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If you are looking for how to adjust Rolex Datejust? No need to worry, we will discuss each and everything. It is initial to invent the oneself-twist watch. This chronometer watch show itself the date in the frame on the screen. Rolex discovered Datejust in 1945. It is present in different versions, made up of Brass, two-tone gold, and demanding gold. Its size range is from 28mm to 41mm. 

A long time ago, when introduced, it was only present in yellow gold, but new versions are made up of platinum, white gold, and Brass. This self-twist has unique style straps like a leather strap, an Oyster band, and a jubilee band.

It is popular in the market due to its unique features. The most important and unique features that make it different from other timers are ‘Quick-adjust.’ A person who has a piece can adjust its time without spinning its apex again.

With timer modification itself, old watches vault of plastic crystal now changes into the sapphire crystal and develops the water resistance capacity. Thanks to an oyster case of Rolex watch which prevent the watch from dust polluted particle and water.

As we know, that it adjusts the date itself to display the date on the screen cyclone lens is used. The lens raises the dating angle and highlights it on the frame to become more visible.

How to change the date on Rolex Datejust

Flip the knob in the right direction; lose the coiling knob until its release from the frame. Physically turn the timer and rotate the crown 25 times. Withdraw the knob out of the last bolt. Rotate the knob to adjust the date; we advised that the date be changed next week before today.

Suppose you have bought a new timer and face the date change problem. Please buy a corporation service forum, and fill out this form, write your issue in detail. We will help in solving your problem.

This timer is for men’s wear, made up of stainless steel, available in black shade; motion is robotic.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date 18kt Yellow Gold Gents Vintage timer:

  • An excellent and useful quality material gold timer, both ladies and gents can use this frame is made up of yellow gold and 34mm in width.
  • Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date 18K Gold Robotic Gemstone:
  • This is for ladies frame made up of 13k gold, on-self robotic movement dial.

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Brief History of the Rolex Datejust

The Datejust brought together two inventions in the previous two years –the Oyster case and the Perpetual motion, and united it with a date sign. The Datejust made history the first automatic chronometer wristwatch to show the date utilizing a window onto the dial.

The opinion featured a 36mm instance in yellow gold, and it had been topped with a fluted bezel.

This was the best version that surfaced the now-famous Jubilee bracelet. Within a decade of its introduction, they improved the Datejust in a couple of critical ways. To begin with, in 1953, the Cyclops magnifications lens has been affixed to the outside of the crystal to earn the date window legible.

Afterward, by 1955, the date mechanism has been upgraded to switch to the following day at midnight immediately. Also, from the mid-1950s, the title DATEJUST turned into a permanent fixture to the dials. These attributes continue to be an essential component.

Best Rolex Watches

There you have it, an extensive guide to all things. As you can see, the Datejust is a massive collection that spans 75 decades. This translates to lots of pre-owned Datejust versions for women and men from the secondary market, ranging from a couple of million dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.

From accessible steel versions to opulent precious metal gem-set versions, there is a Datejust opinion to match pretty much any luxury watch enthusiast out there. Having an appealing mixture of vast selection and lasting fashion, it’s easy to know why so many individuals have selected the Datejust because of their regular oyster perpetual watch.

Quickset Vs Non-Quickset Datejust

Earlier models of this Rolex Datejust didn’t have the quickset date attribute. A quickset date attribute means the date could be set independently in the timekeeping hands. Conversely, on a non-quickset Datejust, the hour and minute hands need to be advanced beyond midnight to switch the numeral from the window.

If your Datejust was created in 1977 or after and can be powered by Caliber 3035 or following moves, then it’s the quickset attribute. No matter if a Datejust was made, all of them come equipped with a screw-down winding crown to guarantee the watch’s water resistance. Thus, a Rolex winding crown has to be unscrewed before any alterations may be made.

Rolex oyster perpetual Datejust

It is the most fabulous watch for those who think beauty has become everlasting. The Corporation enhances its feature by adding the calendar in twist watch. Calendar add at the date display point at 3’o clock, this creation becomes quality business.

It is the most straightforward watch with many of its entry points into the historic label. With a great variety of sizes (26mm, 34mm, 31mm, 36mm, and 39mm), each watch has a couple of knobs; you can select according to your choice. All oyster watches have three hands hours, minutes, and seconds.

An outstanding example of the perpetual oyster watch is its complexity and solidity due to its oyster frame, making it waterproof in the depth of 100m and 30 feet. From the case, prevent the fully mechanical invent self-twist gestures.

Screw-down tips for twin lock, an Oyster band with oyster fasteners, and Flashing chroma light.

Among the variety of other styles, these are true and small timers. As a simple choice, mostly oyster timers are come with warm silver knobs, with large color varieties such as white grape, red grape, and blue with many other shades. The new model offered by oyster has a fix to add white and blue dyes to all five sizes.

Rolex 41 Datejust

The modern pattern on the Rolex 41 Datejust frame, tied with a stainless curved screen, is emphasized by the light scattering on the timer’s edge and knobs. To maintain the lasting codes, a timer has spread decade, making it a more famous and popular timer, especially in its classical models.

It was launched in the market in 2016, made up of stainless steel. The wrist band of two-tone Brass and 18k yellow or 18k gold. It is on a wristband from oyster and jubilee.

Several American presidents owned it. But the two most dominant persons Eisenhower and Ronald Reagon, like to wear this timer. The most influential personality of the second world-war zone, Churchill, also wants to dress it.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual with Date

If you are looking for a gorgeous timer, it is for you; the wheel is made up of tritium neither touch the silver; the matter is Brass and robotic motion.

The initial invent the oneself-twist timer. It is popular in the market due to its unique features, the most important and unique feature which makes it different from other timers is ‘Quick-adjust.’

It is the most fabulous timer for those who think beauty has become everlasting.

How to change the date on non- fast Rolex Datejust

Loosen the knob by turning it in an anti-clockwise direction until it is free from the frame. To turn the timer physically, spin the dial in the right-hand position about 25 times or more.  Withdraw the knob out of the last bolt.

To promote the timekeeping hand

Flip the knob

  • Continue to rotate the knob until the right time appears on the frame. When the correct time occurs, it means you are now in a.m.
  • Adjust the time according to p.m. or a.m.
  • Force the knob back in or bend it down to the frame.

The setting of Oyster Perpetual Datejust:

Down position

Revolve the knob in such a way that it comes at a place against to case. In this location, the everlasting oyster is at the bottom of 100m and 30 feet. At this 0 location, it is assumed to be waterproof.

Physically twisting

Lose the knob to bring it to the location first. Flip the knob toward the wind in a clockwise position and put the timer in the opposite place. It doesn’t produce any impact. Knob almost accomplished the 25 curve turns when the timer is set or stopped for the first time.

 Early setting and twisting

Physically twist the timer. Flip your hand in the clockwise position, stating the date and set the time, switching at midnight. Configure the figure.

Come back at its original position

Turn the knob back in the clockwise position opposite to the case to bring it to 1 location. When the knob is turned down in the right hand against a claim, exert little pressure on it. After a turn, the knob against the situation, to sure the waterproof property, never loses the knob down the water.

Data setup

Withdraw the knob at the initial nick. It depends upon the model to adjust the data flip the knob in the right-hand direction or anti-clockwise position; during this process, the timer neither stops its function.

Time set up

Lose the knob and withdraw at second nick. Stop your second hand to adjust the time up to a second. To change the hours, flip the knob in the right and left direction. Be careful to avoid the uncertainty between the p.m. and a.m. hours. Hand in action at 12’O clock; if the configuration varies, it means it is midnight.

Some tips for recognizing the genuine royal perpetual

Due to the motion of the compass knob, we can easily recognize the cheapest fraud. Inside, the fake timer already uses stammer present, but the genuine Rolex oyster clock has smooth motion. If customers are still nervous about the real and phone oyster timer, there is no ticking voice present in the actual product.

The second point to recognize a fake or real oyster clock is that the oyster timer is heave. Fake is made up of light material and has low weight, but is genuinely made up of good standard heavy material.

The third point to recognize the fake timer is that it looks at the side rod. A fake oyster timer has a simple rod to vary the minute and hours. But a genuine clock rode made up of the beautiful painting. These curved rods are pieces of art.

The last and essential step to distinguish between real and fake is the Cyclops lens. In genuine clocks, this lens highlights the frame date, but the phony time maker misses this step, and the date has the same size on the case.

Rolex Date change problem & solution

As previously mentioned, most watches are mechanical; nevertheless, there are a couple of exceptions. The advantage of owning a quartz watch is that it will continue to distort without you having to finish it.

On the flip side, when you’ve got a quartz watch, it usually means it is powered by a battery-powered, and if that battery runs out of electricity, the clock will cease, and you’ll need to modify the battery. That said, in case you’ve got mechanical, that many owners do, then you need to finish it regularly.

An essential portion of a watch is motion, and twisting it doesn’t only guarantee that it keeps ticking, but it’s also among the most vital things you can do to look after your watch. To avoid any Rolex date change problem you should follow this manual.


It’s comparatively simple to change your watch. Over the years, it has also is gone a long way to making it relatively easy for you as a wearer to adjust. It’s essential to keep in mind that you have to screw the crown back into the case every time you change it. It will also protect the watch as it prevents water and dust from getting inside the case.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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