How Do Quartz Watches Work | A Thorough Explanation

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Quartz watches are the ones that are working from the electrical vibrations. Its operation is doing by crystals driving. So basically, these are literal timepieces that go with quartz regulating. A quart helps the watch keep the time accurate, and the process happens here in an electronic oscillator.

Crystal oscillations in this way are usually creating a signal, and that signal is loaded with an accurate frequency level. These products are high in accuracy than most clocks and watches due to their magnitude orders.

What is a quartz watch?

This is a product that works from a solar-powered battery or by solar power. So the timekeeping mechanism of this product is doing by the quartz crystals. They are vibrating from creating frequencies, and these are different from mechanical watches.

Although mechanical watches also provide us with the time and time values, we can’t rely on their accuracy. Sometimes it’s time reading can be wrong. We can’t guarantee their accuracy. But in quartz watches, it becomes different. These products give a more highly accurate time reading and have a feature of autonomous over 12 months.

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What does quartz do in a watch

Quartz is creating power within a watch. It has the movements and the product, and the battery of those products is sending a small electrical current towards the small quartz crystals. When this happens, these crystals create vibrations in the watch, and they keep occurring movements.

Movements of this process are oscillating and help to drive the motor. So a watch will be able to move its hand with the help of this total mechanism. So these items are the performance of a circuit board. We can say that those items are the central part of providing an accurate time reading to the users.

How does quartz watch work

It has a long way complicated process to function accurately. But that techniques are not harder to understand. This product has something like a circuit, and each of the time on it has a different role in acting. The working process of this product makes some complicated steps to happen overall strategy. Then how are these working?

  • The first thing that happens in the watch is related to its battery. Your watch battery is sending some amount of electricity to the quartz, and it uses an electronic circuit to send that electricity.
  • Secondly, vibration will happen. When electricity is flowing to the circuit, the quart is making an oscillator vibrate. The vibration process is happening so fast, and it has a certain amount of frequency within it. The amount of frequency that happens here is like 32 to 768 in times from seconds approximately.
  • The vibration within seconds is happening as a response to the electronic charge.
  • The watch’s circuit is counting all the vibrations, and it is going to generate some electrical pulses. Those pulses will happen one per second.
  • The pulses happen in this process, driving your watch’s motor that helps it spin off the hands.
  • So now you have your exact time reading. This will be going to last until your battery gets slow or till it dies.

Does quartz vibrate faster than light?

Yes. Because those are having a vibration on about 786,000 pulses per milliseconds. So this speed is faster than the light. And also, these items are rich with unique qualities and properties. Those are by name as piezoelectricity energy storage and the application abilities.

These crystals have a center mass within them. When compared with the speed of light and the vibration, it doesn’t count the crystals. When an oscillation is happening, it Will always move faster than the speed of a vacuum light. So clearly, these items are capable of moving around some mediums and faster than the lights as well.

Are Quartz watches worth anything

Worth is a very subjective matter for one person to another, and it depends on personal choices. But if we talk about them in general, mechanical ones are giving more collections and the luxurious features within it to become valuable. However, there are also quartz watches in the market produced by many large brands and process acceptable quality standards.

Remember that these watches are more accurate than the others. So it has some worthy features to buy. These products are holding the middle phases of the watch industry. So those products have become cheap and an easy target compared to expensive mechanical products. But in these modern times, there also have some high-end standards follows in this brand too.

They’re also high-end products made under this category, and those are coming for the price lists of vintage and modern as well. So they do have price tags these days. If you perceive a good time reading, this must be the right choice for you and remember that point in the phases you are buying a watch.

Is it worth buying a quartz watch?

The decision depends on your choices. No one can say and make you imply to buy this product. It is always going to rely on the things you are looking for in a watch. If you are looking for the creative looking and attractive phase of a watch, then buy what you see. But if you are not heavily concerned about the look, this product will not bother you.

If a person is looking for a chronograph or moon phase, this product will perfectly suit him. And if you don’t want to pay for a mechanical one, this would also be a perfect choice. If some want more accuracy than the look, then going for this option will no longer be a problem.

How accurate is a quartz watch

These types of products are guaranteed to have an accuracy between every 15 seconds in a month. So it is better than mechanical products. Because in the mechanical products, there is no whole lot guarantee for its accuracy. But you have to remember that there is also a breed of these quartz watches excellent than their other products. They are doing better than the different ranges and are known as the High Accuracy Quartz.

So far, the most accurate product of this category is the Citizen Crystron Mega. This is a design of the Seiko, and their first wristwatch design was not successful. So they came up with an idea to make the world’s most accurate watch, and it gave birth to the Citizen Crystron Mega.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why does quartz oscillate?
Oscillation happens by taking an amount of voltage signal from the quartz resonator. This will amplify it and feedback to the resonator and charge in a thin sheet of those crystals. The reason for the oscillation that happens here is the piezoelectric effect. So those are acting as a resonator to the circuit.

Is Rolex quartz or automatic?
No. all of the Rolex watches are mechanical, yet they had time to use a quart. But now they have stopped that production and only producing the mechanical ones.

Can a quartz watch lose time?
Most of the new mechanical products also lose time or gaining at least two seconds per day. But our product is only losing its time for one second in 30 years. Even those products parts with physical, it has a higher accuracy on time reading.

Who makes the most accurate quartz watch?
Longines is the one who makes the most accurate ones. This Longines products have gained the first Swiss watch to have plus to minus seconds per year, and it is a less amount than a half-second in each month of the year.

Do quartz watches need to be serviced?
No. they do not need a continuum of services as mechanical ones. The reason for it is this watch has only a few parts within it, and they only have the gears to move the hands. So there is no need for service to happen often.

Do quartz watches hold value?
From its brilliant functioning towards time reading, it does hold a value among its best compared to mechanical products. It is something like you are getting a high initial value with your product, and as a result, you are gaining retaining importance.


A quart is a time cutting edge that was used at the time where we had no technology development. So, it has now made a path to the watch industry. These products prove the reliability and the accuracy of telling time it is something you can fully trust the accuracy. So, the method we use in this method is beneficial for a great time reading.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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