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People have loved wearing watches since it was created. As time passes, wristwatches update and people want a difference in modern times. When it comes to making distinctive watches, Armani has no rival at all.

Everyone wishes to get a tough, fashionable, cost-effective wristwatch. Armani targeted wider global customers and comes with a wide range of stylish designs for an affordable price range.

Our recommended Armani exchange watches for men will help you find a suitable wristwatch for yourself. So, let’s jump right in.

6 Armani Exchange Watches Review for Men In 2022

Through the deep analysis of our expert researchers, we have picked 6 Armani exchange watches that will suit men the most. These watches are affordable enough compared to their performance and appearance. You will for sure find your preferable timepiece from the recommendation below.

Our top picks: At a glance

  1. Best for the Artistry: Armani Exchange Men’s Chronograph Watch
  2. Best for Craftsmanship: Armani Exchange AX Men’s Dress Watch
  3. Best for Reliability: Armani Exchange Men’s Three-Hand Dress Watch
  4. Best for Gift: Armani Exchange Men’s Chronograph Dress Watch
  5. Best for Performance: Armani Exchange Men’s Outerbanks Leather Watch
  6. Best for Design: Armani Exchange Men’s AX 2189 Watch

6 Armani Exchange Watches Review for Men

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1. Best for the Artistry: Armani Exchange Men’s Chronograph Watch

Armani Exchange Men's Chronograph Watch

These days people focus more on fashion than anything else. Everyone wants to look impressive and trendy. If you, too, think the same way? Then this particular watch will help you increase your classiness to the upper levels.

Armani exchange men’s chronograph watches are mainly famous for their outstanding outline. But this isn’t the only thing to mention but more. Let’s find out what specialties these watches offer us.

Unique Design

This timepiece is a masterpiece out of many other wristwatches of Armani. We are saying this because of its unique design. The design it comes with is so fascinating that it’s been on the favorite list of various consumers for over five years.

The dial, case, and overall pattern make a person keep looking at its beauty. Right after you wear it, your outfit will get its completeness.

Matches Well

This excellent piece of wristwatch looks so fabulous that it perfectly matches any outfit you wear. It can go pretty well with your outfits, like music culture or metropolitan lifestyle. It will also reflect your individual style with its boldness.

Quality Materials

The timepiece does not only look premium but also it is made of premium materials. The round-shaped stunning collection has a silicone-made band that will serve you longer and provides you with comfort.

The stainless steel-made case will keep it safe from getting scratches over it since it has scratch resistance. In short, it will prove itself to you like the best performing timepiece.


  • Looks stylish and unique
  • Very well made
  • It comes with scratch resistance
  • Can withstand water while swimming
  • Shows exact times


  • It doesn’t come with an interchangeable strap

Why Should You Buy It?

This watch looks great on men’s wrists and is worth the money because it well serves its purpose. The main reason people love buying it is that it appears to be so attractive and you should buy it for the same reason if you are a fashion-conscious person.

2. Best for Craftsmanship: Armani Exchange AX Men’s Dress Watch

Armani Exchange AX Men's Dress Watch

Do you know what the best thing about Armani watches is? They never go out of style. It’s a must that the timepieces will cover you well with their stunning appearance and make your overall look complimenting. This is one such watch we will now look at.

Outstanding Outline

We are sure you have not seen such a fantastic design watch until now. This is unique and, at the same time, super cool. It will add to your attitude and go perfectly for the office outfit. However, you can use it with any dress you want because it’s given the design that suits any men’s costume well.

Quality Construction

A good-looking timepiece you want to buy must serve you for a more extended period. Since beautiful watches have become our favorite and we love you flexing them, you would, of course, want it to last for years.

When this is the actual case, leave all your worries because it’s constructed so well and strong that no water can damage it, or no object can put scratches on it unless the damage is too severe.


The timepiece comes with water resistance and is capable of withstanding water up to 50 meters. It means you can go to a swimming pool wearing it and practice swimming keeping your eyes on the time.


  • It comes with an extraordinary geomantic designed case
  • It gives a futuristic feel when worn
  • Provides right time
  • Created using high-quality materials
  • It comes with a mineral crystal premium dial


  • It doesn’t come with extra links

Why Should You Buy It?

It looks luxurious while being affordable one should buy it for its incredible performance and excellent design. This mesmerizing piece of timepiece will add appeal to your appearance every time you wear it.

3. Best for Reliability: Armani Exchange Men’s Three-Hand Dress Watch

Armani Exchange Men's Three-Hand Dress Watch

Many men are attracted to simply designed timepieces that look simple yet bossy. Armani exchange men’s three-hand dress watch is the right option for you if you belong to the group of men we are talking about.

It may not have a lot of features, but with its classiness, it will make your mind and the people around you go blown.

Standard Appearance

A wristwatch can bring in your appearance the standard vibes with its looks. For this reason, the manufacturer never compromises watch designs, and every collection of their mixes so well with any style.

The three-hand timepiece analog display with roman numbers and the simple dial look eye-catching. The matte look makes it more captivating.

High-quality Build

If you are thinking of buying an excellent wristwatch that will give service for longer, this is what you are looking for. Yes, the wristwatch is built solid, and so the risk of losing your watch earlier is almost zero.


The watch is reliable because it shows the right time and does not slow down unless the battery is too damaged.


  • The watch has a simple pattern yet looks dazzling
  • It matches well with different outfits
  • Analog case with roman numbers for easy reading of the time
  • Used all quality materials for making it
  • Performs outstandingly


  • It doesn’t have luminescent markers

Why Should You Buy It?

But this specific product if you want quartz movement and a good performing watch. If you prefer simplicity over funky designs, then it will, of course, please you.

4. Best for Gift: Armani Exchange Men’s Chronograph Dress Watch

Armani Exchange Men's Chronograph Dress Watch

Are you looking for a watch to wear every day? Pick our recommended Armani exchange men’s chronograph dress watch. This is made especially for men who love to show their manly attitude through their appearance. Its specialties will make you love it in an instant.


The chief purpose of a timepiece is to show time with accuracy. The chronograph dress watch does not only fulfill this purpose only but also shows the correct dates. It means you don’t have to put your hands inside the pocket to get your smartphone out to check dates anymore.

Marvelous View

The view of the watch is marvelous and luxurious. This will suit best with office-going men. But you can also wear it for attending parties or when going on trips. Since it’s attractive, it will mix easily with any costume you wear.


The watch has a delicate design, and it is pretty good at catching the attention of anyone. Such a watch is what men want to have, and if you’re going to impress your male partner, this watch will do the magical actions. It will make a positive impression on your partner and make him believe your choices are

A lovely gift can create a whole new image of the person, so if you want to impress your partner, even more, present him with this excellent piece of wristwatch.


  • Looks classy
  • Provides you accurately time and date
  • Can withstand water and scratches
  • It fits nicely on wrists
  • Matches best with modern outfits


  • It doesn’t offer additional links

Why Should You Buy It?

The beauty of this watch will make you feel worth the buy, and this is a famous watch for gifting. So, you can buy this to present to your husband or boyfriend.

5. Best for Performance: Armani Exchange Men’s Outerbanks Leather Watch

Armani Exchange Men's Outerbanks Leather Watch

Another watch for men we have chosen is the Armani exchange men’s Outerbanks leather watch. It looks more fabulous on the wrists than displayed in the picture. Come and take a look at why you should pick this timepiece.

Perfect for Guys

The outline of the timepiece is so good that it suits guys perfectly. Although we recommend this wristwatch for men, you can also get it for teen boys and youths. Whatever the age is, it will, of course, go well on a guy’s wrist.

Strong Build

Whether you are purchasing it for yourself or presenting it to someone else, you will want it to stay like a brand new watch for a longer-term. You will never regret buying it because it is strongly built and there is a lesser chance of it getting broken.

The crystal case is sturdy enough that it does quickly get scratches. Even if it falls on the ground, the timepiece will stay intact for a long time.


Some wristwatches in the market have been designed and are hard to read. The design pattern of such timepieces is so critical that it makes reading the time difficult for the user. But thanks to the manufacturer, they made it captivating while keeping the timepiece’s interface simple to read.


  • The build quality of the wristwatch is excellent
  • It displays the accurate time
  • A perfect wearing for guys of any age
  • The giant dial gives comfort in reading time and date
  • Premium leather made straps


  • You can’t see the time in the dark

Why Should You Buy It?

This is a super classy watch that will change your overall appearance. It is claimed as one of the masterpieces of Armani.

6. Best for Design: Armani Exchange Men’s AX 2189 Watch

Armani Exchange Men's AX 2189 Watch

We will end the list of best Armani watches with this last suggestion. This particular timepiece is pretty expensive, but its outline and performance will show you its worth. We chose it because it has a distinctive style that you will fail to find in other watches. Let’s check out the solid reasons to select it.

Idiosyncratic Design

The best part of the Armani exchange men’s AX 2189 timepiece is mainly in design. You can see in the image that it has a sleek textured round dial and cut-through index circle that makes it so charming.

They-link bracelet and a glass-back detailing increase its charm even more. Imagine you are wearing it; you would never want to miss the chance of purchasing such a bossy wristwatch.


It can suit you with whatever you wear. You can go to parties, the office, track, swim and do many activities while wearing it. It will embrace you and your outfit so well. But you should be careful when using it while swimming since it can only take the water force of recreational swimming and not snorkeling or diving.

Large Case

Do you know, a significant case timepiece is more valuable than a small case? Because when a case is large enough, it makes reading time easier and shows the designs well. This wristwatch’s 46mm large case diameter will serve you these facilities too.


  • It comes with analog quartz movement to provide accurate time
  • Large case for easy time reading
  • Hard enough to get broken easily
  • Features sturdy mineral crystal
  • Has sleek texture


  • Can’t withstand heavy water force

Why Should You Buy It?

It’s a stunning watch. The see-through aspect makes it look even more astonishing. If you want to give someone something expensive, it is the best choice.

Buying Guide for Armani Exchange Watches for Men

All the Armani exchange watch collections are fabulous, but there are some factors which you should look at carefully. By looking at those factors, our experts found the best timepieces of Armani.

If you research the way they study, next, you will find the best offered Armani watches on your own. So, without wasting further time, let’s check out the things you should look at before buying Armani or any brand of watch.


The first most important thing to consider is the materials of a watch. If the materials are of poor quality, they will ruin soon, no matter how intense the build is. Fortunately, Armani never uses inferior quality materials to make their wristwatches since customer satisfaction is the priority.

Still, there are cheap watches, and if you see they are not made of stainless steel, you must not buy the watch. Also, check which material is used to make the watch straps. You must only choose timepieces with a premium quality stainless steel band or leather straps.

Build Quality

A watch lives longer when it is built sturdy, and it gets ruined sooner when it’s made poorly. You should check out popular watches because they are well constructed. You can also check the customer’s reviews directly and learn about the wristwatch’s build quality through reading comments.

Scratch and Waterproof

A timepiece is considered best when it can serve its purpose without being damaged even a little. Such watches always have water and scratch resistance. If you plan on everyday use, you should especially decide to buy timepieces with scratch and water resistance.

These watches have durable cases that don’t even break when falling on the ground accidentally. You can wear them for relaxation, and whenever you wish, you can start swimming too because the watch will withstand the water. So, when choosing a watch, check if it’s waterproof and scratch-resistant.


What impresses us more when looking at a watch? Of course, its appearance. So, it’s necessary to look for a beautiful design timepiece. Armani has to offer you various outline wristwatches, and so you can choose any of the recommended.


If your watch has charming patterns, but it’s tough to see and understand the time, the watch becomes a useless thing. Hence, you must carefully pick the watch with a fantastic design while the dial is easy to read.


You don’t want your money to get wasted, do you? Then you should pick timepieces that have quartz movement because it ensures to show you the right time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Armani exchange watches suitable for men?
Armani exchange watches are best for men to use. Because these watches are so durable and look bossy. Most of the designs are made with a modern touch. They are well made, and quality materials are used to make them perfect for men to use.

Since men are most likely to do heavy duties, Armani exchange watches consistently provide them with the right time.

Is Armani watches expensive?
Our honest opinion on Armani watch pricing is it’s pretty reasonable. They have all the fantastic collections to offer while keeping the quality top, yet they keep the pricing range affordable.

Are Armani exchange watches safe to use?
Yes, Armani never uses poor materials, which causes harm to human skins. Most of their watches are premium quality Stainless steel, and the bands are created using either high-quality leather or stainless steel. So, there’s no way for anyone to claim it’s not safe to use.

How long does an Armani exchange watch work?
The best thing about Armani exchange watches is, they are pretty strong. The internal and external both are built well, and so it will serve you at least for 4 hours or even more if you use them with care.

Final Words

Watches are an essential part of our day-to-day life. We might have cellphones to check time nowadays, but the impact a watch has in embracing your appearance is undeniable. For this reason, men are pretty serious about buying beautiful quality wristwatches.

Armani exchange watches for men have the exact qualities and appearance a man with an attitude wants. Also, they come at a budget-friendly cost, so if you’re a bossy man, you must get one for you today.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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