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Garmin watches are loved by everyone, from youngsters to adults. A concern might arise in everyone’s mind about how long do Garmin watches last. Being an electronic gadget with smartwatch facilities, such concerns are quite obvious to have in the first place.

Moreover, people might come up with a comparison list to show the lacking that Garmin watches.

Nevertheless, Garmin watches will eventually win the comparison battle since they managed to win people’s hearts. Starting from their designer looks to their long-lasting assurance, no one can resist such an amazing brand!

How Long do Garmin Watches Last?

Many people might not be aware of Garmin watches in case they use different other brands. Garmin watches are considered the best sports watch since they are water resistant, and contain GPS trackers and fitness trackers.

The specialty of Garmin watch is that these watches can also track your heart rate, respiration, oxygen level, and many more. Although they are slightly more on the expensive side, they are worth using.

Now it is quite an obvious fact that the more you will use your watch, the more it has the chance to die fast. For instance, you wanted to do something extremely adventurous like mountain hiking, diving, running, or anything such.

The chances of ultimately damaging your watch display and draining your battery life will drastically increase. Garmin watches hence make sure you can use it under any circumstances and perform any daring tasks.

However, if you somehow crash your watch under a rock, or leave scratches every time, it will eventually get damaged.

Now come the actual point- how long does Garmin watch last? If you notice the materials used to build any Garmin watches, you will see that it can last for seven years or more.

But keeping aside all the materials and components aside, the actual thing that ensures that the watch can last for a long time is the internal battery. Since the battery is rechargeable, it has a limited cycle of charging that allows the watch to work for a long.

As mentioned before, the rechargeable cycle of Garmin watches is 500 charging cycles. If I consider the outdoor and fitness watches of Garmin, the battery can last for a minimum of a week until the watch needs to get recharged.

Different Garmin watches model and their battery life

If the watch is not used roughly or regularly, the battery life can last for 50 days maximum, if kept in the smartwatch mode.

Here is the list of Garmin watches and how long they last if these are switched to smartwatch mode.

Garmin Watch ModelBattery Life (Smartwatch Mode)
Approach® S1210 weeks
Approach® S208 weeks
Approach® S4210 days
Approach® S6214 days
D2™ Air X107 days
D2™ Mach 111 days (4 days always-on)
Descent™ G121 days
Descent™ G1 Solar21 days / 4 months with Solar
Descent™ Mk216 days
Descent™ Mk2i16 days
Descent™ Mk2S7 days
Enduro™50 / 65 days with Solar
Enduro 2™34 days / 46 days with Solar
epix™ (Gen 2)16 days (6 days always-on)
fenix® 614 days
fenix® 6 Pro / Sapphire14 days
fenix® 6 Pro Solar14 days / 16 days with Solar
fenix® 6S9 days
fenix® 6S Pro / Sapphire9 days
fenix® 6S Pro Solar9 days / 10.5 days with Solar
fenix® 6X21 days
fenix® 6X Pro / Sapphire21 days
fenix® 6X Pro Solar21 days / 24 days with Solar
fenix® 718 days
fenix® 7 Sapphire Solar18 days / 22 days with Solar
fenix® 7 Solar18 days / 22 days with Solar
fenix® 7S11 days
fenix® 7S Sapphire Solar11 days / 14 days with Solar
fenix® 7S Solar11 days / 14 days with Solar
fenix® 7X Sapphire Solar28 days / 37 days with Solar
fenix® 7X Solar28 days / 37 days with Solar
Forerunner® 2457 days
Forerunner® 245 Music7 days
Forerunner® 25514 days
Forerunner® 255 Music14 days
Forerunner® 255S12 days
Forerunner® 255S Music12 days
Forerunner® 5514 days
Forerunner® 7457 days
Forerunner® 94514 days
Forerunner® 945 LTE14 days
Forerunner® 95515 days
Forerunner® 955 Solar15 days / 20 days with Solar
Garmin Swim™ 27 days
Instinct® 228 days
Instinct® 2 Solar28 days / Unlimited with Solar
Instinct® 2S21 days
Instinct® 2S Solar21 days / 51 days with Solar
Legacy Hero – Captain Marvel7 days
Legacy Hero – First Avenger8 days

Why is My Garmin Watch Dying Fast?

An inevitable fact that no gadget user can change is to have a long-lasting life for their favorite gadgets.

Similarly, there are plenty of reasons why Garmin watches die faster than it should. One of the inevitable reasons is the excessive usage of the watch throughout the day.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of other reasons that enable the watch to die faster.

1. Fast Battery Drainage

An evident opinionated fact to consider is that if your watch has a battery that can be rechargeable, then understand that the battery life will not last long. Since the watch has a smartwatch mode, so it has features similar to other smartwatches.

Such power-consuming watches use high battery power since they track activities, use GPS in the background, or even play music online while working or jogging.

2. Damage Due to Water

Although Garmin watches are water resistant, that does not mean you can literally keep it underwater for a long time. The manufacturers put a limit to the water resistance and if anyone goes beyond that, the water will find its way to get inside the gadget.

Mostly, Garmin watches can go 100 meters deep, and not beyond that. Otherwise, the water can go inside the case as well as the pusher.

3. Physical Damage

Another reason why Garmin watches damage faster. Apparently, there are two sets of Garmin watches, one that is made with plastic and another which are heavier and less likely to get used during sports activities.

The ones made with plastics are less heavy and hence the usage of those watches escalates. However, the display of the watch can still be breakable. If you unintentionally drop your watch on the ground during any sort of activity, the chances of the whole watch dying become evident.

4. Manufacturing Error

Manufacturing error might be the last reason Garmin watches die so fast. Nonetheless, manufacturers make mistakes as well.

Either they placed the whole hardware wrong or the display might not work properly right after the purchase. Either way, they have the warranty solution and you can redeem it before the warranty ends.

5. Buildup of Debris in the Charging Port

Have you ever cleaned the charging port of your Garmin watch, or ever thought about cleaning it? Since that part of the watch is frequently used, much tiny debris forms and clogs that spot. The result is that the port cannot be used again unless thoroughly cleaned.

Most of the time, that debris can get inside the body of the watch and the watch starts to malfunction. You can easily clean up that debris using cotton buds or cloth so that you can easily charge your Garmin watch again.

6. Bluetooth

If you keep your Bluetooth turned on for a long time, it will drain your battery life. Even when you don’t need to use Bluetooth, it will still do its job and search to pair up devices.

If you use your Bluetooth to sync your watch with other devices and use it to transfer files from time to time, the watch will eventually lose its battery life.

7. Wi-Fi or Backlit

Although Wi-Fi or backlit is the most crucial part of the smartwatch, these can also be the reason for Garmin watches die faster. If your Wi-Fi is used regularly to search for anything, or your backlit is put on 100%, the chances of battery life depletion increase.

Thus, less use of Wi-Fi and putting the backlight at a decent percentage might give your Garmin watch another chance to work properly.

How to Maximize Garmin Watches Battery Life?

The Garmin watch is indeed a great brand that has a high battery life unless roughly used. There are plenty of reasons that deplete the battery life of Garmin watches.

However, to escalate the life of your watch battery, here are some of the tips that can be used to get a long-lasting battery.

1. Battery Saving Mode

Battery saving mode acts like a safe game; this eventually helps to use less battery but does all the work with perfection.

This mode fixes the brightness and turns off all the apps that work in the background. Simply go to the menu, click on settings and scroll down until you find the battery-saver option.

2. Lower Brightness

Keeping your brightness up to 100% can easily drain your battery life since they have to use more power to brighten up the display. Although at some point, 100% brightness is required while going out on a scorching sunny day.

But the standard backlit percentage should be used in case you want to save your battery life. Press the menu button and scroll down until you find the settings option. Click on settings and click the system option. You will find a ‘general use’ option where you can fix the brightness level.

3. Turn off Paired Notification

Garmin watches in smartwatch mode allow your phone or other devices to sync and you can get all the notifications on your watch. This works when you don’t have your mobile phone with you or your mobile battery died.

Nevertheless, you can turn off this option since using this drains out excessive battery life. You can toggle off the notification access by going to your mobile’s settings. Click on the notification and turn off the notification access.

4. Turn off Heart Rate Monitoring

Garmin basically serves as a sports watch and it allows you to see your heart rate while doing certain activities.

Turning off this mode can enable the watch to have long-lasting battery life. Even though this feature is what makes the watch attractive, sometimes it is better to take wise decisions.

Now to turn off that feature, go to the watch’s menu, click on settings, choose wrist HR, and then either completely toggle off that feature or click on the ‘activity only’ option so that it monitors your heart rate while you are performing any activities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I replace the Garmin Watch Battery?

Yes is the only answer you will get. However, it is far better if you replace your battery with the hands of the experts. The battery has lots of macro joint circuits which are also breakable if not handled properly.

Why is my Garmin Fenix 5 battery depleting faster?

If you use your device roughly, it is obvious that your Fenix 5 battery will deplete rapidly. But there are a few features that ensure faster battery drainage: brightness, GPS, Bluetooth, widgets, and connectivity sensors.

Final Words

Garmin watches are extremely famous for its multipurpose usage. You can use it like a smartwatch, also like a sports watch. They provide many varieties of watches which you can choose according to your preference.

More or less all sorts of smartwatches and sports watches have battery and components issues since they are electrical gadgets after all.

But now you know how long do Garmin watches last and what you can do to make it last longer than usual. No matter how you use your watch and where you use it, taking proper care will solve most of the issues.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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