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Need step by step guide, how to remove links from Invicta watches? Well, you are on the right page. It happens that we purchase a premium and high-quality timepiece but, unluckily, it does not fit us perfectly. It especially happens when we buy timepieces from online stores.

What we can do is to shorten the belt of the timepiece. Most people go to a watch shop to remove the Invicta watch band links. It is time-consuming and sometimes costly as well. However, they can also do this task at home.

With a few home tools, you can shorten your Invicta timepiece as well. You do not need proper watch link removal tools to remove invicta watch links. Do you know how we can do this?

Well, our ultimate guide will tell you how to remove concatenation from Invicta watches. Not only Invicta, but we will also guide you on how to remove linkage from different types of bands.

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Remove Links From Invicta Watch Band

Remove links from invicta watch band is not rocket science. Follow these steps to easily remove invicta watch band links.

Steps to remove links from Invicta watch band :

  • First, measure the strap and think about how many linkages you need to remove. It is an important step. If you remove more links, then you have to adjust the steps again. You can try the timepiece on your hand to measure the straps. To keep the clasp on the center, count the links from both sides.
  • The second step is to prepare your tools. Prepare necessary invicta watch link removal. You can use a small pusher tool to remove the linkages. Use a small hummer to connect the clasp and push the pins. You can use a timepiece holder to protect your timepiece from scratches. It is not necessary. A soft cloth is enough to protect your horologe.
  • Then choose a clean and stable surface to remove the concatenation. Do not forget to keep a soft cloth under your horologe to avoid additional damage to your Invicta watch. Your horologe will get scratches if you do not use any soft cloth.
  • After preparing the surface, remove the clasp of your timepiece. You can use a safety pin or a pin removal tool to press the spring-loaded metal pin. Be careful; it will not come out because the tip is spring-loaded.
  • It will move over enough and allow you to tilt the bracelet out. Look at both sides of the straps and locate the clinches that you want to remove. It will look like a small screw inside of the holes. Those small screws are pins that connect concatenation.
  • To remove the concatenation, use a watch link removal tool and push it inside the hole with normal pressure. You can use safety pins as well if you do not have watch link removal. But, make sure the safety pin fits perfectly in the hole.
  • Otherwise, it can scratch the straps of your timepiece. Still, if you are unable to remove the pin, then use a small hummer and push the link removal tool inside the hole. After this, you will see that pin will come out from the opposite side. 
  • Do not push the concatenation removal tool harder. If the pin does not come out, then pull it from the opposite site carefully. With these small steps, you can easily remove the concatenation from your timepiece. 
  • Repeat the same process to remove other clinches if needed. When you remove all necessary links, put the spring-loaded metal pin inside to connect the clasp.
  • You can use the hummer to push the pin inside the clasp. You will hear a “click” sound when the pin is inserted correctly in the links.
  • Store the links and pins you have removed from the timepiece. It can be useful if you need to add clinches again.
  • To add concatenation, you only need to set the concatenation and insert the pin inside the hole. By using hummer, you can easily add clinches as well.

With these 12 steps, you can easily remove invicta watch band pins.

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How to Remove Watch Links with Round/Flat Pins

It is easy to remove straight and small pins from the links. But round and flat pins requires different treatment to remove.

Steps to separate round and flat pins

  • The first and second steps are the same. Measure the straps and consider how many links you should remove. The second is to gather the necessary tools to remove links.
  • The third step is also the same to prepare the workspace. But this time, use a horologe holder to protect your timepiece from scratches. Removing round pins can be difficult. It can cause damage if you are removing it the first time.
  • After these steps, start removing the buckles from the straps. It is necessary to remove clinches. Like the Invicta, remove the spring-loaded pin by using the pin pusher tool. This time you have to compress the pin.
  • Now, locate the concatenation that you want to remove. Then pull the pin of that concatenation by using the pin pusher tool and hummer. When it comes out from another side, you only have to pull it and keep it on a plate.
  • According to, small metal ferrules will come out when you remove the pin. You will need those metal ferrules to connect the clinches again, so keep it safe.
  • Some timepieces come with two pins, so remove the second one as well.
  • Follow the same steps if you want to remove other concatenation.
  • Once you remove all necessary links, reconnect the straps. Push the ferrules in the middle of the clinches if your timepiece comes with ferrules.
  • Then push the pin back in the hole by using the small hummer.
  • After that, reconnect the claps. Put the spring-pin and connect the claps by using the pin pusher tools.

With these steps, you can easily remove and add the links in your straps. Be careful because there are higher chances of your timepiece being scratched or damaged.

Remove Screwed Type Pin

The screwed pins are very easy to remove. You only need a screwdriver of 1mm to remove these pins.

Steps to separate screwed pins

  • Find the links that you want to remove from straps.
  • Then use a 1mm small screwdriver to remove the pin. You can slightly push the screwdriver and move it in an anti-clockwise direction.
  • Move the screwdriver until the screw becomes loose. If you do not have a magnetic screwdriver, then use tweezers or hands to pull out the screw before they fall.
  • Store the screws safely in a tray. These screws are rare. It is hard to find them in the market. So keep it secure. You will need them again.
  • Once you remove the screws and then try to separate the links from the straps. Make sure there is only one screw; otherwise, the concatenation will not come out.
  • Repeat this process for other links as well.
  • Now reconnect the straps by joining two ends of the band. Put the screw inside the hole and move the screwdriver clockwise this time.

The one best advantage of screwed is you do not have to remove the claps for the clinch. It makes removing concatenation easy.

Remove Links with Starched Pins

The starched pins are a little complicated but easy to remove.

  • Steps to separate screwed pins
  1. First, locate the links that you want to remove. Once you have done this, turn the timepiece down to the table.
  • Now open the top edge concatenation flaps of the clinch that you are willing to remove.
  • Same open the bottom flaps of the clinch by turning the timepiece.
  • Slid the clinch sideways that you want to remove. The pins will automatically fall. Collect them and store them in a tray.
  • Then rejoin the two ends by using the staples on both sides before closing both flaps.

How to Remove Watch link with Snap Type Pins

Steps to separate snap pins

  • To separate snap pins is very easy. Take out the pin of the clinch you want to remove by using the pin pusher tool.
  • There will be an arrow mark on the underside of the concatenation. If the shaft does not have the arrow mark, which means you cannot remove that concatenation. So make sure the clinch you are going to take off has this arrow.
  • Now apply upward pressure to the side of the clinch that is nearest to the case.  At the same time, apply pressure to the downside on the closest side of the clasp.
  • Continue pressuring until you hear a “click” sound. This sound means the clinch is disengaged, and you can remove it from the band.

Necessary Watch Link Removal Tools

You can resize some types of watches with the use of home tools. But, the timepiece with round & screw types pins will require some small tools to adjust bands. Here is the list of necessary tools for all types of links.

  • A pin pusher

The pin pusher helps to push down the pin. It allows you to apply enough pressure. You can use a safety pin or any thin object as well. But make sure that the safety pin can fit in the hole.

  • Screwdriver

The screwdriver is the tool that can help you to remove small screw-type pins. Unfortunately, there are no alternative tools for screwdrivers. You have to use a 1mm screwdriver to remove screw-type pins. 1mm screwdrivers are available in online shops.

  • Small Hummer

The small hammer is necessary because sometimes, pins do not come out with normal pressure. At that time, you can use a small hammer and knock the pin pusher to remove the concatenation.

  • A timepiece band holder

The timepiece band holder is an essential tool to keep your timepiece safe while you are knocking it with hummer. You can use soft cotton as well. So it is not necessary but nice to use for safety.

  • A Small try

A small try is necessary to store the pins and concatenation you remove. The pins and concatenation are hard to find in the market. It is good to keep them safe.

  •  Pliers Tool

The pliers are used to remove spring-bar pins. It is specially used to remove claps because claps come with spring-loaded pins. If you have an issue with removing claps, then this tool can be helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – What is Invicta?

A – Invicta is a group of watch manufacturing established in 1837. Mr. Raphael Picard was the founder of this company in Switzerland. Invicta is a company that offers high-quality timepieces at a low price.

Q – What is a pin?

A – The timepiece band pins are used to connect concatenation. The pins are available in different styles like round & flat, screwed, and others. The spring-loaded pins secure the clasp and case.

Q – Can we remove the clinch without any tools?

A – No. without any tools, it is impossible to remove links from any type of timepieces. However, you can use home tools like safety pins, hummer, and soft cotton, to prevent damage to your timepiece.

Q – How much time it will take to remove links?

A – If you know the proper use of tools and follow the steps we have provided, then it will take a maximum of five to ten minutes to remove links.

Q – What if we lose pins?        

A – If you lose the pin, then you can use pliers to connect the clamp to the band, or you can purchase new pins from the market. 

Final Verdict

Do not worry if your timepiece does not fit you perfectly. You can follow these steps and adjust the bands according to your size. But remove only necessary shafts. Otherwise, your timepiece can be break easily due to ill-fitting. You should know how many concatenations are necessary to remove. So keep this thing in mind.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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