Top 7 Best Smartwatches with Longest Battery Life in 2022

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Smartwatch offers you the ease of use by providing exceptional functionality. Many smartwatch users think these watches work like smartphone extensions. It means these allow you to do pretty smartphone stuff right on your watch like receiving calls, controlling music, showing notifications, tracking fitness, monitoring health, and so on.

Such watches, of course, require long-lasting batteries to ensure the features are working uninterruptedly. It’s a big challenge to find the best smartwatch for battery life from so many options in the market. But do not worry, this is why we are here.

Top 7 Smartwatches with Best Battery Life

We have picked 7 smartwatches you will never regret having for world-class battery life. The lasting battery is not the only factor we considered but more. Let’s check them out.

Our top picks: At a glance

  1. Best for Comfortable Wear: Amazfit GTS 2 Mini Smart Watch
  2. Best for Functionality: TicWatch Pro 3 GPS Smart Watch
  3. Best Power-consumer: Amazfit Bip S Fitness Smartwatch
  4. Best for Accuracy: Garmin Vivoactive 3
  5. Best for High Performance: SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 3
  6. Best for Workouts: Fitbit Versa 3 Health & Fitness Smartwatch
  7. Best for Appearance: Honor MagicWatch 2 Smartwatch

7 Best Smartwatch for Battery Life

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1. Best for Comfortable Wear: Amazfit GTS 2 Mini Smart Watch

Amazfit GTS 2 Mini Smart Watch

The Amazfit GTS 2 mini is the smaller version of GTS 2 and GTS 2e in the GTS series with less well-equipped equipment. The process has been slimmed down. However, it’s still counted as a great item for beginners who want a traditional smartwatch with an all-inclusive fitness tracker. It can very well track and show you key metrics, a built-in GPS, and a heart-rate monitor. While having a traditional appearance, it can still look pretty smart at your wrist.

Exclusive Battery

It is claimed to work from seven to fourteen days depending on how many features you use, with the powerful 220 mAh battery. However, the always-on display and health tracking system working in the background serve for a day or two.

Always-on Screen

It can show you complete data on your health every day by tracking your blood saturation, sleep, stress level, monitoring heart-rate, and more. It also continues to count how many steps you have walked and how many calories you have burnt while informing you of how many kilometers you have walked. All these important notifications are shown on display and are upgraded every second.

Comfortable Design

The outer look of this timepiece might not look good enough like the GTS 2 and 2e; its design has another purpose. The motive is to provide comfort to its users. For this reason, it’s made slim fit. People who have dainty wrists or are skinnier will feel comfortable wearing them.

Premium Looking Screen

The 2.5D glass over the display adds an additional dash of premium sensation to it. The borderless outline increases the capacity of readability. The AMOLED screen lets you enjoy the watch view by providing you with incredible clarity.

Tracks Well

The tracking features of this wristwatch are impressive. It doesn’t lack the essential health tracking features, making it a value for money item. The health assessment built-in system and PAI make sure to present you with everyday health data, including heart-rate monitoring, sleep, and stress level measuring, tracking your blood saturation level, and burning calories.


  • Delicate design and safe to use
  • High-grade, bright screen
  • 24/7 solid health tracking
  • Useful Pomodoro tracker
  • Convenient to wear


  • Lacks auto-fitness tracking

Why Should You Buy It?

Beginner smartwatch users should try it since it looks stylish, plus the interface is straightforward to understand and operate. The comfy wearable will never stop providing you important notifications and information if given a charge every day.

2. Best for Functionality: TicWatch Pro 3 GPS Smart Watch

TicWatch Pro 3 GPS Smart Watch

This particular smartwatch is our favorite for giving outstanding battery life performance. It promised to perform faster and higher and at the same time save battery life. The operating system has been made more straightforward for the users.

You need to touch the display or press the button to activate the smart mode.

Enhanced Battery Life

It doesn’t only show the time but also displays the battery level. The battery can keep your watch alive for 3 to 45 days, depending on how you are using it. The auto power-saving mode automatically turns on when the battery percentage is detected under 5%.

Full Functional Utilization

It’s rare to find smartwatches that let you use the special google services and apps like Google Play, Google Maps, Google Assistance, and Google Fit. Lucky us, TicWatch Pro 3 GPS allows us to use all these amazing Google Play applications and Services.

The more exciting features are managing tasks, tracking workouts, controlling music, setting reminders, getting notifications, etc. It even lets you customize the watch face.

Uninterrupted Tracking

When a smart wearable can keep updating the health tracking information without interruptions, the chances are high to get accurate data. Its basic mode has been enhanced to ensure your heart rate and sleep are monitored well. Also, it informs you about your approximate distance walked.

Excellent Workout Modes

Working out makes our health conditions even better. However, we fail to do our daily workouts without reminders and track how hard we worked out.

The great news is this timepiece will allow you to do 100+ workouts you didn’t know existed. It will track all your exercises and remind you to do them daily. You can get new and more workout modes by updating the sports mode controlling apps in Google Play.

Dust and Waterproof

Now you can swim wearing it. It has both dust and water resistance. The watch will have no damage at all when used under shallow waters.


  • 4100+ Dual System Platform ensures super performance
  • Tons of valuable features
  • Tough exterior
  • Dust and water resistance
  • Dual display


  • The GPS signal loading takes a bit of time

Why Should You Buy It?

The watch looks and feels premium while not being an expensive product. The updated casing made using nylon and stainless steel makes it a durable choice.

3. Best Power-consumer: Amazfit Bip S Fitness Smartwatch

Amazfit Bip S Fitness Smartwatch

The Amazfit BIP S can outfox several smartwatches compared to the battery life. We are not saying it’s the best overall, but of course, it’s the longest-running battery owner.

The Amazfit BIP S third variant can give out basic smartwatch tasks. There are more than just fundamental attributes. Let’s find out its standout features.

Extended Battery Life

While offering you mediocre smart attributes and spotty connectivity, the watch goes long to deliver you well. This wristwatch can hit a 40 days lengthy battery lifespan.

Better Outline

The best part of this timepiece is the carbon copy of the Bip original. It appears to be a plastic watch with a lighter frame and thicker bezel. It may not seem the most eye-catchy, but the outline is made especially to give more comfort. Besides, it looks practical and premium.

Improved Health Tracking

Believe it or not, Amazfit BIP S has taken over Amazfit BIP with a better fitness tracking system. Better metrics and more workouts are added. Including swimming, weights, and yoga, it has the capacity to record 10 various activities.

Powerful Display

Why are we calling its display powerful? The answer is it can consume less power but give you clearer views. The 1.28″ transflective display gives superb outdoor visibility. No matter how bright the sunlight gets, it will always make the display look clearer to you.

Valuable Softwares

It comes with different apps allowing you to enjoy the services smoothly. The Amazfit Android app has all the necessary software you need.


  • Lightweight for convenient wearing
  • Can withstand 5ATM water
  • Pretty accurate GPS
  • Superb battery perform
  • Greatness in details


  • Notification replies are not quick enough.

Why Should You Buy It?

You can get it for its overall good performance. It does a great job of getting most things correct at an affordable price range. For a greater battery life experience, get your hands on it.

4. Best for Accuracy: Garmin Vivoactive 3

Garmin Vivoactive 3

The trendy Garmin Vivoactive 3 is mainly a multi-sport wristwatch. It’s a fitness wearable one can wear the whole day to get notified about everything related to exercise and health conditions. It can manage all your day-to-day tasks like contactless payment, stress measurements, and more.

Although it lacks some special attributes such as calculating distance, cadence, and pace, it’s worth buying basic smartwatch functionality.

Compelling Battery

It comes with a USB charger you can snap into its back securely. When all the necessary applications are working behind the clock, it can continue delivering for 13 hours. But when the smart mode is on with the GPS running, it can last up to 7 days.

Great Accuracy

Showing accurate data is a must for a smartwatch to prove its worth. Purchasing a timepiece that promised to inform you about your health conditions and not delivering the correct data is really upsetting. We know you don’t want to get your hands on something like that.

This is why we are here with this outstanding piece. We were surprised at how accurate this wristwatch is. It may not give 100% correct data, but the accuracy ratio is over 90 percent.

Different Sport Modes

Staying active and improving your health with it will become easier. Over 15 preloaded sports are waiting for you. It will log up to any sports you choose to perform. Just hit on the options you like, such as yoga, bike ride, golf course, swimming, etc.

It will track all the activity details with the GPS tracking system. It doesn’t even require a phone connection, making it your perfect playmate.

Share & Compete System

It becomes more interesting when you have people to compete with. The more competitive you become, the more it’s easy for you to bring betterment to your health. It will allow you to share the sports activities by syncing. It will store the data and share it with people in its community. Join challenges encourage yourself and others to make the health-improving journey more thriving.

Mighty Screen

Feel free to wear it and go for activities outside. Whether the weather is too shiny or rainy, its Chroma display will show you things perfectly. The durable Gorilla glass ensures no scratch appears on it. Moreover, it has a side swipe graphical interface to help you scroll quickly and navigate swiftly.


  • Subtle, round stylish appearance
  • Tracks a variety of activities well
  • Excellent heart-rate monitor
  • Good GPS
  • Comfortable wearable


  • Fails to choose the software that gets alerts

Why Should You Buy It?

It provides smart notifications pretty well. The sports tracking and GPS are almost accurate. It lets you experience the system of onboard payment.

5. Best for High Performance: SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 3

SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 3

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 looks satisfying, and it gives satisfactory performance. It doesn’t have much difference compared to many other smart wearables out there, yet it has excellent features delivering their jobs well to win a place in your heart.

Outstanding Battery Performance

The lifespan of its battery is quite surprising. At such an affordable price, it provides you with a ton of features while giving you the chance to enjoy them the whole day by changing once you can utilize its functions all day long.

Bigger Display

This specific watch is slightly lighter and smaller than the galaxy timepiece. But you shouldn’t think its display is small. It will look pretty big for a person with an average size wrist. The 45mm display will appear on your wrist with perfection while improving your reading capacity.

High Performance

Thanks to Samsung, they made scrolling and swiping easier with the fast interface. The speed is increased by adding an additional 1 GB of RAM. It’s smooth to operate with a large space worth 8 GB where you can directly save music. Samsung apps are loaded quicker. If necessary, you can download and use third-party apps too, but the watch will load them a bit slower.

Upgraded Health Tracker

Samsung has made this timepiece more lifestyle-oriented. The upgraded health tracker can record 40 sports profiles, from swimming to running to exercises for better cardio condition. You need to track 33 activities manually, and the rest of the 7 will be tracked automatically.

Manual tracking shows more accurate data than auto-tracking. But it doesn’t make it unworthy because the primary fitness tracking, meaning heart rate and sleep monitoring, are measured pretty well.

Incredible Connectivity

It’s rare to find a smartwatch that allows you to stream music, make calls or send texts when your phone is not with you. Fortunately, Samsung’s LTE connectivity made it possible. You need to pair the watch with your Samsung Galaxy handset, and through the wireless connection, you can take the mentioned services in the absence of your phone.


  • Slimmer design for comfort in wearing
  • Well ECG readings
  • User-friendly interface
  • Swift performs
  • The rotating bezel is easy to control


  • Software selection is dire

Why Should You Buy It?

If you are looking for a better smartwatch experience in Samsung Galaxy smartwatches, this is the one you can pick. The top-notch spec, along with the dazzling outline, will make you fall for it even more. The premium quality specs allow it to give a smoother performance.

6. Best for Workouts: Fitbit Versa 3 Health & Fitness Smartwatch

Fitbit Versa 3 Health & Fitn

One of the best smartwatches of Fitbit’s is the Versa 3. The features are made more health-focused and premium. The primary purpose of the watch is to provide you with fitness information by tracking them. It does more by receiving your emails and calls.

Enhanced All-around Design

The Versa 3 has a similar metal frame and square shape body like the Versa 2. However, the larger AMOLED screen and slimmer bezels make it a better pick. The crisp, bright display allows you to read the watch nicely. The screen is always on to update the quick time and fitness data.

Be more fashionable with it by downloading a ton of watch faces from the third-party app from the app store. Everything is satisfying except one issue; it lags slightly when swiping and loading applications and displaying information.

Practical Training Tools

The Fitbit never compromises fitness tracking, measuring calories, heart rate, steps, and distance. It covered well all the essential basic training tools. It can track indoor-outdoor activities over 20 like swimming, running, etc. The auto-work detection system works pretty well for a few exercises. It can measure your effort level and display it using heart-rate data.

Additional Health Data

It’s not just a fitness tracker but more than that. It monitors other health aspects such as SpO2, skin temperature, and breathing rate to create an overall broader health picture of yours. If you become the Fitbit premium subscriber, it will offer you advanced sleep analysis.

Increased Battery Activity

It’s not the smartest watch in the market. However, it did defeat many wristwatches by winning the competition on battery activity. It can fire on all cylinders tracking workouts, sleep using GPS with the all-time on display, and still serve for straight 3 days.

Great Functions

With a good performance in providing significant fitness tracking, you can enjoy the necessary smart features like Alexa, Google Assistance, getting quick news, controlling a smart home, and setting reminders. Turn on the Bluetooth option to answer important emails calls, store them, play music whenever you like.


  • The battery can survive up to six days, depending on your usage
  • Always-on bright display
  • Onboard GPS
  • Advanced sleep monitoring
  • Onboard GPS


  • It depends heavily on smartphone applications.

Why Should You Buy It?

Pick this to enjoy a premium battery presentation. It’s a happy and fantastic medium of fitness tracking and health features. It does deliver a lot from what it promises.

7. Best for Appearance: Honor MagicWatch 2 Smartwatch

Honor MagicWatch 2 Smartwatch

Honor MagicWatch 2 is no less than a popular smartwatch. It offers you all the primary training tools and a high-grade health tracker. What we liked about this timepiece is it looks classy yet works smart.

Enlarged Screen

It comes with a 1.20 large enough screen. Honor has increased not only the display size but also the resolution. The 390×390 pixels give you the experience of high-class resolution making the contents look more pretty and vivid. The screen is bigger, yet it fits fine on the wrist. Such a large screen makes the information look rich and comprehensive. It also feels pleasant to wear.

Accurate Monitoring

This smart wearable can give you information regarding your health with accuracy. It’s because of the high optical sensor made for the new generation. Plus, it consumes comparatively lower power to log up to fitness tracking than other smartwatches. It will record every little workout data and movement.

High-quality Battery

The Honor has used a high-quality battery to ensure you get the most out of your wristwatch. The battery is so powerful that it gives a different performance in various modes. The battery can survive 14 days on daily use mode and 20 days on basic watch mode. After it is charged full, the GPS can work for 30 hours.

Charming Appearance

The charming appearance is another fantastic feature you must count on to pick it. For wearing convenience, it comes with mesh links which add to your appeal. The sleek round display containing a roman number and stones as other clock numbers increases its view’s richness. The sparkles spread over the watch display provide premium vibes to it and your costume.

Fast Charging

The timepiece comes with a round charger which you need to connect to the back of the wristwatch face. It comparably charges faster than many smartwatches you can find in the market-leading products.


  • The battery gets charged faster
  • Provides different eye-catchy watch faces
  • The battery survives longer
  • Diverse health monitoring
  • Bigger screen with more comfort


  • It does not look smart

Why Should You Buy It?

If you want a simpler-looking watch with all the fascinating features of a smartwatch, this is what you are looking for. Its two battery usage modes make it a better option for better battery life.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Smartwatch for Battery Life?

When buying a smartwatch, you need to think like a smart person. You should search for a product that comes up to scratch: compatibility, looks, hardware, features, and more. For this reason, you have to do a little research and understand which product fulfills all the requirements before spending cash mindlessly on an item that might give up serving you in the long run.

However, fortunately, we made things easier for you by doing heavy lifting through reviewing some market-leading smartwatches. This way, you are saved from doing boring research. The following factors were considered when we were researching the best smartwatches.


Products made by well-renowned brands will always provide you with the best service. Wise buyers stick to the popular brand smartwatches. It may seem like you have plenty of options to buy since there are various brands. Still, the chances are high that unpopular brand-made watches will put you in different problematic issues like display, connectivity problems, etc.

Hence, if you want your money to not go in vain, make sure to go for watches built well by famous brands.


Before you are ready to buy a smartwatch, you should create a list and mention the features you are willing to have in your product. This will help you find your required watch soon since you know what you are looking for. These are some features you have to find in a smart wearable: heart, sleep, stress monitoring, cellular connectivity, applications compatibility, and water, dust resistance.


It’s a must to double-check if the smartwatch you have decided to purchase is consistent with your smartphone. Of course, you don’t want to pick an item that cannot send you data about your daily activities into your handset. So, avoid buying an android smartwatch for your iPhone or apple wearable for your android. They will not work together.


Appearance is subjective; it’s you who decides whether the smartwatch will look square-shaped or round. You need to focus more on how the display looks when working. Pick the one that goes perfect with any outfit wear and the product with various watch faces to download and apply.

Battery Life

Smartwatches with longer battery lives are everyone’s first choice. It’s not a watch displaying time only. Rather it shows numerous valuable things regarding our health and tasks. With so many features working together in the background, your battery can get drained sooner.

Fortunately, we have selected for you the wristwatches best for longer battery lives. These will keep serving their purposes in the long term and for an extended period like two days straight if given full charge.


Fix your budget before looking in the markets. A fixed budget can help you not only in finding your preferred product but also will stop you from wasting extra money. There are many costlier watches with additional features you might not need. We suggest not to spend extra on them. You should only purchase the item fulfilling your needs within your budget.

What are the Types of Battery Life Smartwatches?

Battery life smartwatch has 3 basic forms. We have explained each of the forms below. Let’s read it out for a better understanding of smartwatches.

Fitness Tracker

The most functionality in a smartwatch is regarding fitness tracking. These, of course, show the time and date, but their primary motive is to give you important data about your health in order to keep you healthy. These smartwatches have smart reminders that help you do daily tasks that improve your health conditions.

Hybrid Smartwatch

The classic analog-style wristwatch with a turn is called a hybrid smartwatch. They lack screens, but with the help of Bluetooth, they can connect with your handset. Such a watch can notify you about things by vibrating or using an alarm.

They contain the most fantastic features like the smartwatch-like heart rate monitoring, showing how many steps you have walked, and more. You cannot change the watch faces, but that’s not a problem if you get a pretty-looking timepiece.


Smartwatches are high-tech watches with many powerful tools in it like various applications. While it keeps all your health tracking right, it also lets you listen to music, show maps through GPS, lets you attend to calls and texts, and offers you different sports modes.

What are the benefits of the best smartwatch for battery life?

Experts recommend smartwatches with longer battery life. But why should you consider the life of a smartwatch battery? It’s because it can benefit you in a variety of ways. Let’s find out what benefits you can evaluate from the best smartwatch for battery life.

Freedom to Use More

Since smart wearables have a lot of different features in them, we like to use most of them. It’s kind of human physiology. People like to utilize things at their level best. They like to keep the health tracker turned on all day for accurate data collection, while they like to get notified about things through the smartwatch.

With all these services provided, the timepiece needs a powerful battery inside it, giving it the ultimate power to continue working. Luckily, we found a top smartwatch popular for having long-living batteries.

These watches will allow you to use as many applications and features as you like while ensuring they will not drain easily. It gives you the complete freedom to use more of the features.

Serves More

If your smartwatch is capable enough to serve you at least for a day or two straight, know that the battery quality is excellent. High-grade batteries mean they will not get ruined sooner. So, you are out of danger of changing your timepiece battery early.

Less Hassle

Imagine you’ve gone somewhere for a one or two-day tour and forgot to bring the charger with you. If your smartwatch has a strong battery, you don’t have to worry about such a situation. After getting a full charge, it will easily work for one or two days. It means you are free of hassle, like putting it in charge often.

Are Smartwatch Batteries Weak?

Smartwatches come with a variety of valuable features. It lets us operate numerous features, plus help us keep our health track. Since it can do pretty incredible things and is quite expensive, people expect its batteries to be strong enough to provide the service for at least or more. However, having such expectations is funny. The truth is smart batteries can serve from one to two days straight if being charged fully.

It’s impossible to find a watch with many features while having such a long-life battery. Even the most expensive smartphone will fail to fulfill this kind of hope. Because of using several features every day, you and I make the batteries drain faster. It doesn’t mean the smart batteries are weak; if fewer features are used, they can keep the watch on even over three days.

A smartwatch does a lot for you every day by notifying you about your mails and other tasks, tracking your heart rate and blood-oxygen rate, monitoring your sleep and stress levels, and so on. They cannot continue working for more than one or two days by taking care of such heavy-duty tasks.

So, you would be wasting your time and energy if you keep looking for a smartwatch capable of serving three days. Whether you buy a more expensive or less costly smartwatch, the more features you use, the faster the batteries drain.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long should a smartwatch battery last?

A smartwatch battery usually lasts no longer than one or two days. Some powerful batteries can make the wristwatch work for at most 3 days without interruptions.

Can smartwatch batteries be replaced?

Smartwatch batteries are replaced with new ones when the existing battery fails to work longer. Usually, your watch will show a notification on your screen mentioning the poor battery condition. That is the best time to throw away the old one and install a new one.

How do I extend the battery life on my smartwatch?

It’s possible to extend the battery life of your smartwatch. You need to do a few things mentioned below. These things you can try to help your battery get longer life.

  • When you are not using the watch display, turn it off
  • Lower the level of brightness when using at home
  • Try out another watch face
  • Turn the unnecessary notifications off
  • Uninstall unused software
  • Turn on battery saving mode when not using it

Should I charge my smartwatch every night?

You can charge a smartwatch every night but make sure to put it in charge before you are asleep. Charge it until the 100% hits. If the watch is still kept in charge after getting fully charged, it will make the battery unstable resulting in faster battery aging.

Closing Remarks

We value your money and expectations, and for this reason, we searched for the best smartwatch for battery life. We have reviewed the top-rated timepieces, so remove any worries, pick one from the suggestions above today.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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