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When shifting a Timex battery snuffs your night’s sleep, check out this article on how to change a battery on a Timex watch to do the process accurately.

It’s annoying when your Timex watch suddenly stops working, freezing up like a statue and showing the wrong time for some days. You feel like postpartum, the battery to see what’s going on there, or you may wish it may fix after that.

But you are stuck in the middle when you decide to do them. No worry, do the following ways and steps, and you will be able to change or replace them like a professional.

How to Change A Battery on a Timex Watch – 2 Distinct Ways

There are 2 different ways to change the Timex battery, including using a screwdriver, or knife, and pushing with your finger.

Those methods depend on your watch’s functionality; hence, different Timex models have other body structures, and their case openings also vary.

Material You’ll Need for This Task:

  • Small or flattened-head screwdrivers
  • Knife
  • Soft clothes or rag
  • Bottle cap
  • New battery
  • Pliers
  • Googles

Way-1: Change Battery Using Screwdriver (for Screw Watch Back)

Check your watch back to understand whether it has screws or not. If they have screws and a big-fatty case on their back, follow the steps I described.

Step 1: Slide Out The Watch Strap

Lay down the watch on a flat surface. If you see the watch buckled this time, try to unbuckle it. Slide the watch strap out of the slots. Place the straps in a secure place for now.

Step 2: Unscrew The Back Screws

Now, see the watch back. Pick a screwdriver in your hand, un-tightening the screws one by one. After removing, take a bowl to save those tiny nuts securely.

As they’re minimal, there is a chance of misplacing or trouncing them. This time, the watch back seems to lose, so uncap the lids.

Step 3: Replace The Battery

The battery will be visible inside the watch once you remove the lid. The battery can be removed from the watch by using a small knife or another similar tool.

If the battery isn’t so tight, just push them with your finger trips. By this, it should come out of its back so that you could change them with the new one. Repeat those steps again to put in the watch cover. And it’s done.

Way 2: Change Battery Using Knife (for The Watch without Screwing)

Some Timex watch models come without screws. In that case, a knife or similar tool works better.

Step-1: Remove The Straps from the Watch

Begin the work by removing the straps from the watch. If the wristwatch seems to be buckled, then try to unbuckle or slide it off just as the process I followed on way 1. It will make your job easier.

Now, separate the straps of the slots from each side of the watch. Set the straps aside.

Step 2: Detach The Crown from Case

The crown may be located at the corner of the watch face. It looks like a little knob. Use this to wind the watch and set the right time.

Now, push down the crown from the watch case before unfastening the watch head.

Step 3: Find out The Watch Slots

Turn on the watch head, then watch out the edges. Afterward, you might notice a tiny slot somewhere along the watch’s edge. Next, insert a thin tool into the watch slots and pry them off at the back.

Step 4: Hold The Watch Face With A Soft Cloth

Take a soft cloth and hold the watch face with this. Use one hand to place the watch head down onto the fabric, and secure the edge of the watch with your fingers.

Next, press the watch firmly using the same cloth.

Step 5: Pry off The Watch Back with a Knife

On this step, pry off the watch back with a knife. Always use a sharp knife tip while doing this process because knife tips are often so brilliant and gentle to push onto the back of the watch upward.

Continue to do this process until you hear a popping noise.

The back of the watch then starts to pop off. In that case, the watch circuit box will be easily and safely separated from its back. Now, set them aside for now.

Step 6: Pulled Out The Watch Battery

After removing the circuit box and metallic disc, you might find a battery in the center of the watch. The battery is supposed to be coming out of the frames, now insert the same knife there and pry the battery out.

Keep note that tries to pressurize the battery as gently as you can. Excess pressure may break the other parts inside the watch.

Step-7: Add New Battery & Place It on the Floor

Now, replace or change the older one and keep the watch on the floor. If your floor is not fully carpeted, then place a piece of cardboard under the wristwatch to put it back into the exact place.

Step 8: Reassemble The Watch

Up next, take a bottle cap, then set it on the back of the watch. Press down the bottle cap using your finger until you hear a clipping sound.

This sound will indicate that you are placing or snapping the watch back into place.

Finally, re-attach the straps back onto the watch and put them on your hand. Check twice that the winds are moving righteously, and set the time and date again if you skipped them at the beginning.

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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Changing Timex Battery

There I added some common mistakes which may occur during task time. So, keep an eye on these to avoid any further unpredictable inconvenience.

Knowing them may save you from breaking or damaging the watch back safely.

1. Read The Instruction Manual First

Always try to read out the watch user manual or manufacturer guidance before starting the task.

Those instructions provide some tricks and tips about what process you should follow to change or replace the battery. Some may have clear guidance for pulling the battery from its watch back.

2. Wear Sunglass Or Goggles While Removing Watch Battery

Always wear sunglasses or goggles while changing the battery from the watch. It is important because sometimes the watch glass may break down accidentally and enter your bare eyes.

So it is safe to take on safety goggles to prevent accidents.

3. Ensure to Buy The Right Battery

Watch batteries come with different letters, and numbers are written on their back or manufacturing card.

So, while picking a storm, ensure they’re perfectly matched with similar codes.

You can search Timex’s official website online to inquire about the battery types and proper codes. It will enable you to find the correct watch battery if you don’t know about them yet.

4. Avoid to Give Excessive Pressure

Avoid putting excessive pressure on the watch lids. Watch faces can be damaged or broken by this method.

So go very slowly while removing and attaching the watch covers. This will prevent or decrease the risk of watch damage.

5. Taking Help from The Service Providers

If you’ve any queries about changing the battery on your own, then take help from others. You can bring the watch to nearby jewelry shops or Timex retailers where you buy the watch.

Most of them will give service to their customers for free.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do You Take The Back off A Timex Hand Timer?

Using a flattened screwdriver or a putty knife, you can easily take back off the hand timer. Continue to press down the watch lid with the help of your one-finger trips. Try to keep it up until the watch lid is loosened.

If the watch cover is secured with screws, unscrew it. And if the attached lid seals it, use a tweezer or knife to pull out the watch backs.

Is It Possible to Take Away The Back Cover of The Watch without the Tool?

Yes, it is easy to put out the watch’s back cover without using any tool. To do the process, pick a rubber ball onto the screw-back watch.

You can buy cotton balls or soft Mashable rubber balls, which have enough grip to pry off watch back covers. Now, latch this rubbery ball onto the cover to lose it to uncover the watch lid.

How Much Cost Does It Take to Change A Watch Battery?

It depends on the watch brands, battery types, and the professional providing services. Taking your watch to change the battery to any retail shop may cost up to $10-20.

Again, the watch exchange battery may rise more, around $5-$14, if you take help from any watch specialist or third-party service providers. For chronograph Timex watches, the total cost may be around $40-$65 or $65-$100.

Where to Find Experts for Replacing Timex Watch Battery?

Horologists are the best people to look for when you need help replacing watch batteries, from Timex to any other brand. They’re more familiar and experts in replacing batteries without any damage. Besides this, you can look at any nearest watch brand outlets.

Most watch brand outlets provide free services if the warranty time isn’t expired. Again, shops like authorized watch retailers, jewelry stores, and pawnshops also generate similar services.

How to Find The Right Timex Watch Battery?

Check the code on the back cover to find the correct Timex watch battery. Every watch battery has a coding system; pick that code before buying the newer one. It will also help you to skip any further mistakes.

Anyway, search online if you still have queries about the right battery pieces of information or codes on the official websites.

How to Replace Battery on Timex Marathon Watch?

To replace the battery on the Timex marathon watch: Use plastic needle-nose tweezers to remove the cover. Put the old battery away or recycle it with the appropriate guidance.

Place all the separate parts over the clean white towel. Fit the new watch battery into the compartment and reassemble all the tools.

Final Thought

The way I explained above is excellent, facile, and recommended by most watch experts. All you need to do is follow the process of how to change the battery on the Timex watch properly.

No matter which types of Timex watches you’ve and where they need to be settled. From modern to new Timex models, those steps can fix the battery-changing issues quickly.

Perhaps you can buy some best-suited watch battery replacement tool kits that help you a lot if you’re a beginner or illiterate about these affairs. So pick the tools and change the worst battery from your watch instantly.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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