wearing a timepiece of a reputable brand that shares our values. Not only the branded watch elevates our looks but also ensures we are getting products of premium quality that will last years to come.

How to do the Maintenance of Wooden Watches

Unarguably, you will not get long-lasting performance from your wooden watch if not maintained properly. So, regular and periodic maintenance is necessary.

The following tips will help you to do proper maintenance of wooden watches.

Use It Carefully

The best way to take care of your wooden watch is to wear it often and not let it sit in the dust for too long. A wooden watch usually relies on the users’ natural oils to lubricate itself and stay moisturized.

Your natural oils will prevent the wood from going dry and prevent discoloration. The oils that your skin releases will affect it like a lubricant and will also make the material shiny.

Most wooden watches mentioned in this article have a universal design and can be used in your everyday life. But in the instance that your wooden watch is staying in your cupboard for too long make sure you use some kind of lubricant from time to time in order to maintain it.

But it’s never a bad idea to use a protective oil as it will give your watch an extra layer of protection and also preserve its brand-new shine.

Water Is the Enemy

The biggest drawback of wooden watches is that they are not waterproof. So you have to make sure that your timepiece is not direct exposure to water as this can weaken the wood and eventually break it off

Exposure to water will cause both interior and exterior damage and cause the wood to shrink as well as leave stains on the wood.

The best way to prevent this is to be careful about the environments that can cause this effect. Still, to combat this weakness you can purchase watches that are made from woods like Acacia that are highly resistant to water.

But keep in mind they are only highly resistant, not immune so you still have to be careful.

Keep It Away from The Sun

Although it’s not recommended to leave your beautiful timepiece collecting dust. It is also harmful to the watch if it is exposed too much to the sunlight as it can cause cracking and discoloration.

But don’t be afraid to wear your watch if you are in an environment with a lot of sunshine. It is totally safe to use in your day-to-day life even if you are exposed to the sun very often. Just remember to let it rest once in a while and give it a day off.

How to Clean Natural Wood Watch Band?

Wood is a natural product and needs timely cleaning and conditioning. To clean natural wood watches, mix a teaspoon of olive oil with lemon juice and mix well.

After mixing, use soft cotton and soak it in the mixture. Then, gently apply it to the wooden part of the watch. This will clean it from dirt and other external factors it has been exposed to.

You can also use a damp cloth to clean the watches. Gently scrub the areas of wood and remove the filth. Afterward, use a dry cloth to wipe away any potential wet soap from the watch.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Are wooden watches durable?

The durability of wooden watches depends on the materials and the type of wood used to make the watch. Wooden timepieces are well-known for their long-lasting performance.

Are wooden watches in style?

Where leather or metal watches show signs of wear over the years wooden watches remain timeless pieces that can be used for years with careful use.

Are wooden watches waterproof?

Unfortunately, no, wood is usually susceptible to water but certain woods like Acacia are more resistant to water damage.

Are Wooden watches made of real wood?

Yes. Wooden watches mentioned in this article are all made of natural wood. This makes them eco-friendly and pleasant to wear while being sober to look at. Made of real wood, it makes it harder to maintain and must be taken constant care of to make them last longer.


The most over-spoken statement about watches is that their sole purpose is to keep track of time. With the advancement of technology, this cannot be further from the truth.

These restrained and sober, yet eye-catching machines have gone through a powerful transition and have reached a mainstream style.

You may ask yourself, why even buy the best wooden watches? These watches don’t just offer a change in style. They’re made from 100% natural wood, making them not only pleasurable to wear but also eco-friendly to mother nature.

These watches catch the attention of anyone who lays eyes upon them. They make people instantly fall in love with its unique design and sober finish.

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Nick Rolloson
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