Best Smartwatch for Google Pixel That Will Ease Your Life

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Wear OS smartwatches are considered the standard smart wearables. It’s because these watches offer various features and keep updating them. It means you will not have to use old version apps when the new version gets available.

The best smartwatch for Google Pixel will provide you with the most genuine Android experience. Sadly many companies claim their smartwatches have better compatibility with Wear OS, but you will regret trusting anyone.

To ensure our readers get the best products among the best, we have worked pretty hard to analyze and find out these top smartwatches for Google Pixel. So, let’s not waste further time and jump right into the list.

7 Best Smartwatch for Google Pixel Review

Well-known brands make these 7 smartwatches. These are trustworthy and are well compatible with Google’s Wear OS.

Our top picks: At a glance

  1. Best for Battery Life: Samsung Galaxy Watch 3
  2. Best for Fitness Tracking: Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch
  3. Best for Effortless Use: Fossil Gen 5
  4. Best for Convenience: TicWatch Pro 3
  5. Best for Quality Build: Amazfit GTS Fitness Smartwatch
  6. Best for Health Features: TicWatch E3 Smartwatch
  7. Best for Durability: Suunto 7 GPS Sports Smartwatch

7 Best Smartwatch for Google Pixel

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1. Best for Battery Life: Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is a well-rounded wearable considered one of the best smartwatches for google pixel. It’s premium hardware and great features on the consumer’s hearts. It’s of course not the newest, but it has every necessary feature you require. This watch might not get morphed, but Samsung will support it long-term.

Classy Design

The physical bezel has returned in watch 3. It’s fun to use and is useful enough. The buttons on both sides spin the dial well, which is a fantastic alternative to trying to tap on the screen or swiping. Also, this bezel is the reason why the timepiece looks so classy. The slimmed-down watch 3 feels good to wear and operate.

It’s 8% smaller, 15% lighter, and 14% thinner in millimeters compared to the very first Galaxy watch. The quality straps match well with the casing to give the timepiece a more aesthetic appearance. However, if you’re a sporty person, it will be better for you to swap the existing ones for sportier straps.

Amazing Watch Faces

The display of this google pixel watch is pretty sharp with a screen of 360 × 360 pixels. The brightness is impressive because you can see things clearly through the screen under the brightest sun. The number of watch faces is outnumbered.

We say this because it lets you try out 80,000 different watch faces. It would be exciting enough for you to choose which one you want to use, but one thing is for sure, you will never go out of style.

Improved Performance

We are pretty impressed with its performance. It’s much faster in loading and switching between different applications. When operating, it feels so sharp. The rotating bezel makes navigation more simple.

The T9 Galaxy keyboard is reliable for texting because it can type things fast and clear, even on that tiny display. However, you need to use it often to reduce the difficulty of using a small keyboard.

Valuable Fitness Features

Every day people search for smartwatches that are good for either running, cycling, or swimming. Different buyers demand different fitness features. Whether you are looking for any fitness tracking mentioned above, you will have Galaxy watch 3 back you up fine.

Longer Battery Life

Generally, a good smartwatch battery can give backup for a day. Fortunately, Galaxy watch 3 users claimed it could work for 2 days after one charge and do heavy duties. This is, of course, a fair battery service.


  • Slimmer design
  • Rotating bezel
  • Classy look
  • ECG readings
  • Extended battery life


  • Can’t measure blood pressure well

Why Should You Buy It?

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is a worthy Wear OS that offers a bundle of useful features, including fitness and health trackers. It will never keep you behind in styling with its huge collection of watch faces.

2. Best for Fitness Tracking: Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch

Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch

The Fitbit Versa 2 is so comfortable that it’s pleasant on your wrist. It’s neither too big nor too little, making it perfect to wear over many different wrists. Its compatibility with the Google Pixel is truly outstanding. So, we couldn’t resist adding it to our list.

Looks Stylish

Fitbit Versa 2 is beautifully machined. The slick appearance gives a more formal look. It’s a good-looking smartwatch for everyday use. You can wear it to the office join meetings; this should go well with your formal costume.

Good Fitness Tracking

It will help you do several workouts well, such as bike rides, pilates, runs, etc. Whatever activity you are in, it will not only track them but will also feel comfortable. One great upgrade is unlike the first Versa with 3 buttons; the Versa 2 has one button that eases the stop and start exercises.

However, this physical change is the only upgraded part compared with fitness tracking on the previous version. Through the Fitbit app store, you can download helpful workout apps. These apps even let you set your fitness target, plus they will alert you when you reach your targeted goals.

Built-in Alexa

It has built-in Alexa to help you answer some basic questions, set timers, and control your smart home gadgets. The only issue is it doesn’t have a speaker built-in for which you need to give Alexa orders by typing. With its reading sensor, it will respond well. This makes Alexa work a bit slow, but that is not a big deal.

Sleep Mode Saves Battery

A smart wearable doesn’t need to stay on all the time. When the wristwatch is not in use, the display should be turned off to save battery life. Thanks to Versa 2, it allows us to disable the screen using its sleep mode. This feature actually saves quite a good amount of battery.

Fitbit Pay

Versa 2 offers the Fitbit mobile payment that helps pay. If your local credit card does not support Fitbit payment, you will not be able to use the feature. It’s a sad fact, but hey, it will help you pay for things a lot if your banks support it.


  • Valuable sleep and fitness tracking
  • Comfortable to wear
  • The screen is big enough to read
  • The display can be seen under the bright sun
  • Fitbit payment system
  • Stylish outline


  • Clumsy Alexa alliance

Why Should You Buy It?

The Fitbit Versa 2 is improved and now performs outstandingly. The changed design has added to its appeal. Besides, it’s claimed to be one of the best smartwatches for google pixel phones.

3. Best for Effortless Use: Fossil Gen 5

Fossil Gen 5

The Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch may be an old item, but it’s a very good Wear OS smartwatch. Each year Fossil introduces multiple smart wearables, yet we picked this because of its upgraded specs, new hardware, and helpful battery modes. It will give you the best experience of wearing an OS.

Large Display

One great fact about Fossil’s brilliant timepieces is the large displays. Like other Fossil wristwatches, generation 5 is given a big screen. The 1.28-inch big display will give you clearer views since the display is AMOLED.

Easier Operation

Buttons on smartwatches can help using it with more ease. Button-less timepieces are pretty hard to use since you need to depend on only tapping and swiping. This also creates issues like screen problems sooner or later.

Luckily, this specific wristwatch comes with 3 programmable pushers. They are located on the right side. The crown is rotatable. The buttons take no effort to spin or press.

Smooth Performance

1GB Ram and the Snapdragon 3100 hardware is more than enough to make it super speedy. It can be operated two times faster than most other Wear timepieces OS. Also, the onboard 8GB storage allows you to download and keep as many music and applications as you like.

With this huge ROM, you don’t need your smartphone with you all the time since it will provide you with all the important apps. Listen to music or use applications whether or not you have your phone with you.

Decent Battery Life

The battery life of Fossil Generation 5 is certainly better compared to average google pixel watches. While most Wear OS wrist watches can’t even last a whole day, this particular timepiece can last for a full day or more, depending on how much you use it.

Upgraded Heart-rate Monitor

Buyers looking for a smartwatch for both heart-rate monitoring and well compatible with Google Pixel, this is what you need. Fossil claimed to upgrade its heart-rate sensor. The heart-rate reading is, although average, not a bad pick for someone who has no serious heart issues.


  • The display is bright and has a crispness
  • A load of pretty watch faces is installed
  • Battery modes
  • Decent heart-rate monitor
  • Built-in speaker


  • ECG feature missing

Why Should You Buy It?

Among all the other Wear OS smartwatches, Fossil Gen 5 stands out from the crowd as the best smartwatch for google pixel. Of course, it’s not a perfect product, but all its useful features and the average battery life will keep you happy.

4. Best for Convenience: TicWatch Pro 3

TicWatch Pro 3

TicWatch Pro 3 is more dedicated to Wear OS and has saved it by not letting Wear OS fall into the darkness than Mobvoi. It’s an improved version of its predecessors, which will surprise you with some special features such as blood oxygen monitoring. Its durability, features, and performance will make you rely upon it to accomplish your everyday tasks.

Rugged-like Appearance

The timepiece is not only durable from the inside but also from the outside. Even it looks rugged-like a smartwatch. The thick body is the reason why it looks so strong. Some Smart wearable users like such designs, and maybe this timepiece is designed this way for them.


The dual display proves it’s made for heavy-duty use. Its AMOLED screen is paired with an LCD, ensuring your watch screen will be safe from undesired scratches. Such a thick display will not put you in trouble to see through it because the resolution panel is bright and crisp.


If comfort is your first choice when wearing a wristwatch, you will find no other better option than TicWatch Pro 3 because it’s made 28% lighter than all the previous TicWatch smart wearables. The silicone strap is a high-grade material that will keep your skin harmless even if you sweat often.

Different Sports Modes

This watch is specially designed for sporty people. If you want your watch to be the best option for google pixel and fitness tracking, this specific timepiece will cover you well. 100+ workouts are ready for you to explore. Besides, all the modes are effortless to operate.

All you need to do is just select an exercise mode, tap on the start option and crush your exercise. 100+ sport modes are preinstalled, you have a chance to download more different sports modes. TicHealth and TicExercise are the apps you will find in the Play Store from where you can download further.

Low Power Consumption

The watch has an always-on display yet ensures the power is consumed less. This helps in increasing the battery life. The brightness is automatically adjusted if the watch can sense the battery is drowning faster than usual.


  • Snappy Perform
  • Lightweight
  • Consume less power
  • Constructed durable
  • Impressive lengthy battery life


  • Inaccurate heart-rate monitoring

Why Should You Buy It?

It’s a better Wear OS option you can find in the market. It has a few flaws but blends fine Mobvoi and Google software. It’s not the best option for health tracking, but having a google pixel watch will do things right for you if all you care for is having a google pixel watch.

5. Best for Quality Build: Amazfit GTS Fitness Smartwatch

Amazfit GTS Fitness Smartwatch

The Amazfit GTS Fitness comes with a vibrant screen and excellent design. It has almost the same appearance as an Apple watch, leading it to get more fans.

It becomes a real deal for customers who want better products at a lower price with a similar look to the Apple watch and incredible features. Moreover, it works great with google pixel phones.

High-quality Build

The body of the wristwatch is made of metal. The back has a matte polymer to ensure you feel comfortable after wearing it. The Gorilla Glass 3 increases its outer strength.

Sharp Display

The sharper the display, the easier it is to read. Amazfit knows this, so they made the screen sharp enough for you to see through the glass effortlessly. The resolution is 348 × 442, which is quite impressive. Also, the 1.65″ AMOLED screen offers a 340ppi pixel density. It means the display is crisp and clear.

Water Resistance

Go swimming or enjoy heavy rain with it. With its 50 meters water resistance, there is no chance for water to damage your smartwatch. You can do multiple swimming exercises wearing it; the timepiece will keep doing its job under the water while stopping water from entering the machine.

PPG Sensor

A Wear OS smartwatch with a PPG sensor is indeed rare. This is one of the rare pieces. It can constantly monitor your heart rate. Even when you are working out, the wristwatch will monitor heart-rate intervals.

It doesn’t stop at only recording your heart’s conditions, but also when it senses a high heart rate or low, it will immediately alert you to take rest.

Music Control

Everyone loves listening to music, whether working in the office or exercising at the gym. You can listen to music from your handset when not doing physical work. While exercising, it’s impossible to use the smartphone or anything else to listen to music unless you can listen from a gadget attached to your body.

This is a big advantage of having a smartwatch, but sadly most smart wearables don’t let the user control the music system. It’s great that Amazfit GTS is exceptional; it gives you the freedom to change your music right from your wristwatch.


  • Battery life with two-week longevity
  • Vivid and bright screen
  • 50 meters water resistance
  • Allows music controlling
  • Has PPG sensor


  • Unreliable step recording

Why Should You Buy It?

The Amazfit GTS offers you a set of helpful features for improving your health by doing fitness workouts. We must mention it provides you GPS and LTE connectivity too.

6. Best for Health Features: TicWatch E3 Smartwatch

TicWatch E3 Smartwatch

It’s the Mobvoi tech company’s newest smartwatch. It’s the better form of TicWatch E2. Still, it’s not good enough like its elder brother Pro 3. The special thing about the timepiece is it has a Snapdragon 4100 chip like its big brother. This hardware provides it with smoother operation power.

Chunky Design

Some like bulky-looking smart wearables, and some don’t. If you don’t have small wrists, it will look pretty good with you. The big 40mm casing with a thickness of 12.6mm is why it appears and feels bulky.

Easy Operation

The watch has all the easy ways for you to operate and control it. No rotating crown is present, but there are two buttons on its right side that help you do quite a few things like turning on, off the display, opening the menu of applications, returning to the homepage, etc.

If long pressed, the Google Assistant is activated. Quick taps on the screen increase and decrease the brightness. The button at the bottom brings an app that you prefer, such as fitness tracking or any other app.

Customized Watch Faces

You already offered over a thousand watch faces. You can download them from the Google Play Store. All those different watch faces will let you customize the watch face. It’s pretty good for creative people. Customization takes a few minutes only.

Helps Reduce Stress

The TicWatch E3 can record your stress level with approximate accuracy. It even helps you lower your stress by telling you to do a breathing exercise. It will tell you when to inhale and exhale and how long you should do the breathing exercise to get all your stress away from you.

Everyday Use

Honestly speaking, it’s one of the best smartwatches for Google Pixel, which you can buy for wearing every day. Its super responsiveness makes it the best option for daily use. It will serve you with all the expected features a Google Wear OS offers. All the apps in it work well and load fast.


  • Fast Performance
  • Big display
  • Many health trackers
  • It can be used regularly
  • Reduces stress


  • Looks basic

Why Should You Buy It?

It’s a feature-rich watch with Wear OS you don’t want to miss. The large screen lets you read the display effortlessly; however, the LCD screen can’t provide that crispness. It’s a safe bet smartwatch that is affordable and reliable.

7. Best for Durability: Suunto 7 GPS Sports Smartwatch

Suunto 7 GPS Sports Smartwatch

The Suunto 7 GPS offers you convenience with durability and style. It’s primarily best for google pixel and sports modes. This Wear OS watch will provide you with smart functions that you demand and are offered by expensive watches.

Sport Expert

Thus smartwatches are certainly made for seriously sporty people. Provides 70 different sports modes. The GPS counts the distance and locates your location. If you download the Google map, you can operate it without using any other network.

Super Durable

Since the timepiece is designed for sports enthusiasts, it should look bulky. Used high-quality material in building the whole wristwatch. While being super tough, it feels light enough on the wrist with a weight of only 70 grams. Even to ensure your display stays free of damage when the manufacturer uses Gorilla Glass.

Eases Daily Tasks

It’s the first Google Wear OS smartwatch. It means it has every necessary feature that will ease you with your daily activities like making calls, sending texts, checking maps offline, making payments, and more.

Intelligent Battery

According to the manufacturer, the battery is intelligent enough that it can last for up to 40 days. However, it’s only possible to just look at the time when you do nothing. If you actually use different apps and fitness health trackers, it will last one or two days at most. Still, it is fair enough.

Well Performing Watch

We are impressed by the overall performance of the wristwatch. It’s pretty fast when you swap. The apps are loaded quicker than most other brilliant timepieces. Has all the Google featured application access and never feels laggy.


  • Downloadable maps
  • Wear OS integrations
  • Large Screen
  • Fast performance
  • Robust body


  • A bit expensive

Why Should You Buy It?

According to us, Suunto 7 is a perfect smartwatch because it runs the watch well with fitness trackers utilizing Wear OS. The user interface is the only drawback, but you should care for it since it offers a huge screen, sensor precision, and offline maps.

Buying Guide for Best Smartwatch for Google Pixel

Although we have recommended you the best smartwatch for Google Pixel, you should still do your short research to find out the most suitable product for you. If you consider these pointed factors, you will make a quick decision and not regret buying your chosen product.

1. Compatibility

The essential thing you need to consider before getting a smartwatch for you is its compatibility. Check if it’s compatible with your Google Pixel phone. If it does not match, the smartwatch will not be functional with your Wear OS. Generally, most of the Wear OS smartwatches match accurately with Google Pixel.

Still, some smartphones have issues and are not good enough for Google pixel. For this reason, we picked the smartwatches for you that are totally powered by Google Wear OS. So, you can pick any of our mentioned watches without worrying.

2. Features

A smartwatch is mainly bought for its unique features that smartphones don’t usually serve perfectly. For example, an Android or iPhone has stores from where you can download many applications.

Some applications like steps counter calorie-burning measures, but those apps don’t provide you with the correct result. Moreover, smartphones don’t have useful apps like heart-rate monitoring or stress measuring software.

But a smart wristwatch can provide better results and help to keep you fit. So, you must look for the timepiece that offers you features like health tracking, GPS, NFC, and workout modes. Also, you can pick a smart wearable especially for monitoring your heart or measuring blood sugar levels.

3. Battery Life

Nowadays, smartwatches are getting more powerful batteries. Since smart wearables are pretty expensive, you should not compromise battery quality. Usually, a smartwatch can work 24 hours with all the heavy-duty apps running in the background.

But some smartwatches have different battery-saving modes. Such wristwatches can serve you even for a week straight, depending on which model you choose.

We suggest getting smartwatches that claim to back you up for 30 days or above. These timepieces will at least work for a week after one full charge.

4. Notifications

Notifying you about your important emails messages or reminding you about a task is essential for a smartwatch. You must be notified about something right away.

If you are in another room doing something, not having your phone by your side, and at the moment you get an urgent message, your watch should notify you about it right that moment. Google pixel smartwatches use the google phone service to notify you about various notifications.

5. Design

A timepiece looks brilliant or dull through its appearance. The more good-looking a smartwatch is, the more it looks valuable. Many people, for this reason, look for better-designed wristwatches. Some smart wearables are designed to match female demands, and some match male demands.

While some other smartwatches have such excellent designs that both males and females can wear them and have fashionable vibes, the designs have variations, so you can select the one that best suits your choice and personality. A watch with various watch faces will be the best pick since you can wear them with any costume.

Google Pixel Smartwatch Vs. Apple Watch

In the past, Apple watches were more popular than google pixel watches for not having enough cool features and performance. However, now the table has turned, and we can see Google Pixel watches are on their way to beating their rivals. Some recent watches for google pixel have morphed into an improved candidate for Apple watches.

This is why consumers these days are depending more on Wear OS smartwatches. These can now give overall better performance. Offers an impressive number of features that work pretty well and show pretty correct results (health trackers). Also, pixel watches provide battery extended timepieces that increase customer interest.

In the end, both the watches are best for their compatible phones. The opinions will vary, but the fact will always be the same: some Google pixel watches are better than Apple watches, and some apple watches work better than pixel watches.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Smartwatch Works Best With a Google Phone?

Many smartwatches give their best performance with a Google Phone. Such smartwatches will let you use Google services like paying, using maps, using Google Assistance, and more. This article will find all the best-performing smartwatches with google phones.

Does Fitbit Work With Google Pixel?

Yes, the Fitbit Charge 2 and Fitbit Versa 2 work pretty well with Google pixel. They are pretty fast, better-performing smartwatches you can find currently powered by Wear OS.

Can You Use a Galaxy Watch With Google Pixel?

Yes, all the best-performing Samsung Galaxy smartwatches will work fine with Google Pixel, and so you can use them. Samsung watches are perfectly compatible with most Android phones.

Closing Remarks

Having the best smartwatch for Google Pixel is a spark because Google offers applications that ease our lives by allowing us to call, text, and use different third-party apps.

Generally, all smartwatch manufacturers claim their product is better than Google Pixel, but the truth is only a few are worth the investment. All our recommended smart wearables are worth the try and will please you with their performance.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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