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There are so many people who love wearing smartwatches while they sleep. However, is it safe to wear a smartwatch while sleeping?

Do many smartwatch manufacturers claim that they can be worn while you sleep, but are they really safe to wear while sleeping?

Well, technically there is no harm. Yet, smartwatches can vibrate when you receive a call or text. So, it will disrupt your sleep and you will wake up late.

The only safe way to wear a smartwatch while sleeping is by putting it on a bedside table. This will let you keep the phone on silent mode so that you won’t disturb your sleep.

Today, I will discuss the pros and cons of wearing a smartwatch while sleeping. Let’s dive in.

Is It Safe to Wear Smartwatch while Sleeping?

Many people wear a smartwatch these days to keep track of their activities. However, it isn’t safe to wear it at night as you can wake up with a flat battery. Plus, it’s not a great option for your REM sleep, right?

If you’re looking for a way to track your sleep, there are better options out there than a smartwatch. You can try a fitness tracker or even a simple sleep app on your phone. Though there aren’t any solid facts on whether smartwatches are bad or not while sleeping, it will drain the battery for sure.

It’s best to avoid wearing a smartwatch at night, as you could end up waking up with a dead battery.

Some may say that smartwatches can make your time conscious. But hey, will you sleep knowing that someone may wake you up within a few minutes? Definitely not.

On the other hand, you will be left with radiation damage from keeping the watch for too long. There are many other ways to track your sleep, and you should explore those options if you are having trouble sleeping. Use an alarm clock for crying out loud.

Smartwatches are not the best way to track your sleep, and you should avoid them if you can.

Skin rashes are real as well. Turns out, wearing watches in sleep can bite into the skin, causing redness and even allergic reaction. So, if you’re dealing with skin irritation, it’s best to remove the watch.

Now, it depends on you whether you want to wear a watch or not. If you like the idea of getting something that is cool, then go for it. For us, I prefer leaving the watch at night and wearing it only when it’s needed. Though there are no problems with it like out of the box, I try avoiding it.

Why Should You Wear a Smartwatch While Sleeping?

Wearing a smartwatch while sleeping will make sure you do not forget to put it off while going to bed.

Also, it keeps an eye on your fitness and health. Moreover, it will monitor and warn you about certain dangers and hazards. A smartwatch can even tell you when you are in danger.

In case something happens, it will also wake you up by emitting loud alarms and vibrations. In short, the smartwatch is an efficient tool to track your activity, exercise, sleep, and so on.

Here are a few benefits of using a smartwatch while sleeping:

1. Track Sleep

You can track how much time you spend sleeping and how much time you spend awake. Furthermore, it can remind you to go to bed and wake up at a particular time. If you wish to stay healthy and sleep tight, a smartwatch isn’t half bad.

2. Makes You Time Conscious

Wearing a smartwatch during sleep is an easy way to track your time and plan your day. Wear it as you always do, with an alarm on your wrist, or put it on the bedside table.

3. Improves Your Sleep

According to manufacturers, when you wear a smartwatch during sleep, it sends signals to the brain that help your brain relax and produce serotonin. Turns out, this is a hormone associated with happiness and relaxation.

4. Making Your Life Easy

You can use your smartwatch while sleeping to make your life easier and save time in the morning. It is a good idea to check the time every morning while you are awake and then every evening when you wake up. This routine will ensure that you don’t miss important appointments.

5. Easy Access to Time

Having an easy way to access time, especially if you work out or if you are on an athletic team can be helpful. It can also provide some peace of mind. If you have a smartwatch, it’s very easy to access your time without having to open your phone.

6. Convenience while Accessing Phone

In order to stay connected while sleeping, a smartwatch is often a convenient option, particularly if it has a heart rate monitor. A wrist-worn device allows you to wake up to your notifications without having to reach for your phone every time.

Why You Shouldn’t Wear a Smartwatch While Sleeping?

One of the biggest mistakes I make is not knowing when to put off our smartwatch. It’s something that’s very important to understand. Here are some facts you need to know before wearing a smartwatch before sleeping:

1. Unrest

There is no scientific evidence that sleeping with a smartwatch on your wrist is dangerous. But, according to some research, it can cause some problems like overheating, heart problems, and headaches. Constant unrest isn’t something new either.

2. Radiation

Wrist-worn devices are particularly hazardous to health because they emit low levels of radiation. The radiation can penetrate through the skin layers, affecting the blood cells. Though it’s not a huge deal, regular use is good either. This is why you should never use your smartwatch when sleeping.

3. Sleep Disruption

If you have any sleep problems, then you mustn’t look into wearable devices like a smartwatch, fitness tracker, etc. As they emit a lot of light, which acts as a disturbance for sleep.

How Can You Avoid Complications While Sleeping with a Smartwatch?

It is common sense to stay away from smartwatches when you sleep. However, there are complications involved in sleeping with them, right? I thought so too.

So, how do avoid complications while sleeping with a smartwatch? Well, I thought I would tell you the right way. Sleep with a watch, instead of wearing it all night. You might be surprised.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind if you plan on using your smartwatch while you sleep:

  • Make sure that your smartwatch is fully charged before sleeping. This will help avoid any unexpected shutdowns or low battery warnings in the middle of the night.
  • Be aware of how you position your watch while sleeping. If possible, try not to wear it too tight against your skin or on an arm that could bend during the night and cause discomfort.
  • Take advantage of any sleep tracking features your smartwatch may have. This can help you get a better understanding of your sleep patterns and how well you’re rested.
  • Keep in mind that smartwatches are designed to be used during the day. If you find yourself using your watch more at night, it might be a good idea to take a break from it during the day to give your eyes and brain a rest.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are smartwatches safe from radiation?

Yes, smartwatches are almost radiation-free and a great gift for the new year. Well, the fact is, smartwatches emit non-ionizing ration, which isn’t that bad. However, they should not be worn while sleeping.

Do smartwatches have side effects?

Yes, wearing a smartwatch on the wrist affects your blood circulation, which leads to soreness and skin irritation. Also, smartwatches have the potential to get tangled with clothes.

Should I turn off my smartwatch when I’m in bed?

You don’t need to turn off your smartwatch when you lay in bed. Yet, you do need to charge it every night before you turn it off.

Is it safe to wear a smartwatch all the time?

Wearing a smartwatch all the time will prevent the phone from vibrating for incoming calls and messages. It won’t be very useful, as you will need to manually check the caller’s ID or use the watch to answer the call. Remember, smartwatches are not meant to replace a phone, but rather complement it.

End Note

Most watches work fine at night, however, if you are going to be wearing your watch while sleeping, I would recommend not to.

Getting a wrist strap that is specifically designed for sleep tracking is an option here. Otherwise, you could risk burning up.

Let’s say your wrist burns while sleeping and you wake up with the watch on it. You can always try to sleep with the watch off, but that isn’t always a viable solution. Just remove the darn watch and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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