10 Best Watches For Hunting | 2023 Latest Models

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While hunting, you will need to face difficult terrains, wilderness, and unknown locations. In those scenarios, a perfect watch will help you to survive in the most challenging locations. In addition, you will get a tip advantage during your hunting times if you have the best watches for hunting on your wrist.

Hunting is a serious hobby that requires years of practice in shooting and getting familiar with animal behavior. A perfect timepiece with various functions and capabilities will help you locate any particular area. Along with that, the hunting watches will provide a better idea of that area’s geographical overview.

10 Best Smartwatches for Hunting and Hunter’s Assistance (GPS & ABC)

When it comes to hunting specialist watches, you can’t expect them to be like regular watches. Instead, the hunting watches need to offer something more in every section. But the perfect hunting watches offer the best in all sections along with providing advantages while hunting.

These watches also need to have the facility of an altimeter, barometer, and compass for the hunter’s assistance. Now it is time to take a deep dive into the detailed discussion about those 10 best hunting specialist watches:

Our top picks: At a glance

  1. Best Hunting Watch For GPS Unit: Garmin Fenix 7X Solar
  2. Best for the Design: SUUNTO Core Outdoor Sports Watch
  3. Best for Tracking: Apple Watch Series 8
  4. Best for the Battery Life: Garmin Instinct Tactical Hunting Watch
  5. Best Durable Hunting Watch: Casio Men’s PRO TREK PRW-3510Y-8CR Watch
  6. Best for Rough Usage: Garmin Fenix 5 Plus
  7. Best Solar-Powered: G-Shock Rangeman GW-9400
  8. Best Water-proof Hunting Watch: Casio Men’s Pathfinder Triple Sensor
  9. Best Hunting Watch for Battery Customization: Garmin Tactix Delta Solar
  10. Best Scratch-proof Hunting Watch: SUUNTO Traverse Alpha

Best Watches for Hunting

Let’s take a look at our 3 top picks

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Garmin Fenix 7X Solar is the best solar-powered watch that is manufactured with a stylish gesture. This watch is a perfect gadget for the armies and the defense training people.


  • Battery Life: 28 days
  • Measure Shot Distance: Automatic
  • Water Resistance: 10 m
  • Display Resolution: 280×280 pixels
  • Memory: 16 GB
Garmin Fenix 7X Solar

Below are some basic features which make this watch more suitable to cope with multiple sports.

Design & Dimensions

On its first appearance, you will definitely love the watch for its stylish look. The watch provides 7″ inches of wrist support, so it didn’t feel too tight. This watch is made with silicon straps. Its overall look is unique, good, and comfortable. This hunting timer screen is so wide, about 1.2 inches. It is 0.5 inches long, 1.8 inches in width, and 2.1 inches in height.

The watch material is so relaxing, which you may wear it all day long. It weighs up to 49 grams. It is so lightweight that it could not drop from your hand.

Additional Features

Garmin provides advanced features including swimming, running, and cycling. This watch also gives you contact time balance, stride length, and more. This Garmin watch can connect via iPhone, Android, or Windows.

It also comes with the premium GPS running and triathlon to track the location. Moreover, you can also measure your heart rate by using this device. The watch can run by Wi-Fi connectivity, and it supports worldwide maps

Great Battery Life

This watch has 24 hours of battery life. The battery life stays up to 2 weeks in watch mode, longing up to 24 hours in GPS mode and 50-hour in ultra-trace mode.


  • Smart connectivity
  • Compatible to measure heart rate
  • Having an advanced fitness tracker
  • 24+ hour battery life
  • Has a powerful built-in algorithm


  • The watch didn’t have navigation capabilities

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The watch we have here is from SUUNTO, and SUUNTO Core is an outdoor sports watch that can assist you while hunting. To provide more details about it, there is an in-depth discussion right below:


  • Weight: ‎2.88 Ounces
  • Bezel Material: Aluminum
  • Water Resistance: 30 m
  • Glass Material: Mineral Crystal
  • Strap Material: Textile
SUUNTO Core Outdoor Sports Watch

Design and Built-Quality

The SUUNTO Core is an outdoor sports watch that has been made with more than eighty years of craftsmanship by the manufacturer. It weighs nearly 2.88 ounces with a watchface diameter of 49.1mm.

The high-quality built material used in this classic watch has made it versatile and durable. It is a full black finished watch that looks really catchy and appealing.


All the basic and advanced features that you require for a hunting watch are present in it. This Scandinavian-designed watch has both 12-hour and 24-hour time indications, and it also comes with a date window on the display. Though it doesn’t have the GPS location tracking feature, it is water-resistant up to 30-meter underwater.

Hunting Assistance

It has the availability of the famous triple sensor as an altimeter, barometer, and compass for assisting in hunting. You will get an idea about your location altitude or how much higher ground you are from the sea level. It will notify about the pressure all around as well with the barometer.

The compass is also present in it for guiding you in the correct direction while hunting on challenging grounds. Its intelligent storm alarm will alert you about the upcoming storm by sensing the air pressure dropping. Along with all these functions, you will find the temperature indicator in this watch as well. 

There is a sunrise and sunset indicator present as well in this fantastic timepiece. It can measure any depth up to 30 feet for hunting assistance. 


This wristwear from SUUNTO runs with the help of a replaceable CR2032 battery. A single piece of this battery will serve at least 12 months without any charging or replacements.


  • Sunrise and sunset indicator with temperature measurement 
  • Depth measuring up to 30 feet and water-resistive up to 100 feet underwater 
  • Presence of the intelligent storm alarm 
  • The famous triple sensor facility of altimeter, barometer, and compass 
  • A replaceable CR2032 battery 


  • No GPS tracking system

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3. Best for Tracking: Apple Watch Series 8

Apple Series 8 Smartwatch has been one of the most anticipated recent launches. Whether you’re going hiking, climbing, or hunting, this watch will serve you well. This watch is smaller and lighter than others of its kind, yet it can resist heavy use without breaking.


  • OS: watchOS 9.0
  • Processor: Dual Core S8 processor
  • Style: GPS + Cellular
  • Material: Glass front, ceramic/sapphire crystal back, stainless steel frame
  • Display Type: Retina OLED
  • Display Size: 45 mm
  • Sound: Loudspeaker with no headphone jack
  • Battery: Li-Ion 308 mAh. Up to 36 hours in Low Power Mode
  • Water Resistance: WR50 rating up to a depth of 50 meters

Dimensions and Built

The Always-On display on Apple Watch Series 8 is large and stunning. The screen is pushed to the very edge by the slim bezels, blending beautifully into the rounded shape of the body. The watch face is 45 millimeters square, and the case is 10.7 millimeters thick. It’s built to last and suitable for any activity!

Notable Features

Use it to make calls, send texts, and listen to music, even when you’re away and can’t use your iPhone. If a family member doesn’t have an iPhone, you can still control their Apple Watch via Family Setup.

If you are involved in a serious vehicle accident or have a heavy fall, Crash Detection and Fall Detection will instantly contact emergency personnel.

Test your blood oxygen levels often. Have an electrocardiogram done whenever it’s convenient. Receive alerts if your heartbeat is too fast or slow.

Check your REM, Core, and Deep sleep percentages using Sleep Stages. It has a WR50 water resistance rating, is immune to cracks, and is dustproof to an IP6X standard.

With its many helpful functions, the Series 8 watch is a fantastic option for hunters who want to ensure their health and safety.


Battery life for the Apple Watch Series 8 is up to 18 hours on a single charge, or up to 36 hours in low-power mode.


  • Durable body and display
  • Active GPS monitoring
  • Health Monitoring features
  • Emergency SOS feature
  • Can call or text easily


  • Battery can drain easily
  • A minor upgrade

The watch we have now is an instinct tactical styled watch from Garmin. The reasons why it deserves to be your time-keeping companion during the hunting sessions are:


  • Battery Life: Up to 14 days in smartwatch mode
  • Strap Material: Silicon
  • Display Resolution: 128×128 pixels
  • Weight: 1.83 ounces
  • Lens Material: Chemically strengthened glass
Garmin Instinct Tactical Hunting Watch

Design and Dimension

Whether the looks or the features, the Garmin Instinct is the best in both sectors. This black watch comes with a screen size of 1.27 inches which has the display type of MIP LCD with 128 x 128 pixels resolution.

It weight 1.83 Ounces, while the whole watch has an overall dimension of 1.77 x 1.77 x 0.6 inches.

Features and Functions

This smartwatch from Garmin is a handy one with so many features and functions. Wireless connectivity is possible in it with other smart devices via Bluetooth and ANT+. It also has the availability of a GPS location tracking system. This time wear has the addition of heart rate monitoring along with being a fitness tracker.

It has the certification of U.S. military standard 810G for being highly survivable.

Hunting Assistance

Altimeter, barometer, and compass, all three necessary sensors, are present in this watch. They will help you with the location’s altitude, and air pressure and guide you in the correct direction, respectively.

There are three different navigation systems available as GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo. Along with those, the Worldwide mapping system will assist you a lot in the toughest hunting grounds.

The Garmin Instinct has the trackback feature that shows precisely the route of your starting when you are coming back. In addition, its thermal and shock-resistant capability has made it a deserving candidate for being your time-keeping companion during the hunting sessions. This time wear is also water-resistant up to 100 meters underwater.

Battery Backup

A lithium metal battery is required to run this timepiece which will be given in the box with a charging cable. On a single charge, the battery will survive up to 14 days in basic smartwatch mode. When the GPS is on, the charge will last for 16 hours and 40 hours in UltraTrac battery Saver mode.


  • Three different navigation systems as GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo 
  • Water, thermal, and shock-resistive certification of U.S. military standard 810G 
  • Worldwide mapping 
  • The presence of UltraTrac battery Saver 
  • Availability of altimeter, barometer, and compass, all three sensors


  • The charge doesn’t last long on GPS mode

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The watch we have now is from Casio which is a trekking specialist watch for men’s usage. Let’s know more about Casio Men’s PRO TREK PRW-3510Y-8CR Watch:


  • Case Diameter: 47.7 millimeters
  • Water Resistance: 660 Feet
  • Glass Material: Blend
  • Band Width: 20.2 millimeters
  • Weight: 3.4 Ounces
Casio Men's PRO TREK PRW-3510Y-8CR Watch

Design and Dimension

Casio has produced this rugged watch with a dimension of 4.35 x 4.65 x 3.8 inches and 3.4 Ounces of weight. Its shape is roundish with a digital display and mineral dial window for durability. The stainless-steel case is 13.2mm thick and has a 47.7 mm diameter. It has a black band that is 10 inches long and 20.2mm wide.

Function and Features

It is a bidirectional bezel-functioning hunting-friendly timepiece from Casio. The watch comes with a day-date-month type calendar on the display. There is Quartz movement present in this watch which is helpful for perfect time indication. The silicone band with buckle closure will provide snug fitting during the hunting sessions.

It can survive in lower temperatures of -10 degrees Celsius. You will also get a calibration signal facility in this excellent wrist wear.

Hunting Assistance

The famous triple sensor of altimeter, barometer and digital compass has made it famous among hunters. These sensors will notify you about the location’s altitude and air pressure and guide you in the right direction, respectively. In addition, its thermometer will inform you about the temperature of your hunting ground.

You can set times from 31 different time zones of 48 cities in this watch. Multi alarm and stopwatch will help you for perfect hunting timing and will also enhance your accuracy. Its 200- meter water resistivity helps you hunt being tension-free in the wet and muddy hunting grounds.


An R14 battery is required to run this timepiece, and you will find it in the watch package.


  • Availability of 31 different time zones of 48 cities 
  • Presence of altimeter, barometer, and digital compass 
  • Fully automated day-date-month type calendar 
  • Survivable in lower temperatures up to –10-degree Celsius 
  • 660 Feet of water resistivity


  • No GPS tracker

The Garmin Fenix 5 Plus we have here is a rugged smartwatch specially made for hunting. Let’s take a sharp look at the reasons why it has made it to the list of the best:


  • Weight: 86 gm
  • Case Size: 47 mm
  • Bezel Material: Stainless steel
  • Display Resolution: 240×240 pixels
  • Memory: 16 GB
Garmin Fenix 5 Plus

Design, Dimension, and Built-Quality

The hunting watch we have here is rightfully an all-rounder watch in design, features, and built quality. It will look way cool on your wrist while hunting because of its catchy design. This is an average-weight watch as it weighs only 3.04 ounces along with 1.9 x 0.6 x 1.9 inches of dimension. 

It’s a Sapphire-styled watch that comes with a black leather band and a button for the human interface. For rough usage, it has the DLC Titanium bezel to survive in all conditions.


This hunting smartwatch is full of various features as it comes with wireless connectivity. The 1.2-inch screen of this watch is clearly visible under direct sunlight. It has a 16 GB memory capacity to track your daily activities and for keeping songs to entertain. You can also connect this hunting smartwatch with your other smart devices. 

This watch is waterproof up to 100-meter underwater and comes with a GLONASS feature for maximum outdoor coverage.

Hunting Assistance

This Garmin Fenix 5 Plus comes with a GPS location tracking system. It will help to get to your desired location and inspect the location perfectly. In addition, you will find the multinetwork navigation system GLONASS and Galileo. The barometer and altimeter will indicate the air pressure all around and the altitude of your location, respectively. 

While hunting, the watch will show your heart rate based on your wrist’s blood circulation. So, you will be notified about your health and physical condition during hunting. There are also a three-axis compass and gyroscope present in this to help you in the most challenging terrains. 

Battery Back-Up

This hunting smartwatch from Garmin runs with the help of a lithium-polymer battery. With a single charge, you will get a ten days battery life on basic smartwatch mode. While GPS mode is on, the charge will last for at least eight hours.


  • Presence of GLONASS feature and gyroscope 
  • The GPS location tracking feature is present 
  • It is waterproof up to 100-meter underwater 
  • Availability of altimeter, barometer, and compass 
  • Heart rate monitoring during the hunting session


  • Less battery back-up on GPS mode 

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The first hunting watch on our list is G-Shock Rangeman GW-9400. Along with being a specialist hunting watch, it is also one of the best that has been produced by G-Shock, and let’s know why:


  • Water resistance: 20 m
  • Weight: 93 gram
  • Case Size: 55.2×53.5×18.2 mm
  • Case/ Bezel Material: Resin
  • Construction: Shock resistance
G-Shock Rangeman GW-9400

Design and Dimension

This GW-9400 from the Rangeman series of G-Shock is a hunting watch that hardly breaks. It is made for men, and it weighs around 5.93 Ounces with an overall dimension of 1 x 1 x 1 inch. Its sturdy design and built quality just suit the rugged hunting weather and tougher terrains.

It comes with a multicolor band that has a width of 27mm and a case thickness of 18.2mm.


The GW-9400 is a roundish-shaped watch that has the presence of the Scratch Resistant Hardlex dial window. The Scratch Resistant Hardlex dial window keeps your watch screen safe while you are hunting. You will get the radio signal time calibration in it along with the special Multi-Band Atomic Timekeeping technology.

As it has a black strap with buckle closure, you will get a snug-fitting while hunting around. There is a crown at the left part of the watch for manual functionalities and time setting up.

Hunting Assistance

It has the availability of the famous triple sensor for enhanced accuracy. Along with that, the altimeter present in this watch indicates the altitude of the location where you will be hunting. The barometer will measure the pressure about that place and an indication of weather and wind. With its advanced compass feature, you will always get the right direction. 

It will provide the temperature reading at your fingertips along with being water-resistant up to 200-meter underwater. This sturdy watch from G Shock can survive in a cold temperature up to -10 C / 14 F. So, it can assist you in hunting in the coldest weather as well.

Battery and Charging

To operate this rugged hunting watch, you will require a lithium metal battery. But there is no tension about charging this exceptional timepiece from the Rangeman series. Because it is solar-powered, and you won’t need to change the battery frequently as well.


  • This hunting watch can survive in cold weather up to -10 C / 14 F  
  • It comes with temperature and direction readings 
  • Availability of built-in compass, barometer, and altimeter 
  • Presence of the impact-resistant
  • Solar-powered, water-resistive, and durable


  • Unavailability of the GPS location tracker

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Casio Men's Pathfinder Triple Sensor

The Casio Men’s Pathfinder Triple Sensor is a specialized hunting watch to assist you during your hunting sessions. The reasons why this watch is on the list of the best are:

Design and Dimension

Casio Men’s Pathfinder Triple Sensor is one of the most stylish-looking hunting watches on our list of the best. Though it is a rugged-looking watch, it is pretty lightweight with a 57.3 x 50.9 x 15.3mm dimension. In addition, it has a 51mm stainless-steel case for safety.

The band is made with high-quality resin that provides both snug fitting and comfort.

Features and Functions

This Casio hunting watch comes with a digital display with Quartz movement technology for time indication. You will find a 1/100-second stopwatch in this watch along with both the 12 and 24-hour time format. There will be a crown on the left of the watch body for the human interface and a calendar window on the screen.

It is water-resistant up to 330 feet underwater, which allows you to hunt wearing this in wet and muddy areas.

Hunting Assistance

You will find the famous triple sensor feature, which consists of a barometer, altimeter, and compass, in this watch. It also has a thermometer with the survival capability even when the temperature falls on -10 C/14 F. The barometer is there for providing a proper air-pressure indication in challenging hunting grounds. There are 31 different time zones of 48 cities available in this timepiece.

You will get to know your altitude because of the altimeter, and the compass is for guiding you to the correct path. The full auto LED backlight lets you see the watch screen even at night. You can set five different alarms in a day in this watch which will allow you for perfect hunting timing.

Battery Back-Up

To run this timepiece from Casio, you will require a lithium-ion battery which will be given in the box. In a single charge, the battery will last about six months and a little less if the light exposure is increased.


  • Water Resistance: 100 m
  • Band Material: Plastic
  • Band Size: 8 inches
  • Case Material: Stainless steel
  • Water Resistant Depth: 350 feet


  • Full auto LED backlight for clear night visibility 
  • 31 different time zones of 48 cities 
  • The famous triple sensor feature with barometer, altimeter, and compass 
  • The 1/100-second stopwatch with both the 12 and 24-hour time format 
  • Water-resistant up to 330 feet underwater


  • No GPS tracker

Garmin Tactix Delta Solar is another picked watch that is suitable for hunting. Although it is the best battery customizing charge, it has a unique solar charging lens. This uses sunlight to extend the battery life.


  • Lens Material: Power Sapphire
  • Weight: 69 gm
  • Bezel Material: Diamond-Like carbon-coated
  • Memory: 32 GB
  • Strap Material: Silicone & Nylon
Garmin tactix Delta Solar

Here you also get some unique features including:

Stylish Design & Dimensions

It has a unique design with great dimensions which is 1.97 inches in length, 1.57 inches in width, and 1.18 inches in height. Garmin is made with a DLC coated bezel along with a 1.4″ inch display. The unique casing of this watch is suitable for night vision compatibility.

Additional Features

Garmin Fenix manufactures some special functions including jump master modes, provides waypoint projection, and the dual position format to prolong your hunting adventures.

The watch has three connection abilities including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and ANT+. This watch is compatible with both iPhone and Android. It gives you 24 hours battery backup, unlike other watches.


  • 15 hours GPS advantages
  • Custom power manage mode
  • Dual-position format
  • Manufacturing with solar ABC sensors
  • Comes with 3-axis electronic compass


The watch size didn’t fit all

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SUUNTO Traverse Alpha is a newly launched hunting specialist watch from SUUNTO. It is one of the most advanced hunting watches, and the reasons are:


  • Weight: 75 gm
  • Dimensions: 50 x 50 x 15 mm / 1.97 x 1.97 x 0.59 “
  • Bezel Material: Stainless Steel
  • Strap Material: Textile
  • Case Material: Composite
SUUNTO Traverse Alpha

Design and Build Quality

It is a foliage-colored smart time-wear that has a rugged and knurled stainless-steel bezel. The strap of this hunting specialist watch is made from high-quality, durable water repellent nylon. Its case is also stainless-steel which keeps the whole watch body safe. In addition, the sapphire crystal window keeps the display safe from scratches and other harm.

Features and Functions

In this SUUNTO Traverse Alpha, you will have the option of wireless connectivity with your Android and iOS devices. It has the addition of GPS and GLONASS via SIRFStarV chip which will guide you in the right direction whenever you require it. This wristwear has the certification of MIL-STD 819G for being shock and thermal resistive.

Along with all these, it is water-resistant up to 100 meters underwater. You can operate it in extreme temperatures, and the range is -20° C to +60° C / 5° F to +140° F.

Hunting Assistance

Because of the Worldwide mapping system, the watch will show you the hunting and fishing points near you. Along with sunrise and sunset alerts, the moon-based calendar will notify about moonrise and moonset times. It will help you set the perfect hunting and fishing period.

An altimeter and barometer are present for altitude and air pressure indication of your location. This watch also has a storm alert based on the air pressure falling reading system. The built-in digital compass will assist you in knowing unknown and wild terrains better. You can save your previous hunting track in this timepiece as well.

Battery Back-Up

You will need a lithium-ion battery to run this watch which will be given in the box along with the charging cable. In normal mode with a full charge, you will get 14 days of battery life. If the GPS training mode is on, you will get 10,15, or 100 hours of battery life based on usage.


  • GPS & GLONASS via SIRFStarV chip for correct directional guidance 
  • Presence of Altimeter, barometer, compass, and worldwide map 
  • Storm Alerts 
  • Saving option for previous hunting tracks 
  • The MIL-STD 819G certification for being shock and thermal resistive


  • Battery draining issues when GPS is on

The Basics of Hunting Watches and Why You Might Need Them

Hunting watches are for helping you with some fine and essential hunting details along with time indications. Let’s know something more about why you need them and how you can take care of them:

Why Hunting Needs Special Watch

Hunting is not any small hobby, and you need serious tools and assistance along with dedication and skill. You can’t go hunting by wearing regular watches as the terrain and location won’t be supportive. Regular watches and other smartwatches won’t be able to survive in those conditions.

You may have to hunt in darker and worse weather, and normal watches won’t do any good in that case. That’s why you require a special watch that helps you while hunting no matter what the condition is. Even those specialist hunting watches will provide a tip of advantage in every section.

By using those special hunting watches, you will know more about your hunting ground and location. Those watches will guide you in the correct direction as the digital compass is present. Some watches even have GPS and other navigators as well. They will also notify you about your location’s altitude, weather, and air pressure.

The Reasons Why a Hunting Watch is Different

You can’t compare a hunting specialist watch with any regular watch. The basic watches are just for time indication, and they are not meant to survive in challenging circumstances. However, to operate the watch in the toughest hunting conditions, wearing a specialist hunting watch is a must.

A hunting watch is in no way similar to ordinary watches. The basic watches just indicate time and, in some cases, are either waterproof or water-resistive. But one of these two features is a must for hunting watches. Therefore, the hunting watches always need to be made with the sturdiest materials along with being lightweight and durable.

These hunting watches also come with GPS and other navigational features. They also have famous triple sensors as an altimeter, barometer, and digital compass. But you can’t imagine these many valuable features on regular watches. That’s why a hunting watch is different from the average watch from every angle and section.

Why Hunting Watch is Necessary for the Hunters

Before going on hunting, wearing a specialist hunting watch is very essential. Hunting ground won’t ever be easy and familiar to you. So, you need to get every possible advantage on those unfamiliar and trickiest terrains. The presence of a GPS navigation system and digital compass in the hunting watches will guide you in the correct directions.

It will also be helpful to find your desired hunting destination under the night sky. Most of the watches come with both altimeter and barometer features. They will inform you about your location’s altitude and air pressure. These watches will notify about any upcoming storms through these fantastic features.

They also have the sun and moon rise and set time indication feature, which will help you to determine hunting sessions. Finally, the trackback feature will allow you to save and follow any of your saved hunting tracks on your hunting watch. So, in every way, a hunting specialist watch is highly crucial for you as a hunter.

How to Take Care of the Hunting Watches

Your hunting watch will survive in the most challenging conditions. But your unconsciousness, in some cases, can destroy your valuable hunting watch. So, proper cleaning, carelessness, and consciousness are important to make your best hunting watch survive for an extended period.

To clean the metal and leather bands, you should use a soft, clean, lint-free cloth. You can use mild soap to eliminate stubborn stains from the nylon straps and TPU bands. For cleaning, rinse it with clean water, and wipe the body with a soft, clean, lint-free cloth.

To disinfect the watch, you can use 70% isopropyl alcohol or Clorox. For caring, you shouldn’t let your hunting watch get in touch with hair dye, insect repellents, and moisturizing creams and lotions. You should also avoid oil, perfume, and sunscreen to let your hunting watch survive for a longer period.

Things To Consider While Buying A Hunting Watch

You may think all the hunting watches are the same, but things are not like that. You need to pick your suitable one from so many options available for hunting watches in the market. So, you need to keep some basic things in your mind before purchasing one, and those things are:

Navigation Technology

While buying a hunting watch, your focus should be on its navigation system. A perfect navigation system can guide you well on unknown hunting locations. Maximum people want a GPS tracking system as the navigation feature as it offers many features. Moreover, its worldwide mapping enables you to get familiar with the hunting territory.

Not all watches come with GPS tracking technology. Instead, some watches have either GLONASS or Galileo navigation systems. At the same time, several hunting watches offer both GPS and GLONASS via SIRFStarV chip. These navigators will guide you to your desired hunting location and inform you more about the hunting ground.

But the GPS tracking system is only present in watches with digital displays, and not all hunting watches have that. That’s why watches with analog displays have other technology for navigation to offer. The digital compass is one of the famous triple sensors that most hunting watches consist of.

This digital compass is available in almost all hunting watches with an analog display. Whether in sunlight or night sky, the digital compass guides the hunter into the correct destination. That’s why make sure the watch you are buying has one of these helpful navigation technologies.

Altimeter and Barometer

Altimeter and barometer are two must-have things for any hunting specialist. They are two of those famous triple sensors that are highly crucial for hunters. The altimeter is for measuring the altitude of any ground, which means how high that place is from the sea level.

Based on your physical condition, you will know whether to go or not in that hunting territory by seeing its altitude. At the same time, the barometer will indicate the air pressure of your hunting ground. It also works as a storm alert by measuring sudden drops or sudden rises in air pressure.

If the air pressure drops suddenly, the barometer starts beeping loudly and indicates to leave that place. That’s why your hunting watch must consist of these two useful sensors for hunting assistance.

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The thermometer is also a must-have feature for hunting specialist watches. It is necessary for measuring the temperature of the hunting ground. On the watch screen, there will be a small window for temperature indication. So, always try to buy a hunting watch that comes with a thermometer and temperature indicator.

Watch Body and Weight

As the hunting watches will have to face tougher conditions, the watch body needs to be built with high-quality materials. Make sure the hunting watch you are buying has a stainless steel body along with a steel case all-around. The watch body made with Polyurethane will also survive well in challenging conditions.

The watch will have more durability and longevity if the bezel is built with either stainless steel or DLC Titanium. Along with all these, the weight should be less than 6 Ounces, unless it can trouble you during the hunting session.

Durability and Resistivity

To survive in challenging hunting situations, the watches need to be highly durable. High-quality built materials are necessary for both the watch body and straps. The sturdiness and resistive body make the whole watch durable and let them survive for a longer period. A hunting watch should be water, shock, and thermal resistive.

The hunting watches should remain operational within the temperature range of -10° C to +60° C / 14° F to +140° F. No matter what the weather condition is, if you can survive there, your watch must have the capability of serving you. The minimum bar of water resistivity for a hunting watch should be at least 100 meters underwater.

Being water, shock, and thermal resistive, and higher durability are a must for the hunting watches. Therefore, buying a hunting watch with either the U.S. MIL-STD 810G or U.S. MIL-STD 819G certification is better.

Band and Closure

The hunting watches need to provide as much comfort as possible to your wrist in stricter hunting conditions. Hard bands will give discomfort to your hand instead of comforting. Resin, rubber, and silicone bands are the most favorite ones among the hunters and are well-known for comfort providing.

For a hunting specialist watch, the closure system is also essential. The buckle-type closure is perfect for snug-fitting with your wrist during the hunting sessions. Besides, it won’t come off accidentally while you are concentrating on hunting.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Is it necessary for a hunting watch to be water-resistive?

Yes, hunting watches must need to be water-resistive along with the capability of surviving in cold weather. The hunting territories won’t be easy, and in most cases, those areas will be wet, muddy, and slippery. Your watch can fall into water or mud, and you may also need to jump in water during the hunt.

To survive in that kind of weather and geographical condition, your hunting watch should be water-resistive.

What is the role of various navigating features on the watches for hunting?

Navigators on hunting watches are for guiding the hunter in the correct direction. The hunting watches with digital display have GPS, Galileo, or GLONASS via SIRFStarV chip navigation system. In addition, if the watch display is analog, there is a digital compass for correct path guidance during your hunting session in the wild.

Will the straps come out accidentally from the best hunting watches?

Coming off the watch strap under any circumstance, especially during hunting, is really disappointing. But, there is not any chance of the strap coming off accidentally from the best hunting watches. All of them have high-quality rubber, resin, or silicone straps for snug-fitting while you will be hunting in the wild. 

What is the usage of famous triple sensors on hunting watches? 

On hunting watches, the famous triple sensors are altimeter, barometer, and compass. They are for altitude measuring, air pressure indicating, and right direction guidance. The barometer also works as the storm alert. These sensors help you to know the hunting territory well along with alerting about the upcoming storms.

Is the best hunting watches too heavy and create a distraction during the hunting sessions?

No, almost all the best hunting watches on our list are lightweight. The bar of weight for the hunting watches is less than 6 Ounces. All the best watches weigh less than 5 Ounces which is pretty lower than the bar. By wearing those best and lightweight hunting watches on your wrist, you won’t be distracted during hunting.

Final Thoughts

Hunting watches are not something that you should take lightly. A perfect hunting watch can be your great hunting companion on any challenging hunting territory. It will provide you a tip of advantage in every possible area during your hunting session. The navigators and famous triple sensors will provide a better overview of the hunting area.

All the hunting watches won’t be appropriate for your use. That’s why you need to find out the best watches for hunting by keeping some basic hunting requirements in mind. Then, hopefully, you will find your perfect hunting watch, which will serve you for a long period.

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