How To Change Watch Face On Apple Watch From iPhone

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The Apple Watch has been the best wristwatch for people for over a decade. It’s not only for the perfect physical appearance but also this one has a very user-friendly interface.

Regretfully, many users, especially novice folk, didn’t know precisely how to change the watch face on the Apple Watch from the iPhone.

So don’t worry if you don’t have any idea about this. I will introduce you to the steps and process of managing these excellent customization options so that you can install them on your watch too.

5 Steps to Follow to Change Watch Face on Apple Watch From iPhone

Before starting the procedure, ensure that your watch and iPhone have enough charge. It’s better if you charge both of them fully.

First, I begin with the iPhone settings, then move on to the watch where you can set the watch face automatically by both time and location. So follow each step carefully and try to mimic them fully.

Step-1: Open Up The Watch App

First, open up the iPhone menu bar. Scrolling down and trying to find out the watch app options. Once you find them, tap on the “Face Gallery Tab.” You may trace this at the bottom of the opportunity.

Step-2: Select The Design

After entering that option, you may see multiple rows of options such as a new watch face, activity, artist, astronomy, and much more. Now select the watch App you like most, and don’t forget to include the designation.

Step-3: Customize The Color

On the next task, you need to customize the color. Unlike the design option, here you also get different varieties. Make sure you choose the one that is best for you. Now, wait for a while.

Once you select the color option, the watch app will show you a preview at the top of the screen.

Step-4: Select The Style

Somewhere you may also find the option of selecting styles. So select here anyone who makes you feel pleased and aesthetic. But you should be careful about choosing some initial option. Because choosing them unknowingly may bring disaster or unpredictable complications for you.

Step-5: Select The Complications

Lastly, select the complications, depending on how many interface designs you choose. Again, watch apps will let its user tap each and set them individually from the list.

Now, tap near the right corner of the phone. And your watch face is now changed completely. No matter how far your watch is kept from you, it will automatically update the new watch face. 

5 Steps to Change Apple Watch Face Automatically by Time

Meanwhile, if you don’t have the iPhone nearby, Apple watches have other options to change.

Thankfully, Apple also added some twists on most of their hand timers which can be changed back to another watch face after a certain period. A user needs to set up the time and location so that the Apple intelligent algorithm can understand them.

So, there you find more fun by bringing a different change onto the watch face. Here’s step-by-step guidance on this.

Step-1: Launch The Shortcut Apps

Come back to your phone again. Go to the App store to install new shortcut apps. Then tap on the automation option at the bottom of the screen. Now go for the next step.

Step-2: Create Personal Automation

Secondarily, you have to create personal automation. Afterward, choose the option of the day, time, and location.

Step-3: Choose Sunrise & Sunset Options

Finally, choose the Sunrise and sunset options. After a while, you might get another periodic option of selecting a specific time around the solar events. Or sometimes you may ask to specify any time, including time of daily, weekly, and monthly options.

Now, tap on the “next.” After a while, another pop-up appeared on the screen. Here you have to select Add action; meanwhile, enter the search field to look up the watch.

Step-4: Select Set Watch Face

Here the procedures are quite the same which you’ve followed for the time settlements. Note that here you should select the official names for Apple due to observing its duplicity.

Step-5: Tap On “Next” & Finish It

After doing these above steps, it is the end line of this process. Just click on next when you notice the action screen re-appearance. Then toggle off and switch the following option to ask before running.

Finally, click on the “don’t ask” at the prompt and tap “done.” Thus, you can enjoy different watch faces on your timepiece automatically.

How to Change Watch Face Automatically by Location

Unlike the timing, you can even change the watch face location. All you need to do is determine some things and keep these strict thumb rules in mind.

  • Open the shortcut App again.
  • Select the automation tab at the bottom.
  • Then tap on “create personal automation.”
  • On the next pop-up, you will find the “time of day option.”
  • Here you will find an option likewise Sunrise or sunset. This option will let you select an accurate option or define a specific time around the solar events.
  • In most cases, you will see repeated options like daily, weekly, or monthly in the settings. You will now be able to set the “Time of Day” and tap “Next.”
  • Now, do the same process I explained above step-4 & 5 on the watch face settings by time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Change My Apple Watch from Face to iPhone?

Changing the Apple Watch from face to iPhone is a straightforward process. All you need to cover some steps adequately.

  • First, open the Apple Watch App on the iPhone. Then, tap on the Face gallery; it might be situated at the bottom left area of the screen.
  • Now, swipe downward to select the photos, and pick anyone that you like most. After that, customize the setting to your liking and tap on “Add.”
  • Thus, you can change the Apple Watch from the face to the i-Phone.

How Do I Add A Watch Face to An Apple Watch Via An iPhone?

Adding a watch face to an Apple Watch via an iPhone is a bit easy.

  • So start by opening your iPhone, then launch the watch app.
  • Afterward, go straight to the watch face gallery list and select the watch face you want to add.
  • After that, try to detect or refine any error from the watch’s face if it seems disturbing. Now, click back from your chosen watch face and scroll it down.
  • Finally, press the “set” option to set it as a current watch face.

What’s The Way to Add Watch Faces to Apple Watch from iPhone?

Adding watch faces to the Apple device from an iPhone is easiest when you open the Apple Watch app. Tap on my watch options. After that, you need to swap through the collection below on the face apps.

Can You Put Your Picture on Your Apple Watch?

Yes, you can add your current photo onto the watch face. For this, go onto the menu bar option from your watch. Scrolling down and creating a watch face. Afterward, you have to choose another opportunity to make portraits, photos, or a kaleidoscope watch face.

How Do You Change The Apple Watch Face on Apple Watch 7?

Changing Apple Watch 7 is quite a straightforward method. It’s just a matter of following a few basic steps.

  • Begin your work from the clock screen, and tap and hold them.
  • Next, swap it down from right or left to the desired watch face. To select the edit options, you must rotate the digital crown or home button to go through the preferred option.
  • Finally, settled the work by navigating the digital crown or home button.

Is There Any Custom Apple Watch Face?

Apple also provides an option like customization for the watch faces. It can be done either by your phone or the settings. Go to the menu and open the clock screen.

Remember that since this Apple Watch face is so clean to view, one can add different functions like data, weather, time zones, heart rate, mail, and voice memos here.

Final Thought

Different watch faces have different meanings, adding another vintage to your wristwatch. So you can follow the above instructions on how to change the watch face on Apple Watch from iPhone. The processes I describe are all reliable and accessible.

However, a watch face will give you accurate timing all the time, so it’s undoubtedly a necessary function to install.

Apple will lessen many of its users’ sufferings by bringing uniqueness and adding solemn quality, making them a deity figure towards its competitors every year. Unlike this, those hand timers also have a crystal-clean display with a customizable option of different watch faces for better visibility.

Nevertheless, people love them for color and feature variations, which they often find to be a bit disappointing due to fast battery drainage issues. In that case, the common suggestion for you is to use at least 1-2 watch faces as a background instead of 10.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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