How to Unlock Suunto Watch? [All You Need to Know]

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Such a situation can be frustrating when you need to unlock your Suunto watch for urgency but you fail to do it. In that case, looking for a way how to unlock the Suunto watch is common.

A more straightforward way to unlock the watch is by holding down the right center button for a while. But sometimes, it may only work if there are manual issues.

However, I will discuss each topic about unlocking this gadget in this writing. To learn them all, keep continuing to read.

How to Unlock Sunnto Watch | Using Watch Button

To unlock the watch, you must follow some thumb rules. Many users lock the screen with the right widget around the watch face. At the same time, some prefer to enjoy them using the Google Wear OS features. Below you will get informed by them both.

Using Watch Button

If you’re locking the watch through the right Button, follow this.

Step 1: Go to The Watch Screen & Try pressing the Button

If your watch is locked, the display will stick in the middle. The timing option will need to be adequately shaken. In that case, lay the watch on the floor and press the right center button.

Step 2: Press the button Several Times

Keep pressing down the right Button more than 4–5 times. While doing this method, make sure that the timer has fully charged.

Step 3: See the Results

Now, notice the outputs. If everything is OK, your watch may start working like before unless you try troubleshooting the problem I discuss below.

Note: Sunnto allows its user to lock the watch during outdoor exercise or indoor activities. Locking the watch will save them from having unnecessary App notifications. If you’re one of them, unlock the watch by pressing the lower right Button again.

The watch’s right Button will lock everything while the user is not recording an exercise. The screen remains locked and dims automatically.

What to Do If the Sunnto Unlock Button is Not Working

You can fix the problem that occurred by Sunnto through some easy ways. Most people used to reset if the unlock Button wasn’t working. If you need to learn how to reset them, here are some steps.

1. Reset the Watch That Pairs with Bluetooth

Reset the watch unlocked by the Google Wear OS app or any others. As Google Wear OS is very popular, I have added them below.

  • Go to the Android phone and open the Wear OS app. But if you are a companion app user, then follow their instructions.
  • After that, scroll to find out the Advanced settings option. Once you get it, tap on it.
  • Now, tap the “Unpair Watch” option, and it is done.
  • Finally, reconnect the watch via your phone and do further instructions to complete it.

2. Soft Restart the Watch Through the Button

If the lower right button malfunctions, try to restart the watch. All you need to do is just long-press the Button for some time and leave them. For a different model of Suunto, it requires different timing. However, you can follow the chart asap.

Suunto Watch Model NameButton Requiring Time for Restart
Suunto Ambitlong press all 5 buttons for 10 sec. then release
Suunto Ambit 2/ Ambit 2 S/ Ambit 2RLong press all 5 buttons for 10 sec.
Suunto Spartan Collection /Suunto 3,4,5,7, 9Long press the upper right button for 12 sec.
Suunto 9 /9 BARO, Suunto Peak, Suunto 9 Peak ProLong press the upper right for 12sec.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do You Unlock a Locked Suunto Core Watch?

It is pretty easy to fix the locked issues. First, keep the watch behind your two fingertips. Now, look at the noon position. You might notice here a line that indicates that the watch is locked.

Hold the downright Button from the watch and press it for several seconds. Keep it continuing until you see the winds are moving forward.

Why Is My Suunto Watch Locked?

Most Suunto watches have an algorithm that records your exercise performance, movement, pressure rates, etc. But it remains unchanged and stops recording when the person’s wrist is not moving.

Suppose you stop walking suddenly; at that time, the watch also stops recording data. Despite recording, the watch display seems locked and dims after 1-minute of your inactivity. Besides, battery drainage, overheating, and manual issues can make your watch screen lock.

How Do You Remove the Lock on Suunto Core?

To remove the lock from the Suunto core, press the button lock lightly. Keep it on until you see the watch start to move again.

How to Reset My Sunnto Watch?

To reset your watch, pick a USB portal cable and an alternate electronic device. You can also use your computer for this work. Now, take the watch and connect it to the USB cable. From your computer, go to the SuuntoLink.

It sometimes takes time for the computer to sync and recognize all the information. Once it is done, click on the upper right Button from the watch. Then, open the settings and again scroll to search the “Watches” option.

How Do I Unlock Suunto 7?

From your Suunto 7 watch, select the right-click Button and the top right Button. Press them both simultaneously with your fingertips. The watch display began to change with each press. Afterward, you may notice that the watch is unlocked correctly.

How Do I Unlock Suunto Without a Password?

Whether you forgot the password of your wrist timer locks, you can still unlock them. To do this, press and hold the side button until the power button appears on display.

Now, press and hold the Button together. After some time, another prompt will come next to you. It is probably “Erase all contents and settings”. Tap on it and then press on the “Reset” option.

Last Word

All the watch series from Suunto are unique; each has a lock-unlock button. You can unlock them manually and, again, lock the display of the watch simultaneously.

But a user must know how to unlock the Suunto watch and what to do for troubleshooting. Because some rare cases show most of the user loses their watch for unknowing applications.

So, be aware of what procedures you’re applying. Make sure that the process will work 100%. That’s all for now. You can share any Suunto watch problem via comment. I’ll try my best to answer.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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