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Nixon is a trendy American fashion watch and has had immense popularity over the past few years. They have a various range of design collections, and they offer everyone’s a personal choice.

Nixon watches have a unique style depending on one person’s type, and they are positively maintaining an excellent fashion taste.

The company of Nixon emerged in 1998, and at the time of its beginning, the founders of this company were only had seven watch models with them.

Those watches had an average price of $65 to $120. This company owns a range of 90 models with it, and their high retail prices are going around $1500 for up.

Where are Nixon watches made

China is making the featuring cases of this product. But the assembling is happening in Switzerland. The company is promoting Swiss quarts in their product.

Assembling and packaging in a different region is a common technique to use in most expensive products like these, and those break into a fascinating Swiss case.

Those Swiss cases are from Switzerland, and they got leather or a linked metal band within them. The case made In Switzerland is the reason for being so much worth their price.

Most people believe that these are Chinese products. Although there is a doubt of quartz production in APAC regions, assembly of these products are happens in Switzerland.

What kind of brand is Nixon

We can say that this is an American watch brand. But it doesn’t stick into one product. At the same time, this company was an accessory, and an audio brand in 1997 around Encinitas, California, United States.

These all products have targeted the youth generation as their market. Now this brand has spread over 80 countries worldwide and maintains retail stores in Berkeley.

We could say that this brand is a way to have a lavish lifestyle with a combination of independence and fashion taste. The co-founders of this company were Chad DiNenna and Andy Laats.

They started this brand in California as a retailer for bags, watches, accessories, and leather stuff. So this product is much more likely to be a luxury brand and a fashion icon to global people.

Are Nixon watches luxury

We cannot precisely say that these watches are luxurious. Nixon Company has never said that they are providing luxurious items with them. But they create someone’s taste into a high-defined fashion icon.

The company’s market is forward to the young generation, and they develop watch matches for their preferences and price ranges.

We say that this company is providing their target audience a product match for themselves. Usually, the young generation would not be able to bear a considerable cost. So this company knows it, and they produce some colorful brands in their overall products to catch these people.

The company makes their duty to sell this colorful item to the young generation by using cheap materials.

These target audience is getting cheaper material products, and sometimes they are rubber and cloth made products. But at the same time company has made some valuable products as well. Sometimes those watches are used to attend a business meeting as well.

These watches are the most sophisticated watches of the Nixon Company, and we must say that these are not cheap. These products are high in price as well as quality.

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How much are Nixon watches worth

We can’t say that these products are expensive. That is far from the term expensive, and it is more likely worth it. There are many brands available worldwide for providing fashion brands, and we can’t compare all of them to Nixon at all.

These products are something goes like same to same. We cannot ever compare these products to Fossil. What this company provides for customers is different, and they have unique features with them.

So what we can indeed say is this brand is worthy of the money. It is not going to the category of expensive. At the same time, it goes to the definition of excellent for features.

A single product is going over $1500 in current days, and budget line models are set for $60. So we cannot compare them, but they have the unique features to win this price. But remember that most of the products on this company go with a $200 range.

Are Nixon watches good quality

Those are popular for their excellent quality. These products are superior in quality for the fashion icons. This company is producing high-end products with quality in a standard point for sure.

This brand becomes so unique from another branding due to several facts. The products coming under this brand have a unique description from their design and attention details.

Not even a single drop of detail is similar to other products in this brand, and every tiny little detail they hold is unique to them. The company has its only factor in maintaining a high standard. We cannot say that even one single piece of these products is terrible.

They all are unique and process the best movement regarding their quality. The excellent quality is happening because these products have custom designs within them, and the quality is 100%.

How to Spot a Fake Nixon Watch

These products are selling around the world and gain a considerable reputation over so many countries. Usually, an American brand of this product will have a price range up to $3000. So it has a huge attraction and a success for their product from all over the world.

Even though this is a huge brand, fake outcomes coming for this are not something you can avoid. There are some high-end replications that look came from the original.

These fake products are so hard to identify and seem precisely like the original. But they are not. There are some sharp points to identify them from the original. So here are a few things you can do to check whether this product is genuine or not.

Comparing the style:
You can go to the official website of Nixon and compare what you got with their designs. There is a range of designs available on this website, and it has images of every product they release to the market. So if you get any confusion about your brought one, you can check on it.

The official website will feature every product they already sold, and you can compare the color, linkage, watch hands, and many features from it.

You can check your brought one to the official image to check if there is any difference in that design. And make sure to compare the trade name as well. Original products have Nixon in their bezel, and you have to check if these two fronts look the same or not.

The price comparison:
You can check and compare the price ranges as well. Actual prices are listed on the official website, and the brand new product has to be ranged over $60 to 3000 dollars in cost. Using a second hand may reduce the price from 10% to 20%. But it should not be more than that range, and if it is, that product is a fake.

Authorized Dealer:
Only authorized dealers can sell these products. So if someone sells these products in their local shops, that must not be an original. You have to verify whether your dealer is an authorized person to sell these products. Al of the authorized dealers are listed on the official website, and if the dealer of yours is not listed in thee, he must be fake.

Remember that this database does not include any private dealers who are selling used brands. So we can’t give a guarantee for the private dealers. If you intended to buy a second-hand one, the risk is up to you, and you can do what you like based on your choices.

The packaging:
When you are buying a new one first thing to do is to check the package. Check if there are any user manuals included, and there must be one that comes with the original.

Each of these packages has compartments hidden with extra links and pins. Each of these manuals has information related to that product, and it indicates the specific product’s features.

So if there is not a box or a user manual, it is not an original. And if you have no trust in what you get, you can call the company’s customer service department and ask for the legitimate factors by presenting the serial number.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Who owns Nixon watches?

This product’s parental organization is known to be Trilantic Capital Partners. Although this is an American watch brand, their parental goes with this organization.

Are Nixon watches gold plated?

Yes. Some collection ranges go with the gold plating, and they served a high range of price. Nixon Gold Plated wristwatches are known to be it, and those are highly resistant to corrosion. So they are an icon to look at in new seasons of the modern era.

Do Nixon watches have batteries?

These watches have a battery service within them. It has a premium battery service, and it can be replaced according to the need. These batteries are also known to be the SR626 battery and will last for about five years. They come with a pack of 5 batteries.

Is Nixon watch waterproof?

Some watch categories come in this brand that is known to be waterproof. They come in a convenient look and with average recreation activities with it. An example of a waterproof watch is Nixon Time Teller P.

Question 5: What does the Nixon logo mean?

The symbol is representing three components. The inside shape shows the bottom of an hourglass, and the outer body will represent the wings of time. When these all are combined, it forms a flame. The meaning of these all symbols is conveying the definition of ta timeless.


Nixon is a fashion brand that goes with worldwide standards. So if you arise the question to know whether they are expensive, no they are not. They have reasonable price ranges from their watch list categories, making them worthy of their prices.

As these products are equally served to the young generation, you can choose what you prefer because they present much range of art with their products.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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