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Seiko Spring Drive is something strange yet mysterious movement that we talk about around the globe. These are primarily associated with high-end brands. And those movements are seen in many high-end Seikos that derive from Galante to Credor.

Despite these all successes and the behaviors, it is still strange how this radical sign is working. Many watch collectors don’t have an exact idea of how this is working. So let’s start with some basics. We will begin the guide from its starting process, and we will know how this revolution happened?

What is Spring Drive in Seiko?

We can say that Spring Drive is a specific moment that will combine the high torques of mechanical watches, and it will do this with a control system of the high precision circuit in an electronic watch. It will be specified on accuracy per day.

This is something unique for technology on watches, and it is generating energy like every other mechanical item in the industry. But what makes this unique is it is combining with an electronic regulator, and it will deliver some precision levels that no other mechanical items are capable of.

Spring Drive in Seiko combines the highest torque on a mechanical watch for the most elevated precision IC controlling system. (Integrated Circuit on an electronic watch). The precision is controlling on this IC, allowing to have high standard accuracy and have the highest rate for accuracy.

Grand Seiko is one of the few manufacturers who is become a master for this technology within the electronic and mechanical industry of watches. So it is possible to the development of this Spring Drive.

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Seiko Spring Drive Watches and How it Works?

Traditional watches are usually created its powers by a battery, and they will feature a quartz oscillator. This quartz oscillator controls the step motor, which has been linked to the hands of the movements on Spring Drive. As it seems in its name, this drive receives all the energy it needs to function through a wound spring.

Spring Drive watches have some mainspring power reservation that comes from two and eight days depending on its movement.

These are just behaving like regular mechanical items. And also, the mainspring of them is connecting to the gear train. So it is more like a gear train you see on movements of traditional watches. Some of the components from 80% in the Caliber of Spring Drive are the same as the luxury mechanical watches.

The trick is that at the gear end of the train, there will be a wheel. This wheel is no turning back and forth that would turn the same as the traditional mechanical movements. Instead of that, it is going to shift in one direction.

You need to keep in mind that Seiko calls that process a wheel rotor as it only rotates in one direction. You need to try many times you can to keep these things easy and consistent.

The main question is that how this stem of spring drive is keeping its accurate time? A mechanical watch would be the balance wheel and the escapement for the tick-tocking on a set accuracy. In this system, you will call it a Tri-Synchro regulator to control the three types of several powers. Those powers are

  • Electric Power
  • Mechanical Power
  • Electromagnetic Power

Try – synchro regulator.

The Tri Synchro regulator controls and coordinates the three power sources we have mentioned earlier, and there is an inspired functionality on this.

If we cannot see a battery here, how does it actuary works, and how is this quartz oscillator coordinating these power sources? So there is impressive functionality.

There is no battery for this performance, and power generation happens here through the rotor. The rotor is acting together with the coil block for power generation. It is the same as how a bicycle dynamo generates electricity by a rotating wheel.

The electricity generated here is activating the IC or the integrated chip, and the linked quartz oscillator generates a reference of the signal by 32,786 Hertz. The chip in here will compare the signals to the rotor’s rotating speed, and it will be eight turns for a second.

Generating the Electric Power

We now have the needed electric power, and it comes with a reference link to run by the watch. The last process in here is to ensure on the rotor and the gear train.

We do this to make sure whether the hands of our watch are rotating at the exact speed we want. For this process, the Tri Synchro regulator will help us.

It will periodically apply an electromagnetic break to ensure that the rotor rotation has been aligned with the reference signal. Quartz Oscillator will provide the reference signal.

IC monitor is comparing the speed of the signal and will apply a magnetic brake to it. This is doing for the preventing excessive or fast rotation on the watch.

And this is the whole process that a spring drive works in a watch, and it is always driving by a wound mainspring that comes through a regular gear train.

And also, you can see this process is regulating by an integrated circuit and with a quartz oscillator. So it is a unique blend that is available on the mechanical watchmaking of the traditional. And of course, it is from the technology of the 21st century.

As the last step, we will imagine that all of this mainspring driving technology, electromechanical things are in a wearable wrist.

And also, this is consisting of a power resource of the three days, being accurate for more than not +-15 seconds on a month, and will rely on the long run with much wide spectrum temperatures than a regular watch.

As per Seiko’s statement on long-termed reliability, whole gear training rotation is working without a stop as it has no traditional sensitive escapement. This happens due to the gear train’s rotor wheel’s continuous rotation and the lubricated sections. So generally, the movements of Spring Dive should last for an extended period.

When concerning the electronic parts here, there are no chemical components for the deterioration, and the way of the working electronics is similar to the quartz movements. So one item should have a long life expectation within a Spring Dive watch.

How Good is Seiko Spring Drive?

Regarding the accuracy of this spring drive, it is excellent, and no doubt on that part in here. If we talk about the Grand Seiko Spring’s appearance, it has straightforward and minimal surface features. So it is something genuine than most items, and you can sue them on any occasion.

The material of these models is delivering through the domain of materials. So there will be a titanium case with sapphire crystals and an excellent contribution through its material to stabilize the state. So it will have a long-lasting property.

Grand Seiko is a master of machinery within its pieces, and there is such a unique electronic aspect within it. It has a regulating movement and will never be losing a second. So with all the aspects, we can consider the grand Seiko Spring Drive as the best product that we can use in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question 1: Is Spring Drive just quartz?
Answer: Spring drive is constantly powering with a mainspring. So while it is doing that, incorporating these quartz oscillators for speed control allows the spring drive to deliver the highest accuracy level. It will be 15 seconds plus or less in a month and equivalent to one second for one day. So a spring drive is not just only quartz, and it will constantly be activating with a mainspring as well.

Question 2: How long does spring drive last?
Answer: It has an approximate time for working, like 72 hours. But it depends on the movement and the accuracy. There are some manual winding that works along with automatic movements as well. So although their accuracy level tends to be equivalent, sometimes the power reservation will vary. But the general time for a lasting is approximately calculating as 72 hours.

Question 3: Does Seiko spring drive have a battery?
Answer: Usually, the Seiko Spring drive doesn’t need a battery to have its performance. It is more similar to all the mechanical watches out there. So this Seiko spring drive will work from a mainspring. It generates the power traditionally, and this generated power is allowing the watch to be autonomous. So it doesn’t need a battery or any other type of power source to activate itself.

Question 4: Is Seiko Spring Drive reliable?
Answer: Seiko Spring Drive has a reliability of a 1-second plus or minus in a day for twice. This twice method is précising as the good Rolex Superlative Chronometer and will be more than certified master chronometer f METAS. And this will be many times more accurate than the OSC chronometer, which has been approved. So generally, a Seiko Spring Drive is so reliable than the other sources.

Question 5: Is Seiko and Grand Seiko the same company?
Answer: Seiko is a reliable brand, and they are not pitting so much care for the individual products on the market or their own self ones. When talking about the Grand Seiko, it takes more time and care to create the best watches in the market. They build so many parts by their hand, bracelet, and polish case until they have the bright shine. And most importantly, Grand Seiko goes through a manual inspection on quality control.


Spring Drive Seiko is generated for having a high standard of accuracy. So the unique operating system and the combination of the high torque mechanisms are precision controlling the IC for good accuracy. If you want to have a 10+ second yearly rate accuracy, this would be the best choice that you can make forever.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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