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If you want a trendy and classy look, nothing can lift your confidence like a Nixon time teller watch. Wondering why? At the first glimpse, anyone will fall in love with the classic design of this watch. From professional look to casual, you can wear it anywhere and everywhere.

Admit it or not, finding the perfect men’s watch is not a piece of cake. Most of the watch brands cannot provide something that will uplift both personality and attitude. If you want to have a watch that will complete your bold attitude, we highly suggest this watch.

Well, we are not talking without any evidence. Once again, we have used and tested the watch wisely to give you honest feedback. And here you go! Keep on reading to dissect the watch!

Nixon Time Teller Watch Review – Dissection In The Best Way

Key Qualities:

  • Comes with an original Nixon design, with eye-catching gold color.
  • Unisex product to fit any gender’s wrist with the adjustable band.
  • Years of the good reputation of being classic all the time.
  • Matches every outfit, be it professional or casual.
  • The green dial glows with lines of light with wrist movement.
  • For better adjustability, adjustable clasps are included which are easy to handle.
  • You can adjust the band most easily without any tools.
  • Medium-sized dial to keep it classy always.
  • The comfortable fit allows you to wear it all the time.
  • Gives away a very sophisticated minimalist look, especially with a formal outfit.
  • Perfect for daily usage cause it holds up during daily wear and tears.
  • The clasp includes a dual hook system to ensure a more secure fit.
  • Water-resistant up to a certain level of water.

NIXON Time Teller Watch

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Nixon Time Teller Watch Review By Self-testing – What It Offers?

Classic Design

While buying a watch, the first thing that everyone notices is the design. Well, you won’t buy an ugly watch even if it offers thousands of facilities, at least, we won’t! Therefore Nixon gave us no reason to complain about the design. Because in one word, the design is awesome!

It will certainly bring your eye peace even when you look at it. Even though the color looks sharp in pictures, it is very subtle yet sharp in real life. When you wear it, you will be surprised to see how incredible it looks with almost any kind of outfit.

If you are looking for a watch specifically to go with your formal outfit, you can trust us and buy this blindly. The outlook of this watch with the formal outfit is just perfect. It will hold up your attitude and personality with a boldness that everyone craves. On top of that, this watch is always on the trend, so if you are a fashion enthusiast, you can leave a sigh of relief.

Slightly Waterproof

Even though it cannot tolerate if you drop a bowl of water over it, it will save you from drops of water for sure. So the sudden appearance of rain won’t bother you anymore at all. You can wear this watch and wash your hands without worrying about it getting drenched. However, it’s suggested not to keep it in contact with a lot of water, which will certainly damage the quality of your watch. So its slightly waterproof timepiece.

Perfect Size And Shape

Don’t be bothered with typical watch sizes! The balance is the key of course. So if you are not fond of too bulky timepieces or not even too small watches as well, this is the perfect buddy for you to choose. The size and shape are medium so anyone can wear it without being hesitant about how big or small it is going to look on the wrist.

Better adjustability

The shape is perfect even if you have thin or thick arms. Regardless of your wrist shape, you can adjust it in any way possible. That’s why it attracted our attention more. You can easily adjust the belt according to your wrist size. It doesn’t take longer than 10 minutes.

On top of that, the included adjustable clasps are super easy to operate with. You won’t need any special tool to re-adjust those. Moreover, even if you adjust it on your own, the fitting will be perfectly fine and secured.

Comfortable And Secure Fit

Once again, we must talk about comfort. If the chronometer itches or feels heavy, you won’t be able to wear it for a long time. But we are glad to tell you that this one has a perfectly balanced weight measurement. So even if it looks quite big and heavy in size like vintage chronometers, it is not heavy at all.

In fact, the weight is incredibly balanced, just as much weight is needed to make it last. So no matter how long you wear it, you won’t feel any ache on your wrist. Alongside, the edges are perfectly shaped to ensure better comfort. Don’t forget about the belt, which provides the perfect and secured fit always!

Best For Daily Usage

Looking for something to wear daily? Well, this is the one that you will want to stick to for a lifetime. From formal meetings to your casual outings, every need can be met by this timepiece. It will flawlessly handle all the chaos and madness that you go through daily. Here, we mean, it will handle any kind of wear and tear. This timepiece serves better protection against scratches as well. Also, your all-time classy look is always ready to serve!

Why Should You Pick This?

We cannot just let you hover around like this. So we have found out some mic-dropping reasons why you should get this watch a soon as possible!

The design

Do you see? We can’t just stop talking about how incredibly beautiful this watch looks. This is the first reason why it gets our vote.


Alongside the design, it offers awesome durability! You can easily wear it as much as you want. If it ever stops, just replace the 1 A batteries, and it will be fine to operate.


Another reason to hook onto this chronometer is the protection that it offers. It strongly protects scratches and water drops. Also, the belt ensures perfect fitting so that the watch doesn’t fall out of your wrist.


You can go anywhere by wearing this timepiece. From official gatherings to friends’ hangouts, you will always look on-trend if you use this. It perfectly suits formal clothing, even your casual clothing as well. So if you are searching for something to wear on a regular basis, you can completely rely upon it.


Worried about your wrist size? You can wear this watch even if your wrist size is unusual to regular watches. Therefore, you can easily adjust the belt according to your size which is very convenient for the perfect fit. No side issues anymore!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Nixon watches good quality?

Nixon watches are considered to be one of the greatest quality watches. Actually, Nixon watches are in line with those Fossil family timepieces. The design of those watches is wonderful. Even the quality of older Nixon watches is highly appreciated by the youths.

Is Nixon Time Teller watch real gold?

Yes, that is. That’s one of the most precious and aesthetic things ever. Even the minimalist design of that watch is made with real gold which is absolutely amazing. So the Nixon Time Teller watch is real gold and will be a great catch for you if you want something aesthetic and classic.

Are Nixon watches luxury?

Neither Nixon makes technologically sophisticated or chronologically precise watches nor do they claim that they do. The elegant and classic look of the watches makes them luxurious in a way without even being pretentious.

Are Nixon watches real?

Obviously, they are. They offer you 100% authentic watches which look absolutely priceless. But there are some fake retailers out there who sell replicas of Nixon watches, save yourself from them. Order your favorite watch from Nixon’s online page or get them from their showrooms, then you will get the real ones.

Do Nixon watches fade?

Sometimes the water resistance may not work properly after years. That’s when the watch may fade away if that gets the touch of water. But other than some rare cases Nixon watches do not fade easily. You can use them for years without being worried about that.

Our Verdict

Lastly, we must say that the Nixon time teller watch is an incredible piece that you should grab soon. From the quality to the performance, everything is top-notch. The brand ensures perfection in every aspect of this watch. As mentioned before, not only men but also women can use this watch. So the versatility is praise-worthy.

Hopefully, our Nixon time teller watch review has helped you to make your decision. In a nutshell, this will be a watch that you can wear for years at any place without any side hassle. So buying this watch is totally worth the money.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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