How to remove Seiko watch band pins | complete guide

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If you want to know about “how to remove Seiko watch band pins” then you are in right place. Seiko brand, due to its technological power, is the most popular in the world.

It discovers the kinetic watch in1988. Seiko discovers the kinetic watch; the kinetic platform is the magnetic platform of the world.

From the last 20 years, Seiko learns the many properties each watch has different properties from others. It proves that this brand is the world’s largest constructor brand.

Most people like to wear this energetic watch due to its distinctive features. Due to these features, this timer is different from other brands’ timers. These timers have 100M water resistance, made up of lithium-ion capacitors are used instead of batteries.

These timers convert the mechanical energy into kinetic energy to operate their engines.

These clocks are vacuum closed, so any air or pollution cannot enter to destroy its quality. Its battery does not need to replace. The kinetic energy store in the resistor, usually its battery life, is four years to extend. It never loses its full charge.

How to remove Seiko watch band pins

When you purchase a new Seiko watch, it looks perfectly tight, but after some time, it becomes loose, so you want to learn how to remove the watch strap pins to manufacture a timer.


  • To detach the timer link put the timer frame on the Nylon Die in this way; the timer spikes space becomes visible.
  • Thrust the timer strap detach tool in the frame space, where the button is located; you pull out the present strap.
  • Utilize the tiny gavel by hammering the clock strap nail remover instrument to pull out the nail. When the nail becomes visible on the opposite side, we can detach it.
  • A flat nose plier instrument is used to grip and extract the nail from the strap. Make sure that the narrow tubes become separated from the clock frame.
  • Put the clock on the Nylon DIY timer keeper for protection, to teach a new strap.
  • Before placing the nail with scissors’ help, put the hollow tubes in the spikes space. For the correct position, be sure that links and lines are present on the opposite side of one another.


  • Replacement spikes utilize for different motives.
  • Replacement spikes for timer strap detach instrument.
  • Bergeon 6767-A
  • Seiko several timer strap sizing instrument
  • Kit nail cover

Replace a watch band

Replacing a watch band is a process in which the timer strap is changed with a new if your old belt is broken or you want to replace it with a unique design according to the occasion.


  • Alternate belt
  • Instruments with a spring strap
  • Smooth sheet
  • An obstacle like a paper piece

Set up the workplace and put a smooth sheet on the surface to prevent the timer from destruction. Orient the clock in such a way that you can easily access the spring and mob of timers. Timer face put down to prevent from the strikeout.

Detach the straps mean to detach the string orchestra. A spring nail instrument is a long, smart tool with a scraped end that squeezes the spring nail by engaging and applying pressure to the spring bars border so that it can be detached and assembled.

Put the alternate band includes placing a staple between the straps and put the spring in the center of the shaft.

When straps pull out to detach, their width expands more than the interval between the poles; straps are needed to shrink at this point.

Spin the device 180 ° so that the left band part after integration can be in the exact direction as the previous one.

Timer strap staples are used to connect the timer two-strap, to join the clock frame with the belt on the wrist. Seiko timer strap spikes come in different designs in the market. These needles require to repair if your timer if falls down or in case of any stress.

Replacement watch band pins

These spikes are sketched to fit in any strap with a diameter from 18mm to 23mm. Utilize to increase your timer longevity, and these spikes are constructed with 316 L stainless steel.

It can easily detach and attach for repair due to its same thrust. Thick rubber timer nail for conventional and digital timer from the Dura spring mob, these spikes are made up of stainless steel, and nickel-free spikes contain duplicate thrust to fit into the spring strap for manufacturing easily.

Size is 20 to 22mm. These spikes are designed for Apple I timer, Samsung galaxy, Casio G Shock, Invicta, Seiko, Citizen.

Seiko genuine stainless steel spikes are made up of stainless steel, Diameter is 20mm, and the width is 22mm.

Spring bars timer strap spikes: Quickly remove and fit into timer strap with a width of 22mm, made up of stainless steel, adaptable in small size straps.

W&S Spring Orchestra instrument – to fit, detach and Return clock strap, Timer Strap, and Clock spikes: Width is 5.5 mm, fit for all timers, the material is made up of Brass two covering end dense holding plane is designed hard but can easily touch.

SWISS RE-IMAGINED Brass Bar spikes: Leap strap body is made up of 316L Brass, and leap is designed in the heat of 316 brass, its width is 5.5 mm, Construct to tide a timer or clip where the computing into the strap closeness shoulder is 16mm.

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Why Adjust Your Watch Band Yourself

You could always take your watch to a jeweler to modify your band. However, the is a price to do something like this, so spending money would seem to be a valid reason to do that independently.

One other possible explanation about how to remove Seiko watch band pins, and an essential one in our view, is time. It appears that there are significant demands on my time (many of them self-imposed).

Take a trip to the jewelers to drop a watch and take another one to chew a lot of time. In comparison, using it is extremely fast and will usually take no or more than fifteen minutes or more.

Tools You Will Need

There is not a lot you’ll need in the way of resources to perform a watch band spring pins adjustment. The vital instrument you’ll need is a selection of some type.

We used the best choice for this particular undertaking. Anything having a tiny pointy suggestion will get the job done. You may require a little needle nose pliers too. This could be helpful in case you have some connections which are stubborn and difficult to eliminate.

In our situation, we did the whole job with only a small dental selection. The majority of us do not possess a watch connection removal instrument.

But if you’ll do numerous watches, it may be handy to put money into a tool kit for your watches. We have a URL to your watch repair kit at the bottom of the report. Another product that could be useful is studying eyeglasses.

Re-assemble the watch band

Re-assembling the opinion is just after the reverse sequence in which you removed the links. Pick the end link, which you set aside earlier, and place it inside at the prior link left within the category.

After you “hook” the link into place, push the snare in the specific same way which you took it outside. Whenever you have the conclusion link within it’s an easy thing of reconnecting it in the grip, pick out the trap you set aside earlier, and slide it in the tube to the end link.

We found holding the pin position with your forefinger simplifies getting individuals in. Set the bottom of the links into the desired hole on the grip.

You had a pick. We like to start with the clasp from the center hole.

Watchband pins

Watchstrap brad is used to connect the timer two-strap, to join the clock frame with the belt on the wrist. Watch loop brad come in different designs in the market.

These needles require to repair if your timer if falls down or in case of any stress. After a long time using a timer, improve its strap brad to prevent the watch strap.

For attachments of clock strap with different size parts, brands use the clock strap connection. The number of needles varies. It doesn’t matter which brand watch you own.

Some clock strap pins are

  • 0.90 mm Split Pins PKG 10
  • 1.50 mm Stainless Steel Flanged Spring Bars – pkg of 12 mm
  • Split Pins PKG 10
  • 1.30 mm Nickel Silver Flanged Spring Bars – pkg of 12
  • 1.2 mm Rivet Link Refills – pkg of 10 mm
  • Stainless Steel Knurled PKG 10
  • 0.90 mm Split Assortment- 4.5 to 22 mm long

Watchband spring pins

Clockspring connecter allows you to detach the timer strap or clutch for mend and to change. It fixes the timer product in its place. At its inner portion, metal spring and outer portion are made up of steel rood.

Spring spikes allow you to detach tension, and spring spikes; it has an extruded shape pace.

Clockspring spikes are used to grasp the strap of your timer in place. Spikes springs are present at the inner portion when you feel to repair the timer spring bar tool’s belt.

Some kinds of spring rods are brand, due to their technological power, which is the most popular in the world. It discovers the kinetic watch in1988. In this world of competition, Seiko is the top business in the world.

  • Duplicate rim spring
  • Duplicate shoulder spring rods
  • Round tip strip brand
  • Female strip brand
  • One shove spring rods
  • Telescopic spring rod
  • Bend spring rod
  • Small edge spring edge

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Measurement of Seiko spring pins

To measure the Diameter of the spikes flips the spring spikes are on their side.

Open the instrument’s jaw wider and place the spike at the inner portion between the clock teeth; thus, you can check the spikes’ thickness.

Close the jaws until it they fix tightly over the stiffness spring spikes.

The tool requires for commuting are

  • Spring band
  • Digital meter


To remove the old strap, put it on the work surface in a straight position. In this way, you can access it to calculate the width of the spikes. With the help of a digital meter, open the mouth broader than your strap.

Now put the spring strap between the mouths of the meter. Start to close them slowly until they tightly grab the strap by completing spring strap tips.

Repeat this process to get 100% correct results about the width of the belt.

Flip the strap to measure the Diameter. Open the mouth of the meter broad to place the designer between them.

It will give you the central Diameter. Shut the mouth of the Diameter until it holds the resistant spring bar tightly. This process provides the width of the nail.


Most are similar to This Seiko watch Group. Seiko is exceptional from the locking they utilize. We feel these lugs create the whole process a lot simpler.

Other watch mobs we’ve corrected quite frequently are held together with staples like the grip, which may be a struggle to wrap them up if installing. If you want to remove watch band links, then it will guide you properly.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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