How to change watch buckle | The Most Simple Guide

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Watch buckle changing is always quite tricky if you don’t know that, but here we will explain how to change watch buckle quite easily. It is a component used to attach the two bands of the timer on your wrist. This is situated in the center of the timer and made up of Brass or titanium.

It is consists of the upper surface and lower handle; the watch’s band is connected with one portion of the fastener shorter handle and the upper body. Its surface intimately placed and round buttonhole clasped with one another on the lower part of the hinge surface and a lock on the motor.

The lower portion consists of the bottom, a single wheel, and a heavy hand. And the bottom is attached with one heavy end and single wheel spins; the other side of the small arm is connected with the belt surface.

How to change the watch buckle

To replace the new watch buckle we need those things: 

  • The clip, which fits in your clock strap.
  • Spring chain replacement instrument.

Before starting the process of watch buckle replacement, you should calculate the strap; it will help you determine its size, which requires. It would help if you had 30mm for starters because your clock strap size is 30mm at the end.

The length of the side of the clock band is generally, but not necessary, various dimensions from the height of the side to the clock band. 

The thickness of the claw is the second important thing. A heavy-duty pre—v hinge would not work on a band that had a twist band initially since the slit out would be too wide for the thorn.

To compress the spring bar, attach to the harness to extract the old hinge and use the spring band instrument’s scraped end. This is achieved by put the side of the device between the band of the clock and its edge.

The spring band is hugged by the scrapped end; use this process until it free from by press the spring band inward.

To create this procedure easily, some has tiny holes on edge. Quickly put the lock pusher side of the spring bar into space to compact the spring bar even it remove from the hinge, I the hinge has these cracks.

You need to mount the band on the edge so that the opening can become visible on the edge of the hinge.

In the next step, you need to remove the spring bar from the band by stretch out entirely with your fingerprints. If a specific finger cannot remove the spring quickly, you can lift it out with the spring chain removal instrument’s needle roller edge.

The knob can be easily break off from the band if you are successful in removing the spring chain.

Put the spring chain instrument into the gap of the hinge now. Push it down and transfer the right when doing so. 

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Replace a leather watch buckle:

Some easy steps you can follow to change a watch link of the leather

At the initial stage, you should detach the old clip from the leather band with a spring strip weapon’s help. Push back on the springtide strip and withdraw it forcefully under the plate hinge toward the end, so it comes free.

In the next step, calculate the size of your new clasp. Flat the leather band in this way that you can close the mouth of gauge around it. Work with the calculation of gauge to place the correct size. Always keep it in mind that your clasp color match with your leather clock strap.

After selecting a clasp of the correct size, start by picking the old leap strip from the sheet of components and sliding it leather strap midway. Connect the bottom in the hole of the leather band. Keep the teeth in position, and slip through the side of the bar with a spring strip.

Put your shape side with the end of the strap. In the belt gap, put one edge of the spring strap, and place the clock on its edge. In this way, the weekend would be closed up. Float the metal bar over it while you keep the spring arm flat.

This can attach to every end of the spring chain in the brace. So, we can say that the watch buckle replacement could be done these simple steps.

Replace Backpack buckle:

The process of watch buckle replacement is not a big deal with the help of these tools;


  • Seam knife
  • Backpack band clasp
  • Stitching machine

To replace buckle, rip off the string with a cloth screamer.

Now, grab the clasp to which the clasp was connected. Remove the product from the current clip out of it.

Put the new clasp with new stuff. Search for the old place that was stitched initially and put on here.

Stitch the substance that links the hardness and clasp to the bag by utilizing a needle and thread. It can be made simple by using the stitching machine if present.

Eventually, the clasp width adjusts or is inserted into the clasp.

Installing the new watch buckle:

By install the spring strip through one edge of the band until it meets the cut-out, we begin to insert the new hinge. 

Next, we need to place the new knob in the split-out and keep it in place as the spring chain begins to pass along the rest of the period. If you require to get the help, you can use the lock picker again.

We are going to mount the remainder of the hinge. To do this, simply trap it on the edge of the spring chain.

To compact the spring strip on the other edge, utilize the other scraped the side of the removal instrument will allow you to slip the hinge on the upper portion of it.

Ensure that the new one is firmly installed, give it a soft tug, and complete implementation.

Watch Buckle Types | Detailed Comparison

Various timer are available in the market, such as Cuff clasp, Leather installation, and Hidden straps, save sliding straps, Loop, and protected strap push-button.

Metallic spring is used in a stratified pattern to broad it elastically, and it can be slid on a bracelet. Spring chain is used to anchor the clock strap to the bracket; it is central to the clock frame. It allows the damage watch strap to remove and replace it with new ones.

  • Deployant clasp.
  • Push-button deployment clasp.
  • Fold-over push-button deployment clasp.
  • Double-locking fold-over clasp.
  • Butterfly clasp / Hidden clasp.
  • Jewelry clasp.
  • Ardillon / Tang buckle.
  • Velcro strap.

Conventional Buckle:

The band consists of the base, strip, and cotter pins called a standard hook. It provides a belt with more durable and straightforward to utilize closing. T is not supposed to offer a tremendous amount of space for decoration through structure but for time tested dependability.

Side release buckle:

A traditional clip fit clasp shaped by the attachment end of a male clasp member, the loop side, and a female hinge leader. A central ring and two leap rods, distributed uniformly from the center disk, comprise the gents clasp part.

Each two-track limb has a maintaining block which sides at the front side. It is a broad front and two side’s cracks in ladies’ clasps that carry and protect the two side limbs f gents’ clasp.

Many secure things can see you attach with these clasps like puppy straps, protective gear, personal protection jackets, and other packs ties; weapon hooks can see they connect with this type of fastener.

Plane Clasp:

This clasp is considered as the lower part of the glider.

Clasp of Spur:

The spur’s clasp is the word for classification of a grip utilized to connect the trigger to the sole. A belt clasp that has the design of a catalyst.

Watch buckle parts:

Low MOQ high-quality stainless steel watch part pin watch band silver Clock Clasp (Made up of Brass material and available in silver, gold, or rose gold shade).

16mm 18mm 1004 Watch Strap parts Steel Clock Clasp (made up of Brass).

Custom Buckle D Buckle D Loop Clock Clasp Part Nato ZuluTimer band Hardware (made up of Brass available in gold, silver, and rose gold shade)

Butterfly Clock Clasp Timer part accessories clock clasp.

Benefits of watch buckle:

The timer strap’s is hard, fast, non-distortion, solid integrity, stylish display, and simple recovery offered.

Buckle vs. Clasps:

First thing to consider when selecting fastener is whether to proceed with a grip. Simple to operate, it is a traditional selection for elegant dress with leather straps or army timer equipped with NATO straps.

A deployant clasp features a complex structure where there is a folding metallic element to make sure it stays on the wrist if the closure is opened. These days both the conditions deployant catch and establishment grasp are utilized reciprocally.

Tang buckle styles:

Because of Its structure, it may only be attached strap rather than an eye bracelet. Though they sport the basic two-piece setup of a belt and a pin, there are many different design fashions of this.

The other frequent design is that the Ardillon, ARD, or initials. It comes with a traditional design with curved corners and is most frequently located on antique leather timepiece.

Deployant clasp styles:

Fastener, especially on luxury, is prized because of its elegant appearance and extra security features. They may be used to select straps and bracelets such as metal, steel, ceramic, leather, leather, and fabric.

The most elementary deployant, or installation, grip unfolds to permit it to be slid onto the wrist then folds back and locks into place using a latch.

Typically, there is a protruding semi-circle on the border of the grip to provide space to get a fingernail to slide under to pull it open. Most Swiss timepiece manufacturers have their own different manner of deployment clasp that are also accessible comparable aftermarket models.

Materials & finishes:

And finishes and frequently times match the appearance of the case or bezel. For Are the top options for observe attachments. Apart from the actual substance Used, the end of the alloy is a crucial aesthetic detail to notice.

The most a polished finish provides the alloy a high sheen, while a brushed finish adds a textured and textured appearance.

Brushed stainless steel clasps are a Few of the hottest deployant clasps directly now. PVD coating is just another end that’s widespread and found most frequently on Military fashion watches.

Coat a substance with a coating of vapored metal. This serves several functions. From a layout perspective, PVD could transform stainless steel to other Colors like black, gunmetal, or golden.

Final thoughts:

It is a part of the watch used to tie the timer’s two bands to your wrist. In this post, may we clarify how to change the buckle of a watch? It is located in the center of the timer and is composed of titanium or brass.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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