How to Use a Pilot Watch | The Ultimate Guide

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There are many forms of pilot watches, and they come in either military, small or civilian watches to serve your current purpose. The use of the watch will always depend on what tasks you are going to do with them, and as usual, its functionality of it will always depend on what you expect to make it for you.

So a pilot watch will help pilots in their professions keep things right, and they give a lot of contribution towards doing their job into success. Calibrating is the primary method of using a pilot watch, but many of us don’t know how this works, and this guide will describe how.

Key Features of a Pilot Watch Or Aviator Watch

The chronograph is a stopwatch used to calculate various flight times (such as takeoff time) and perform other calculations necessary for flying. The compass can help locate terrain features or where north is in relation to your current position or destination point. The altimeter, like in any other watch, can measure your altitude.

At a glance, pilot watches look just like regular watches. However, they are far more complicated and advanced than regular watches. Some of the best pilot watches also have other useful features such as calculators or thermometers. There are three basic types of pilot watches: analog (standard) pilot watches, digital (electronic) pilot watches, and hybrid (combination analog and digital) pilot watches.

Analog pilot watches are similar to regular analog watches. They measure time by displaying the hours and the minutes. The oldest pilot watches came in this kind. However, they have some differences from digital devices, especially when you fly through clouds or dark areas. Although they look simple, they can be very challenging to work with when you are in the air.

Digital (electronic) pilot watches automatically “count down” and “up” your flight schedule just like a digital watch does (though with some variations). This means the watch needs to be set up before take off. While a digital display is more flexible than their analog counterparts, they are more difficult to use.

Hybrid pilot watches combine the features and characteristics of analog and digital devices. They offer many features that make them more advanced than either type. Some pilots prefer this kind as it offers the best of both worlds. It is easy to use, and you can also manually input flight times if you need to.

Some of the important features to look out for when purchasing pilot watches are water resistance, backlight, second-time zone, and a countdown timer. If you want to save some money and buy a watch that is not exactly for pilots but has features that pilots use, it is best if you research these features first.

After all the flights have been completed, make sure you turn off your pilot watch. As with most electronic devices, your watch might get damaged if left on continuously without any rest.

Pilot Watches: How to Use it?

A pilot’s watch is a must when flying. The watch is used for everything from daily timekeeping, to calculating takeoff and landing times. It also functions as the instrument for taking off and landing, as well as guiding the pilot through the air.

Most pilots don’t wear their watches while they fly, they wear them on their arms. This keeps the watch strapped firmly against their arms elbow joint, providing a firm grasp of the controls at all times.

This article shows details about the basic functions of pilot watches. The majority of pilot’s watches are analog and include only the hours and minutes on an analog dial.

To use your watch to take off and land smoothly, you need to calibrate it. Calibrating your watch is simple; simply begin by selecting “Odometer”. This will give you an eye view of the distance you’ve traveled since the last time you calibrated.

When you have flown away, you can calibrate the watch to the current time. To do this, select “Zone” and then select any one of the three clocks (Eastern, Central Pacific, or Mountain). These are the standard time zones in North America where I fly. You can also calibrate to a different time zone by selecting “Zone” and selecting another time zone.

Once you have calibrated your watch to the current time, your next step will be to take off. When you do this, the watch will display your elapsed time for takeoff (in minutes and seconds). This helps you know how long it took to get off the ground.

When you have completed your takeoff, you should turn the watch back in Odometer mode. This will record your flight time accurately.

If calculating take-off times is not sufficient, then you can use your pilot’s watch as a simple altimeter. For this, you will first need to calibrate it as above. Once calibrated, select “Altitude” and start inputting the required altitude. Your watch will display the current reading along with your elapsed time for the take-off.

Once you have flown away from your destination and have finished calculating your times, turn your watch back to Odometer mode. This will record your actual flight time accurately.

To help you keep track of flights in progress, some pilot watches have a countdown timer. This means that the watch will automatically time your flight in case there are problems.

There are many different pilot watches for sale on the market today. To find the best pilot watch for you, think about the features you need. Most watches provide the basic functions that you need to know about. Therefore, it is best if you get one with these features as standard.

Once purchased, pilot’s watches can be used in any situation where a wristwatch would be useful. They are also useful to have on your arm when you are flying. They can be a good investment, and many pilots consider them to be essential pieces of equipment in their kit.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Do you need a pilot watch to fly an airplane?

Pilots do not need a special watch to fly an airplane. However, if you are a student pilot, you are required to have one. The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) requires student pilots who are going into solo flights to have these watches with them as part of their training requirements. This is because it is necessary for navigation and performing other calculations essential for safe flying.

What are some other uses for pilot watches?

These watches are also good for those who love to do sports or outdoor activities. You can use your pilot watch as a timer during your training sessions, competitions, or even when doing outdoor activities such as jogging and playing sports.

Are pilot watches only for men?

No, pilot watches are not only for men. You can find the right one that’ll fit your style whether you are a man or woman. There are also watches that can be worn by both genders. 

How to set up a pilot watch?

Pilot watches should be easy to use, but if you have trouble setting them up, you can always consult the user’s manual for instructions on how to do it. Overall, it is better to set the stopwatch and other features before take off because you will need them once in flight.

Where can you buy a pilot watch?

You can buy them from any vendors that sell pilot watches. They are available in departmental stores, bigger airports, aircraft manufacturers such as Bose, and online stores. It is important to check with the store for details on how to purchase pilot watches before you go there. There are also online stores like Amazon that sell best-selling pilot watches at affordable prices.


Pilot watches are a definite must-have for all pilots and travelers. With the advance of technology, people often forget that there is a lot more to piloting than simply pressing buttons. A pilot’s watch is one tool that you should really pay attention to if you want your flight to be as safe and smooth as possible.

A flight shift requires at least two hours, while most watches can only last up to 48 hours. This is why it needs to have longer battery life and other features to be useful for flying. This article shows ‘How to use a pilot watch’ and the other details.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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