How to set citizen eco drive watch | Complete Guide

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Eco-Drive is a technology of light powered that driving the watches by capturing lights. It is converting that light into energy and will use a solar cell inbuilt. So basically, the Eco-Drive of these watches can convert any light energy into power so that watch takes power.

Power-consuming in these watches is storing its surplus within a power cell, and if it is on a full charge, these watches can run more than months smoothly without even caring if it’s in the dark. And it will not need any replacements of the battery on regular. So how can you set up these types of watches? Here is the guide.

Citizen Eco-Drive Watch Setting Instructions:

How to Switch the Mode – The Display Functions:

These watches are not coming as the usual ones since it has four modes. There are Time/Calendar, Local Time, Chronograph, and the Alarm. You can change these modes by switching the rotating crown. Before all the tasks, a user must check the current mode with its mode hand. Mode hand is situated at the bottom of the display of these watches.

Setting the Time:

You have to rotate the crown to align the mode with the calendar and see the time. This is indicated as TME mode on the mode sub-dial. A user needs to put the crown out from the watch for two to two positions to the time setting position. The second hand is going to take an advance on the 0 second stop and the position.

Note that if these second hands are not stopping at the second’s position, you need to perform reference or position correction in the reference. Otherwise, you need to correct the mode for the 0 positions.

Then your next step is adjusting the time by rotating the crown. You need to rotate this crown to the right clockwise with one click, and you need to move the hand of 24 hours, hour, and minute hands-on counterclockwise.

Rotate your crown to the left with one click to move all 24 hours, hours, and minutes hand to counterclockwise. Quickly grab the crown and rotate it, or you need to rotate more clicks continuously to advance those hands. Make your crown rotate to the right or left by one click to stop the advance of rapid.

If this rapid advance is not going to stop, the hand stops automatically after the rotation happens for 12 hours. You need to adjust these watches according to their reliable time source and then return their crown to a normal position.

Setting the Calendar:

Once you set the calendar on citizen eco watch, it will operate as a perpetual calendar that automatically changes over the years, months, and dates. These changes are included with the leap years as well. These watches will never stop with the insufficient charge.

Rotate your crown to set the calendar on TME mode as it is indicated on the sub-dial mode. Pull your crown out for one step into position one. This would be the position of calendar adjustment. The second hand of the product is advancing highly to the month position in the memory, and it will stop.

After that, the function hand is moving to the year position set on the memory, and it will stop. If you pull the crown out for one step to position one, the second hand rapidly advances after the date changes.

After that, you need to rotate the crown to the left with one click for rotating the function hand four times. And then advance the date by one day.

Quickly you need to rotate the crown for two clicks or more for a continuous advance. Rotate the crown for right or left by one click to stop that rapid advance. If this date movement will never stop, the date is stopping after there is a 31-day advance.

You need to press the right button of the upper side for correcting the year and press the button on the upper right to align the position mode hand that will correspond to the year.

Setting the Alarm:

The Alarm in here will use a system of 24 hours. Once you set it, the Alarm will sound emitted 15 seconds once per day at a set time.

The Alarm will be emitted depending on the time on the TME mode. You can’t set it for the local time. To set an Alarm, you have to rotate the crown while it is still in the normal position to align the hands of the mode with the Alarm. (ALM).

  • Second hand: this is the hand rapid which is advancing to the positions of on or off
  • 24-hour hand, hour hand, and the minute hand: these are the moves which are indicating the alarm time which you set last
  • Function hand: this will stop at the position of 0

Then you need to pull this crown out for two steps into position 2. The alarm setting will turn on automatically, and as the next step, rotate your crown to set the time of the Alarm. Rotate this crown right with one click to move the hour and minute hands clock wisely. And you can rotate it to the left with one click to move hose hour and minute hands counterclockwise.

Try to rotate the crown quickly for two or more clicks for advancing the hands. Rotate that crow to the left or right with one click to stop that rapid advance. Is if it is not stopped, the hands are automatically stopping after passing 12 hours.

Make sure that once you set the Alarm, you need to push the crown within two steps for its closes position.

  • Alarm turning on or off – you can press and release the upper right buttons to tun the alarm mode. When this happens, a crown is pulling to one or two steps for switching the Alarm on/off each time you press the button
  • Sound checking of the Alarm – there is a right button on the upper while thrown ahs the normal position to release a sound when we press the button
  • Alarm sound stopping – see the right buttons on the lower and upper and press them and then release,


The chronograph is measuring the time for 59 minutes and 59.95 seconds and it happens within a 1/20 seconds unit. After this time range reached, the chronograph going to be rest for 0.

If the crown has turned for aligning g the mode hand with this chronograph feature which will indicate the same as the mode sub-dial, there is a rapid advance on second and function hands to the 0 positions. When it happens, watches are turning into chronograph mode.

Local Time Setting:

Local time is identified as a function that we use to set time on another region that is different from the current time. You need to rotate this crown when it is normal to align its mode hand for the local time. Then pull down the crown out from the two steps for position two.

Then rotate your crown to the left or the right to adjust the difference of times. Rotate it is right by one click to move hour hand into clockwise by a one hour. And you can rotate this crown to the left by one click on moving to the hour hand by a one hour from counterclockwise.

Note that the hour hand is not being able to advance in local time mode rapidly. Even the crown has turned to two or more clicks, it doesn’t matter, and it won’t happen. You can adjust the time differences by one hour on one time. A time difference will be up to 23 plus or minus hours with its set versus the current time.

After adjusting the local time, you need to push that crown within two steps to set it to a normal position.

Note that if the hour hand can pass the position of 12.00, the date will be corrected by one day. You need to pay severe attention to the AM or PM indicated on the 24-hour sub-dials, especially when you set the time differences.

All reset and turn into zero position:

If watches face a strong shock or facing static electricity, they will not correctly operate. You can correct the reference or set it up to the 0 positions after performing all reset actions in these cases. Before you rest the item, you need to make sure that it is fully charged and the second hand will move within one-second intervals.

If you execute the all reset when watches are not enough charged, all operations on subsequently will not going to operate, and they will become impossible. So the watch will stop completely.

To reset, rotate your crown when it is normal to align mode hands with the chronograph mode, which is indicated in the mode sub-dial. Then pull that crown out for two steps into position two. Each of the dates and hands will move the reference or the stored min memory 0 positions. And after that, they will stop.

Continuously press and hold your right lower and upper buttons and then release them together. There will be a confirmation sound, and then a demonstration from the hand movements will perform on the order of the function hand as 24 hour, hour, and minute hands. And there is a second hand to demonstrate that your all reset is completed.

Adjust your reference or the 0 positions as your last step. When the crown is pulled to two steps to position two, you need to adjust the 24 hour, hour, minute, and second hands. Then next, adjust your function hand and the date with the position one of the crown.

Press your crown into the normal position, and then all reset.


Citizen Eco watches are not that simple to adjust, but you can do it with more straightforward tricks if you have the right instructions. So when you have one, you can follow up on these steps to set the most critical tasks on it, and you not need to be confused about what to do.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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