How To Set an Atomic watch | The Most Important Guide

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Atomic watch are the most accurate timekeepers for now, and they have the best popularity for the same reason. They are losing one second for each 20 million per year. But this is not something we should concern about, and nothing can beat the accuracy of these watches.

These timepieces generally use the Cs or radioactive element caesium to keep their accuracy constant, and they are using a broadcast radio coming from the nearest atomic clock. It happens because these timepieces need to maintain their accuracy according to those atomic clocks.

So how these are working? We are going to find out how.

On time atomic watch setting instructions:

The time carries on these products has the standards and the technologies of the NIST radio station. The institution locates in Colorado, Ft Collins, broadcasting the time signal we want to operate atomic pieces at a 60 kHz amount. Before you are going to set up your timepiece, there are several steps to go through here.

  • Setting the time zone

When you first set the time zone, the watch will not quickly be spinning its hands. You have to wait until it starts to automatically spine as it is now setting your correct time. The product resumes its running with the right time automatically when their second hand is stopping from spinning.

Remember that your time price will not perform any other function when you are engaged in this time setting. It may only set your time until it becomes correct, and no one can perform another function while the watch is doing this task.

There is no exact time for this, and the usual process would only take 20 minutes. But this depends on your location. Sometimes it may shorter, and at other times it may take longer.

First, to set the time zone, hold your button positioned at the position to 8 o’clock for over 5 seconds. You need to do this until your timepiece says you to set the alarm and then press the ten o’clock button or the position to set it.

The second’s step is for pushing the button into the position of 8.00. You have to do this over three times in a row, and finally, the watch will say as time zone setting. Then you have to set the button on the position of 10 o’clock, and it has to set.

After pressing the ten o’clock button, the watch must tell you to press the two o’clock to set it into the process and then confirm through the eight o’clock button.

You need to repeatedly press the button of 2 o’clock until you are reaching the correct time zone. Then your timepiece will say the time zones you need.

You need to confirm this by pressing the button of 8 o’clock right after you are done with the selection. After you confirm it, the watch’s hands are spinning automatically, and it will continue until it reaches the local time on the zone of selected time.

When a person switches through the standard time and the daylight saving time, the time is correct after the signal repetition. Signal repetitions updating over the night, and it will take time placements between 2.00 am, and 4.00 am. 

These watches synchronize their system every day with the USA atomic watches, and it happens every night.

  • Talking functions

You need to push the button at 2 o’clock to hear your minutes and the hours for the time talking. The date dominates the button of 4 o’clock, making you hear the year, month, date, and day.

But remember that you will not get a talking function on dates when you install a new battery because it receives the signal for the first time.

For checking purpose of the reception status, there is this button of 8 o’clock. You need to push it for once when your timepiece is normally running. If you get a successful reception, your product will notify it by saying it to you.

If it fails, you will again get a notification from the product by informing you it has not been updated.

For the alarm times, push the button of 10 o’clock for once, and then you hear it is set. If it is not set, you will listen to it as off, and when it is on, you will take a notify for it once again.

  • Setting times of daily alarm

You need to hold the button of 8 o’clock when the timepiece at a real-time mode for over 5 seconds. Then it will tell you to set its alarm and press the button of 10 o’clock. 

The second step is to press that button, and then you are again asked to press the button at 2 o’clock. Two o’clock is for the hour.

Press the button if four o’clock continuously, then you will get into the minute. To confirm whether you have set your alarm time or not, you need to press the button of 8 o’clock and make it confirm. After you confirmed it, the timepiece will notify you by saying you set its time for the alarm.

  • Manual time setting

If you are traveling to countries where you don’t get any kind of signal reception, you need to use this function. You have to set the day’s correct time and make sure to set the time zone. You need to do it when you are coming back from your traveling into another country.

Hold your button of 8 o’clock for over 5 seconds in here until the timepiece notifies you by saying set the alarm and pressing into the clock button of 10 o’clock to set. Right after that, press your button of 8 o’clock more than four times.

When you do it correctly, you get notified by saying set the time and asking you to press the button of 10 o’clock for the set.

Then press the button of 10 o’clock. After that, your product tells you to press the button of 2 o’clock to set its hour. And for minutes to press the button of 4 o’clock. Confirming is dedicated to the button of 8 o’clock.

Press your button at two o’clock to set your time piece’s hour. You have to listen to this carefully to make sure of setting the right PM or AM. Suppose you set the wrong AM or PM. Then you are not getting the right signals at 3.00 am.

Press your button of the 4′ clock in here set the minutes, then it is time, and it comes through the pressing of the button eight o’clock. After you confirm these, the product will run its time automatically, and it’s time to wait on your correct time measurements.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Question 1: How long does it take for an atomic clock to set itself?

Answer: It is generally taking 20 minutes or up to set its accurate time. You need to wait, and this may depend on the situation. But the usual time for the setting is around 20 minutes.

Question 2: Do atomic clocks reset themselves?

Answer: Yes, they are. They are resetting themselves according to the radio station of NIST. These timepieces are usually synchronizing themselves with it.

Question 3: How do I set my talking watch?

Answer: It comes through its crown, S1, S2, S3, and S4 buttons, and they all have dedicated features to set the talking watch. You need to press this S3 button for the set time mode and press the S4 button to set the hour time. The S2 button does minute time.  


Atomic watches are the best ones to measure the accurate time on your works. This has some kind of way to set its time, and you need to follow the right strategies to set its time; otherwise, you will not get the result you need. So follow these instructions and get the time as you expected.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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