How to Clean Watch Dial | A Simple Explanation

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Have you ever done watch dial cleaning? Well, many of us have not tried to clean the watch dial. Generally, people prefer to purchase new watches when the clock face seems dirty or old.

However, they do not know that we can tidy it as well. Scouring a Dial is not rocket science. Anyone can clean watch dial with a few tips and tricks. However, there are different types of dials in watches.

Some sporty timepieces come with multiple Dials, while the traditional watch face comes with a simple clock face with numbers. You can tidy both clock faces in the same way. Do you know we can change the dial as well?

You can easily remove the old dial and restore a new one. You may know this but do not know how to restore dials. We will also tell you this further in the article.

But, before we go, we will give you brief information about watch dial for a newbie. With general information, watch dial cleaning will become easy. Ready for watch cleaning?

Then let’s get started…

What is a Watch Dial

The dial is the face of your watch. It is an interior part of the watch. The dial is the first thing that you notice on a timepiece. It is a combination of hour markers and hands that indicates time.

There are different types of a clock face. The chronograph timepiece comes with three dials that show the date, day, and month. These types of clock faces are mostly used in a stopwatch. Most watches come with a black clock face and white hands.

This makes a timepiece easy to read at night or in poor visibility. That is why the black clock face and white hands are preferable in a timekeeper.

Why We Should clean watch dial

You know that the watch dial makes your timepiece beautiful, stylish, and modern. It is necessary to tidy it time by time. A dirty watch dial can spoil your looks as well. If you have an older timepiece, then it is okay to leave it as it is.

But, if you are using costly and premium quality timepieces, then you cannot leave it dirty. With the clock face, other interior parts are also necessary to tidy. It will give your timekeeper a long life.

If your timekeeper has fallen sometimes, then the broken glass particle can damage the paint of the clock face. Some numbers and logos can also be loose after some time. You have to repair them.

After a few years, the material of the clock face can get yellowish because of high temperature and humidity. Some old timepieces come with a metal clock face. A metal watch dial contains iron that can rust. With dirty watches, you will feel unhygienic.

If you cannot tidy your timepiece at home, then prefer a repair shop near your home. It is necessary to neat your timekeeper regularly.

How to clean Watch Dial

Scouring dial is not rocket science. However, you should have enough knowledge about timepiece repairing. If you do not know about the internal parts of a timepiece, then it may be hard for you.

The external watch dial is easy to neat and tidy. But for the internal dial, you have to remove the timepiece movement. If you are a professional timepiece repairer, then you can do it with ease. Otherwise, go to a professional repairer.

However, if you want to learn about these things, then you can follow the steps mentioned below. But be careful while scouring the clock face.

Steps for Watch Dial Cleaning

First, open the movement of the timepiece and remove the dial from the timekeeper. Then remove hands from the dial and follow the step to clean the watch dial.

  • You can use a dust blower to remove dust from the surface
  • Using a sharpened piece of peg wood or toothpick is a great way to remove dust and broken pieces of the glass from the clock face
  • Use Rodico or something like silly putty to remove fingerprints, stains, and debris

You can also use a fresh soft dial brush and mild detergent to tidy your watch dial. If you are using any detergent and liquid, then dry the clock face immediately. Because any liquid or water stays on the clock face, then it can damage the surface and enamel paint.

You can use extreme caution for better results if you are putting in any liquid. It may help you to remove dirt and yellowing. But be careful because if the lacquer is damaged, then restore your clock face.

However, if you can re-lacquer clock faces, then no need for restoration but re-lacquering is difficult. You can also go to a repair shop to re-lacquer clock faces.

Steps to clean Exterior watch dial

Scouring the exterior watch dial is easy. Anyone can neat exterior dial at home. It is good to clean the exterior dial once a week to remove fingerprints from the crystal or glass face.

When cleaning the exterior face, you do not need to worry about any damage. This is extremely easy. Follow these steps to tidy the exterior clock face.

  • Make a mixture of soap and water in a mild dish
  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and lint-free or chamois cloth to polish the clock face
  • You can use a Q-tip to tidy hard to reach areas that attach band with the timepiece

Restrictions to follow while cleaning exterior watch dial

Do not apply bleach or other chemical substance because it can damage your timepiece.

If you are using a toothbrush for polishing, then do not brush too hard; it can scratch crystal or glass

Do not remove straps to neat clock face if you do not know the proper method

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How to Refinish a Watch Dial

Refinishing a watch dial is a difficult task. The dial can damage and discolored because of age, water damage, or a knock or drop. This is the worst thing that will make an impact on your timepiece.

There is only one solution for this is to replace the watch dial with a new dial. But if an old dial is no longer in production, you can repair the dial and restore it to its normal condition.

You can also repair the numbers or logo that became loose or fall out. After watching dial restoration, anyone cannot even think that the clock face has been repaired. However, this is a difficult and specialized job to give your timepiece its original look.

First of all, we have to dismantle the clock face and then build back. So remove the numbers and logo from the clock face. Then give the dial its original color and finish. After that, you can print the logo, numbers, and other writings on the clock face.

Now apply lacquer in thin layers as a safeguard for colors and details like numbers and other writings. When you complete this process, refit the dial in the timepiece. This is a complicated but enthralling process of watch dial refinishing. If it seems hard for you, then look at a repair shop that can do watch dial restoration.

How to Watch Dial Restoration

Watch dial restoration is as simple as cleaning a watch dial. You can use paint to touch up the watch dial. If you want, then you can completely repaint the watch dial with any color of your choice. 

If you go to a watch repair store, then the charges will be minimum of $20 to restore your watch dial. However, it is a too simple process. You can also do this at your home. If you are looking to change your watch dial’s full color, then remove the dial markers and numbers. 

Once you choose your color, you can paint numbers back on the watch dial. It seems complicated, but it is too easy. You can follow this method to restore any type of watch. This process is as simple as finishing the watch dial. 

Is it Good to Tidy Clock Face with Watch Dial Cleaner Machine

Yes, you can use ultrasonic jewelry cleaner machines as a watch dial cleaner. These ultrasonic machines are the most effective tools for your timekeeper. The ultrasonic machines use ultrasonic scouring liquid and high-frequency ultrasonic sound waves to tidy your clock face.

Its high-frequency ultrasonic sound waves can damage the paint of your clock face. So beware of this. If your clock face has a lost logo and numbers, then it will come out with the use of ultrasonic machines.

You can use ultrasonic machines for a clock face that does not have any paint or numbers. These types of clock faces can be cleaned without damage. If you are using an ultrasonic machine, then do not leave your clock face in the bath for a long time.

We do not recommend this method. You can follow the steps we have provided and clan your clock faces with ease. You do not need to waste your dollars on ultrasonic machines. Also, it is risky for a tidy clock face with an ultrasonic machine.

If your clock face is damaged, then you have to replace it or restore it. But, if you want to use machines, then gather enough knowledge about it before using it.

How to Clean Old Dial

Cleaning an old dial is a bit difficult task to do at home. Your old watch dial can be cracked as well. However, there is the safest way to clean the old dial. You should use a lint-free cloth and alcohol, soap, or other types of cleaner. 

But make sure the cleaner you choose cannot strip numerals, logos, and lacquer. With this method, you can remove some fingerprints and dust from your old dial. Some people are also trying a copper wire brush to remove dust or debris from the dial’s back. 

We have also tried this, but unfortunately, some numerals were stripped out. However, if you use this method carefully with proper instructions, it will not damage your old dial. If you are not sure about this method, you can go to a watch repair shop to clean your old dial.

How to Polish Watch Dial

As for cleaning, you are polishing a watch dial is also hard without any damages. But you can try poly watch for this. The poly watch is a high-polish diamond polish. It is used to remove fine, small, and medium scratches from watches, cars, furniture, and households. 

You can try a poly watch to remove light scratches and polish your watch dial. To apply a poly watch, use a soft cloth and apply the poly watch on the watch dial. Softly move it around the dial. 

You put some pressure on if there are any scratches but carefully. Then use a clean cloth to polish and remove the poly watch. The poly watch is available in the online market. With a 5ml tube, you can polish ten watch dials. 

What Material is used in watch dial

Usually, watch dials are made of vitreous enamel, a type of glass. In the eighteenth century, clock faces were made of metal. However, the metal dials were simple and served its purpose to indicate time.

Nowadays, many expensive timepieces are designed with vitreous enamel glass. The enamel glass is made of glass powder and silica. These types of clock face make your timekeeper smart, stylish, and beautiful.

To give an enamel glass an advanced look, the manufacturer uses enamel paint and several chemicals. The advanced color gives your timepiece a modern and attractive look.

Clock faces with vitreous enamel come with hard surfaces. To make this enamel dial, the enamel is fused by firing in an oven at high temperatures and melting the glass to make a smooth glassy surface.

The manufacturer also uses enamel paint to write the name on the clock’s face. The enamel pain is different from the vitreous enamel. Enamel paint is harder and glossier than other paints; that’s why we call it enamel.

Enamel paint is also called vitreous ink. The manufacturer uses enamel paint to paint numbers on the clock face.

Final Verdict

Scouring the internal part frequently is not necessary, but you should tidy them once a year or six months. However, the external face of timepieces requires more frequent scouring. You should tidy them once a week to keep your wearable stylish. Follow the steps we have provided when you want to clean the watch dial. We have also told you how to refinish a watch dial. So you do not need to spend money on new timepieces or dials until necessary.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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