How to Remove Watch Crown | Complete Guide

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Is it easy to remove watch crown? It is too simple to remove the pusher from your timepiece. However, it depends on the model of your timekeeper. But with a few tools and basic knowledge, you can recapture the pusher with ease.

To remove the crown, first, you will have to open the case and movement. It is also necessary to recapture the stem to watch crown removal. We cannot remove the pusher without these steps.

We will give a step by step guide to removing the case, stem, and pusher. They’re also a brief guide for watch crown replacement in the article. In short, this post will give you point to point information about pusher. 

Many people are also facing the issue of watch crown stuck. There is also a small guide for those people at the end of the article. It will not be difficult once you understand the proper steps to follow.

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How to remove crown from watch

Are you still going to the repairing shop to remove the crown? Well, if you are, then stop it and start doing this by yourself. Removing pusher is too simple to even your child can do this with proper instructions. You can follow this guide to recapture the pusher.

Watch Crown Removal

Tools you will need

  • Pin vice
  • Parts tray

Steps to follow

  • Step 1: Opening case

The first step is to remove the case from the timepiece. Without opening the case, we cannot remove the pusher. That is why we have given you step by step guides to open the case. Follow the steps we have mentioned. 

  • Step 2: Remove the stem

After opening the watch case, next is to recapture the watch stem. There will be a screw or a dimple in the movement holding the winder. We have included both methods to recapture the winder from the timepiece. 

  • Step 3: Using the pin vice  

When you complete these two steps, the next step is to recapture the pusher from the stem. Now use the pin vise and open the jaws of the pin vise to hold the winder. Then put the winder inside the pin vise but make sure the pusher head should be out of the vice.

Then slide the closing ring up to close the pin vise and grip the stem securely. The half portion of the stem should be inside, and the half portion of the stem should be outside of the pin vise. Try to pull out the winder to check pin vise is closed or not. 

  • Step 4: Remove watch crown

Now, recapture the pusher from the stem. Hold the pin vice in one hand and the pusher with the other hand. Then turn the pin vise in a clockwise direction and turn the pusher in a counterclockwise. It will break the seal between the stem and pusher.

Then turn the pusher in an anti-clockwise direction until it comes out. You do not need to pull it simply unscrew it. Keep the pusher in the tray securely.

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Watch crown replacement

Removing the pusher watch crown replacement is also simple. With a few more tools you can replace the pusher with ease. Follow the steps given below to complete the process.

Tools you will need

  • Pin vice
  • Two part epoxy
  • Pegwood or tooth pack
  • Notepad
  • Parts tray
  • New pusher

Steps to follow

  • Step 1: Recapturing stem, case, and pusher

If you want to replace pusher, then you have to recapture those three things that we have talked about above. After recapturing, fit your stem into the pin vice. Then find out the perfect size pusher for your winder.

Remember the word perfect because if your pusher is larger than the stem, it will slip off. If it is too small, then it will not fit on the stem. 

  • Step 2: Measuring the size

Once you complete the first step, fit the pusher into the stem, and recapture the winder from the pin vice. Now put the pusher and stem into the case and movement. If the winder is long, then the pusher will not fit completely.

And if the stem will be short, the watch hands will not respond when you turn the winder. If you have the right size winder, then the hands will turn, and the pusher will fit perfectly in the movement.

Once the crown fits, recapture it again from the movement. Then recapture the pusher from the stem and put the winder in the pin vice.

  • Step 3: Joint the pusher and stem

When you find the perfect size pusher, use a notepad, and place an equal part of each component of the epoxy. Make sure that the two dots are the same in size. Do not touch; use the peg wood or toothpick to mix the two-part of epoxy. Mix then for about 30 seconds.

Now, dip the tip of the stem into the epoxy with the help of a pin vice. Make sure to cover the whole tip of the winder in the glue. After that, joint the pusher onto the tip of the stem. Turn the pusher anti-clockwise to tighten it on the stem. The epoxy will create a seal between the pusher and stem. 

  • Step 4: Replace watch crown

Once you join crown and winder, recapture the stem from the pin vice. Then insert them into the hole of the watch case. Slowly push them inside the movement until the pusher connects with the back.

If your timepiece has screws to hold the stem, then tighten that screw with a small screwdriver. Before closing the case, make sure that the winder cannot come out from the movement. Then close the back. 

Now we can Talk about watch crown stuck.In down we discuss everything…

Watch crown stuck

Sometimes because of dust and debris and the use of cosmetic items the pusher wheel can stick. However, the solution for this is simple. Follow the steps to solve the issue.

  • If you have an apple or digital timekeeper then turn off it
  • If your timekeeper has leather bands then recapture them 
  • Take your timepiece under a warm water faucet and turn it on
  • Keep the pusher under the stream and try to turn and press it so water can run between small gaps in the pusher
  • Clean your timepiece with a lint-free cloth after sometime

This is not a guaranteed solution but you can try this at home if you have a water-resistance timekeeper. Otherwise, go to a repairing shop to solve this.

In this section we can talk about how remove watch back case & How to Recapture Watch Stem.please stick with us to learn more..

Watch Back Case Removal

There are different types of cases in timekeepers. Some cases come with four small screws while has notches or grooves. We will talk about these three types of cases.

Case with screw

  • The screw-type cases are easy to recapture you will just need a jeweler screwdriver to recapture them. 
  • Use screwdrivers to open the screw and turn the screw in an anti-clockwise direction until the screw comes out.
  • Then recapture the back. Use a storage container to keep screws and back because you will need them again to close the case. 

Case with notches

  • If your timepiece comes with slots on the side means you have a case with notches. You can use a knife or case opener tool to complete this.
  • Be careful because using a knife or case opener tool can scratch your case. 
  • Slide the knife in the notch and then pull them back up to snap-off the case.
  • You will only need to press the case to put it back in its place. 

Case with grooves

  • This type of covers known as a screw-down. It comes with six grooves around the outer edge.
  • You can use a ball watch opener, JAXA wrench, or case wrench to recapture the cover.
  • Hold the rubber ball on the cover and twist it anti-clockwise until the cover come out. 
  • If you cannot recapture covers with the ball opener then use a JAXA wrench or case wrench that has multiple prongs 
  • You can replace this cover by twisting it clockwise until the case fits completely. 

How to Recapture Watch Stem

There are also two types of stem bolted stem and push-in stem. Both are easy to replace. However, you have to locate the bolt and dimple holding the winder. And the place of dimple and bolt can be different according to models and brands.

You do not need many tools to replace or recapture the stem. You will only need a small screwdriver for the bolted stem and tweezers for the push-in stem. With these tools, you can replace and recapture both types of the winder.  

Bolted stem

Steps to follow

  • Step 1: locating the bolt screw

The first step to recapture the bolted stem is to locate the bolt screw. There will be a small screw holding the winder. It is easy to find that screw. You will find the smallest screw near the winder. It will be smaller than other screws on the movement.

If you still cannot find the right screw, then pull the stem. When pulling the winder, notice if there is any small moving bolt. If there is, then open that screw. 

  • Step 2: Opening the screw

After locating the screw, the next step is to open the screw with the help of a mini-screwdriver. Then rotate the screwdriver counterclockwise and open the screw. But make sure that the screw should not come out because it is difficult to put it back. You only need to lose the screw to recapture the stem. 

  • Step 3: Remove the stem

After opening the screw, you only need to pull the stem from the timepiece to recapture. If the winder cannot come out, then lose the screw a bit more. 

  • Step 4: Replacing the stem

When your old stem is removed, but the new winder into the hole and tighten that screw by turning the screwdriver clockwise. Before tightening the screw, make sure the screw is perfectly placed in the movement. Otherwise, it can damage your timekeeper.

Push-in stem

Steps to follow

  • Step 1: Locating the dimple

When a timepiece does not have the bolt it should have a dimple holding the stem. Dimple is a spring mechanism. You will see a small hole near the stem.

In some timekeepers, you will see a mark that helps to locate the dimple and recapture the stem. If you cannot find the dimple, then pull the stem to locate the dimple as we have done for the bolted winder.

  • Step 2: Push the dimple

When you find out the dimple, pull it with help of tweezers. Hold your timepiece with one hand and press down the tweezers on the dimple. If you cannot find a dimple in your timekeeper, then directly press the metal spring tab to recapture the stem. Do not press the tweezers too hard because it can damage the spring. 

  • Step 3: Remove the stem

Now hold the dimple with the tweezers and pull out the stem from the timepiece. In some models, spring locks again as you push it down. In this case, you do not need to hold the dimple for a long time. However, you have to press the dimple until the stem pulls out (in most timekeepers).

  • Step 4: Replacing the new stem

First, measure the old stem to find a perfect replacement. Then put the new winder back into the hole. For replacement, you do not need to push the spring or dimple. Push the stem in the hole until you hear a click sound. After replacing you can put back the case and set the time.

Final Verdict

See there are too simple solutions for these small issues. With proper instructions, anyone can do this. Just follow the steps we have provided. In this process, your timepiece can be damaged so be careful about that.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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