The 10 Best Medical Watches For Nurses 2023 | Ultimate Buying Guide

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Watches are necessary for all the nurses because their job is continuously making them track with time with treatments, shifts, and plans. They are not like the usual people, because they need to plan everything with whatever they are doing with their job.

Having a watch makes it easier for nurses to do their job with the best functionality. And it is actually an essential tool for them as it makes them keep their exact time with checking, tracking and to have a reliable working.

You can discover a bunch of benefits to having a medical wristwatch. Here we have compiled a list of the 10 best medical watches for nurses. In our top picks, we have preferred reliable watches that have a decent balance between the latest functions, beautiful design, and reasonable pricing.

Review of Best Watches for Nurses

A nurse watch comes with different variants. Sometimes it’s hard to choose the perfect one. So, here we listed some of the watches that we prefer best for nurses to use regularly to administer their job.

The 10 best watches that work well for nurses are described here by considering their great working system, readability, accuracy, price, and comfort.

Our top picks: At a glance

  1. Best for Quick Check: Timex Ironman Essential 10 Mid-Size Watch
  2. Best for Simple Schedules: Speidel Original Scrub Watch
  3. Best for Time-Read: VAVC Scrub Watch
  4. Best for Faster Performance: Apple Watch SE
  5. Best for Compactness: Speidel Petite Scrub Watch
  6. Best for the Accuracy: Speidel Medical Scrub Glow
  7. Best for Advanced Documenting: SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch Active 2
  8. Best for Extraordinary Features: Fitbit Versa 2
  9. Best for Sturdy Look: Swatch Women’s Watch
  10. Best for Simple and Sophistication: Dakota Women’s Nurse Watch

Best Watches for Nurses

Let’s take a look at our 3 top picks

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Timex Ironman Essential 10 Mid-Size Watch provides a quick check feature and dial. You’ll need less than a split second to watch the time. This watch helps nurses to give proper value to the time and lets them utilize the time accurately.

Key Features 

  • Military time
  • 100-hour chronograph watch
  • Customizable alarm
  • 10 lap memory watch
Timex Ironman Essential 10 Mid-Size Watch

Construction: The watch is convenient, and it is made in a way that people feel comfortable with its size. The resin case of the watch provides excellent strength in holding the dial. With the acrylic lens, a clear vision of time is seen.

Besides, the band material of the watch is plastic. Both resin and plastic materials provide great components for the endurance of the product. You can adjust the strap at your convenience.  

Technology: The watch comes with a digital gray display. It also shows what the day, date, or month is. The dial gets illuminated with the Indiglo feature. It can track two things at a time as well. Besides, you can set your alarm on it.

Accuracy: The watch comes with various marks of time, and all of them provide the proper time. It doesn’t tell the heart or pulse rate like any smartwatches.

Water Resistance: Its highly water-resistant capacity amazes many users already. The watch withstands 330ft deep water without any complaints.

Additional Information: This watch is super handy and easy to read. Its reading features make it perfect for performing in medical professions.


  • It takes less time to read
  • Easy wearable
  • Great battery power


  • Cannot track pulse rate

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Speidel Original Scrub Watch comes with significant features that are capable enough to impress a nurse. The watch is a go-to wearer as it defines the scheduling job accurately.

Key Features

  • 12 and 24-hour time markers
  • Red Second hand
  • Stainless steel back cover
  • Silicone band
  • Silver oxide battery
Speidel Original Scrub Watch review

Construction: The construction of the watch is simple but effective. With the big white dial, the watch provides the maximum advantage to read out the time. Besides, the stainless steel case enhances the durability of the watch. With the 100% silicon band, the watch is super soft and not harsh in hand.  

Accuracy: With the watch along with the 12 and 24-hour markers, you’ll find the exact time. To benefit the idea, the Japanese quartz analog helps with it—besides, the significant red second-hand assists in figuring out the correct pulse rate of a patient.

Water Resistance: Like other Speidel watches, this watch also comes with a water-resistant feature, it resists water up to 99ft. 

Additional Information: Speidel is an excellent choice of modern designs, and therefore it comes in several styles and colors. Its defined design will help you to track down the valuable vitals of patients.


  • Great to wear
  • Provides a wide range of colors
  • Includes a battery
  • It fits into wide wrists as well


  • It doesn’t glow at night

VAVC Scrub Watch for Medical Students, Doctors, and Women is our second best pick for the best watches for nurses. Super easy to read feature lets a nurse read the watch with no time.

Key Features 

  • An effortless way of checking time
  • Calf-leather band
  • Silent watch
  • Leather-material band
  • Round sophisticated shape
VAVC Nurse Watch

Construction: The VAVC Nurse Watch is constructed using surgical-grade stainless steel, making it a rust-resistant watch. It consists of an 8.5mm thick and 40mm diameter case along with a leather-material band.

Besides, to protect the dial, the watch has mineral crystal glass, also ensuring better reading. The sophisticated 20mm wide leather band fits in the wrists of any range properly.  

Accuracy: The watch is featured with Japanese quartz movement. It is promised to deliver accurate time. It helps in checking the pulse rate accurately as well.

Water Resistance: With the 50m water-resistant feature, you can wear the watch even when you are showering. Now you can wear the watch while showering or swimming as well.

Additional Information: Its military time and second-hand features facilitate the nurses in documenting the vitals on time.


  • Perfect diameter for an easy read
  • Sophisticated lightweight watch
  • 12 and 24-hour markers
  • Perfect for gifting


  • It doesn’t come with the feature of glowing in the dark

Keep yourself connected with your patients by wearing the Apple Watch SE. This watch will also help you remain active and healthy in the hospital. It is 2X faster and contains a larger display than its ancestor Series 3.

Key Features

  • Apple gadget compatibility
  • It tracks every way you work out
  • Easily customizable
  • Keeps you active
  • Built-in cellular texts, helps you call
Apple Watch SE

Larger Display: It’s a 30% larger display than other watches allowing you to see and read the time easily. Thus, you will never miss a schedule of giving medications to your patients.

Easy to Customize: The watch is compatible with iPhone devices. You can listen to music with your AirPods during your leisure time.

Ultimate Workout Partner: You can track your daily activities precisely. This watch consists of an advanced sensor, letting you measure your favorite ways of workout, even underwater. It is built to be tough and swim-proof materials. Wear it during hiking, or exercising in the gym without hesitation.

Heavy on Features: It is equipped with heavy features to ensure a healthy life in the workplace. Sleep tracking and irregular heart rate monitoring are beneficial features to confirm your well-being. Since it works with your iPhone or Wi-Fi, you can send texts, and make a call during an emergency.


  • 30% larger display
  • 2X faster performance
  • Swim proof construction
  • Fall detection feature
  • Sleep tracking feature


  • Fragile construction

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If you like compactness and smaller timepieces, then the Women’s Speidel Petite Scrub Watch is for you. This watch has a smaller dial. But the duty it performs doesn’t compromise with its size.

Key Features 

  • Amazing compactness
  • Covers military times
  • Illuminates the hour marks
  • Glowing second hand
  • Defined timepiece
Speidel Women’s Scrub Petite Watch

Construction: This watch carries a stainless steel case and back cover. This case is small in size to hold the smaller dial properly. Though the marks and hands in the dial are a little populated, they are appropriately defined, so you don’t face trouble understanding what time it is.

The silicone band of the watch provides extra ergonomic comfort to the wrist. Besides, they come with soft characteristics.

Accuracy: The watch’s hands illuminate, and you can get the right time at any dark place with the advantage. But it would be best if you let the hands absorb some sunlight for about 15-20 minutes before that. Besides, the petite watch with its red second hand provides a seamless pulse rate checkup.

Water Resistance: The watch can sink into 160ft deep water and is still capable of working.

Additional Information: The watch is primarily famous among skinny wrists and doesn’t like big dials. This watch needs some adjustment time. Once you are adjusted to it, you’ll love to wear it regularly.


  • Several marks
  • The illuminating hands
  • Durable battery power
  • Offers 2 years of warranty


  • Hands will not glow if they don’t absorb sunlit

If you want to be sure about time exactness, then Speidel Medical Scrub Glow Watch is all you are asking for. With its second-hand feature, it tells the accurate time. Besides, the smart soft appearance of the watch provides more than your expectations.

Key Features

  • Accurate face reading
  • 100% soft silicone band
  • 12 and 24-hour markers
  • Easy-to read white dial
  • 3-hand Miyota’s quartz analog movement
  • Red second hand
Speidel Medical Scrub Glow Watch

Construction: This watch is built with ergonomics that offer great comfort to the nurses. The 38mm stainless steel case of the watch makes sure of its durability. Besides, the steel never gets rusted and always looks shiny on hand.

The band of the watch is made from 100% silicone. Its stretching capacity is unbelievable as anyone who has 6.7” to 8.3” wrists size can make the band fit in their hands.   

Technology: This wonderful watch comes with a dial with electroluminescent technology. It illuminates the dial if you push the button.

Accuracy: The accuracy of the watch is also worth mentioning. As it comes with a red second-hand feature, you’ll get to know the exact time while rating a patient’s pulse.

Water Resistant: The watch is water-resistant, and you can wash your hands and take shower wearing the watch easily. It can go 50m (160ft) deep into the water.

Additional Information: Its 12 and 24-hour markers are highly visible. The dial is quite extensive and doesn’t come in an odd size.


  • Luminous hours and minutes for easy reading
  • Remarkable red 24-hour marker
  • 9.2mm thickness of stainless steel case
  • Easy read dial and accurate pulse reading


  • The battery lasts only for 2 years

SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch Active 2 Smart Watch comes with features that let you do detailed and advanced documentation of your everyday life as a nurse. The smartwatch is more capable of pulling out accurate results. It can improve the daily life of a nurse tremendously.

Key Features

  • Get connected through Bluetooth, GPS
  • Health-monitor coach and sleep tracker
  • Built-in pace feature
  • Audio playing system
  • Bixby voice functionality
  • Long-lasting battery
SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch Active2 Smart Watch

Construction: The SAMSUNG Galaxy Active 2 smartwatch comes with sleek construction with a lightweight design. 

The smartwatch has different versions of faces. You can choose a particular face of a watch as per your wish. The finishes of the watch are constructed with modern design and extractions.

Technology: The built-in tracker in the watch allows you to recharge the watch. It also has trackers that track your workouts and can be connected with Bluetooth. The technology of the watch doesn’t help in diagnosing a disease or curing them.

The watch also carries settings that alert the user’s low or high heart rate. You don’t need to use a charger to charge this watch since it can be charged with a SAMSUNG Galaxy S phone. The wireless technology also eases the functionality.  

Additionally, the battery is built for endurance. With a single charge, the watch performs 5+ days uninterruptedly.

Accuracy: For accuracy, this smartwatch has no alternative. It provides the authentic result of pulse rate and time. Besides, it tells exactly how many calories you need to burn down and determines your workout goals. 

Water Resistance: The smartwatch also withstands water up to 50m. For this, you need to set your watch into water lock mode. Then, you are free to do water splashing, hand wash, or swimming with the watch on.

Additional Information: This watch has more to offer to its users for sure. The watch can run for 5 days nonstop without any charge. Besides, it comes with various versions with various faces and features to satisfy the users.


  • Light feelings on hand
  • Tracks down your detailed documents
  • Featured with wireless display
  • Includes a charger


  • Cannot calculate the right burnt down calories sometimes

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Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness smartwatch has high-end features that help a nurse pursue her duty correctly. This smartwatch carries all the possible features that can be controlled effortlessly. 

Key Features

  • Alexa featuring
  • Numerous tracking
  • GPS application
  • Various phone applications
  • Sensors for voice clips
Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch

Construction: The Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness smartwatch has a top-notch square flat shape. The display of the phone is always on and ready to serve you. The ergonomic band of the watch feels very light on the wrists.

Besides, the flexible quality of the band enriched the watch. The glass screen provides vivid colors in any light or dark situation.

Technology: The smartwatch is a complete package of various technologies. You can use 100+ apps in your watch and conduct the Alexa built-in feature. Besides, you can keep up with updating Spotify and add 300+ songs at once. With installing Pandora stations and purchasing with the Fitbit Pay app, the watch also works with a third-party app.

Apart from that, the smartwatch is smart enough to alert you about your stress and lower or higher heart rate. It calculates and tracks down your fitness and health goals accurately.   

Accuracy: The smartwatch provides exactness every time you play it for showing time or calculating your sleeping or pulse rate. Besides, the watch provides a decent result of burnt calories and other tracking activities.  

Water Resistance: With extraordinary technology and features, this smartwatch can withstand situations when you are diving into a swimming pool with it. The water-resistant range of the watch is 50 meters at best.

Additional Information: This smartwatch almost has an appearance like an apple watch. You can get constant personalized notifications of your activities through its insights. In fact, this watch will let you reach your fitness goal step-by-step.


  • Voice assistant
  • Decently accurate result of tracking
  • Monitors pulse rate


  • Need to check connectivity with the android phone frequently

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Swatch Women’s Watch provides a very casual and sturdy-feeling to the wearer. The overall appearance of the timepiece is worth a try.

Key Features 

  • Swiss craftsmanship
  • Day and date window
  • Iconic Design
  • Arabic markers of hours
  • Buckle closure
Swatch Women’s None Quartz Silicone Strap 19 Casual Watch

Construction: This watch is an excellent example of craftsmanship. The 34mm case of the watch is made of plastic. Plastic provides optimum durability and restraining capacity. The window in the dial is also made of plastic.

Besides, the strap of the watch is also plastic-made. The plastic material builds up vital polymer components within it. Therefore, the strap becomes long-lasting since it’s made with plastic.   

Technology: The watch might not possess a huge form of technology, but it has the feature of ticking. However, you can turn off the feature by clicking out the stem.

Accuracy: For accuracy, you can rely on the watch without any doubt. The watch carries second-hand and Arabic hour markers to tell you the exact time. With the day and date window, you’ll get to know about your day accurately.

Water Resistance: The watch can also stand splashes of water or drops of rain. It can go 30 meters down to the water without malfunctioning.

Additional Information: The watch has a sturdy look that makes it more reliable. Many nurses and people have switched their choice from a smartwatch to this watch because of its sturdiness and durability.


  • Very long-lasting
  • The plastic material embodies its strength
  • Sturdy look from every side
  • Provides quartz movement


  • It doesn’t illuminate at night
  • Noise of ticking

A nurse also follows the modern trend, and thus she requires a sophisticated and straightforward watch to wear in a professional field. Dakota Women’s Nurse Watch is an official watch for the nursing sector.

Key Features

  • Vivid marks and hands
  • Military marks
  • Quadrant pulse ring
  • Quartz movement
Dakota Women’s Nurse Watch

Construction:  This watch has a durable case made of stainless steel. The mineral glass of the dial is for a clear vision of it.

Besides, the leather strap of the watch makes it sophisticated for sure. The second hand of the watch comes with a contrast color for an accurate calculation. The hands come with a laminating feature.  

Accuracy: The watch provides proper time with its three different markers. With the 1.5” width, the secondhand helps in calculating the true pulse rate of a patient.

Water Resistance: The watch resistances water from 165 ft., and this determines its durability as well.  

Additional Information: The watch has a fancy look and is not so gaudy for a professional space like a medical clinic. Besides, it fits into wrists who have small wrists like 5.5 inches.


  • Great to use
  • Super handy
  • Leathered strap
  • Fancy Design


  • It doesn’t come with a glowing feature

Buying Guide – How to Buy the Best Watches for Nurse

Buying a watch for some common purposes is okay, but things have to be considered when shopping for a nurse watch. This might turn into a crucial moment if you don’t insert some valuable aspects of buying a nurse watch that has been given below.

Watch Face

Check the watch face before buying it. As a nurse, you should determine what type of watch is essential for your job. 

Watch face can be a 12-hour display cycle or military time. Additionally, do you prefer a second-hand or a smartwatch with a 2nd counter? Choose a model that gives you the highest comfortability.

Ensure the face is not overpopulated. If it’s not a digital watch, it might confuse you in crucial ways. 

Moreover, look at the dial numbers of your selected model. Dial numbers can be large, medium, and small. Also, some models are available that don’t have any numbers. Whatever model you choose, make sure it fulfills your requirement.

Lastly, a backlit display or an illuminated watch face will benefit if you are working under low light conditions.

Material and Construction

The material and construction play a crucial role because a nurse can live a germ-free life with premium-quality construction.

You can choose straps made of leather, rubber, plastic, silicone as per your mood and choice. The best thing about these straps is; you can easily wash them without damaging the quality. 

Most nurse watches cases are made from stainless steel, giving them a durable and elegant look. Stainless steel protects the construction of the watch as well.  

Check out the width of the case and strap. Also, confirm if your wrist fits into the size of the watch. Observe the built-in features in smartwatches as well.

More importantly, if you have an allergic reaction to any specific material, go for a non-allergic material. 


It’s a significant essential consideration of a nurse’s watch. A wide range of designs are available for nurse watches, and you can choose one according to your personal choice.

Before deciding on the design, ask yourself which design is best suited for you. You can choose between analog watches, smartwatches, digital watches, or lapel watch designs. 

Typical wristwatches are among the best options for nurses since a nurse can keep essential information on the watch. Interacting and managing the task with these watches is effortless. 

On the other hand, wristwatches are easy to access, lightweight and you will barely lose them. 

Smartwatches with upgraded technology make tracking time, keeping notes, getting notifications easier than other designs.

As stated earlier, choose a nurse watch that meets your requirement.

Additionally, to balance out a good look and professional field, select a sophisticated light color. Besides, if you have a thick wrist, get a medium-sized watch. While for thin wrists, you can go with the compact-sized watch.


Frequent washing is mandatory in this Covid-19 situation. However, not only this pandemic, nurses have to wash their hands too often.

Also, a nurse has to deal with liquids in most cases. But some watches cannot withstand water and liquid. It’s also impossible to take the trouble of putting off the watch each time while washing hands. Therefore, an optimum ranged of water resistance should be the first feature of a nurse watch.

How is a Nurse Watch Helpful for Nurses in Medical Work?

A medical watch is one of the essential things for a nurse to wear. By wearing a nurse watch, a nurse can track the time, check different patients’ health conditions like pulse rate, and many more. 

An efficient nurse watch offers remarkable benefits for nurses in medical work. Let’s discuss this elaborately.

Tracking the Rhythm of Life

Tracking and recording health data is essential in the nursing profession. Medical watches help a nurse check body temperature promptly, calculate breathing rate, and many more. 

Since tracking health data becomes easier, evaluating patient health gets comfy. By monitoring the respiratory rate, detecting any complications gets quicker.

Making Schedules 

Every nurse carries a file where essential tests of the patients are documented. Also, that file contains the doctor’s advice that needs to be followed mandatorily. According to the guidance, accurate follow-up is unavoidable. 

A digital watch notifies a nurse about the scheduled medication time. Also, a reliable watch reminds a nurse of his/her duty on time.

Documenting Correctly 

The health of a patient improves only when it is followed by medication and checkups on time. Besides, for complicated patients, a regular checkup and their documents are essential to record. A medical watch benefits in recording documents properly of the patient and helps in measuring the health condition afterward.

Evaluating Recovery Time 

A nurse watch helps check blood pressure or respiratory rate and helps in evaluating recovery time. It records the progression of recovery of a patient after a medication or operation. Thus, it helps determine the exact time of recovery strategy of a patient from a particular health issue.

What Kind of Watches do Nurses Wear?

Nurses mainly wear three different kinds of watches. Each of them comes with its features and drawbacks. Let’s discuss the 3 kinds.


Analog watches perform following the ticking motion, and thus the minute, second, and hour hands move. These watches are designed for men and women separately.


  • Provides a more elegant look
  • It comes at a reasonable price
  • More durable and low maintenance
  • Charging battery is unnecessary
  • Lightweight, durable and long-lasting


  • Not enough versatile


A digital watch is an evolved version of an analog watch. A digital watch is capable of tracking worthy health data but in a limited way. But many features vary from one digital watch to another. A digital watch is useful when you want a glance of time in crucial moments of any patient.


  • Can track two things at a time
  • Exposes date, day, and month along with the time
  • Batteries last for 6/7 years
  • Frequent charging is unnecessary


  • Emits toxic radiation


Smartwatch is the smarter version of digital watches. It’s more like a mini-computer in your wrists. Smartwatches have the maximum facilities that an android phone provides. This watch is needed when you want a close follow-up of your health besides performing the nursing job.


  • Records your workouts accurately
  • Allow you to conduct 100+ apps
  • Auto checks high or low heart rate
  • Receives text and notifications of your phone
  • Contains more features compared to analog or smartwatches


  • Requires charging
  • It doesn’t last long.

How Much Should a Nurse Invest on Her Watch?

A medical watch is a very fundamental thing that a nurse wears. It advances their job and leads them to have a very productive day. But not all nurses are fans of wearing the same kind of watch. There are various kinds of watch and their costs also vary.

But how much the nurse should invest in her watch must depend on her regular activities in the professional field and personal life. Besides, it depends on the choice, mood, and budget of a nurse. You can also set your mind about investing in a watch by following the aspects that we’ve given below.

  • If you are a nurse who loves to utilize the intellectual and fond of classic wearers, then an analog watch should be your friend. There are various kinds of analog watches for a nurse that cost from $30 – $100+/-. Fix your budget and grab your watch accordingly.
  • You can choose a digital watch if you want your watch to track some fitness activities of yours. Also, for a bit of advancement in your nursing life, you can adopt a digital watch. In this case, buying the latest versions of digital watches would define your class as well.
  • For more attachments, a nurse can adopt a smartwatch. In this case, she will get ample facilities, but it will cost a little more. Fix your budget from $150, and you’ll get a high-end smartwatch to get the most out of your nursing job, including daily work.  

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Is an apple watch good for a nurse?

An apple watch is also made for the nursing profession, but it is especially ideal for those nurses who have an iPhone. It carries features that help a nurse have the exact record of workouts. Besides, an apple watch provides constant notification to the iPhone, and let’s do the job efficiently.

What type of watch is best for nurses?

Many nurse watches provide the best performance to help the nurses. A nurse can choose between analog, digital, or smartwatches according to their choice. These watch types come in different varieties and features. Therefore, read the considerations discussed in the buying guide and keep those in your mind before buying.

Why do nurses need a watch?

Nurses have a watch to get the right track of their valuable time. Besides, a nurse watch helps them calculate their patients’ medication time, check their pulse rate, record documents, and many more.  

Why do nurses need a watch with a second hand?

Second-hand is necessary for observation. Proper time tracking becomes easier with a watch consisting of secondhand due to clear visibility of the watch face.

Final Thought

The relation between a nurse and a watch is very crucial and deep. Therefore, a nurse has to buy a watch that gives comfort and assists in their regular jobs. Besides, nurses have to track time without fail and it is efficiently possible when they wear the best watches for nurses on their wrist.

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