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Watches are not a prohibited thing to nurses. They do wear watches, but they will never be the formal ones that we wear as regular. Instead, nurses wear special watches to connect with their job, which is an essential part of their uniform.

Nurses are symbolizing the on-time working, so their time is so precise to them. Watches have a long history connected with nurses’ job profiles, and it is not a must to wear. They don’t consider it to read the time. In current days, the watch is optional wear to the nurses.

What is a Nurse watch?

The watches for the nurses are handled with their uniforms. It is a timepiece to clip onto the pocket on the uniform or to the scrubs, and they wear it upside down. So the nurse who wears the watch is the only person that can tell the exact time.

Nurses do not wear standard types of wristwatches. They only have job watches, and the main reason for this is for the hygienic concerns.  If a nurse is wearing a wristwatch, it will be close to the hand, and it is creating an easier path for viruses and bacteria to pick up and passes.

What is a nurse’s watch called?

Nurses are wearing the Fob watches. The bacteria and virus problems are not things to these Fob watches, and they will not come into contact as they are clipped onto the shirt. A wearer doesn’t need to handle this watch to tell the time, and by looking at once, the nurse can tell the time.

Fob watches are handling upside down to the uniform, and it doesn’t interact with others to tell time. So virus and bacteria-free will be the main benefit that a nurse can get from these watches.

Fob watches come in different ranges as follows.

  • Lorus Ladies

These are the best starting fob watches for a nurse, and they will never require a high budget. It is a low-costing product and has a sliver case that comes with a blue dial. Those nurses working at NHL will go perfectly with these blue display products as they match the uniform.

Lorus Ladies doesn’t have a complicated design, but the low cost and simple design do not tell that this item is a low product. On the contrary, it is an efficient one capable of doing your job perfectly, and these are not only for the boys. Males and females nurses can wear this as it has a neutral color within its design.

  • Rotary Nurses

This product has a work style design, and it is a more sophisticated product.  There is a white dial within this watch, and it has stainless steel.  For those who are in love with complications in a watch, this is a perfect item for you as it has glowing hands for the nighttime. So you can easily see the display on your night shifts as well.

This product is also another item that is suitable for both females and males as it has a neutral color with white and a red overlay.

  • Radley Warren Mews

This product is for Radley lovers on nurses. So if a nurse has an interest in Radley watches, she or he can quickly go for this fab watch as Radley as a Fob series as well. It has a styling mesh clip within it, and it is attached to the white dials. The iconic logo of Radley is showing in there.

This item is also like Rotary and has glowing hands within it. So it can manage the optimal timekeeping in the dark and be able to clear markers as well.

  • Lorus Unisex

This is another product that the Lorus bring to the Fob series, and it is suitable for both female and male nurses. It has a stylish steel clip that comes with a white dial, and it is showing the hours and seconds, respectively.

This product is also showing the features of Radley and Rotary designs as this has glowing hands, same as them. So the nighttime vision will be transparent with markers. Remember that this is a budget watch for the nurses.

Why do nurses wear watches?

The main reason would be more than just telling the time. They have ongoing workout-related activities in their daily routine so they can have a track by wearing watches. Nurses can also wear watches to track down their patient details as a record.

Some Fob watches are designed for the work-related purposes of nurses, and some may be able to calculate the pulse rates as well. So they are accommodating for a nurse to evaluate the progress and conditions of their patients.

More than these things, nurses wear these items to give medications to their patients on time. Watches are the handy steps to ensure the medication will deliver at the right time, and some watches have an alarm. So when it is the right time, nurses will get their works on alert.

Other usages of watches are the lap chartings and the documentations. These watches are telling the correct time records and the right kind of data assessments within it. When there are correct records, nurses can help the doctors assess patients’ conditions and act accordingly.

Nurses use watches to make sure the development of patients and note them correctly for the right treatments.

There is no specific reason in history that is saying why they began to wear a fob watch on their uniform. But the first portable watches had symbolized wealth and high quality.

The difference between a regular wearer and a nurse is that nurses can’t wear watches as a fashionable item on their wrists. These are the people who work with bacteria and viruses every time, and they have a high risk of [prone to them. So their fobs have to be in a place where they cannot access with hands.

Nurses can’t always sterilize the watches, and they can’t reach their pockets for the time with free hands.t they have different fluids on their hands, and the dials and the faces of watches will never be ready for them.

Evolution of nurses’ watches discovered with an ordinary pocket watch pinned from upside-down on the tunic lapel for hands-free reading. This is the idea that the watchmakers got into their designs, and now they have the Fob design.

Can nurses wear watches at work?

They can wear watches at work. Nurses can’t wear standard wristwatches. So it has to be always a fob one. Although they are wearing watches at work, they have to be out of contact with bacteria s and these items will be so much helpful to ease their work with patients.

There are more benefits that a nurse can gain through wearing watches at work as they have time-based workloads to fulfill. For example, assessing patients and having records on them would be tough to do with only memory, and you need to give them the medications on time. These all are not manageable with the mind so that watches can be a beneficial factor for them at work.

Nurses are so close with patients every time, so they have the responsibility with their parents. So, although you see this item as a tiny product, watches are the ones that make nurses’ duty more prosperous and respectable.

Where do you wear a nurse watch?

You can’t wear a nurse watch at your wrist due to hygienic problems. They are designed to tie on the uniform and sometimes to be clipped on the pockets.

Usually, fob watches are clipping onto the nurse shirts (uniform) or to the top scrubs on their uniforms. Watches are worn upside-down fashion, and the person in front of them can’t read the time. However, the one who wears the watch will be capable of reading the time.

Nurses are the ones that are utilizing the time which is only capable of reading by themselves, and this method is set for very hygienic purposes. Simple viruses or bacteria are not allowed to enter the body of nurses, and they should not touch any bacterial surfaces. They allow it to wear on shirts, and their bacterial working environment will not affect their watches.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do nursing students need watches?

Yes, it is beneficial for nursing students because they practice so many vital signs in their training. For example, nursing students will need a watch to measure the heart rates and to have a digital countdown on the patient’s pulse and respiratory rates. They have to be accurate, so their clinical practices would be a lot more easily when there is a watch.

Can nurses wear wristwatches?

Although watches are an essential part of their daily routine, they can’t wear the wrist watches n their duty. It has to be a Fob one as wristwatches are so closed with bacteria and viruses. They wear at hand, and nurses’ hands are so closed to the bacteria. So wrist watches would not be a great fitting for a nurse.

Can you wear an Apple watch as a nurse?

Nurses can wear them if their hospital authority is allowing them to wear apple watches. Apple watches have more benefits than the regular ones for nurses as they have the options for hands-free. And there are timing, set important messages and reminders as well.

Why do nurses use Apple watches?

It is simply because of the advanced functions it has. They are rich with notes taking, pulse calculating, heart rate monitoring features. So rather than having a typical Fob, the apple watch makes the user’s daily routine a lot easier.

Can you use a digital watch as a nurse?

They can wear them if their workplace allows for it. Digital watches are so much benefited than regular ones because they are technically lot helpful than regulars. In addition, they have the best functional properties that a nurse will see as beneficial, so they can use digital watches if they have permission.


Nurse watches are different than simple wristwatches.  They have to wear it on the unforms, and it has to be always a Fob. Some may think that nurses can’t wear the watches. But they can deal with some precautions.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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