How to Clean A Gold Watch | 3 Best Effective Methods

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Having a gold watch is not as attractive as you thought, even though it gives you a much more classy shape for your appearance. The problem is that it will lose its shine with time, and we have to find many alternatives to get back its original image to a classy look. Preventing your watch from being wet and keeping it clean all the time can make a difference for sure. 

If you take care of your things, they will be long-lasting, and we can apply that same theory to gold watches because you are not going to buy many of them to wear all day. So now you have the best methods to invest with these gold watches as follows.

Why the Gold Watch loses its shine?

One of the main reasons for the Gold Watch to lose its luster is dust. Usually, when a layer of dirt accumulates on the gold, it loses its luster. When you use your watch and move around outside, a lot of dust, sand, and even oily substances accumulate on it. A layer of dust is then placed on the surface of your watch.

As a result, the brightness of the watch decreases. Cleaning the watch is the only way to regain its brightness. Here we discuss How to make a gold watch shine step-by-step. By following this guide, you will be easily making your gold watch shine.

How to Make Gold Watch Shine with 3 Effective Methods

Cleaning your wristwatch is important; it can assist in maintaining it so that it remains functional and attractive. There is no better way than cleaning to make a gold watch shine. Here are some simple ways to brighten a gold watch.

Method-01: Cleaning with Toothpaste

Applying toothpaste to cleanse a gold wristwatch is the easiest and effective method. As it is a gentle substance, it will work well against noticeable dirty stains or smears and will make your watch clean and shiny by removing them. This can be done with any paste that contains the non-gel formula. This is the best way to clean your watch’s visible spots.

  • Step 01: Take a soft and clean cloth and apply a small amount of toothpaste to it. Now rub the watch’s spot gently but firmly. You can also use a cotton bud instead of a cloth.
  • Step 02: Start with cleansing the inside of the bracelet, then the exterior of the bracelet, and ultimately the main casing itself with care. Being extra cautious not to touch the watch’s delicate interior, the gold-plated section.
  • Step 03: Wipe the paste with a new cloth once the entire watch has completed rubbing well. Wet a soft cloth or cotton bud and wipe down the clock, ensure all the paste is removed.
  • Step 04: After the watch has dried, rub the watch with a gold polishing cloth, especially in dull places. Rubbing with a polishing cloth will increase the shine of your watch again.

Method-02: Cleaning with jewelry cleaner

Jewelry cleaner is very effective in eliminating dust and spots from gold or gold-plated materials. So, using jewelry cleaner to make your wristwatch clean as well as shine is another best way. However, in this case, excessive jewelry cleaner should be avoided. The process of cleaning the watch using this liquid is in detail below_

  • Step 01: In the beginning, you need to remove dust from the watch’s surface. By using a soft cloth or microfiber, wipe the watch to eliminate dust and dirt.
  • Step 02: Now, take a new clean, soft cloth or microfiber and apply a little amount of jewelry cleaner on this cloth.
  • Step 03: Now gently rub the casing and bracelet of your watch with this cloth. You can use a cotton bud to clean the several small parts and edges of the watch.
  • Step 04: After rub thoroughly, wipe well with a dry cloth to remove soap residue. Now place the watch on a dry clean cloth and allow it to dry completely.
  • Step 05: Now, take a gold polishing cloth and rub the watch frequently with it. This will allow you to notice the difference very quickly. You can take the help of any professional to get better results.

Method-03: Cleaning with gentle dish soap

Dish soap is a gentle suspension that is very effective in eliminating all the dust and spots from any material’s surface. So, you can use Dish soap suspensive to clean and make your watch shine. To clean your watch with this suspension, follow the instruction below_

  • Step 01: First, wipe the watch clean with a dry cloth. In this case, it is advisable to use a soft cloth.
  • Step 02: In a small bowl, combine 3 cups of warm water and half a teaspoon of gentle dish soap. To include the soap, mix the contents. Never use an abrasive cleaning since it will scratch or degrade it.
  • Step 03: Take a clean and soft toothbrush and dampen it with the soapy suspension, and scrub the gold watch band gently. Pay special attention to the gaps in order to remove any debris, dust, or oils that have accumulated there.
  • Step 04: Now, take a soft cloth and dampen it with water, and wipe the watch. If the wristwatch isn’t waterproof, don’t immerse it in water. Using a soft cloth, gently clean it.
  • Step 05: Allow the timepiece to air dry completely by placing it on a handkerchief. Keep the watch in a cool, dry location once it’s entirely dry. Store the gold watch separately to avoid scratches and damage.

Tips to keep your Gold Watch Shining

Do you know that Prevention is better than cure? So, if you follow some techniques, you can prevent your watch from getting dirty and dull. Here are some tips and tricks discussed

Keep your watch clean

The best way to keep your gold watch shining like new is to clean it regularly. In everyday use, it accumulates a lot of dust, dirt, and oily things, which can reduce its shine. Keeping this dust, dirt, and oily thing clean will keep it bright. So after daily use, you should wipe the watch and clean the watch thoroughly at least every 2 weeks. Follow our instructions above to clean the Gold Watch.

Don’t get the watch wet

Another best and effective way to keep your wristwatch shiny as well as attractive is by preventing it from becoming wet. Although gold is inert and will not react with moisture, water will reduce watches shine. Water can also damage its efficiency. So, it would be best to avoid wearing a wristwatch while you are Showering, Swimming, Walking in the rain, etc.

Avoid cosmetics

Cosmetics materials like Lotion, hairspray, makeup, and perfume all gunk up the bracelet and movement of a gold wristwatch. To keep your timepiece shiny as well as functional, wait a few minutes after you’ve completed grooming before putting it on. When wearing a gold watch, avoid applying perfume on the wrists as well.

Coating to the watch

Coating a gold watch bracelet is an efficient technique to keep it gleaming. It’s usually a thin, translucent liquid applied with a brush, similar to nail paint. It will protect the metal of your wristwatch from sweat and moisture, as well as help maintain the gold color brighter.

Final Thought

As an expensive fashionable accessory, you should take care of your gold wristwatch. Lack of proper care and maintenance can cause your watch to become dirty and lose its brightness. Here we discussed How to make a gold watch shine. By following our tips, you can restore the lost luster of your Gold Watch.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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