The 10 Best Pocket Watches with Chain | Complete Buying Guide

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The watch helps to keep the time quickly. It has been transformed in various looks according to timekeeping convenience, and the pocket watch is one of those transformations. It’s a hundred years old tradition. So, it will add something new for style at this time.

You will find many pocket watches in the market. But when it comes to finding the best one, most of us struggle.

We have researched to find the best pocket watch and reduce your stress. We have researched many watches and today we brought here the 10 best pocket watches with chains. You can easily find out and buy your desired one following the reviews that are given in this article.

10 Best Pocket Watches with Chain Review 2023

A pocket watch can add something new to your timekeeping or style. You may think all the pocket watches are the same, but the idea is not correct. There are plenty of differences from one brand to another. Here are the 10 best pocket watches with chains.

Our top picks: At a glance

  1. Best Gift for All Ages: Speidel Classic Engravable Pocket Watch
  2. Best for Men’s Choice: Stuhrling Vintage-Style Mechanical Watch
  3. Best for Everyday Use: ManChDa Mechanical
  4. Best Choice for Gift: ManChDa Men’s Antique
  5. Best Overall: Mudder Vintage
  6. Best for the Durability: I-MART Smooth Vintage Pocket Watch with Chain
  7. Best User-friendly: Hicarer Quartz Pocket Watch
  8. Best for Long Battery Life: VIGOROSO Men’s Hand-Wind
  9. Best for Affordable Price: Hicarer Vintage Pocket Watch
  10. Best for the Design: Bulova Classic Quartz Pocket Watch

Best Pocket Watches with Chain

Let’s first take a look at our Editor’s Picks:

If you’re planning to gift your family or friend, Speidel Classic Engravable Pocket Watch would be the best option. This Speidel Classic Engravable masterpiece snatched our attention for some unique traits, let’s see what is that.


  • Weight: 4.8 ounces
  • Width: 4.5 inches
  • Length: 3.5 inches
  • Height: 2 inches
  • Chain Length: 14 inches
Speidel Classic Engravable Pocket Watch

Design & Appearance

This oval-shaped pocket watch is the finest choice for those who really love to wear classics. It comes with an engraved classic brushed satin finish, along with six different colors.

Speidel classic comes and is manufactured by unisex adults. The package contained specific batteries to charge the watch. It is a very lightweight watch, weighing about 4.8 ounces. The rounded shape watches are 4.5 inches in width, 3.5 inches in length, and 2 inches in height.

Convenient Chain Design

This classy dial pocket watch comes with 14″ inches diamond cut curb chains. Because of this, the timer becomes less difficult to open and close. With the unique push-button attached to the 3’o o’clock, you can maneuver the watch at any time.

Additional Features

Speidel Classic is an elegant pocket watch with a minimalistic design. As a specialty, this timer is featured by an anti-analog quartz movement. A quartz movement added here is state-of-the-art technology.


  • Unique & Classy Appearance
  • Easy to operate
  • Feels less weighty
  • Suitable for daily use
  • It fits perfectly everywhere


  • The watch movement is too weak to set it up

Unlike other stylish watches, Stuhrling Vintage is the greatest option for the man. This oval filter pocket timer has some extraordinary features which are revealed below in short.


  • Materiał: Krystyna crystal
  • Diameter: 48 mm
  • Thickness: 13.5 mm
  • Bandwidth: 6 mm
  • Case Material: stainless steel metal
Stuhrling Original Vintage Mechanical Pocket Watch

Design & Outlays

This pocket watch has a dual exhibition case to ensure its user’s clear visibility. Under the shed of a stainless steel cover, it is well-engineered with a polished mechanical machine from all angles that provides more versatility. The watch is inspired by the moniker for its ancient looks.

Stuhrling vintage pocket watch comes with a round oval shape. Its dial window material is made with Krystyna crystal along with an analog display. This pocket watch has a 48 m.m diameter case with 13.5 m.m thickness and also has 6 m.m bandwidth.

Special Feature

 According to the manufacturer, this man’s pocket watch has exceptional mechanical movements. It allows the wearer to operate the watch with a second hand. Again, maintaining a strict schedule has become more convenient to anyone for its mechanical functions.


  • Comes with ancient, royal looks
  • Best for men’s choice
  • Manufactured with push/pull crown guard
  • Allows manual movement
  • 100% durable


  • The watch case easily rolls over if touched accidentally

The ManChDa Mechanical is a great pocket watch that comes with tons of features. It’s design and construction are sturdy enough to provide you with the best performance. Here is the brief about the timepiece. More importantly, its durable construction makes it an ideal pocket watch for everyday use.


  • Diameter: 27 mm
  • Wideband: 7 mm
  • Length: 18 mm
  • Chain Length: 7mm
  • Material: Metal
ManChDa Mechanical


The Case of this watch is made of metal. Its diameter is 27mm, and its length is 18mm. The 7mm wide band is also made using metal. And the color of its band and the dial is black. You will see complete artistry in this watch. It comes with an analog display, but you will get total convenience for timekeeping using this watch.

Its quality is good enough. You will get precise mechanical movement in this watch. The Case of this watch is elegant, and the chain is long enough. Also, the face of this watch is made using Acrylic to ensure safety.

Fashion Accessory

There is a 7mm wide Cowboy style chain attached to this watch. It provides a nice look with casual or formal dressing.


This watch is engravable. You can engrave custom messages, names, dates, etc., in any font style through custom order.

Battery Information

The ManChDa pocket watch works through mechanical hand-wound movement. You won’t need any battery to use this. Twist the top button located on the spin to make the watch run. Another crucial piece of information is, that you have to wind up this before using it every time. And keep it away from the magnet unless it will stop working.


  • Metal case and band
  • Long-chain
  • Acrylic face
  • Easily engravable
  • Works without battery


  • Might run fast
  • Adjusting the time might be tricky

ManChDa Men’s Antique is a renowned timepiece manufacturer company. They have innovated some great watches, and the ManChDa men’s antique is a great pocket watch. It comes with many features and excellent construction.

It comes with a good quality gift box, making it a great choice for Christmas gifts, Valentine gifts, gifts for your family and beloved person, etc. Let’s see which made this watch great.


  • Weight: 3 ounces
  • Diameter: 19 mm
  • Thickness: 47 mm
  • Battery Life: 24 hours
  • Dial Type: Acrylic
ManChDa Men's Antique


This watch comes with a unique design. Its Case comes with a combo of “Phoenix and Dragon” hollow patterns, which symbolizes luck. Its Case is black but bright enough. So, you can easily know the time. The numerals are in Roman format.

The dial comes in a unique skeleton design with golden movement. Overall, the watch looks intelligent, elegant, and fashionable. And not to mention the vintage look. 


Quality is a crucial facet of this watch to bring in the top list. You will see complete artistry in this watch. The clock moves using the precise mechanical movement style. Its chain is long enough to use from the pocket, and the face of this watch is made of Acrylic. As a result, the face remains safer.


Every portable timepiece needs a battery to operate. And users have to recharge or change those. But, in this watch, you don’t need to use any battery to perform this watch. It operates using the hand-wound movement system, which is entirely mechanical.

You can use the clock for 24 hours by twisting its top button. Remember, maintain enough distance from the magnet because it makes the watch stop working.


  • You don’t need any battery
  • Complete artistry
  • Bright enough display
  • Easy time setting
  • Acrylic watch face


  • The back might be popped off

The Mudder Vintage is a great timepiece. It comes with excellent construction and design. Let’s see which features make this watch great.


  • Diameter: 1.8 inches
  • Chain Length: 14.8 inches
  • Watch Style: Vintage
  • Material: Alloy
  • Movement: Clockwise
Mudder Vintage


The Mudder Vintage comes in a great design. It is made using Alloy. You can easily read the time on its black dial; the scale and pointers are white. You will see the Roman style on the numeral scale of this watch. Both front and back sides of this watch are engraved heavily using exquisite patterns. The design contains a vintage appearance to provide a good look.

You can easily carry this watch due to its small size. The diameter of the back Case of this timepiece is 1.8 inches. And the chain length is 14.8 inches. Another positive fact is, its chain is long enough and comes with a clip-on side that ensures the security of your pocket watch.

Setting Up Time

Setting up the time in this superb timepiece is relatively easy. You have to pull its crown away. It is located inside the base. Once pulled out the crown, turn it clockwise. Stop turning when it reaches the exact time. In the end, press the crown to send it back to its previous position inside the base.


The Mudder Vintage is an excellent timepiece for multiple purposes, and it comes with a nice brown gift box. You will get a cleaning cloth inside the box. If you plan to gift something to your family member or friends or even to your teacher, you can choose this superb pocket watch without any doubt.


  • Alloy material case
  • Easy to read
  • 14.8 inches longer chain
  • Easy to set up the time
  • Multiple purpose application
  • Clip-on the chain for safety


  • The chain connecting ring might rip off early

There are hundreds of pocket watches on the market. But the I-MART Smooth Vintage Pocket Watch with Chain is one of the best watches due to its durable and sturdy construction and other features. It is why it has taken place on this list.


  • Bandwidth: 3.4 mm
  • Weight: 2.26 ounces
  • Material: Alloy
  • Movement: Japanese Quartz
  • Battery Consumption: High
I-MART Smooth Vintage Pocket Watch with Chain


The I-Mart pocket watch comes with a stunning vintage design. You will get a complete 1920’s taste wearing this timepiece on your wrist. Its diameter is around 1.78 inches, and you won’t feel hazy while wearing this due to its lightweight. The watch weighs 2.26 ounces only. The Case of this timepiece is made of Alloy.

Setting Up

As it’s a manual watch, you have to set up the time for using this. Setting up the time is very much more accessible, and anybody can do this. The watch comes with a stem. You have to push it, and it will open the top. After that, pull the stem out and adjust the time. Once the time set up is done, simply push it back and close the watch top.

Additional Features

The lousy color of this watch is golden. As it’s a vintage watch, this watch features an analog display. There is a chain included with this watch to secure it. It’s a fantastic affordable watch, and anybody can buy this easily.

You will get a backup battery with the look. Also, a manufacturer warranty is available for this. It works Japanese Quartz movement style. This timepiece is excellent for timekeeping.


  • Alloy made Case
  • Vintage design
  • Backup battery
  • Easily affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight enough


  • High battery consumption

A pocket watch is a vintage timekeeping item. Hicarer Quartz Pocket Watch adds something new and unique to fashion, and the Hicarer pocket watch is an excellent timepiece for this purpose. It comes with durable construction and many useful features that made this great. Let’s see why this watch is on this shortlist.


  • Diameter: 1.8 inches
  • Length: 14.5 inches
  • Thickness: 13 mm
  • Case Material: Alloy
  • Movement: Quartz movement
Hicarer Quartz Pocket Watch


The Hirer Quartz comes in a great design. It is silver-colored but contains flower-patterned engraving on both the front and backside of the Case. The Case and chain are made using Alloy. The metal pocket watch is 1.8 inches in diameter. That’s why; this watch is small enough to carry easily.

Its chain is 14.5 inches long. The length is relatively longer than other watches in this budget. The end clip of the chain ensures the safety of the watch.

Easy Time Setting

You have to set up the time manually in this watch. Many people think that it’s a tricky task. But, it is very much easy to set up the time. There is a round button located on the top of the watch, press on that. Slightly pull out the crown away from your timepiece’s base. Now, start turning the crown until you reach the proper time. Once you have successfully done it, then press the crown again. It will push the crown back into its previous position.

Wide Usages

There is a silver pocket in the watch. It makes timekeeping easier. This watch can be an ultimate gift item for friends and family or colleagues on any occasion. It doesn’t matter which type of clothes you are wearing, but the watch fits from casual to formal easily.


  • Small enough 
  • Easy to carry
  • Wide range of usage
  • Easy to set up the time
  • 14.5 inches chain length
  • Safety clip included


  • It might provide a cheap feeling

A pocket watch is a vintage timepiece. And pocket watch with a chain adds some extra attention to the item. If you are looking for a great pocket watch, you can choose the VIGOROSO Men’s Hand-Wind Pocket Watch. It comes with excellent construction, design, and many other features.


  • Thickness: 4.90 mm
  • Diameter: 15 mm
  • Bandwidth: 0.50 cm
  • Watch Shape: Round shape acute
  • Chain length: 14 inches
VIGOROSO Men's Hand-Wind


A good design attracts people much to a product. This timepiece comes with a great layout with sturdy and durable construction. The Case of this watch is made using Half-hunter wood. Bronze steel was also used in this.

There is a bronze engraving on the hollow Case, while the mechanical dial comes with a unique skeleton design. And the movement is golden in color in this watch. The yellowish dial also contains Roman numerals in black color. It increases the visibility of the face.


People always run after quality products. This watch comes with excellent artistry. Its movement is precisely mechanical. The Case is elegant, and its chain is long enough. The length of the chain is around 14 inches. It will provide you with enough convenience for keeping the time and carrying the watch in your pocket.


This superb timepiece comes in mechanical hand-wound movement. So, you won’t have to use any battery to operate this watch. Twist its top button to start the clock. It will assist you for up to 30 hours. But you have to wind up this before using it every single time. And, it’s essential to keep this watch away from the magnet. Otherwise, it will stop working.

Additional Features

This watch comes with many features. You will get a great feel touching the screen, and it fits easily with casual or business uniforms. You can use this for yourself or make a gift to anyone on any occasion. It looks smart, elegant, fashionable, and not to mention “Vintage.”


  • Bronze steel construction
  • No battery needed
  • Precise mechanical movement
  • 14 inches long chain
  • Increased visibility


  • It might stop working early

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The Hicarer is an excellent company for manufacturing exceptional timepieces, And the Hicarer Vintage Pocket Watch is one of their incredible innovations. The item is on this shortlist due to its design, durability, affordable price range, and other features. Let’s see which made this timepiece best.


  • Watch Movement: Quartz movement
  • Thickness: 13 mm
  • Diameter: 46 mm
  • Case Material: Wood
  • Dial Material: Glass
Hicarer Vintage Pocket Watch


This timepiece is a great one for those people who love variety. It comes in four metallic shades. So, you can select your desired one from these options according to your style sense. It is made of steel, and the Case is made using half hunter wood. You will see a small window on the Case. You can set up the time easily using this window, keeping the Case closed.

It adds design and protects the glass dial. As a result, your watch and its dial won’t scuff or crack.


There is a detachable chain in this watch. You can easily remove the chain or add this again; also, there is a hook at the end of the chain. That’s why; you can keep your watch protected.

Time Setting

It’s very much easy to set up the time on this watch. You have to pull the crown away from its base. Then keep turning the crown clockwise and stop when you reach the exact time. After setting up the time, push the crown back to the normal position inside the base.

Additional Information

You can easily open the watch. Press its crown located on the top. After pressing, the front plate of the eye will open. It runs on quartz-style movement. The dial contains Roman numerals. You have to use a battery to operate this watch. And you have to replace the battery once per year.


  • Detachable chain
  • Easy opening
  • Half hunter case
  • Easy time setting
  • Four metallic shades


  • The battery needs to change once per year

A pocket watch is a vintage-style item for this era. The Bulova Classic is a great pocket timepiece because of its features, construction, and stylish look, and it’s an American brand. And they have been renowned for their innovation, craftsmanship, and technology since 1875. The Bulova Classic quartz is not only a watch; it’s a part of history. Let’s know this watch in brief.


  • Diameter: 50 mm
  • Thickness: 12 mm
  • Bandwidth: 6.5 mm
  • Chain Width: 17 inches long
  • Water Resistance: 30 m
Bulova Classic Quartz


The Bulova Classic comes with a great design. Its Case, bezel, and band are made using stainless steel. As a result, this watch is sturdy and durable enough. The diameter of the Case is around 50mm, and the thickness is 12mm. And the bandwidth is 6.5mm. The color of the band of this pocket watch is silver, while the dial is white.


The superb pocket timepiece comes with a chain that is 14 inches long. This length is enough for timekeeping bringing out the piece from the pocket. If you count the measurement with the clasp, then it is 17 inches long.

Water Resistance

This classic watch is highly water-resistant. It works correctly even under 30 meters of water, but the clock is not suitable for swimming or bathing. And, in general, nobody goes for waterworks like swimming, bathing, snorkeling, etc., with a pocket watch.

Additional Features

The Bulova Classic pocket timepiece comes with tons of valuable features. It contains 3-hand movement features that made the usage of this watch easier.

The calendar feature of this watch allows keeping the date easily. There is a tuning fork logo on the Case. It uses the Analog-quartz style for movement and needs a battery to operate the watch. But the problem is, this watch doesn’t have an alarm.


  • Water-resistant up to 30 meters
  • 14 inches longer chain
  • 3-hand movement
  • Calendar included
  • Stainless steel construction


  • It doesn’t contain any alarm

Things to Consider While Buying a Pocket Watch

You may think all the pocket watches are the same. But the fact doesn’t say as you feel. You will see many different types of pocket watches available in the shops. That’s why; you should consider some facts while buying a pocket watch. Here are some key points that you should know before buying a pocket watch.


The brand is a crucial feature to consider while buying a pocket watch. Every product differs from one brand to another. That’s why; you should spend a little time researching the brands. Gather information about them, and read what other buyers think about them. And then decide which brand you will choose.


The pocket watch is a hundred years old model of the timepiece, so the style should be another crucial fact to consider. It indicates the lines and materials of a pocket timepiece. Also, remember that this timepiece is invented to keep inside the pocket. So, you should avoid those materials, which can get scratched easily, even staying inside your bag. We recommend you to choose silver, gold, stainless steel, etc., made watches.

Analog or Digital

You can easily read the digital pocket watches display numerically, and the analog watches show through the hands. But analog displays are much more popular in the Case of pocket watches. Because they come in a vintage look, this attracts people much.


We include the band, chain, and strap in this part together. You should go for your desired pocket watch for the sturdy body, and the belt or chain adds some extra vintage look to the clock. So, choose that watch that comes with a long and sturdy chain, and hook if possible. It will allow you to keep the timepiece connected safely with your pocket.


Mechanics is another fact to consider while buying a pocket watch. It means the internal working process of a timepiece. Some are manual, some are automatic, and some are quartz. It will help if you read the reviews well about your desired watch. And ask the seller well about the mechanics of the watch if you are buying a second-hand watch.


Usage is also a crucial fact to consider while buying a pocket watch. It would help if you made a plan about the usage of your timepiece. If you want to use this as an everyday accessory, then you should focus on the functionality. And, if the plan is for occasional use only, then style should be the priority because an excellent functional watch will help you for timekeeping in your daily life.


As pocket watches are hundred years old, considering their age is very important. If your priority is a vintage watch, then generation becomes a crucial fact. 75+ years old items are marked as vintage and cost more than the regular item. So, a vintage watch will cost much, and you have to review your budget for buying that.


Face decides the style of timekeeping. Some timepieces come with hinges and covers. If you use this type of watch, you have to open the surface every time you want to view the time. And the open face watch allows you to view the time without removing any cover or hinges. But an open face watch contains much more risk of getting damaged than the covered one.

Pocket Watch Chain Types

The chain of any pocket watch is an essential part of the watch. Pocket watch mostly stays in the pocket, and the chain is the part of the watch that draws the attention of your friends and colleagues. So whether it is a classic mechanical watch or a modern pocket watch with quartz movement, the chain will increase the beauty of the watch rather than any other part.

Several types of pocket watch chains are available in the market, among those, 3 chain types are most popular. These chains did not just make the watch look beautiful but also protect it from falling and getting crushed.

Bolt Ring Pocket Watch Chain

A lot of similarities are present between a bolt ring pocket watch chain and a wallet chain. That is because this type of pocket watch chain is attached directly to your belt loop, and you have to attach the chain by using the spring ring lock. If you want, instead of the pants pocket, you can also wear it like a T-bar watch chain on your vest, and here you have to attach the spring lock on the buttonhole of your coat.

If you want, you can wear a bolt ring pocket chain watch with a jacket or blazer without a vest or waistcoat. Just use the spring lock on your lapel’s buttonhole to attach the chain with a lapel and put the watch in the lapel’s pocket.

T-Bar Pocket Watch Chain

Prince Albert used to wear the T-bar pocket watch chain, and he made this style famous. According to his name the pocket watch chain is also referred to as Albert T-bar or Albert pocket watch chain.

Albert T-bar or T-bar chains are mostly worn with a vest or waistcoat. Putting on this chain is not hard. Just place the T-shaped part of the chain in your waist buttonhole if you are confused about which buttonhole to use. Use the buttonhole that is directly above your pocket, or use the 3rd buttonhole of your vest, and that should do it.

Now you need to slip the watch into your pocket. Here, you have to put the watch into the opposite side of your dominant hand pocket. If you are right-handed, place the watch into your left pocket. So without making the dominant hand busy, you can easily check the time.

There is a double chain version of Albert chains. The second chain comes with a Fob or sometimes a pendant. Just slide the fob into the opposite pocket of your watch.

Belt Slide Pocket Watch Chain – Belt Loop Slides

We do not wear formal outfits daily, and most pocket watch chains are designed to wear formal outfits. But what if you want to wear it with casual outfits? Here you have only one choice left that is the Belt slide pocket watch chain.

Wear this pocket watch chain with any type of jeans or trousers. Just put one end of the chain on top of the belt, and it will securely stay there.

Put the watch on the opposite side of your dominant hand and make sure the chain is hanging outside the jeans.

If you want, you can use the pocket watch pocket of your jeans. Yes, the tiny pocket that you may have used for keeping coins. Mr. Levi actually designs that pocket for keeping pocket watches.

So for wearing a pocket watch with casual outfits is Belt Slide Pocket Watch Chain.

How to Wear a Pocket Watch Chain?

A pocket watch can be worn with a vest or waistcoat, Blazer or jacket, jeans, and as a necklace. So, the wearing process with different outfits is also different, let’s know how to wear a pocket watch chain.

Process-1: With vest or Waistcoat

Basically, a vest and waistcoat are pretty much the same things. A waistcoat is considered more formal than a vest, and a vest is considered casual. The waistcoat goes with a tie, and the vest does not need a tie. So you can wear your pocket watch with a casual and formal outfit depending on the mood.

Place the watch into one pocket of your waistcoat and loop the chain through the buttonhole. Always choose the buttonhole above the pocket, and that will give you adequate hanging chain length.

Place the watch into the opposite side of your dominant hand pocket. It will help to keep your dominant hand free for important tasks like signing documents, hand-shaking, and many more.

Process-2: With blazer or jacket

A great way to wear a pocket watch with your suit jacket or blazer is onto the breast pocket. You can use the lapel hole to secure the pocket watch. Use a bolt ring pocket watch chain and hang the chain on the lapel buttonhole and place the watch into your breast watch. By doing this, you can bring interest to your jacket with a lapel pin.

You can also put the watch in your front pocket using a T-bar chain, pull the chain through the buttonhole, and place the watch into your pocket.

Process-3: With Jeans

A great way of wearing a pocket watch with a casual outfit is wearing jeans. You do not need to wear formal outfits to wear a pocket watch. You can easily wear a pocket watch with jeans. Just put the pocket watch into a smaller jeans pocket and put the chain on top of the belt.

Make sure the chain is hanging outside of your jeans. Keep the chain length optimum to make it easy to watch the time.

You can also use the belt loophole to hang the chain. The watch should securely fit in the smaller pocket of your jeans as the purpose of the pocket is to fit a pocket watch.

If you are wearing a button-down shirt, you can also attach the chain with the lower buttonhole of your shirt. Always put the watch into the opposite pocket of your dominant hand to make it easy to watch the time.

Process-4: As a necklace

As the name suggests, pocket watches are intended to be kept in the pocket. But if you want, you can break the tradition and wear the pocket watch as a necklace. Just replace the pocket watch chain with a necklace-style metal chain or leather cold.

Make sure the chain has the same color as the watch itself, and it is strong enough to hold the watch.

Here you go, these are the simplest ways to wear a pocket watch traditionally and casually.

How to Attach Your Pocket Watch

You can attach your pocket watch in different ways using different types of pocky watch chains. If you use a T-shaped pocket watch chain to attach the watch, the T-Shaped part goes into your vest or waistcoat’s buttonhole. The other end attaches with the watch and puts the watch into your side pocket. Always put the watch into the opposite pocket of your dominant hand.

You can use the belt bar pocket watch chain to attach the watch with your jeans or trousers. This is a great way to wear a pocket watch if you do not want to wear something formal rather than wear something casual and carry the pocket watch.

The belt bar end goes on top of your belt and it secures the watch. Put the watch into the pocket of your jeans. You can also use a spring lock pocket watch chain and attach the chain with the belt loophole.

To carry a fob or ornament with a pocket watch the best way to do it is to use an Albert chain. Place the pocket watch in your pocket and put the fob into the other pocket. Albert chains have two chains on which one carries the watch and the other end can carry a smoking knife, coin case, and similar things.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What are the best pocket watch brands?

When it comes to the best pocket watch brand, companies like Longines, Tissot, Bulova, and Stührling came at the top of the list. These companies make high-quality pocket watches with excellent service, movement, and the pricing is kept very reasonable. All watches from these companies are valued for money and long-lasting.

How much does a pocket watch cost?

Pocket watches come in a variety of price points. The watch’s price mostly depends on the material used to make the watch, its brand, and its complexity. You can find a pocket watch that values starting from $10 all the way up to $10,000. For having colossal diversity, there are huge price range pocket watches available in the market.

Are pocket watches still made?

Some watch manufacturing companies manufacture pocket watches to date; such companies are Longines, Bulova, and Tissot. All these products are superior when it comes to wristwatches, and they still manufacture pocket watches as the watches carry inimitable vintage style.

When did pocket watches go out of style?

As the wristwatches started to become famous during the first world war, the pocket watches began to go out of style, people leaning towards wristwatches as those were more practical to wear and use. So during the first world war, pocket watches started to lose their popularity, slowly getting out of style.

What are the best pocket watches to collect?

If you are a watch enthusiast and want to add pocket watches into your collection, here are the best watches from the brands Waltham Watch Company, Elgin, and Hamilton. Also, if you want, you can collect pocket watches from famous Rolex and Patek Philippe to add to your collection. All these watches are well worth the money.

What pocket watches are valuable?

The pocket watch has a big brand name, any exciting and unique complications the watch might feature, and the condition of the watch is considered a valuable pocket watch. You can try the pocket watches from Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, and Audemars Piguet, and your money will be in good hands.

What pocket watch chain is good for wearing with jeans?

Belt slide pocket watch chain allows you to wear the pocket without a formal outfit. So if you want you can use this chain to wear the pocket watch with jeans without the need for a formal outfit.

How to wear a pocket watch?

Slip the pocket watch on the opposite of your dominant hand. Now pull the chain of the watch through the buttonhole of your waist. Use the button that is directly above the pocket.

Final Words

A pocket watch is a vintage design of timepieces because this model is hundred years old. But still, they are much fashionable. That’s why people love this very much. You will get a vintage feel from these watches besides timekeeping. There are plenty of pocket watches in the market, so it’s tough to find the best one.

We researched to find out the best timepiece from thousands of available pocket watches in the market. After researching a lot, here we have reviewed the 10 best pocket watches with chains. You can easily buy the best one from the reviews mentioned above.

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