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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is well-known for its advanced features. People love its performance in the water. But still, some users have questions like is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 waterproof? Of course, they’re.

Those watches have multiple sensors, along with the most beneficial IP68 ratings. That means those watches are highly compatible with dust, dirt, and sand as well as; they have better diversity in a wet atmosphere.

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Is The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Waterproof? [Basic Analysis] 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is waterproof and well-engineered with the highest technology, actions, and many goodies. No doubt it is a great watch, but it provides the users with a lot of surprises.

The most interesting thing about this unique hand timer is its high-quality IP68 ratings, 5ATM water depth, MIL-STD-810G, durability, medical assist guidance, low to high altitude oddity, etc.

1. IP68 Ratings

IP ratings is a term that is usually added to the device to protect it from special and particular things. This one is expectedly planning to add to the first device of “The OnePlus 8 Pro”. And then spread to others.

For a better understanding of the terms, let us discuss what an IP68 rating means. I find here three initial digits named I, P, 6 & 8. Those four digits stand with different meanings, and their working process benefits its user’s different points of view.

The first two digits, “I & P ” stands for Ingress Protection, indicating the potential to save them from little mycobacterial elements like sand, dust, etc.

The second two numerals, “6 & 8,” means they’d have the highest resistance to fight against high-pressure and high-heat water squirts.

Some key Advantages of IP68 Ratings

  • Higher IP68 ratings mean it can give more protection against water-related functions.
  • Allows an individual to be submerged in high-density water, around 1.5 m in average measurement.
  • Provides more facilities to do any physical activities in in-depth water, including-Marco polo, water volleyball, water polo, ice skating, diving, etc.
  • Evaluate more easy ways to use the watch in wet, heavy water.
  • Make a barrier against rust, debris, and others.

In this sense, I can say that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has good water resistance against both water and dust.

Does IP68 Mean Fully Waterproof?

After analyzing all those facts, now got to the point, is it fully waterproof? Well, it is ironically hard to tell that neither any anti-technological device nor any special functions will guarantee you that.

Similarly, when a device has IP68 ratings, it will prepare to give you maximum support to enjoy all water-related activities without any fear of damage or soiling issues.

2. 5ATM Water Rating

Another piece of evidence that Samsung Galaxy 4 is worthy of high-profile water activities is having 5ATM water ratings. You may have already known that 5ATM is great for spawning better-quality immersion.

Whether washing utensils in the kitchen or swimming in the pool water, this watch doesn’t stop in the midst.

Combined with other Samsung series, Samsung Galaxy 4 is a pure, solid version. 5ATM is an incredibly great and highly rated trait for professional aquatics Olympiads, sailors, and divers. These functions also grant the watch to be submerged in water for up to 30 minutes.

3. ML-STD-810G

Unlike the IP68 rating, here I also got some basic numerical numbers. ML-STD-810G is a U.S. military standard term interlinked with iterations and decades. It is one function that manufactures to obstruct the wristwatch against shock, vibrations, and more.

What Is the Best Way to Maintain Your Samsung Galaxy 4 Watch?

Maintaining any electronic device is important to expand its shelf life. With these norms, Samsung Galaxy 4 watch also requires some basic steps for maintained cleanliness, including-

  1. Pick a clean rag to wipe off the watch after every use. It helps to remove all types of dirt, germs, residues, etc.
  1. If the watch gets wet or dirty, try to clean or dry it using a soft cloth.
  1. Make sure not to dive the watch into normal or soapy water for more than 30 minutes. Otherwise, it may damage or spoil forever.
  1. Try to store the watch at a sustainable temperature, which means it’s neither too high nor too low. Yet, it will destroy the internal functions of the watch.
  1. To save the internal components from distractions, avoid using some essential ingredients- ammonia, rubbing alcohol, any kind of toxic-alcohol solutions, etc.
  1. Whenever you clean the screen, ensure that there are no scratch marks on there. It may ultimately ruin or leave the spots permanently.
  1. If you notice a simple little grime at the corner of the screen, use a little toothpick or something else to pick it out. It will clear the accumulated dirt evenly.

What to Avoid Wearing Samsung Galaxy Watch 4?

Nothing is dreadful and annoying when you, unfortunately, find that your watch stops working. Maybe it happens for silly mistakes which are unknown to you. No worries, those are common errors often created by people, and you should strictly avoid them.

1. Say “No” to Harsh Chemicals

Say “NO” to too harsh or heavy chemical products to clean the watch. Don’t try out DIY products like Apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, aspirin, nail polish remover, etc. If it is necessary to conduct any DIY products, use mild glass cleaner or volatile products to clean the watch face only.

2. Avoid to Test It on Hard Floor

Avoid using any hard floor or harsh surfaces to test out the durability of the watch. It may damage or ruin if you try this repeatedly.

3. Don’t Dip It in Extreme Hot Water

Another big mistake most people make is putting a watch at an extreme temperature as it may bring a big disaster for you.

4. Avoid Using Them for More Strenuous Activities

When you’re in a heavy-duty workout or gym, it’s better to skip wearing them. Strenuous activities also could pay off more than you expect. 

Is Wearing the Galaxy Watch 4 okay while swimming?

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is the best wrist timer among the top-of-the-line and technologically advanced wrist timers. Since this watch supports 50 m water resistance, this one is super handy for any water activity.

Galaxy watches also have built-in IP68 ratings, which add different variations. This kind of function brings out an extensive manifestation and, at the end of the day, lets you swim properly into the pool.

In brief, swimming with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 gives you tremendous benefits in the pool unless the time duration is more than 30 minutes. Maintaining time duration is also important in case you ignorantly ruin the watch components.

Does Galaxy Watch 4 Support Bathing?

If I briefly answered this question, then yes. Samsung Galaxy watch has all the functions that can survive on heavy waterfalls; it has even water resistance of 5 ATM and 50 m in depth. You will also get the most powerful and superficial glass protector technology of IP68 ratings here.

This technology is mostly used on heavy-duty devices like iPhones, Apple laptops, iPad, etc. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has double protection to ensure better precautions against liquid damage.

In this perspective, you can take the watch on shower time but don’t get it for more than 30 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Waterproof Without a Water Lock?

No, you cannot use the Samsung Galaxy watch 4 without a water lock. Despite those watches already having two prominent functions of iP68 ratings, 50 m water resistance; you need to turn on the lock functions first to make it stronger, activating, and dust-resistance.

However, you can use them during swimming, when it’s raining, and when taking a shower.

How to Turn on Samsung Galaxy 4 Water Lock?

To turn on the Samsung Galaxy 4 water lock mode, install the Galaxy wearable apps from the play store. Next, tap on the water lock options.

Right-click over the “switch on” mode, then hold for a while, and finally, press on the “Home Key” options. Thus, you can easily turn on the Samsung water locks.

How Waterproof Are Galaxy Watches?

Most of the galaxy watches have 50 m water depth resistance. It helps you to swim over deep water for about 30 minutes.

You can use the watch for kayaking, diving, swimming competitions, and pre-recording functions. Pre-recording data generates your overall performance and gives you a quick rating to understand them.

Last Notes

Samsung Galaxy watches 4 is a durable, authentic, unique, fashionable watch. If only talking about the physical appearance, it looks more dashing and bountiful overall. And if only to describe its traits, then this is super comfortable to use in high-profile waterfalls, swim times, and even dive times.

As a result, now you may be clear about is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is waterproof or not. This is completely waterproof, more flexible, and more comfortable to use in water than other timekeeping devices.

Not only this, the Samsung watch 4 can be your closest associate when there is heavy snowfall outside. It gives extra protection from sweating while you’re doing hard gym.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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