10 Best Timex Watches For Women Or Ladies

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Watches are a great accessory for fashion-conscious women. This will give you time as well as multiply your style. A watch on your wrist will make you more confident about your style.

There are many well-known brands in the market for women’s watches, of which Timex is one of the popular and reputed brands.

There are several best Timex watches for women in the market which can be aesthetic for any woman. Today’s article is arranged with some of the best women’s watches by Timex.

10 Best Timex Watch Reviews For Women or Ladies

Timex is one of the most popular watch manufacturer brands. They offer premium quality and highly functional watches for both men and women. Here is the list and review of the 10 best Timex watches for Women.

Our top picks: At a glance

  1. Best for Easy Reading: Timex Women’s Indiglo Easy Reader Watch
  2. Best Multi-functional: Timex Ironman Classic 30 Full-Size 38mm Watch
  3. Best Classic Watch: Timex Women’s Easy Reader Watch
  4. Best for the Durability: Timex Women’s Easy Reader 25mm Date Watch
  5. Best Stylish Dressy Watch: Timex Women’s Essex Avenue Watch
  6. Best for Precise Movement: Timex Unisex Weekender Watch
  7. Best Water-resistant Watch: Timex Women’s Ironman Transit Watch
  8. Best for the Design: Timex Women’s Stretch Bangle Crisscross Watch
  9. Best As A Sports Wear: Timex Women’s Ironman Transit 33 mm Watch
  10. Best for Everyday Wear: Timex Dress Watch TW2U87000VQ

10 Best Timex Watches for Women

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Women’s Indiglo Easy Reader Watch by Timex is an affordable yet quality and high-performing wristwatch in the market. Crafted with premium quality materials, this watch is suitable to wear with any outfit.

Its dial with indigo, 30 meters water water-resistant, and precise movement technology, as well as other exclusive features, make this one of the best wrist watches for women.


  • Band Material: Brass
  • Case Material: Brass
  • Bezel Material: Brass
  • Calendar: Date
  • Special Features: Includes a seconds-hand, Water-Resistant, Luminous
  • Movement: Quartz
  • Display Type: Analog
  • Water-resistant depth: 30 Meters
Timex Women's Indiglo Easy Reader Watch

Timeless design

One of the most amazing things about this watch is its design. This watch comes with a simple but classic as well as sleek design. Its compact and lightweight build quality makes this watch perfect for day-to-day wear.

Manufactured with all premium quality materials, this watch will last longer. Its design will go well with any outfit that allows you to wear the watch on any occasion.

Durable and comfortable

The case of this watch has been made of premium quality stainless steel which makes it more durable. The leather strap of this watch is excellently soft and smooth and will ensure enough comfort to wear.

It’s 25mm compact case design makes it the perfect one for any wrist size. The quick-release strap functionality lets you give the watch a whole new look by changing the strap easily.

Easy to read dial

The more understandable the dial pad of a watch, the easier it will be for the user to understand. This watch has a very simple designed dial pad that is easy to read. The Arabic numerals are good enough in size and excellently visible.

This watch has been crafted with a mineral dial window that is the best dial window option for a budget wristwatch.

Other features

One of the most exclusive features of this wristwatch is that it has a luminous dial. This feature makes this timepiece easy to read in the dark. This watch is crafted with 3 BAR or 30 meters water-resistant functionality.

30 meters water resistance can prevent splashes or short exposure to water, but it is not suited for swimming and bathing. It also has a date window in the dial pad.

Quality and Functionality

If you seek an affordable but quality and highly functional watch, there is no better way to go than this Timex watch. This watch offers excellent and extraordinary performance at such an affordable price.

From design to functionality, there is absolutely no lack in this watch. This watch has several variants to choose from, depending on the strap color.


  • Simple yet aesthetic and fashionable design
  • Premium quality adjustable Leather strap
  • Affordable yet highly functional wristwatch


  • The date function is a bit hard to adjust

Timex Ironman Classic 30 Watch has been designed with simplicity in mind. Aside from the simplistic aesthetics, the watch’s durability was designed to survive the day’s strenuous activities.

Whether you’re jogging a few laps, countdown the minutes, or just checking the time, this wristwatch has you wrapped in a straightforward manner.


  • Case Material: Resin
  • Bezel Material: Resin
  • Bezel Function: Stationary
  • Calendar: Day-Date-Month
  • Special features: Chronograph
  • Movement: Quartz
  • Display Type: Digital
  • Water-resistant depth: 100 Meters
Timex Ironman Classic 30 Full-Size 38mm Watch

Design and build

This Timex watch features a rugged design with an oversized or average-sized watch case. 
The setup is simple, thanks to the easy-to-push buttons. Because the letters are bright and large, interrupting the display is also quite straightforward.

The strap and casing are made of lightweight, long-lasting material with excellent durability. Additionally, cleaning is made more convenient as a consequence.

Multi-functional watch

This awesome watch is not limited to the time kipper; it behaves like a multi-functional device. In addition to timekeeping, it provides the user with date and day-related data. 3 daily, weekend, and weekday alarms are another exclusive feature of this watch.

The watch also includes 24-hour military time mode as well as 3 time zones.

Easy to use

When you want to move towards a multi-functional watch with a digital face, you should consider its useability. Fortunately, this watch comes with intuitive usability.

Each function is easily accessible as there are separate buttons for each function. The functionality of any button is written on the bezel, which allows you to easily understand it.

100 meters water resistant

If you are looking for such a kind of wristwatch that is suitable for serious water activity, then you should consider this one. The watch has 100 meters of water-resistant capability that make this watch suitable for several serious water activities like swimming, snorkeling, showering, etc.

However, this timepiece is not suitable for scuba diving.

Overall performance

The sports watch’s streamlined functionality ensures excellent performance. The resin strap gives a fantastic layer of comfort. If you work alone, you may utilize the hour countdown clock to ensure you finish your job on time.

This sports watch may also record the lap time if you like jogging. This watch was designed for the energetic, busy individual. It is lightweight and simply has the essential features of a watch.


  • This one features a modern design and build
  • It is an easy-to-use, multi-functional timepiece
  • The watch has 100 meters water resistant capacity


  • A single-day alarm cannot be set with this watch

Read the in-depth review of Timex Ironman Classic 30 Watch

This is another Timex Women’s Easy Reader Wristwatch on our list. Easy Reader watch line is one of the most popular watches of Timex that comes with a simple yet classic design.

This Easy Reader Leather Strap 30mm watch is one of the best budget watch options for stylish women. A comfortable expansion timepiece that will fit properly on the wrist comfortably.


  • Dial window material type: Mineral
  • Display Type: Analog
  • Clasp: Buckle
  • Case Material: Brass
  • Case diameter: 25 millimeters
  • Movement: Quartz
  • Water resistant depth: 30 Meters
Timex Women's Easy Reader Watch

Classic design

The design of this watch is among the most impressive aspects of the piece. Its design is almost the same as the Women’s Indiglo Easy Reader Watch. With a basic yet traditional style that is also elegant, this watch is a great choice.

The average-size case design makes this watch lightweight that is ideal for everyday use due to its construction quality. The watch is also excellently durable and also comfortable to wear.

Watch case and strap

This watch has been crafted with an average-sized compact case that is made of excellent quality Brass stainless steel. This average-sized case will fit any wrist from small to large and provide excellent comfort to day-to-day use.

Its 14-millimeters genuine leather strap is soft as well as highly adjustable. The buckle clasp system ensures a bit more security on your wrist.

Indigo dial pad

Every watch on the Easy Reader line is built with a simple and easy-to-read dial pad, and this watch is no exception. The design of the dial pad is very simple and noise-free; very easy to read.

Moreover, its indigo system makes it easy to read at night. A mineral dial window has been used as the window of the dial pad. All the marks on the dial pad are highly visible inside it.

Quality and reliability

Although this one is a budget watch for women, it will never disappoint you in terms of quality. This wristwatch is a highly functional timepiece that performs like an expensive one.

So, you can depend on your wrist for timekeeping if this one is on your wrist. Its highly precise Quartz movement ensures accurate timekeeping. The 30 meters water-resistant resistance makes it suitable for day-to-day use.


  • Comes with an elegant as well as sleek design
  • Crafted with an easy-to-read indigo dial pad
  • It is stylish, and it will go well with any outfit


  • This watch has no date and day function

If you’re looking for an attractive but functional watch that does nothing more than telling the time, the Timex Women’s Easy Reader 25mm Date Watch is about as traditional as it gets in this category.

It is a straightforward but remarkable timepiece that operates with dependability. The watch was simple to read, requiring just a brief look to get the time.


  • Dial window material type: Mineral
  • Display Type: Analog
  • Clasp: Expansion Band
  • Case Material: Brass
  • Case diameter: 25
  • Calendar: Date
  • Movement: Quartz
  • Water resistant depth: 30 Meters
Timex Women's Easy Reader 25mm Date Watch

Design and build quality

This Easy Reader wristwatch doesn’t boast a stunning design; this one is a simple but elegant analog timepiece. But the watch really does look fantastic. The style was definitely the objective here, and Timex achieved it with flair.

Its compact and lightweight build makes it more compatible as well as comfortable to wear. This watch also has several color options to choose from.

The case and strap straps

The silver-tone brass casing is 25 millimeters in diameter and is very light in weight. Despite its lightness, it never seems brittle. The bezel of this wristwatch is made of black or blue brass.

The watch’s brass bezel provides a touch of class. The bracelet is designed to be easy to wear, adaptable, as well as it is comfortable to wear.

Easy reader dial

The dial pad of this amazing wristwatch has a traditional watch configuration. Timex made our list of the finest hunting watches because of its easy-to-read feature. As the name implies, easy-to-read digits are balanced by a simple dial design.

It’s really simple to read because of the clean white background and huge sharp and Arabic-styled black numerals.

Other features

This timepiece is one of the popular dressy timepieces for women who are more style-conscious. This watch has an excellent luminous in its dial pad that makes it easy to read late at night.

It also includes a small date window in the dial pad near 3.0 o’clock. Its 30 meters or 100 feet water-resistant capability protects the watch from rain, sweat, as well as light water.


The quartz watch mechanism of the Timex Easy Reader keeps a record of seconds, minutes, hours, as well as dates. More crucially, it magnifies the text or numerals on the wristwatch; therefore, this is the timepiece for you if you really have difficulties reading tiny writing.

And, as is characteristic of Timex watches, they’re highly accurate, and they will stay that way for up to ten years.


  • It has an aesthetic as well as fashionable design
  • Easy to read dial with indigo and a date window
  • This watch comes with an extra leather strap


  • Bracelet is a bit small for an average-sized wrist

Women’s Essex Avenue is one of the best and most amazing wristwatches for women by Timex. Simple yet elegant as well as stylish, this watch comes with a fabulous design.

If you are seeking to embrace the minimalist style, this one is the perfect option to apply the less is more principle to your wristwatch as well.


  • Case Diameter: 26 millimeters
  • Case Thickness: 8 millimeters
  • Band Material: Leather
  • Band size: Women Standard
  • Bandwidth:12 millimeters
Timex Women's Essex Avenue Watch

Fabulous design

This timepiece is straightforward, classic-looking, as well as attractive. The design of this wristwatch is simple but fabulous and aesthetic.

This wonderful timepiece is constructed of popular and dependable brass that has been treated with wear and scratch-resistant coating. This particular model, with its leather strap, black watch hands, and Arabic markings, is one of our favorites.

Conventional case

One of the things that makes this watch more fantastic as well as compatible is its conventional watch case. The case is compact in size and made of premium quality brass with scratch-resistant coating.

This watch has both leather and stainless-steel strap options to choose from. Both of them are excellently adjustable and also comfortable to wear.

Amazing dial

One of the amazing features of this fabulous watch is that it features an easy-to-read dial pad that is amazing. Its dial pad is almost the same as an easy reader watch and has a simple design.

From Arabic hour markers to the hands, everything is excellently visible. The Mineral Glass dial window, the best dial window for the budget watch, makes it more amazing.

Other features

The watch has been designed in such a manner that it may endure splashes or short immersion in water without losing its functionality. It has 30 meters of water-resistant capability that can protect the watch from light water, rain, and sweat.

It also features an indigo dial pad that makes it easy to read in the dark. However, this watch has no date or day window.

Quality and performance

This amazing Timex watch will truly amaze you with its performance. Although it is a budget women’s watch, there is no shortage of quality and performance.

From design to functionality, it does not compromise on price with quality. In fact, it is a very functional watch that will never disappoint you.


  • Premium quality build, stylish dressy watch
  • Ensure excellent durability and comfort to wear
  • A compact case design offers more compatibility


  • The date is a bit hard to read in a vertical position

The Unisex watch line is another creation of the Timex brand, and every watch in this group is truly fantastic. Timex Unisex Weekender Watch is no exception.

A great budget watch that can impress anyone by both its features and performance. If you are seeking a highly functional watch, this one will be one of the best options for you.


  • Display Type: Analog
  • Clasp: Buckle
  • Case Material: Brass
  • Case diameter: 38 millimeters
  • Case Thickness: 9 millimeters
Timex Unisex Weekender Watch

Aesthetic design

Simple yet stylish, this wristwatch comes with an elegant and aesthetic design. This is a casual timepiece that may be worn with a range of outfits on the weekend. It features a basic dial and a raised ring that houses the minute tracker, with visible bold digits denoting each hour.

Simple watch face

Let’s look at what gives this watch so appealing and comfortable to wear. The casing is made of stainless steel and has a gleaming silver finish. The dial is straightforward, featuring large Arabic numerals in a clear and simple font.

The time in the military is kept on a circular inner ring using smaller numerals. A red second’s hand glides in one-second increments alongside the black hour & minute hands.

Handsome and comfortable

We’re talking about something incredibly gorgeous and comfy with this Timex fantastic watch. Because of the average case size, it is more comfortable and suitable with the wrist.

It features three various strap options to pick from, each of which is thin, supple, and avoids a bulky sensation. Overall, it’s comfortable to wear, attractive to look at, and maintains the correct time.

Precise movement

Because of its battery-powered quartz watch movement, the Weekender 38 keeps the correct time. When contacted to the electromotive force supplied by the battery, the movement includes the quartz crystal that swings at a defined frequency.

In terms of the battery, you may simply change it yourself. This isn’t true of all wristwatches, but Timex makes the procedure easier.

Features and functionalities

It has a steel snap-back back that offers 30m water resistance for splashes and rain, but not for swimming. While the water performance is inadequate, the low-light characteristics are top-notch.

When the crown is crushed, the iconic Indiglo technology produces some of the strongest sights. This amazing function is included on all Weekender watches and is unmatched by competitors.


  • This one is simple but excellent in quality
  • Durable, comfortable, and adjustable strap
  • Easy to read dial pad with indigo technology


  • The watches case size will be larger for someone

This is another Timex Ironman wristwatch in this list of Best Timex watches for women. It is one of the Timex amazing as well as popular watches for women. This multi-functional timepiece is highly functional as well as very precise.

Timex Women’s Ironman Transit Watch has been crafted with several exclusive features that have made it one of the best watch options for women.


  • Dial window material type: Acrylic
  • Display Type: Digital
  • Clasp: Buckle
  • Case Material: Resin
  • Band Material: Plastic
Timex Women's Ironman Transit Watch

Modern design

The watch has a modern and amazing design that looks too much fun. This watch is both functional and stylish at the same time. This one is a range of strong and durable products that are designed for active lifestyles.

Heavily padded with steel back, it’s quite comfy, and the dimensions are ideal. All of the information is shown on the screen, and the clock itself is really attractive.

Durable and comfortable

The watch has been crafted in such a way that makes it highly durable and long-lasting. Both the case and strap of this watch are made of premium quality resin that is sturdy as well as scratch-proof material.

Its durable build allows you to use the watch anywhere you go. This watch is not only durable, but it is also excellently comfortable to wear.

Extensive water resistance

Those searching for a wristwatch that can withstand the rigors of intense water activities should have a look at this particular model.

The watch has a water resistance rating of 100 meters, making it perfect for a variety of severe aquatic sports such as swimming, snorkeling, showering, and so on. This clock, on the other hand, is not appropriate for scuba diving.

Multi-functional watch

Are you seeking an affordable yet multi-functional wristwatch that is highly functional? You should consider this Ironman Transit Watch since it works as a hundred hours’ time count downer with a 10 laps memory.

Besides it, this timepiece also has a date, day as well as month function. A customizable alarm clock, and 24-hour military time mode with 2 time zones are other amazing features of this watch.


  • It features a modern as well as elegant design
  • This one is suitable for serious water activities
  • The watch offers a more durable and comfortable


  • This watch’s appearance is like a children’s watch

As a style-conscious woman, are you looking for a watch that will add novelty to your fashion? Then you should consider Timex Women’s Stretch Bangle Crisscross Watch.

It will fit well with any person and will be comfortable to use. Moreover, it will give novelty to the fashionable life of any person.


  • Bezel Material: Brass
  • Bezel Function: Stationary
  • Special features: Second hand
  • Movement: Quartz
  • Water-resistant Depth: 30 Meters
Timex Women's Stretch Bangle Crisscross Watch

Elegant design

Timex Women’s Stretch Bangle Crisscross Watch features an elegant and excellent design. Manufactured with premium quality stainless steel material, this wristwatch has a sleek finish.

The sleek case is matched by its semi-bangle expanding band and its clean, contemporary dial. Its all-premium material build makes it more durable than you expect. The compact and lightweight feature makes it comfortable to wear.

Contemporary watch face

This amazing women’s dressy watch is crafted with a simple watch face. Its dial pad is easy to read and noisy-free. It also has a luminous hour marker as well as the hands, making it easy to read at night or in any dark situation.

The Mineral dial window makes the dial pad more visible inside it. However, it is convenient in size; 25 millimeters watch case design allows you to wear this timepiece with any outfit.

Aesthetic and stylish

This is a great watch for style-conscious women. Its design is very nice and really interesting to look at. The watch can be worn with any outfit for any occasion. This will make you more confident about your fashion and style.

Above all, it is a very aesthetic and stylish watch that will fascinate anyone.

Extra features

This exquisite design is accentuated with a jewelry-inspired enlargement band. The watch has 30 meters or 100 feet water-resistant capability that makes it protective from rain and sweat and withstands splashes of water.

But you cannot swim or shower wearing this watch. This amazing wristwatch is available in a number of different finishes and inlay patterns.

Quality and performance

Quality defines a lot of things about a watch, including build, functionality, reliability, and many more. When it comes to the build quality of the watch, it is undoubtedly a gift of high-quality construction.

There is not much to say about functionality, but Timex should consider more features like date and day in this price line. When it comes to reliability, it can be said confidently that this watch will provide you with very reliable data.


  • It has a Stylish as well as fashionable design
  • The excellently durable ad also comfortable to wear
  • Match well with any outfit and wearable on any occasion


  • It will be hard to understand the time for someone

Timex Women’s Ironman Transit is a stylish and primary wrist timer. It has a special countdown timer, trouble-free sports stopwatch, and alarm settings with customizable functionality.

This timepiece is useful for making your regular lifestyle easy and comfortable. Below are the details of some of the best features of this timer.


  • Bezel Material: Resin
  • Bezel Function: Stationary
  • Calendar: Day-Date-Month
  • Special features: Chronograph, Alarm
  • Item weight: 27.22 Grams
  • Movement: Quartz
  • Water-resistant depth: 50 Meters
Timex Women's Ironman Transit 33 mm Watch

Watch Design

This watch is very small but looks so elegant and stylish on the hand of the wearer. It comes with a 33 mm case width with 11 mm height. The strap and lugs’ width also matched perfectly with its casing, about 12 mm in height.


Since it is a feminine wristwatch, Timex chose the best quality material for both case and straps. For case material, you will get the most familiar resin straps and acrylic for the case lenses.

Four Maneuvering Buttons

Using such a timer is also very convenient for the four initial buttons around the watch face. These buttons are used for different usage, including set/ recall, Indiglo, stop/reset, start/split, and mode.

10-Lap Memory

Another best feature you might enjoy here is the 100-hour chronograph with 10-lap Memory, which means this watch is manufactured with a date function. And this changes once every 24 hours. This watch can detect if the display time is AM or PM.

And the date changes on such timepieces automatically around noon. It also has a 24-hour countdown timer.

100 m Water Resistance

Enjoying swimming using these timepieces is now worthier than its previous models. This watch is suitable for snorkeling for the 100 m (330ft) water resistance.

Indiglo Light-Up Watch Dial

Timex is the first pioneer in bringing Indiglo light-up features into the watch industry. For these actions, the timepieces look great, durable, and easy to read at night.


  • Easy to observe (Indiglo watch dial) both day and night without using a cell phone
  • 100 m water resistance for comfortable swimming and snorkeling
  • Best sport suite watch for resin straps & athletic silhouettes
  • Amazing battery life stays up to 10 years or more
  • Acrylic watch lens sensor to provide crystal and clear visualization


  • Sometimes watch button stop functions properly
  • Watch display easily got scratched for long time use

Read the in-depth review of Timex Women’s Ironman Transit 33mm Watch

Timex Dress Watch is another significant timepiece from Timex. The most innovative facts about this are very small. The silver chain straps make the timer more innovative, cute, and stylish for the teenager.

We like the multicolor timing sections of this watch. Let’s learn some more about this tiny sparkling timer.


  • Case Material: Brass
  • Case diameter: 31 millimeters
  • Case Thickness: 6.5 millimeters
  • Band Material: Stainless Steel
  • Water Resistance: 50 m, 165 feet
  • Bandwidth: 16 millimeters
Timex Dress Watch TW2U87000VQ

Elegant Design

Foremost, it has a clean design and ergonomic definition. The watch comes in a slim, thin size suitable for people of all ages. From teenage to older, this 31 mm timer can fit perfectly.

The case thickness is about 6.5 mm with 16 mm bandwidth. So, if someone has a very small wrist, no worries; it still can fit comfortably.

Display & Watch Materials

Despite having very limited features, you can feel relaxed that you are spending money on solid masterpieces here. This timepiece case is made of brass with a fold-over clasp.

And the band also comes with stainless steel material so that it won’t damage due to rust, corrosion, or scratches.

Silver Tone Dial With Multi-color Markers

People love to buy watches judging by their color and physical appearance. Timex dress watches are made by thinking of these individuals who are very demanding about timers.

This watch looks more than a stylish timer for the beautiful stone works. It has unique silver tone dials with colorful markers, adding different tastes and spectacles.

165 ft Water Resistance Depth

This watch is suitable for doing short periods of water-related recreational activities, like swimming in the pool, running in the rain, sweating, ice skating, etc.


  • Comfortable to wear due to the very thin stainless steel band
  • For the clean dial design, it is the best to suit regular use
  • Allow you to do light recreational works like swimming, sweating
  • Made with solid material of brass
  • Comes with quick-release spring bars for attaching different straps


  • The watch is imperfect for diving and snorkeling
  • The display brightness is a bit lower than other timers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Timex good quality?

Timex is a reputable, reliable as well as a popular watch manufacturing brand. They have been producing and supplying excellent quality wristwatches for both men and women.

One of the amazing things about this brand is that they offer premium quality watches at a relatively lower cost than other brands.

How long will a Timex watch last?

Durability is an important factor for each and every watch. Since all Timex watches are made with all premium materials, they ensure excellent durability.

This watch will last 5 to 10 years with its usual use. This lifetime is good enough for any kind of wristwatch.

Is Timex a luxury brand?

Timex is one of the most popular watch brands in the marketplace. They offer premium quality wristwatches at a relatively low cost.

All of their timepieces are highly functional as well as excellently reliable. According to the consumer, it is one of the luxurious watch brands.

Is the Timex watch suitable for swimming?

It depends on what type of Timex watch you have and how water-resistant it is. A watch that has at least 100 meters of water-resistant capability is suitable for swimming.

So, if your Timex watch has at least 100 meters of water resistance, then you can use it for swimming as well as other water activities.

Final Thought

A watch is a device that can give you time as well as multiply your stall. Whether you are a fashion-conscious or a watch lover, if you want to pick up an aesthetic watch, the Timex brand is ready for you. As a reputed and popular brand, they offer premium quality watches.

This list and review of the 10 Best Timex watch for women will be very helpful if you are seeking the best Timex watch for you.

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