7 Best Watches for Mountain Biking of 2022 with Buying Guide

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The best watch for mountain biking not only lets you enjoy some advanced features, but it serves as a health assistant. Nowadays, mountain biking is an effective aerobic exercise that burns out excessive fat. It’s impossible to attain excellence in this off-road cardio workout without an expert. This is why many of the folk switch on to smartwatches. There is no argument that smartwatches’ technology has proven useful for MTB.

Yet, finding a suitable watch that fulfills all your demands is cumbersome. Below are the seven best reviews for mountain biking to lessen this trouble. So without any further ado, let us dive into detail.

7 Best Watches For Mountain Biking Reviews

Mountain biking means you need to be more energetic and gain more stamina. Monitoring your steps is crucial during the hiking period. That’s why we selected those watches based on convincing their built-in GPS, heart rate monitoring, extended battery life, waterproof resistance, and health tracking features. Let us have an in-depth look at them.

Our top picks: At a glance

  1. Best for Hiking & Riding: Garmin Instinct
  2. Best for Fast Charging: Apple Watch Series 7
  3. Best for Authentication Touch: Samsung Galaxy Watch 3
  4. Best for Advanced Training: Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Solar
  5. Best Personal Coach: Fitbit Ionic Watch
  6. Best GPS Tracker Watch: Polar M430 GPS Running Watch
  7. Best for Battery Life: SUUNTO 9 Peak

7 Best Watches for Mountain Biking

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1. Best for Hiking & Riding: Garmin Instinct

Garmin Instinct

Garmin instinct is primarily known for its fashionable and distinct features. The watch can beat anyone with its high-end well-equipped built-in GPS and excellent tracking feature. Similarly, there you also get some other sorts of features.

Built-in 3-Axis Compasses

The watch offers a unique feature which is known as 3-axis built-in compasses. You also get the barometric altimeter and multiple global navigation satellite systems. In short, Garmin instinct is manufactured with 3-crucial path tracking systems, including GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo. By this, the watch can help you to track in more challenging environments than GPS alone.

Constructed With U.S. Military Standard

You will get full of certainty from using the watch for a more extended period. The Garmin instinct will be ready to serve you as long as possible without any hassle. For having the benefits of U.S. military standards, the watch can be used in any critical weather. With this feature, the watch can also tolerate excessive thermal pressure and also has 100 m water resistance.

Exceptional Screen Visibility

The watch is still a great watch in comparison to others. It’s because the watch will fit perfectly on the wrist for use every day. It is still highly comfortable. The leather-made strap and the excellent square shape screen seem to treat someone very special to others.

One of the worst things about this watch is its exceptional screen visibility. The screen of this watch is wide enough and gives you clear output all the time. You can read up on the timing of heart rate and work out results elsewhere. But a few things you may point out about the watch as exceptional for its old-school LCD type display. However, we like how its face catches ambient light, making it easy to read.

Fast Charging

You may not like to charge the watch again and again while traveling. That is why we like its extended battery life, which has been great for using GPS 2-3 times a week. As some handful of users claimed that you might need to charge it for an hour at a time, it pulled it down some. But the watch still gets over a week in charge. Again, battery life can exist for a period of less than 7-days.

Accurate Tracking

Unlike other smartwatches, Garmin also provides you with some health tracking advantages. But those apps and self-guidance are worth it for you as they provide accurate results.


  • Weight: 1.76 pounds
  • Material: Plastic
  • Device Interface: Buttons
  • Scanner resolution: 128×128 pixels
  • Department: Men


  • Wider display
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Responsive menus
  • Accurate ABC sensor & tracking
  • Lightweight


  • Poor LCD type display

2. Best for Fast Charging: Apple Watch Series 7

Apple Watch Series 7

The brand-new Apple Watch Series -7 is your regular cycling workout tracker. It’s because those watches come with so many exciting features. With a large, square display, you get 18 hours of battery life. Along with these, you will also get the altitude gain/loss, pace, and distance tracker.

Innovative Cycling mode

This new wristwatch has a wide, spacious display with an innovative cycling mode. By this, you can track your cycling workouts. With this feature, one can count their cycling and paddling steps per minute. Tracking every step in cycling will give you a clearer picture of what cases you need to pay attention to most.


Retina displays are now included with Apple Watch Series 7. With 41-45 mm size options, you will get this watch at a significantly lower price. It is astounding to get refined casings with more rounded edges at this price. Inspired by their previous model, this new update watch has a black ceramic and sapphire crystal backing. However, you will fall in love to see the digital crown attached with haptic feedback. Undoubtedly, this Apple series 7 is much more durable than other watches. You will also get here a built-in sensor for reading ECG results.

WR50 water resistance

The new models feature lofty things, but the best of them is their water resistance power. Apple has done so many experiments with their innovations, which they do with their smartwatches. Water resistance is a mandatory fact that we want on our smartwatches. Luckily, this watch has 50 m of amazing water resistance.

50 m water resistance supports protection in wet or rainy climates. Again, if you love to swim wearing fashionable watches, there is no need to worry about this.

Other benefits

Using this watch on your wrist means to grab the whole world in hand. The more we admire this timer, the little we describe in words. This is the only watch in this modern era that allows you to make emergency calls. You can also track blood oxygen level, ECG, fall detection, and many more. Apple series 7- continue to support GPS and both GPS+LTE models. Those functions will allow you to operate over LTE without using an I-phone nearby.

Apple Watch Series 7 supports Apple Pay purchases and emergency calls with SOS like previous models and has all the same health features, such as blood oxygen monitoring, ECG, sleep tracking, fall detection, and loud noise detection.

Apple offers the Series 7 with both GPS and GPS + LTE models. LTE Apple Watch models can operate over LTE without an iPhone nearby.


  • Weight: 38.8 gm
  • Material: Aluminum case
  • Device interface: Touch
  • Scanner Resolution: 396×484 pixels


  • 33% fast charging
  • Noise detector
  • Always-on display
  • It comes with S7 chips
  • 32 G.B. storage


  • Expensive

3. Best for Authentication Touch: Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung Galaxy watch-3 is the latest watch series packed with all the features. Those features are crucial for your mountain biking. This watch comes with GPS tracking compatibility that allows you to geotag the entire trail ride.

Again, most of these watches are suitable for tracking runs and hikes via mobile apps. You need to load up the routes and transfer them directly into all the features with this one. Below, we discussed those in detail.

Military Grade Durability

Galaxy watch-3 comes in three styles. You will get here two sizes, two finishes, and 3-colors absent in other cases. The 50,000 plus watch faces allow you to style on your own. These watches also have military-grade durability for use longer. It comes with good water resistance that allows you to swim in rough weather.

Unlimited Music

Now you have the opportunity to leave your phone behind. It’s because those watches give you complete freedom to call, text, and stream music. Besides, this watch has sufficient storage to enjoy and download. There, you’s no need to use any ANT plus. The watch allows you to connect and get notified via Bluetooth.

Samsung Health Monitor App

One of the exciting parts is this watch allows you to share the PDF report of the ECG records. You can check them with any health care provider through the Samsung Health Monitor App. So if you have any heart patients or ill-treated health patients, this watch will work as a home doctor.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

This 41 mm watch gives you long-lasting battery life. Although it has a single charge, the watch can always get quick boost compatibility. So you don’t need to wait for charging it or bear the hassle of connecting the wire frequently. Again, this galaxy phone comes with wireless power-sharing. So that you could use or connect it anywhere and anytime.

Integrated Bixby Voice Functionality

With this feature, you can enjoy Bixby voice functionality. That means your watch can receive or make calls on its own. The watch has an automatic algorithm system for initiating coaching on command. Nevertheless, Samsung smartwatches provide you with exceptional experiences. The innovative Samsung Pay lets you leave home without using a wallet. Again, all of your important information will be secured by multilayered defense-grade security. It will keep all the data safe.


  • Item weight: 6.4 ounces
  • Memory: 1 GB+8 GB
  • Battery life: 360 x 360 Super AMOLED
  • Oz: Tizen OS 5.5
  • Durability: 5ATM + IP68 / MIL-STD-810G


  • Multi-day battery
  • Advanced health monitoring
  • Trip detection
  • Level up your downtime
  • Android / IOS compatible


  • It doesn’t give an accurate result

4. Best for Advanced Training: Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Solar

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Solar

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro is a multisport GPS watch. The watch comes with solar charging capabilities. With a power glass solar charging, you can charge the watch while there is no source of electricity. It is tough to swallow buying a watch this expensive. However, this watch is not as good as a year or older Apple Watch heart rate sensor. Unlike this, below are some features that adjust with the timer.

Suitable for 5-10 minutes hiking workouts

It is worth it to grab for elliptical and hiking workouts. The watch will take 5-10 minutes to lock in and usually fails to at all. Garmin Fenix has an arm movement that gives you extra support during hikes. We think it is because you will get some power-saving features here when you select the hiking activity. Those features are also worth selecting the hiking activity that affects H.R.

Most of the handful of customers of this watch will test the hill runs. They claimed that HR would hit around 140-150 BPM. And those requirements will never show the result above 120bpm, which is impressive.

Works best on a stationary bike or jogging

This wristwatch has excellent compatibility that works best on a stationary bike or jogging. The watch tends to be helpful in every other category. With the Garmin engineers, you guys will get chances to step it up with H.R. tech or H.R. algorithms. This software is highly competent to build on the heart rate results you collect.

Multisport GPS feature

This watch uses a power glass for charging the lens with solar charging competence. It also had custom power manager modes for achieving long-lasting battery life. The wristwatch had a robust multisport GPS to track and download music, calls, and text. So here, you get chances to catch the light for 60 hrs of GPS tracking overnight.

Enjoy your day now with long backpacking trips or endurance races/workouts. The Garmin Fenix is a good source of navigation ability. This timer usually has compatibility to track about 50 feet off from your target destination, which is impressive.

Track Surfing Camera

Track surfing camera will give you sessions with a new dedicated activity profile. You can use this camera to capture all the surfing sessions. By this session, you will also be capable of creating a video of every wave to ride in front of a camera.


  • Weight: 12 ounce
  • Material: Silicone made strap
  • Device Interface: Button
  • Department: Unisex adult
  • Display Type: Sunlight-Visible, Transfection Memory-in-Pixel


  • 3″-inches wide display watch
  • It comes with multiple global navigation satellite systems
  • 14 days battery life
  • Support Garmin pay contactless payment
  • Having premium streaming service options


  • It didn’t give an accurate heart rate

5. Best Personal Coach: Fitbit Ionic Watch

Fitbit Ionic Watch

If your primary purchase decision is a health or activity tracker, get the Fitbit Ionic. It is not a smartwatch like Apple or Samsung with many features. Yet, you will love this Apple Watch as a former user.

Fitbit Ionic has launched many advanced features, although those are not suitable for mountain biking. Let us see what sort of features this watch introduced.

Wide Display

At first, the watch looks great. Especially when you think the Apple Watch is too small on your wrist. The watch has various tracking capabilities, which are super robust and accurate. The clean and vivid number visibility will allow you to check out the timing or data at any angle.


The most understanding feature of this app is its accurate health tracking number. This sets the Fitbit Ionic far apart from any other smartwatches. We do not think that the Apple Watch is even comparable here. Though, to be fair, we think those are trying to achieve different things. In this regard, we think it’s better to compare the Fitbit with some Garmin watches.

The Fitbit lagged behind Garmin for having accurate heart rate and elevation tracking for a while. Fitbit allows its user to detect different activities. It is highly appreciated to track V02 max (body oxygen detector). Comparing this feature to the age benchmarks is pretty cool, absent from Apple watches.


We have read reviews about this watch’s laggy user interface, difficulties with syncing Android, etc. That’s why it’s tough to predict if this was resolved with a software patch. Yet we haven’t experienced this at all; the interface looks pretty responsive. And it syncs to any Android phone whenever you open the app. The Fitbit pay functions also allow its users to pay for some unique apps.

The Fitbit app

The last point, we must like to talk about the Fitbit app. The app is fantastic and has been consistently getting more valuable as time goes on. You like how they compare your health and fitness to benchmark standards compared to your age. Although it has significantly fewer features, you get the option to open it multiple times a day. These norms will never be found in the Apple Watch/ Apple Health app.

It supports different sorts of critical notifications, such as calls and text alerts, along with access to your favorite apps.


  • Item weight: 1.76 pounds
  • Display: LCD
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFS, GPS
  • Human interface: Touch
  • Water resistance: 50 m


  • 4+ day battery life
  • Make a payment on the go with an NFC chip
  • Let you access your favorite app
  • Increased pits & amplified brightness up to 1000 nits
  • Allow dynamic personal coaching


  • The problem with this watch is more likely to be mechanical

6. Best GPS Tracker Watch: Polar M430 GPS Running Watch

Polar M430 GPS Running Watch

Polar M430 is the best compatible watch for its price. It is easy to use, and their software is too good. The watch features everything which most runners will need. Anyone may fall in love with the stylish and moralistic black color when looking at its first appearance. Although black is masculine, it is also suitable for the female hand.

Compared to Garmin, TomTom, Polar had won the race for its oblong screen. Some other kinds of features come with this watch.

Straightforward interface

The polar locks attached to this watch to GPS are super fast, excellent on cold, dark mornings. When talking about Interface, the watch is relatively straightforward. The timer will provide a great deal of information on the oblong screen. It took you a while to figure out how to get the backlight to stay lit. Hence, that’s probably the one complaint we have found about the watch. It takes some time to read through the features offered vs. the competitive watch.

Accurate Health Tracker

It is now very easy to track your entire workouts, analyzing the progress as a whole. Polar Flow can get the complete fitness and training platform available on Android and P.C.

Polar helps you plan, sync, and analyze your entire mountain biking to fulfill the goal properly. By following their long-term progress, you can find training inspiration and customize the Polar M430 that fits you best.

Indoor Running Metrics

Polar M430 is good to buy for tracking your pace and distance indoors. The brand-new indoor running metrics will let you check back during the trips. It’s because the treadmill with this watch comes with a built-in accelerometer.

Hand Wrist Heart Rate Checker

A notable feature of this wristwatch is its heart rate checker on the cuff. The timer has an excellent heart rate sensor and uses six lights to capture data. Those six-light sensors track the heart rate by reading out your wrist. So whenever you’re wearing the watch, the timer will notify you about your heart rate.

Quick Vibration Alert

This wristwatch can get quick responsive text and video chat because most of these timers have a vibrating alert. So no matter whether you’re in a meeting or the hospital, you won’t miss any important incoming call.


  • Weight: 0.18 kilograms
  • Resolution: 120×120
  • Rechargeable: 120 mAh
  • Material: ‎Elasticized-Fabric
  • Water-resistance: WR30


  • It comes with 24/7 activity tracking
  • Having an integrated GPS
  • Budget-friendly
  • It gives you 8 hours battery backup
  • Manufactured with 6 LED optical sensor


  • It has the initial setup, poor customer support, and frequent sync errors

7. Best for Battery Life: SUUNTO 9 Peak


Our last pick is the advanced sports smartwatch of Suunto 9 Peak. This watch has built-in sapphire crystal glass material and titanium-made grade-5 bezels. Again you will get here a silicon-made strap for never matching durability. Suunto timer is made for a never-peak experience. However, this wristwatch gives you multiple significant features that we attached below for clarity.

Tracking for Multiple Sports Activities

It will offer reliable tracking for multiple sports activities, including cycling, running, jogging, etc. Again, this timer plays a vital role in helping cyclists confirm their bodies’ adaptiveness to the weather and the altitude. With the reliable onboard GPS, the watch is very reliable for navigation. The user won’t need to require any additional navigation display while cycling. The watch is well enough to provide you with fair navigation.

Satisfied Aesthetics

The Suunto 9 Peak is a great watch. We must say, if Apple designed a sports watch, it would look like this. The timer has a very satisfying button with a random click. And the watch unit seems to be solid and well-built.

Despite this, this watch has well-crafted buttons and a touch screen. Frankly speaking, we do not like touch screens as most users find them finicky. This is also not as sharp and bright as a regular screen. The watch buttons always work swiftly, regardless of how many pairs of mittens you have on.

And, unlike the 9, this oval head rounded belt can be turned off. So you must be wondering why Suunto designed the 9 without an on/off switch.

Easy to understand Interface

The watch has a unique and fashionable interface that is easy to understand and logical. With a few runs, you will control the watch instinctively. The app that runs on Suunto is also easy to use. But one issue with the interface is that you cannot delete an individual workout. You can test run inputs while setting up the watch, but you cannot delete them.

Sturdy Sensors

The Suunto 9 is easily integrated with your chest strap and the stride bike footpad. But this stride bike is not well constructed to link and record as well implemented.

Wide Clear Screen

As we mentioned above, the screen is not as bright as a non-touchscreen watch. Despite having this fatal catastrophe, the glass is sapphire, which does tend to be duller than traditional glass. It will address the unique future update of typography. One can easily visualize the thin, narrow font on the watch face, even in 67 years.


  • Weight: 0.26 kg
  • Materials: Stainless steel
  • Department: Unisex adult
  • Battery life: 24 hours
  • Map type: Satellite


  • Lightweight design
  • Wrist-based heart rate tracker
  • 100 water resistance
  • Supports many third-party apps
  • 25-170 hour battery life


  • No music app is allowed to install

Things to Consider When Buying The Best Watch for Mountain Biking

Here we run through some critical criteria to look for when buying the best watch for mountain biking. Those features will help you stack up against bike computers and Android when you’re out on two wheels. Let us check them asap.

Water Resistance Capability

One of the essential things you must consider is its water resistance capability. It’s because smartwatches often come with multiple features. They typically bear these functions so that you can enjoy the timer even in wet or critical weather. Again, water-resistance power will give protection against sweating while you’re in a good tuck or heavy jump.

For better performance, you can go for the Suunto 9-peak, which has 100 m water resistance. By increasing water resistance, you can use or wear this timer without any tension of falling out.

GPS Capability

Many mountain biking watches have specific GPS capabilities. Tremendous and powerful GPS tracking is significant for effectively running any app inside the timer. It’s also necessary for cycling, as the best GPS chip means the timer can record rides without relying on a phone.

Again, the higher-end GPS watches provide some breadcrumb style routing. Although some watches have contributed fewer details than GPS cycling computers, it’s enough to navigate the terrain. Be aware of the routes preloaded into the device properly. Yet some smartwatches won’t integrate with apps. They also get buzzed while you approach nodes.

Value for money

You may think, as smartwatches have grown more powerful, they must have to bear some extra charges. We didn’t tell you to pick the biggest one or manage a higher budget to buy the watch. Your budget might not ensure that you bring the best smartwatches. After all, quality makes things more exceptional.

There are vast examples of smartwatches that are very affordable but very effective to use. Hence, the price range of smartwatches starts from $450 or above. Pick the best one to make mountain biking more exciting and enjoyable, even if you have a limited budget.


Make sure that your smartwatch has quick responsive notifications functions. Because, who wants to miss their important call or text during hiking time? No one, right. There is no guarantee of how far you’re going out hiking. A good notified sensor watch will contribute to broadening your communication prohibition.

Alongside this, it is ubiquitous that almost every smartwatch now supports third-party apps. So check the watch you determine to buy has those supportive traits. When searching for a watch, see if it supports Spotify unlimited music.

Fit & Usability

As you prefer to wear them on your wrist, consider that those timers have smaller screens. Comprehensive and modern square-shaped watch heads look classy on the wrist. But they are often embarrassing for you if you have a skinny wrist. Don’t worry, and the tiny screen doesn’t stop them from displaying basic routines like multiple data fields, etc.

Another consideration for your comfort is strap type. Most sports watches have flexible silicone bands, whereas some are available in metal bands. Other smartwatches offer aftermarket leather and fabric bands. So pick the one you feel comfortable wearing and look stylish. Besides, avoid choosing any scratchy screen. Hence, most of the watch’s screen is made of gorilla glass, sapphire, and crystal screen.

Built-in GPS

Claims built-in GPS into the smartwatches helps you to get a smooth network. So you must give before the watch that has good actions for GPS tracking.

Health Tracking Features

Health tracking features provide insight into your health. They also allow you to examine whether you’ve overtrained or not. Again, this tracking feature also gives suggestions for workouts based on what exercise you have recently done.

Health tracking features give you some extra push, like taking it with a pinch of salt. It is worth noting but can act as a trained groomer to what your body needs.

Longer Battery Life

Longer battery life means you will be free from all sorts of anxiety about putting a wire into the watch. Nothing will be essential like this action, we must say. So put these hints over your mind wherever you’re going to buy a timer for hiking. Most of the smartwatches provide 10-12 hours of backup. If you want to spend some extra, you could achieve more extended battery life as a bonus.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Do You Require LTE or Cellular Connectivity on Your Smartwatch for Biking?

LTE or cellular mic smartwatches allow you to make calls or text others while you’re staying far away. It’s essential for those who have to maintain a busy schedule or become business entrepreneurs. A smartwatch with LTE support will be necessary or not, depending on the person’s type of situation or profession.

Though, you can choose watches like this if you want to connect all the time to the phone. Again, LTE or cellular base smartwatches are also worth using for having the benefits of making calls or receiving notifications. So it is always wise to get smartwatches with LTE or cellular connectivity.

What is GPS, And How Will It Benefit Me in Mountain Biking?

GPS is a location detector that runs by connecting a series of satellites. Almost all smartwatches have this feature to track the pathway appropriately. This often uses a trilateration process, which takes help from the 3/ more satellites in the GNSS network. The complete form of GNSS is the Global Navigation Satellite System.

The tracker also can identify the place by calculating the distance through latitude, longitude, and time. By using this feature, one can easily find the way to a restaurant, hotel, etc. GPS is beneficial for mountain bikers to search for the exact location they want to go to.

What Apps Can I Download on My Watch to Help Me Mountain Biking?

There is nothing incomparable to using some apps to make your mountain biking journey more enjoyable. If you have a good GPS and swivel connection on your watch, then try to download some crucial apps.

Download the bike computer app for monitoring your rides. Again, you can also install the TrailForks, MTB project, Alltrails, and Komoot as an alternative.


Mountain biking is an exciting ride performed by one or accompanied by groups. You must have to be aware before buying any smartwatches for this.

Smart wristwatches guide you to balance the bike tactfully and navigate through terrains. Our seven best watches for mountain biking ensure all sorts of requirements that you need.

Most of them have excellent tracking features to drive on rough, rugged, and rocky pavement. All in all, their extended battery life and impressive connectivity allow you to track the way quickly. Later on, they will act as a groomer to monitor your overall performance while riding.

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