Seiko Solar Watch Common Problems & Solutions

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Seiko Solar watch is now a leader in its category. But no matter how great the branding is, you may experience some common problems. The main reason is the technical mechanism will never be flawless.

So don’t freak out if your Seiko solar watch is not working. Sometimes it stops working for minor issues, and you can easily solve them. 

Having a Seiko solar watch gives a luxury touch to your outfit. And indeed, you don’t want to buy it again and again. So it would be best if you made some effort to back it in the game. Here is the complete guide regarding the Seiko solar watch’s common problems and solutions. 

Why does my Seiko Solar watch keep stopping?

There are several reasons behind Seiko’s solar watch stopped working. Whether you have an old or new watch, your watch can be turned off due to some causes. It can be a simple or complicated one. 

Battery problems are one of the basic ones. Due to dead batteries, your watch stopped working. If the solar panel of the watch doesn’t get adequate lighting, then the battery won’t be charged fully, and the watch will be stopped. 

Besides battery problems, the watch can stop for technical issues, which are complicated to catch. In this situation, you may need to repair or replace a part.

Seiko Solar Watch Common Problems & Solutions

Many people have Seiko solar watches and are having issues with them. Some tips for troubleshooting the problem if your watch is acting up. But if your warranty covers the repairs, it’ll be worth it. You also don’t want to put off getting repairs done until it’s late.

Problem 1: Running out of power

Solar watches are famous because they don’t need electric batteries to function. They have solar-powered batteries. Unfortunately, they often give off power if the battery isn’t charged fully. This is because the light keeps the watch moving, and it gives off power to move the watch.

Solution: For your watch to be accurate, you must know how often you need to charge it. To make sure it’s being ok when you need it. Set the time manually and do it with care. Avoid overcharging the watch because it might die if it’s charged too much.

Problem 2: The time doesn’t work correctly

After reopening the Seiko solar watch, you may see inaccurate timing. In this case, you need to reset the time again.  

Solution: pull the middle crown until you hear a click sound. At this time, the clock hand will stop. Now, set the time accurately and push it back until you hear another click sound. Your clock is reset now.  

Problem 3: Wrong movement

There are several parts to a solar watch that might have problems. If you cannot set the time, the most likely part is the movement.

Solution: You will need to check this before you start messing with it. There is a manual for Seiko watches that you can access online. Use an authorized service center or take it to a reputable repair shop.

Problem 4: Delicate parts damaging

Some of the watch parts are delicate. The dials on these watches are a bit different than regular dials. If there is any problem with the delicate parts, you will face problems repairing them.

Solution: Having an expert to help you will be the best. You also don’t want to replace something by accident. That might be what is causing the problem in the first place. So you will need the right people working on them.

Problem 5: Gets dirty easily

Seiko watches get dirty easily, and when the watch becomes dirty, it does not look good on your wrist. It also makes a bad impression.

Solution: You need to clean it periodically. This will help it run better and keep it from getting dirty. You should do this once a month, but the other times should be whenever you wear it.

Problem 6: Can’t be worn at low temperature

The biggest problem with Seiko watches is that you can’t wear them when the temperature is low. However, it sounds crazy, I know, but wearing the watch under low temperatures can cause a stopped watch. 

Solution: Don’t wear it under 50-degree as the battery can not get charged due to insufficient lighting, and it will stop working. 

Problem 7: Battery drain

The battery for this watch will last four years before needing replacement. But, if you wear it day and night, your battery life may not even be three years before it needs a replacement. 

If you work a job requiring you to wear a watch at all times, this Seiko solar watch may not be the best choice.

Solution: Change the battery when necessary. When the battery is draining fast, understand there is an issue with battery capacity. It would be best if you replaced it with an expert.

Problem 8: Mechanical problems

Messing with the mechanical parts on a solar watch can be dangerous, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Solution: You shouldn’t force it to work if it doesn’t want to, often when these repairs are needed.

Problem 10: Need too much care.

If you want your watch to be working all the time, you have to remember that some parts will need care. Do not get them wet, and keep them away from liquids. These parts interact with the dials, and you don’t want water contact with them.

Solution: Take it to an authorized repair center. But make sure they have experience working on solar watches, or you can find a reputable place near you. This will help keep your watch working and also get a quick fix.

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Care and Maintenance of Seiko Solar Watch (h2)

Seiko solar watch is a popular choice as it requires less maintenance. It can last for decades without any faults. Yet, some basic tasks you should perform for long-lasting usage. 

Here are some tips for caring for and maintaining your Seiko solar watch-

  • Since Seiko solar watch is not fully waterproof (depends on models), you should always keep it in a dry place. 
  • Keep the watch clean every time to prevent physical damage of the watch. 
  • Always make sure the watch is charged fully. There is no hassle charging Seiko solar watch. It is not necessary to always require sunlight; you can use the artificial bulb and charge the watch’s battery. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Are Seiko Solar Watches reliable?

Seiko solar watches are reliable and last longing. There is no doubt about their reliability. High-end materials like titanium, stainless steel, sapphire glass, etc., are used to make Seiko watches. Also, the Seiko brand is well-known for its durable products.

Can Seiko Solar Watches be repaired?

Yes, Seiko Solar Watches can be repaired. However, it would be best to take care of Seiko watches as per the user’s manual. This way, you can use Seiko watches without problem for many years.

How Long Seiko Solar Watches Last?

 Seiko solar watches are made of durable material with an expert mechanism. Many users have used the watch for decades. Approximately a Seiko solar watch can last for five years or more.

What do you do when your solar watch stops working? 

Suddenly, if your solar watch stops working, you should check whether the battery is dead. Leave it under the sunlight for one or two hours and check if the watch turns on or not. Still, if the watch doesn’t come on, then consult with an expert. 

How long does to charge a solar watch?

Probably one or two hours under sunlight to charge fully. Indoor charging may take a long time for a full charge. 

Can you overcharge a solar watch?

There is the possibility of overcharging a solar watch. If it is overcharged, the watch will be too warm. It would be best to keep it in a cool place to become normal. 

Does Seiko’s solar watch have a battery?

Yes, it has. Seiko Solar has one kind of rechargeable battery that is powered by lighting. 

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Seiko solar watch is the favorite accessory for fashion icons. It has a stylish and classic look that nicely matches your outfit. However, you may face some common problems with the watch.   

But you don’t need to worry. Follow this guide to solve common issues. As a result, you can use it for a long time.  

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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